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If Diamonds and Dirt Switched Places - Minecraft

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►My Server IP: mc.thenova.net ►Make sure to leave a LIKE! Diamonds have always been known as one of the most precious items in all of Minecraft... but what if they swapped places? Would dirt become the new cool thing? Make sure that you leave a LIKE if you enjoyed the video! SUBSCRIBE if you want to see more! Leave your suggestion for future videos in the comments, I will pick one every week to make a new video of! Imagine a world where we hunt for dirt blocks... it would be great. Actors: Gameroft, Ramphase, Altrive, daaxe, ryantenerelli, rymelm1, Caked_, TheMCBrothersGaming, The3rdUprising, MTTheTall, olgkd123, and everyone else who helped! Thank you to the supporters! DieInDark, magerlum1, Caked_, olgkd123, TitaniumEnder, Mikey_MC, Gary1017, rymelm1 from http://www.patreon.com/explodingtnt SERVER IP: mc.mcorigins.com 2ND SERVER IP: mc.thenova.net Save 25% on MC Servers with the code "TNT" - http://mcprohosting.com/plans.php Twitter: https://twitter.com/ExplodingTNT Facebook: http://on.fb.me/X3KYbC Second Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/thetntex... ALL MUSIC: Music is by Kevin Mcleod: incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/ Music also from: http://audiojungle.net/ Sound effects from: http://freesound.org/
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Text Comments (22635)
Lance Jacobs (14 hours ago)
wanna hear my idea Read more
Team jax espy (17 hours ago)
What if diamond and sponges switched places
Person That hates (1 day ago)
Person That hates (1 day ago)
Oh meh god Read more
Toy Bonnie sister (1 day ago)
If obsidian and wood switched places
LIME Animation (1 day ago)
If the end and the nether switched places
Kristiana (1 day ago)
If you could be a fish in minecraft
Free Music (1 day ago)
can you make Stone Switches Wood
A Smith (2 days ago)
i know your real name sam
Omega Games Elite (2 days ago)
You made a big mistake ExplodingTNT. The ground never changed to diamonds until the last part
Tiffaney Quickley (2 days ago)
Then we'd be rich.
Anthony Prosser (2 days ago)
if exploding tnt was a block
Muna Abdulsamad (2 days ago)
What if mops spawn at Day
Pinkie Dash 123 (3 days ago)
If dead Bush was removed from Minecraft
Mesen Games (3 days ago)
Hi nth my i am Mesen
Patricia Williams (3 days ago)
IF dirt switched with wood
Mukta Mukta (3 days ago)
u make videos best bro ✌👌👏✌👌👏✌👌👏✌👌👏✌👏👏☺
Mr. Lava Craft (3 days ago)
I really like your animated vedios, too funny
Mr. Lava Craft (3 days ago)
myra patricia batara (5 days ago)
i realy wish that happened and next time what if animals switched into cars
ELEMENT_ GAMER (5 days ago)
Oh my that othere thing there doing is voilent
Justine GAMING (5 days ago)
If magic were exist.
Knight Artorias (5 days ago)
4:14 this is not for kids
Hendro Damai (6 days ago)
If fire and water switched places
Miri F. Jiménez (6 days ago)
the gold and diamond pls Exploding TNT
CrypticLion (6 days ago)
If poop replaced dirt😂😂😂
Wopu Gamer (6 days ago)
If golden tools don't break.
