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If Diamonds and Dirt Switched Places - Minecraft

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►My Server IP: mc.thenova.net ►Make sure to leave a LIKE! Diamonds have always been known as one of the most precious items in all of Minecraft... but what if they swapped places? Would dirt become the new cool thing? Make sure that you leave a LIKE if you enjoyed the video! SUBSCRIBE if you want to see more! Leave your suggestion for future videos in the comments, I will pick one every week to make a new video of! Imagine a world where we hunt for dirt blocks... it would be great. Actors: Gameroft, Ramphase, Altrive, daaxe, ryantenerelli, rymelm1, Caked_, TheMCBrothersGaming, The3rdUprising, MTTheTall, olgkd123, and everyone else who helped! Thank you to the supporters! DieInDark, magerlum1, Caked_, olgkd123, TitaniumEnder, Mikey_MC, Gary1017, rymelm1 from http://www.patreon.com/explodingtnt SERVER IP: mc.mcorigins.com 2ND SERVER IP: mc.thenova.net Save 25% on MC Servers with the code "TNT" - http://mcprohosting.com/plans.php Twitter: https://twitter.com/ExplodingTNT Facebook: http://on.fb.me/X3KYbC Second Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/thetntex... ALL MUSIC: Music is by Kevin Mcleod: incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/ Music also from: http://audiojungle.net/ Sound effects from: http://freesound.org/
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Text Comments (22891)
kastalion1 (25 minutes ago)
If dirt switched with lava
Jayden Bros (18 hours ago)
If Super Mario Owned Minecraft
Cloud Gaming Productions (23 hours ago)
Diamond switch to dead bush
Kailyn Smith (1 day ago)
If herobrine switched places with notch
Jr Phantom fun (1 day ago)
If minecraft had electricity
ASTRO 10GUY (1 day ago)
If players had fingers
Charlie Treherne (1 day ago)
Exploding TNT conformed
XY ANONYMOUS (1 day ago)
What if dirt and lava switch place?
I play fortnite (2 days ago)
Why hasn't the grass change
edyieperez (2 days ago)
If cars where in mincraft
If death play Minecraft
SuperGamerPro Matthew (3 days ago)
do Why minecraft game is a square world
Kitty Meow (3 days ago)
That wouldn’t make sense because if it turns into a dirt block it would change back into a diamond in then change back into a dirt block
What editor do you use? You're videos are awesome! :D
Szymon (3 days ago)
In situation like this Minecraft would be way toooooooo easy...
Andrew TArces (3 days ago)
Pls make if minecraft turn into golden pls
Rihanna Halicka (4 days ago)
If wood and wool switched places (wooden sheep)
gaaraultimate1 (4 days ago)
If a rich bar was added
29 city gamer (4 days ago)
If enderman have green eyes
Chanchal Kashyap (5 days ago)
If Minecraft had reptile
kevin torres (5 days ago)
If there was only one skin in minecraft
Alfredo Espino (6 days ago)
If pink sheep got banned
Mohamad Waiel (6 days ago)
TheCandyMaster atkins (6 days ago)
00:18 So me! XD
Eriona McIntyre (6 days ago)
If mobs and pets switched places
Chris Kamppi (6 days ago)
Switch end and nether
Goku M (6 days ago)
If dragon ball was in Minecraft
Mic Mac (7 days ago)
If Minecraft has guns
Rajpal Sagar (7 days ago)
If games were added to Minecraft
Varren Z (8 days ago)
If Swords and Pickaxes Swithed Places!
BT - 7274 (8 days ago)
If there was a platinum ore
Benjamin Melara (8 days ago)
I want more roblox
Benjamin Melara (8 days ago)
More roblox plz
Benjamin Melara (8 days ago)
Play more Robocop plz
NomNomCum Nom (8 days ago)
And this is how your parents make money kids. 4:09
IPopBallons (8 days ago)
If there was bedrock ore
Pranjal Jha (9 days ago)
If CCTV camera was added to minecraft
Jack Jayawon (9 days ago)
Just go in creative mode
Aiden Clevinger (9 days ago)
If you had a mining bar
Jerome Dela cruz (10 days ago)
What if......DIAMONDS ARE ALIVE!!!!
