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How Many Times Must I Fail? - SoloQ#42

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CS:GO Solo Queue to Global Elite continues. Failure is a stepping stone to success, but how many times must we fail before we finally get it right, and is there even enough time?
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bloy1 (7 hours ago)
was that WoW music? 4:00 ~
LeonRobbins (1 day ago)
stand on the wall in the middle of the corner at the first turn to A, then aim at the tip of the metal pole and jump throw. Same smoke, but EZ
rafxar (4 days ago)
11:08 Uno más :D
WarOwl, we need more SoloQ
Oh Deer (7 days ago)
okay realtalk warowl what the fuck was that in the end nightmares for life
Milan ettema (11 days ago)
@warowl you Can throw the not ez smoke izi When standing against the fence you see on T side and throw it right direction with walking
David (11 days ago)
Whatever happened to “Hi hello the war old greets you”
William Clatone (14 days ago)
such a distant phoon reference... one i felt in my soul...
Derp Dragon (15 days ago)
its 2 months now is this the last episode :(
Arou (18 days ago)
I played csgo about a year ago and my skill is much higher now...i cant get out of silver because almost every game i join is rank 2-10s not taking it serious and half the time they dont even have mics! Im buying a new account soon so i can rank up and i will see if that helps :)
Hayley taylor (18 days ago)
hurry up and upload
sh4de (20 days ago)
When is the next?
Hessey (20 days ago)
7:43 Megaman X4
ThatCampingOwl (22 days ago)
I love your videos, man, you're amazing!
Crack TheBack (22 days ago)
Ah, but your unified theory predicts the existence of lots of undetectable dark matter and energy that causes bad players to become even more toxic as well. But there could not possibly be enough of the his dark matter/energy to account for all of the toxicity in Csgo at lower ranks
Jia Cheng Khor (29 days ago)
legit started this 2 years ago.....
ShadowZeal (1 month ago)
Chris Fuller (1 month ago)
Did Warowl stopped doing SoloQueue? He haven't put one out in a month.
Squirtle7up (1 month ago)
It’s been going on for two years damn
Ryan Kenny (1 month ago)
i have a better ct smoke. put your head in the middle of the door (on the right side when going to a main). then aim at the corner of ledge in front of you. do a jump throw
FoxD13 (1 month ago)
micromanaging xD thats it. just like it was starcraft. I had this today... everyone was already mad at him and he was making excuses like "yeah well, you are such noobs" and shit :D he wasnt even good... despite the fact that we are talking about nova 4....
Pedro (1 month ago)
5:54 admin
Am retarded because (1 month ago)
Hey warowl remember that video you did on insurgency. They released a sequel to that one its in open beta
Diluted Happiness (1 month ago)
5:53 omg report
Elijah Nelson (1 month ago)
You got me up to s2 now :) Thank you my dude.
Don b (1 month ago)
Nice elder scrolls music in a csgo video
Alos (1 month ago)
What if a new CS comes out before you hit global :thinking:
TripAndJoy (1 month ago)
Big ups for Grim Fandango soundtrack!
Antarct1c (1 month ago)
4:30 Oh really? Rewatch first 3 or so parts of solo queue to global. I can't judge how good do you play, but you were(and maybe you are) an asshole laughing at teammates fails. Do you know that sometimes people get unlucky? nervous? that some people are returning to the CS after a long break? I am returning to cs after a long break, I'm always at bottom or so because I am really nervous and I do things that I shouldn't but this is not a reason to say I'm a bad player because unlike you, *much better player at counter-strike than me*, I am blaming no one but myself, never raging and never telling that someone is bad at game or having fun laughing at people's mistakes, because I understand that people get nervous and I'm actually the one who gets nervous 99% of a time. Come on, it will take less than a CS GO competitive match to rewatch first 3 parts, do it and say if you were an asshole and stop being a one. This is a fucking game, you are playing it with random people against random people and if someone agrees with you when you say "this guy is an asshole because he rushed B"(I'm about JZ in this video) this is not right, because this guy maybe knows what he is doing and you shouldn't call him an idiot, an asshole or everything like this not because he is not one, but because this lowers the morale of entire team and makes you look like you are, well, if we use your unified theorem, play this game really good. I truly believe you are a great guy, you've said in one of your videos that your problem at the moment was that you are nervous and I can surely say that the first thing you need to do is stop calling people a bad players. They have ranks, ranks are introduced in the game not without a cause, there is assholes but there is no bad players. There is players who got lucky/unlucky and this is not their level of gaming. So you, a global, start a new account and be like "I'm bad but these guys are terrible, and my teammates are stupid"(you actually said quote on quote that you realized that your teammates are stupid). No, it's you too good for them and you have zero right to say they suck, because they don't. I don't know your age, but it's like you will go to kindergarten and say "These guys are so stupid, they can't even properly count, or read, or play CS GO". Please man, come on. You don't have to be a dickhead to play cs go. At least, we are all here to have fun.