fights of fnaf (6 days ago)
If emeralds was swiched with wood
Karrar Asmail (6 days ago)
If notch was gonn🤣🤘
technical lucky (7 days ago)
2:54 i see all grass
Emil Corpus (7 days ago)
if only gold ore in minecraft
Aubri Marino (7 days ago)
Julie usama (7 days ago)
if Minecraft was Gotham City
supleo julie (8 days ago)
If exploding tnt
supleo julie (8 days ago)
If exploding tnt and notch switched places
Chase Klieman (8 days ago)
Pole dancing 😂
BeanBo Gagne (8 days ago)
If things could rot in you invintory
BaconHair :D (8 days ago)
If World have ben destroyet by a noob
sleeping shibe (8 days ago)
at 3:33 i think someone is trying to break the dirt bl8ck
Luis Channel (8 days ago)
If tnt was not exploding
lalram nghaka (8 days ago)
tnt yiur so cute
RainbowFlowers 30 (9 days ago)
If pink sheep and purple shep switch
RainbowFlowers 30 (9 days ago)
If all players had op
Geuel Arellano (9 days ago)
If diamond are the worst tools
if furnitures was added in minecraft
KittyChow Studios (9 days ago)
If the notch on was added to minecraft
Songyeon 215 (9 days ago)
if minecraft Is circle
BipTiDot (10 days ago)
R they mining Ds with stone piks
Zachary Luyster (10 days ago)
Pink sheep vs. purple seep
Batu Kayapınar (10 days ago)
If blocks and food switched places
PCD64 Gaming (11 days ago)
I kinda didn't understand wats going on
Almost 15 million views
Kelly Ramos (11 days ago)
he was a brat he could have just asked for some
Kaisa Niki (12 days ago)
If Coca Cola added minecraft
Chelly 1234 (12 days ago)
Chelly 1234 (12 days ago)
If players and mobs switched places
Jacob Silverio (12 days ago)
if pubg took over minecraft
CharlieC Gamer (13 days ago)
Or if everything was dirt
CharlieC Gamer (13 days ago)
If everything was gold
Adriana Duran (13 days ago)
If tress swich with blocks
Ellah O (13 days ago)
Orepros VS. ExplodingTNT?? 😊 My answer: Orepros
Jeriichoo Reyes (14 days ago)
If dirt and lava switch in mincraft
Patrick Thompson (14 days ago)
If Players and blocks/Items switched places
Kervin Steve Roy (14 days ago)
If TNT And Milk Switch Places,That My Idea lel
Alex Ya (14 days ago)
So old video but so popular and funny :)
Kippy Rauser (14 days ago)
My idea is, what if experience tools were in minecraft?
ARNOOD123 (15 days ago)
stupid villegers ughhh i ill kill them alwayas even is 3am let villagers mad lol
Migs Molitas (15 days ago)
If you could eat anything!!!!!
Migs Molitas (15 days ago)
...In Minecraft!!!!
Migs Molitas (15 days ago)
If you could eat anything in Minecraft 😜
Wayne Loo (15 days ago)
If tnt turns to diamond
pixel guner (16 days ago)
If sky and ground switch places
selim bayraktar (16 days ago)
if dirt and chest switched places xD
Drieden Busacay (16 days ago)
What happen is gold becomes tnt
I'd love it but gold = <3
Vy Doan (16 days ago)
If Player switched with Player in roblox?
Gamingwith Caleb (16 days ago)
Why bedrock tools doesnt exist
Minecraft Games (16 days ago)
Do if you get experience from dirt :D
Kaiden Prater (16 days ago)
Do it bedrock and wood switched places
This is why u should never being racisr of being a diamond king He will have revenge
Makanban ?? (17 days ago)
2018 ???
Carter Kennedy (17 days ago)
A diamonds switched to noob
Samu Lotsari (17 days ago)
2:45 but noobs like dirt
MCPE CHAD (17 days ago)
If quicksand was added
Kharl Steven Caiban (18 days ago)
If Donald Trump ruled minecraft Like if u want
Czarina Liwanag (18 days ago)
If there was no ore in minecraft pls....
PrettyFlyWifi _RB_ (18 days ago)
If diamonds was switched with lava...
Kawaii Squishies (18 days ago)
You can’t have 5 m sub people have no phones or iPads computers or tv
Minecraftmineo (18 days ago)
Camilly Vitória (18 days ago)
If mobs can run
tri tri the fox cat (18 days ago)
lol :)
roxy tv (18 days ago)
If bead swiched with beadrock
AwesomeDesertTrains (19 days ago)
3:34 cuntestnt i see what you did there
Aiman Rizwan (19 days ago)
Dirt armor=Hide easily
Enchilad_ (19 days ago)
Not duke!
Marija Pujic (19 days ago)
If Diamond and water switched places
Andrea Mayla Ayala (19 days ago)
or maybe what if blocks could craft that would be weird
Andrea Mayla Ayala (19 days ago)
what if dirt took over!?
Black smith (19 days ago)
If minecraft pee bars
Madhuri Shirsekar (20 days ago)
Pls do if mobs kill by player in one single hit
Benedict Zafra (20 days ago)

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