Can you do if diamond and water switched places
Dj productions (10 days ago)
Wat if wolf's got wings???and all the mobs got wings??
Pawel Pawelski (10 days ago)
If dirt swithed places of coal
Pawel Pawelski (10 days ago)
Id a dirt switchet with coal
Stephan Park (10 days ago)
If there was no creative mode
Brama Muthe (10 days ago)
I also is video loves good time
YoranCraft (11 days ago)
Plz do if the nether and diamonds switched place Plz :D
Azah Lailaturrosidah (11 days ago)
idea : stone and diamond swited
Azah Lailaturrosidah (11 days ago)
idea :stone and diamond switcest place
Nero's BassJaxx (11 days ago)
What if dimonds switched with emralds
NickAtNick (12 days ago)
0:18 *Grass Block Jumpscare*
itsprogaming hacker (12 days ago)
If jeb turn to horse
Refan Craft 47 (12 days ago)
no mobs yes like subcribe
Khadeeja Ibrahim (12 days ago)
if diamond, iron, gold, everything else for pros was removed.
horsecraft playz (12 days ago)
If SpongeBob and Patrick poop on rock
Angelos Perrakis (12 days ago)
Minerals and real world. switch. place
James Stoner (13 days ago)
Do if pugs took over minecraft
WREL GAMING (13 days ago)
if minecraft is fortnite... wait....
My Hero Frank (13 days ago)
Nostalgia level 1000
SydneyPlaysGamesNow (13 days ago)
Can i be part of your video I'am a the biggest fan!!!!
Mark Grimwade (13 days ago)
If emeralds and dirt switched places!
max loter (13 days ago)
If there were no ores in minecraft
Lemon Pies (13 days ago)
if wood and stone switched
Alec Zhor1 (13 days ago)
Shoot dirt turned into diamonds!
millions games (14 days ago)
if car was added to minecraft
Itismoosecraft jack (14 days ago)
If exploding tnt had drivers licence
Roberto Gonzales (14 days ago)
If World Of Warships Was Added In Minecraft
Kanishka Qadiri (14 days ago)
If v bucks and robux switched places
Aryn Whalen (14 days ago)
If mobs could spawn in the day
Jack Attack (14 days ago)
If Minecraft and real life switched
Kayla Williams (14 days ago)
LOL it’s still nice
salkhan Hembram (14 days ago)
Switched diamond to dirt
LittleFoxy TR (15 days ago)
İm Not Noob İm Pro
LittleFoxy TR (15 days ago)
İ Join Your Server ExplodingTNT
Baldi Baldimore (15 days ago)
What lf kids rule minecraft
TheBlockStriker 15 (15 days ago)
Baby Pro (15 days ago)
In zombie didn't burn in the daylight
Manidoons (15 days ago)
Sorry is minecraft no m7nefraft
Im the new boss in the new m7nefraft
2:19 like for who hates the pros saying "Too Easy" or "ez"
Noob Noober (16 days ago)
if noob skin is noach skin
yuletscool garciamars (16 days ago)
If a new block was added
Xzee GamingMaster (16 days ago)
If there was no such things as ender pearls
Cool ninjas team (16 days ago)
Cool Vid
Kitty_gamer (17 days ago)
Kitty_gamer (17 days ago)
Lol I would have sooooooo much diamonds
Pheonix Flame (17 days ago)
Seriously inappropriate a str*p club
Jürgen Schmieding (17 days ago)
If you couldnt build anything
Nice video
GALAXY GAMER (17 days ago)
Lost in space part 2
Luna Nova (17 days ago)
If mobs spawn at day😆
multi colouredbunny (18 days ago)
Lol Love it O oranges L lemons
Efe Tekin (18 days ago)
Diamond noob vs woorden pro pls
Carlos Guerrero (18 days ago)
If snoop dogg played minecraft
Festum Festum (18 days ago)
If coal and emerald switched placed
Ricardo Abrunhosa (18 days ago)
If minecraft had roblox's name
Zipjon Emasroc (18 days ago)

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