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CS:GO - MatchMaking in Eyes #79

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A lot of Stream Highlights! As i've said, the quality shouldn't be that bad anymore! https://www.twitch.tv/houngoungagne Send love right here: https://www.twitch.tv/mr3xgame_ :D EVERYTHING YOU NEED IS DOWN BELOW ▼ ✘ Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/houngoungagne (NEW!) ✘ Twitter : https://twitter.com/HOUNGOUNGAGNE @HOUNGOUNGAGNE ✘ Steam : http://steamcommunity.com/groups/HOUNGOUNGAGNE ✘ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HOUNGOUNGAGNE ♫ Music: I use a lot the music from MAF: http://www.maf464.com/ And his website is gorgeous btw! :) I also use a lot of songs coming from Incompetech: http://goo.gl/PHwKV2 Classical Music - Morning Mood Grieg ► About me◄ (Updated 2 October 2016) Crosshair? Mouse? Monitor? ➝ Find all my infos down below my twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/houngoungagne (¬‿¬) Graphic Designer: @orikmcfly (¬‿¬)
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Text Comments (330)
Anubhab Mondal (9 months ago)
funniest cs go youtuber man
Justin Binns (11 months ago)
Lol people who talk to their neighbors
Pierson Fielke (1 year ago)
I recommend adding some more clips with aces. Also u should add some more of HSKY cause his R pronunciations are hilarious
richardusawwyer 666 (1 year ago)
in first clip rally her voice is so cute
TIAMATj (1 year ago)
finally justin beber commited suicide
TIAMATj (1 year ago)
Nathan Cholet (1 year ago)
Nice suicide !
RomixAgC (1 year ago)
The nade, I did the same in a LAN like 2 days ago xD
Andrei S. Ardeleanu (1 year ago)
2:28 lol
Syndrom AD (1 year ago)
Gydias !! Enorme x)
Niklas Hugo (1 year ago)
the song is my childhood.. its the soundtrack of bomber man ^^
Kevinbubi (1 year ago)
Nice nade Jeff
Hector élio (1 year ago)
mdr Gydias qui s'incruste
Håvard Sund (1 year ago)
What does he mean by "MatchMaking in Eyes"?
Kiwik_ (1 year ago)
Mr3xGame toujours dans nos cœurs ♥
Biro (1 year ago)
8:19 now im a ninja bro :3 glad i got u good just one time was so much fun ty Jeff <3333
Reflex (1 year ago)
That last guy got me laughing :D
scylk (1 year ago)
Arhhh mais arrête de te forcer à rire, c'est tellement gênant...
Daniel Austin (1 year ago)
@8:29 Jeff has 1 ping......
isWet (1 year ago)
Do u use a4 or a1s?
ZeBigTheo (1 year ago)
Français en force ?
EvR (1 year ago)
haha i fucking love your channel dude.
hasnan hassan (1 year ago)
Just wanna say.. love your video <3
Kryx Grace (1 year ago)
5:55 Nice Granade!
Dennie VR (1 year ago)
Something im thinking is this global and why not silver mmmh
AlphaBlyat (1 year ago)
heungoungeung... hung geun gaun... hayeun gay giens HOW TF DO YOU PRONOUCE THIS NAME
Zi Nie (1 year ago)
what is songs name in 8:15?
yes please (1 year ago)
He is smurfing in global elite
Badass_Bronko (1 year ago)
Grab dat ytb moneyz, I grant you!
Endretta (1 year ago)
Hey HOUNGOUNGAGNE love you bro can you sign my profile thanks :) http://steamcommunity.com/id/endretta
Lukas Repa (1 year ago)
whats jeff's font?
Droggelbecher Mengele (1 year ago)
I know the guy you killed with the Zeus xD he send me your video and said: "Here you can see how fckn silly i am" (sorry for my bad english ^^)
Tcw0301 (1 year ago)
the weird sounds at 1:45, is because of a higher base rate :D
Khelian (1 year ago)
Tu penses quoi de la nouvelle Inferno/ what do you think of the new Inferno ?
Smox (1 year ago)
Houngoungagne , what is your font called
Thom Joseph (1 year ago)
how do you change the fonts?
CORNET (1 year ago)
PLEASE, what song at 8:13 ?
hate (1 year ago)
viewmodel? pls
Teo Tze Shuen (1 year ago)
Now @Houngoungagne only plays casual😂
STARWARS78 (1 year ago)
Salut , je viens d'arriver sur ta chaîne et j'ai du mal à comprendre : tu parle anglais et français , tu joue avec des français et des anglais ;) mais sinon gg pour tes vidéos qui me font bien marrer Ps : tu pourrais faire une vidéo only speak french XD
Loui S (1 year ago)
Je sais pas pourquoi mais ta une tête de tanguy
frittatasTV (1 year ago)
What is that song that you're normally using the most? That song from 1:10
frittatasTV (1 year ago)
+Jonn Traves Thank you!
Jonn Traves (1 year ago)
Maf // Tuturne Land
damir ajvazovic (1 year ago)
hozbgizbgagbe is the beeeeeeest
BlueBears (1 year ago)
1:42 new USP sound Kappa
Ethan Yang (1 year ago)
Who is Mojo? XD
Janik Katzenmayer (1 year ago)
....aaaand i lolled
Cole Y (1 year ago)
The first part hurts so bad
Von (1 year ago)
Mr3 c'est des barres de rires assuré :)
Soai (1 year ago)
815 views and 4k likes xD
Batata Doce (1 year ago)
CSGOatse is back use code "HUAXPR" to get 500 coins / you can redeem again)!!
Batata Doce (1 year ago)
CSGOcasino is also backm use code "AXPR" !!!