Lamar Noil (1 month ago)
Haha warrenfunkle here thinks ct smoke is hard. Typical na player xddd
ravioli maker (1 month ago)
10:04 it just melt my heart :(
Epic Jag (1 month ago)
Matyas Fekete (1 month ago)
I managed supreme in solo queue and never even was global, neither do I know as much as you. Unless you fail on purpose I believe you can finish the series. I belieeeeeeve in you.
Matyas Fekete (1 month ago)
4:01 JayZ: LEEEERROOOOOY JENNNNKIIIIINS Team member: Oh my god he just ran in. He even sounded like the guy from Leroy Jenkins
Cthulhu Fhtagn (1 month ago)
When I heard the song from.Morrowind it made me wonder why I play CS so much instead of my childhood games...
Chiller30001993 (1 month ago)
I wonder what the first song is
wind (1 month ago)
Will WarOwl finish SoloQ to global before the heat death of the universe?
Dati Zockt (1 month ago)
I have one problem im silber elite master. When i play soloq in Dust 2 there are People who not use the mic! I hate that and than they not understand me because they only speak 🇹🇷 or others. And what should i do?! My friends didnt play it because Fortnite and otherside i have friends but there are not so good.
Nick (1 month ago)
Your analogy for the story of solo q was great
RamboSambo2350 (1 month ago)
Just started playing CS..in 2018..I think I'm a fair bit behind..
Z0DIACV2 (1 month ago)
That phoon tho
Sulagna Dash (1 month ago)
Donate T_T knife https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=841369126&token=sOg3hy59
aaron herzog (1 month ago)
DID MR WARREN FOWLER THE ANGEL OF COMPETITIVE CURSE???? jk jk ik he has before. I get back into comp after i quit only when you upload so for my sake and many others, please upload more! Full support!
Val G (1 month ago)
Love your music choices man. Bit off topic, but if you have any knowledge about this topic, perhaps you can do a video on buying a laptop/desktop for gaming in general or for cs go?
Annoye' (1 month ago)
Identas (1 month ago)
after 3 years still not there ;/
DerekS (1 month ago)
If you got the reference on the music for the bhop clip you’re a real one
Diaan Kok (1 month ago)
the first time I ever subscribed to someone... dude i love you so much. You are my hero and in some cases my role model. I really hope to meet you one day. If you ever want to come to South Africa, I'll give you accommodation and transport. Keep up the amazing videos dude!
GGBDK (2 months ago)
Saw your tweet - youtube unsubbed me from you :/
Trust No1 (2 months ago)
5:53 BOIIII IS HE SCRIPTIN -- -- For real tho, who IS phoon?
Andrew Montes (2 months ago)
Solid use of Orchestral Suite No. 2 in B minor
David Baloney (2 months ago)
grim fandango music? mama mia
whatever man (2 months ago)
The username in the beginning “Kiki do you love me” LOL
Kristijan Jozić (2 months ago)
Ad revenue fillers :V
Legoinsinööri (2 months ago)
Had to stop at 0:30 already mention kudos on the music!
