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CS:GO - D2 HEROES UNITE (MM w/ MrTweeday)

1818 ratings | 52325 views
Full length MM game with the man himself, MrTweeday. Snapchat: SparklesYT Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/SparklesNinjaGroup Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/SparklesYT Hosting?: http://pkrhosting.co.uk/sparkles Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/Sparkles Want to be featured in a clip? (Only CRAZY footage) If so, click here to submit them!: http://sparkles.ninja/sparkles/
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Text Comments (180)
ScribeX (3 days ago)
Does every one hears the war sounds in every round? a lot of grenades and gun shots lol
Macke Bergström (3 days ago)
Lets not talk about that offensive.
SnapMan Ting (4 days ago)
P90 noob
Khalsabiceps Patel (5 days ago)
Sparkals tread me something
hihtitmamnan (6 days ago)
u posted it because u were on top :P
Darx3 GD (8 days ago)
You really need to watch nadeking cuz ur nades were kinda trash
BraxTer (9 days ago)
Omg, his enemys are speaking english, but 95% of mine enemys can only say fucking noob in english. I hate russians so much....
Abhishek Yadav (11 days ago)
More Match Making Vids Plzzz 😃👊
איתי מגן מגן (12 days ago)
Hi sparkles I wanted to ask you can try to make a video clip of csgo and put the song in the background pumped up kicks thanks
Campbell MacDonald (12 days ago)
Bruh sparkles has been losing a lot of subscribers kinda sad
Danny Nguyen (12 days ago)
Sparkles rocking that pro90
Crime Less (12 days ago)
was there NBK in his friend list?
Aryamik Pandey (12 days ago)
1:01 wow u smoke it for them
MuhammadArslan (12 days ago)
You need to work on your nades .
Sara Thomas DEAD (12 days ago)
p90 pero spotted ;D
Ajdhd (13 days ago)
16.39 wiped his head damn
Heroin (13 days ago)
1:15 smokes for them indeed dust2 heroes
meh (13 days ago)
WTF is this u're fucking noooob high skin low skill
Sonion (13 days ago)
I noticed you used the AWP a hella lot this game. Tbh it kinda annoyed me how you were insistent on being the designated sniper on your team even when you only got some decent frags. You glasscannoned AWP too many times in this game, only adding to the risk factor. This is all my opinion of course, but if I were you I’d use more automatic rifles. In trade for that classcannoned awp, you could have bought an AK with Kevlar and helmet wth nades and you probably would have done better with those tbh. Again all my opinion on what made you tie this game.
Yzono (13 days ago)
Why do you still have skins? They about to drop to nothing..
GuilhermeRib2 (13 days ago)
give me one skin please sparkles https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=311759160&token=rQfns-5V
marclink0 (13 days ago)
Admittedly, Frenzy called "behind you" 5 times before anyone reacted in any way.
riseN (13 days ago)
uhhh whyre you on 16:9? can you play 4:3 stretched please
Karim Ac (13 days ago)
your nades game is weak for a cs vveteran
Gazi Alfarizi (13 days ago)
(13 days ago)
where your gloves at?
MysticHaunt (13 days ago)
lul noob
Micke (13 days ago)
although this was fun to watch i like the cinematic edits better :D
R1DH (13 days ago)
U N I R O N I C use of the P90 lmao
Anime & Game (13 days ago)
Ez Game
Alex junior (13 days ago)
God damn rich people in the game😛👻
Leo XD (13 days ago)
Sparkles video are just so enjoying to watch love from Malaysia
Adenis (13 days ago)
NadeKing (13 days ago)
10:41 that's genius xD well played
Arman Dionisio (13 days ago)
NadeKing hi
Sahil Mambilly (13 days ago)
Dead Game? It's still on top 10 in STEAM's trending chart.
Kyle The Great (4 days ago)
Cheaters, vac is still shit and vac net don't work. 90% of people playing are cheating.
David. C (13 days ago)
YOU are bestttt YouTuber nice mannn
Rasmus Vistisen (13 days ago)
fuck he's bad
Sohán (13 days ago)
How did you reach LE? You're so bad to be at LE -.-
o/ you are way faster than me editing these I guess :D Was fun xo
Sparkles (12 days ago)
Was fun <3
I need skins!
Danger Boy (13 days ago)
I like long vids
Souhail Dakir (13 days ago)
Sparkles would u sign my steam profile for me plz id/Th3BreeZy
joaquin roxas (13 days ago)
A wild nbk cameo
Znew K1ll3rZ (13 days ago)
Podia ter legenda em português
Mitsaras _GR (13 days ago)
Daniel Shallom (13 days ago)
I miss to see you,hungoungoufanbfe,mrtweeday,mojo, and mantrousse playing mm together
IMaKILLER 9982 (13 days ago)
5:26 theres an awp in front of him
Dzanin O (13 days ago)
Csgo is dead
Prakhar Jha (13 days ago)
Bring the cs go enthusiasm back
EXhanC3 (13 days ago)
GG Sparkles is so Pro, u should make a cid playing with mojo on pc
Ode Valkamo (13 days ago)
Rip this channel
Lak1no - S - (13 days ago)
Nice thumb
Manfred Winter (13 days ago)
It triggers me so bad that u force every round ffs eco pls xD like Mac 10 with no Kevlar, I am not suprised u died with no kill in that round
Flop (13 days ago)
Real talk, who swings a knife around while blind? THAT SHIT IS DANGEROUS YO
Fredy S M (13 days ago)
more ur gameplay , and i will give u thumbs up
FuckYourMom (13 days ago)
Dead game
Jonas Tisell (13 days ago)
When are you getting your verified mark? You should try contacting YouTube or something.
csgo is dead comments are actually retarded, what are you still doing here? If you don't like it leave and go to videos that interest you, you're wasting your time not having fun with your other games.