Mast3rmind (1 year ago)
someone called me? :)
Sparkie (1 year ago)
Are you still using the Logitech g502? Do you think its a good mouse, if you prefer bigger mice? I have the ec2-a and it's too small and light.
Hearty Buckie (1 year ago)
Is that real scout training?
EnzoCnS (1 year ago)
Mr3 c'est vraiment un taré
S34N (1 year ago)
S34N (1 year ago)
me irl (1 year ago)
You mean the sound when you switch guns that are in your hand (for example ak to glock)? They're client sided only, the enemies cannot hear them.
S34N (1 year ago)
Global Elites in EU?
HOUNGOUNGAGNE (1 year ago)
volume 0
niuton (1 year ago)
sähkörotta (1 year ago)
1 like = 1 pray for Mr3xGame
braden ross (1 year ago)
I heard there was juicy ytb money?
Eboryte (1 year ago)
LUKAS TABER (1 year ago)
whats your dpi/in game sense Mr baguette?
LUKAS TABER (1 year ago)
HOUNGOUNGAGNE love you Mr baguette
HOUNGOUNGAGNE (1 year ago)
Check the description!
Coolio McDoodle (1 year ago)
I was in this and that made my day. Let's play again soon Jeff -English guy who called you dirty
louisgrk (1 year ago)
1:11 song?
Nooky (1 year ago)
Du coup j'ai pas suivi les streams mais ça se passe bien avec les voisins ? ^^
Aaron Evans (1 year ago)
hey guys, look at this shot steam://rungame/730/76561202255233023/+csgo_download_match%20CSGO-xYGbw-9nWjC-9s2ry-T469X-BRaJD round 11 xD
Ladde (1 year ago)
that moment when u watch this vid and thing: hey i also want to be good at CS. But then u realize u have a bad connection
Fresher M8 (1 year ago)
Lol im in the Video
thrill (1 year ago)
jeff i love you
Revanor (1 year ago)
1:45 Were you using shadowplay by any chance?
Revanor (1 year ago)
+HOUNGOUNGAGNE I used to use shadow play and the one time i got a fast ace the sound was fucked and you couldn't hear my reaction
HOUNGOUNGAGNE (1 year ago)
Yeah, their new update fucked it up, it's unstable now!
nurax1337 (1 year ago)
The broken sounds are sick :^)
Corentin Descamps (1 year ago)
why did your neighboor knocked to your door? are they bitching because you scream too much or was it for something else?
Mini Spidey (1 year ago)
"bark" ~HOUNGOUNGAGNE 10/2016
koreanese (1 year ago)
I know you're far in, but don't use stream clips. these are 2 different jobs here. although this isn't a popular opinion, because I get it,bits hard to edit and all that. but please.
koreanese (1 year ago)
HOUNGOUNGAGNE alright. understood. thanks for the reply
HOUNGOUNGAGNE (1 year ago)
I pretty much always stream when I play since i movedout, if I don't use em, I won't have any clips to edit^^
r i c e b o w l (1 year ago)
5:21 he de ranked again
Paul Berrisch (1 year ago)
Jeff you just made my birthday perfect! Thank you for uploading, love from germany <3 (allthough that kinda has no meaning anymore, because you live in germany now anyways :D)
Paul Berrisch (1 year ago)
Almost "Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag" is the formal and correct way. You shouldn't have slept during german lessons in school :D
HOUNGOUNGAGNE (1 year ago)
Hmmm .... Gut gebuchstag?
Sensei (1 year ago)
Why does Jeff take off his silencer?
DANgamingTRON (1 year ago)
hi hugbanako djw
Aron Páll (1 year ago)
5:12 how did he throw the flash like that?
Filip Les (1 year ago)
Daaaaamn jeff, go join fnatic or titan...
david timmer (1 year ago)
1:19 the only time i heard Vaillant laugh and not rage XD
Refat Ahmed (1 year ago)
does he ever do giveaways
Gunnar Fossberg (1 year ago)
what is the name of the sing on 0:58 ?
TheSharpUHC (1 year ago)
What does he smoke before playing?
HOUNGOUNGAGNE (1 year ago)
Nathan Schmitt (1 year ago)
Elle a la chatte que frétille
Mortelspawn_ (1 year ago)
GYDIAS xD Qu'est-ce qu'il fout la xDDDDD
ShaDoW (1 year ago)
That 1 ping tho
ConiMex (1 year ago)
Why do you remove silencers from m4 and usp?
Bassam (1 year ago)
Gydias ne suce pas que laink et terra alors !
Basel (1 year ago)
wtf how do you only have 1 ping? valve prob your neighbour
WertyMartin (1 year ago)
the best episode in a while , love it XD
pawlik199 (1 year ago)
steam://joinlobby/730/109775243650148056/76561198080489206 someone wana play?
Make 14 (1 year ago)
Nice nade man
RedHawx (1 year ago)
Yeah, i got tasered and yes i threw a na flash... :D
Skuzeton 3 (1 year ago)
u always make me smile!😸
GInaso (1 year ago)
Jeff the killer
Nathan Godet (1 year ago)
le rateau mdr
RajMahall TV (1 year ago)
amgeda (1 year ago)
Ce bon vieux MR !
Henning Boom (1 year ago)
When will knifing do less dmg? I did not undestand that guy ^^
Lassi Havukainen (1 year ago)
10:27 the moment when I started laughing out loud so hard
SteamShinobi (1 year ago)
HOUNGOUNGAGNE the crosshair on your twitch seems vastly different than the one here :( halp?
gustaZ (1 year ago)
8:19 wtf 1 ping?

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