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Cs 1.6 Server Zombie Plague Free Vip + GoldenM4a1

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ip: [ DreamiNG EvilNight ] - Zombie 4.3 | FDL + Free Vip + JB-Bazooka ] ×1 boost = Vip + 50000 ammo + Hammer Knife
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Text Comments (10)
Adri Ivanof (1 month ago)
New Server Zombie Revenge 2018 IP: The Best Server In Spain
hamza bendali (11 months ago)
nice bb
hamza bendali (11 months ago)
waw you are graite
Alan Walker (1 year ago)
m'y name is lV.A.G.l$Flecther$
Luka Gjoni (1 year ago)
Noob video
Ãϻãžìňğßãćķ. (6 months ago)
you NOOB!
Nicolae Simionica (1 year ago)
Te rog frumos.
Nicolae Simionica (1 year ago)
Salut! Auzi, spune-mi cum esti trecut pe facebook? Vreau sa vorbim.
Skull Neacsug (1 year ago)
hello my friend you now me l player cs 1.6 on evil night my name is BULL [ ? ] DOG
ahhahah good

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