Adaxte ADaxte (13 days ago)
what a dead game
puppy culo (13 days ago)
Diogo Lopes (13 days ago)
Literally stopped watching after first round... you have an awp and smoked ct to let them cross to site. 0 gamesense. Bye
raff (13 days ago)
throughout the video he used the same smoke a few times its further towards car so that u can walk up by barrels and shoot over it onto their heads he just didn't know they were pushed up so far and it was too late
Udit Varshney (13 days ago)
_D2 heroes_ running with p90s getting rekt by LE kids 😅😂
Noamias (13 days ago)
Aren’t you gonna sell your stuff before opskin closes
Dangels2000 (13 days ago)
Markus Karall (13 days ago)
2:19 free bibanator advertisement :^)
Lol sparkles I guess I'm one of the only guy left who watches almost everything XD
exdeexdeKartul (13 days ago)
2 dead youtubers playing a dead game No offence
Ode Valkamo (5 days ago)
Yes Plz except me
Aryamik Pandey (12 days ago)
exdeexdeKartul (12 days ago)
Alicia Chan (13 days ago)
Stefan (13 days ago)
Hello Sparkles !! When you will do the video with the strangers trying to kill you ? As you posted on facebook months ago ? 😁
demonclaws3000 (13 days ago)
1:00 Here you go guys, have a free smoke!
adhu aadhar chaudhary (13 days ago)
When da faq u will get tk 2M.. I m seeng 1.9M since agessss.....
Hoennor (13 days ago)
Them skins though
Damn Dunk (13 days ago)
Unsubbed faggot
Damn Dunk (13 days ago)
Pay Pal i hate paypal
Pay Pal (13 days ago)
Damn Dunk why are you talking like that LOL
Damn Dunk (13 days ago)
Hayden Fawcett faggot
Hayden Fawcett (13 days ago)
Cool story bro
Tyrant (13 days ago)
I played csgo 2years, and i cant find the interest like when i first time play csgo.
Jacob C (13 days ago)
Roses are red Sparkles is okay Fuck you all Have a good day
Prasad Bankar (13 days ago)
Your subs are going in minus
Inv1ctuS (13 days ago)
I'll create "DreamTeam". Sparkles Mr.Tweeday Nadeking Trelluxe HS Top
Prasad Bankar (13 days ago)
Inv1ctuS where is banana gaming and warowl
Hoorah (13 days ago)
nice video love it and can u check out mine im new at it so i need some feedback
SneaKy_BeaKy Abdo (13 days ago)
no you are so good at csgo
Colin VAS TU ? (13 days ago)
Partager le discord a vos amis : https://discord.me/ozhcommunity ! DISCORD POUR DES OFFENSIVES [SQUAD] [SOLO] [DUO] ! OFFENSIVES = SCRIMS ! Venez nombreux..
Bhati Bersingh (13 days ago)
Hii sparkles
Joerge Uggay (13 days ago)
DAVID K (13 days ago)
U swagger
Joerge Uggay (13 days ago)
Yeah i already used it hahaha!
DAVID K (13 days ago)
A used steam code?
DAVID K (13 days ago)
What is that
Joerge Uggay (13 days ago)
Joerge Uggay (7 days ago)
You want some?
HHTPlays (13 days ago)
Almost 2M subs Sparkles! Keep it up :)
JOXi (13 days ago)
He had 2M but lost subs
Eskild (13 days ago)
HHTPlays been like this for a year
LXY (13 days ago)
If I had dlore I would be so much better than sparkles. I hope it drops under $100 someday.. I would definately still buy it.
Eric Cartman (5 days ago)
got global after getting my stat awp asiimov and my m9 tigertooth fn aswell ;D
comment guy (13 days ago)
LXY ok
LXY (13 days ago)
comment guy i got supreme just after getting a m9 marble fade.. just sayin ;D
comment guy (13 days ago)
Głos Rozsądku true but the mentality of an expensive skin in possesion adjusts the mind set of the possessor into thinking "expensive skin = dont drop it by dying" my motto which is skins = skill ( i have no skins lol)
Sok Davin (13 days ago)
Jusuf 'ScreaM' Ibollari it does Vac...
HAKO HS (13 days ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iPS12cYCiLU&t look at this
DiamondLV (13 days ago)
why no tumnail ?
Thomas Lubanga (13 days ago)
For a ninja with way too many hours in this game, you dont use your knife enough... 350 kills on that beaut?
Thomas Lubanga (13 days ago)
I know..... but still, only tree fiddy?
Jacob C (13 days ago)
Thomas Lubanga think about how many knives he has...
Alex Radu (13 days ago)
Hello Spurkles
Saksham Jasuja (13 days ago)
cool guyz (13 days ago)
juan pablo bernal (13 days ago)
Starboy (13 days ago)
comment section right now 100% csgo is dead
christi59n (13 days ago)
todays my birthday 😺😺
Staf Belsack (13 days ago)
christi59n happy bithday!
RizarClaitz (13 days ago)
Lee Shan Liang (13 days ago)
Shashank Suru (13 days ago)
I want one of yur skins...so it wud make my day..xD
Bekadil (13 days ago)
akash kukati (13 days ago)
Sparkles please make a ninja video . Been waiting forever.
akash kukati (13 days ago)
Welp good point. Sparkles when's the next fortnite videos ??
AwptixCSGO (13 days ago)
akash kukati ninja defuse is it still a thing in 2k18
perpa porpa (13 days ago)
Csgo it's dead game fuck it
SupMaDud 05 (13 days ago)
Why did frodo leaves the middle earth?
SupMaDud 05 (13 days ago)
Pay Pal cool
Pay Pal (13 days ago)
Because he fucked ur mom

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