Lotfi Ould Adda (2 months ago)
1:43 halo again ? oh gosh halo 3 so much memory :'(
Weeaboos Hunter (2 months ago)
great editing warowl, keep it up!
buddhapest (2 months ago)
don't stop with the awesome editing!
לק אקסנריטר (2 months ago)
phoon tribute @ 5:53
Vikas Ruppa (2 months ago)
Kiki, do you love me 0:05 top right😂
professional gamez (2 months ago)
can i get a skin pls i have been watching all ur solo q vids man a knife pls https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=482872360&token=v3gdTV0K i know i am greedy but pls up to anyone man thx
Hairy Nutsack (2 months ago)
Best Road to global Series..Hands Down
Inaluogh (2 months ago)
Well now i have no chance but to play Grim Fandango again...
Ambition (2 months ago)
1G at 10:04
Wagyourtail (2 months ago)
i dont do the walking part and it still works to smoke CT, what gives? also sorry but i have to micro manage a little to compensate for the lack of my teammates gamesence in order to soloq out of silver. help i'm stuck top fragging (im that guy on the other team in game 2), in silver.
Ashuku (2 months ago)
admin, he's doing it sideways
Blue Eyes White Teddy (2 months ago)
mass (2 months ago)
4:00 "Time's up, let's do this! Leeroy....." you know the rest
Matt 476 (2 months ago)
I like how u go over stuff like smokes it nice not to half to find another vid
dylan luce (2 months ago)
The majora's mask reference was awesome!
toby willard (2 months ago)
Hey WarOwl. Would you consider playing a wingman with some of your audience members so you can have future content and we can learn from playing with you?
Paper (2 months ago)
Matchmaking is not fun for me anymore, as I play Faceit now
Gustavo de Abreu (2 months ago)
Those Megaman songs are the best!!!
Happya Man (2 months ago)
Autsogi Youcef (2 months ago)
your videos aremaking my day bro
dere baba (2 months ago)
7:42 jet stingray
Gunnar Cortes (2 months ago)
4:17 looks like aimbot. @TheWarOwl are you sure Praus was legit?
Aivaras Godliauskas (2 months ago)
that edit... damn
Nojus R (2 months ago)
5:53 admin he doing it sideways
bob jones (2 months ago)
your annoying washed up ass still hasnt done anything of note with this series. what a money whore.
wind (1 month ago)
what would be "something of note" ? and he's one of the mainstream cs YouTuber with the most integrity, calling him a money whore is absurd
KKKillmyself (2 months ago)
Why doesn’t he use his howl and knife?
robisfantastic (2 months ago)
5:53 he's going from b, through kitchen to CT, admin he's toggling.
The Doctor (2 months ago)
167 wins lem im 221 wins Se
Yash Nanda (2 months ago)
Dude your renders are weird
Florian Fichtner (2 months ago)
Intro looks like going low in cs go
Andy Madsen (2 months ago)
Warowl: The longest soloQ to global in history. Wish you would do more mate, these are fantastic.
Madhouse Players (2 months ago)
WarOwl once again with the master edits to enhance the entertainment.
Chev -iwnl- (2 months ago)
I still watch this guy trying to get global when I am a global and it doesnt matter
Manzoku (2 months ago)
Such a good video!
DeepRuc (2 months ago)
There is one more CT position...Connector...dont forget about that one. Its different to A.
Denis Pletikapa (2 months ago)
the better player in csgo the more asshole he is best quote
Ee-Han Godfrey (2 months ago)
War owl do us mind linking the music, would love to listen to it more.
After (2 months ago)
More like SoloCarried to global elite
NV6 (2 months ago)
Dawn of the second game 48 hours remaining (Rip majora :/_¥)
Kris Sturni (2 months ago)
Hahaaa nice phoon reference!
Yugo Betrugo (2 months ago)
Sensational editing
Eljas Hyyrynen (2 months ago)
Your edits are so awesome
Itihas Adhikari (2 months ago)
damn when that ivy guy died from the fire it actually got me sad with all that music and scenarios
at 5:02 u were 10hp then u became 100hp after the bomb plant
Not Aj (2 months ago)
i caught the phoon reference

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