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CS:GO's UMP45 Nerf- What does the change mean?

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10% damage drop-off isn't just 10% less damage. It will distance the UMP45 from the cheap rifles, with the intention of making them more useful rather than simply to nerf the UMP45. 0:36 - Point blank 0:52 - Short range 1:51 - The fascinating world of compound interest 2:48 - Long range 3:56 - Conclusion Check out the purple skyscraper map here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=919649430 And thanks to Slothsquadron and Blackretina's spreadsheet of stats, which helped me when making this video: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/11tDzUNBq9zIX6_9Rel__fdAUezAQzSnh5AVYzCP060c/edit#gid=0 Check out my channels: ● 3kliksphilip: https://www.youtube.com/3kliksphilip ● 2kliksphilip: https://www.youtube.com/2kliksphilip ● kliksphilip: https://www.youtube.com/kliksphilip Other information you might like: ● Website: http://3kliksphilip.com ● Twitter: https://twitter.com/3kliksphilip ● PC Specs: Ryzen 1800X, 32 GB RAM, Geforce 1080
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Text Comments (1168)
KentTheKiller (23 days ago)
Valve: *Increases Galil Cost* 3kliksphilip: U WIT M8?!?! Valve: *Deal With It Bruh*
Handsome Jack (1 month ago)
RushB-90 is the SMG to go again then
Aaron Allen (1 month ago)
This video is ancient, but your comparison to compound interest is misguided. You're actually looking at a rational function, not an exponential one. Damage falloff in csgo is linear, so by considering the ratio of old ump to new ump you're dividing a linear function by a linear function. Ironically this actually leads to asymptotic behavior as the new ump approaches zero damage, which is steeper than exponential. The difference between the damage values is, in fact, linear. Of course, there is the relation between damage and time to kill that is an inverse step function, but nevertheless, nothing here is exponential.
wiggle nancy (2 months ago)
they might actually do away with 1taps altogether.
Hoàng Trần Minh (2 months ago)
oh god because of the titling now half my youtube feed are nerf guns
Ezra Hodges (3 months ago)
all of you complaining about the famas... just like... wait around a corner with an xm. The XM will have it's glory some day... some day...
Electro Asphalt (3 months ago)
UMP: Unpredictably Mediocre Peashooter
AzDh (3 months ago)
MaxRideWizardLord (3 months ago)
why buy either ump or galil when both are shit and you can just buy ssg?
MaxRideWizardLord (3 months ago)
what's the map name at 02:00 ??
Kurkii (4 months ago)
It means that the ump 45 became a nerf gun.
Dylyinyang (4 months ago)
I litterely think the word litterely is litterely overused for it's litteral meaning. Like litterely
Someone Unknown (4 months ago)
play 4:22 at 0.25 speed he says "subscribe to me"
Blood Less (4 months ago)
Rip 1200$ rifle ;(
kevin_nahuel2010 (4 months ago)
i never liked the ump. why are people freaking out? i prefer mp7's recoil pattern...
Refreshed Mind (5 months ago)
TLDW: The UMP now fires birdies. (The things you hit in badmitten)
trollbreeder (5 months ago)
The UMP is still an excellent choice for money savers who dont want to be stuck with a pistol.
MrSoldier (6 months ago)
british currency is very insultable xd
Toxicity (6 months ago)
Y tho
Dash (6 months ago)
dont forget to have the m4 1 tap
Emirhan Budak (6 months ago)
Stil op
Tech Mech (7 months ago)
whats the music?
Wong Wai-Kit (7 months ago)
mp7 all the way
Melly (7 months ago)
I’ve already started using the famas
MartMart (7 months ago)
Why do they always make op buffs or release op weapons just to nerf them to unusfulness half a year later
MartMart (7 months ago)
You speak so fucking fast
Susmit DS (7 months ago)
What is the used music at 2:30?
Sup Mane (7 months ago)
>click on ump45 nerf video >get nerf N-Strike elite ad before video >post this comment
ohyeah2389 (7 months ago)
Wegalize lead
KristallFire (8 months ago)
If The famas's Damage Drop Off will be lowered to 2 from 4, it will be The totall Destroyer. Hope Volvo will do this, since i Love this Rifle already.
YTROBLOGGamer (8 months ago)
YTROBLOGGamer (8 months ago)
It tracks people's strats. xD
YTROBLOGGamer (8 months ago)
ogm wut does dis do
ipro freeman (8 months ago)
Thanks, now my reccomended is filled with "NERF ads" or "NERF wars".
BBGUN1010YT (8 months ago)
Ump enrf
ProJeCt Anima (9 months ago)
When Philip is desperate for money
Waldo Torres (9 months ago)
Well, hat means finally valve started to balance some weapons and try to make the cheap rifles have a good use
LePetitBolet (9 months ago)
Why do I have a thousand suggestions for NERF videos right now?
NekoColaQ (9 months ago)
when all the suggested videos for this are nerf guns, literally what the ump is at long range now
Mateo Coltura (9 months ago)
Maka (9 months ago)
The recommended is nerf guns hahha
Kriss (9 months ago)
Nooooooooo buff ump plsssssssss it use to be a rifle now it pp bizon
Hero Plays (9 months ago)
ĽınsZ -FPS- (9 months ago)
UMP still good, MP7 still bad in my opinion. But the MP9 and the MAC-10 are more viable now
Herowig (9 months ago)
I agree the famas famas sometimes is bad but it coud drop the price yes
Shysley (9 months ago)
Came for UMP knowledge; Left with a better understanding of compound interest rates in my bank accounts...
Valentine (9 months ago)
*suddenly wants to subscribe to 3kliksphillip*
FloppyPro (9 months ago)
philip i hate you
Jason Alen (10 months ago)
What's the difference between short and long A? Is it the length of the paths to those bombsites/hostage rescue spots?
Blake R (10 months ago)
you mean compound depreciation
Toxic (10 months ago)
Good Job you destroyd another gun
Danny De Jong (10 months ago)
I just realized thumb nail says good enerf?
LegendaryVegeta (10 months ago)
F.B. I (10 months ago)
I mean it makes sense for a .45 ACP gun
Still i love ump
Lights (10 months ago)
F.B. I (10 months ago)
:D volvo*
Lights (10 months ago)
WOLF HD (10 months ago)
I have this sudden feeling to subscribe
Wellshem (10 months ago)
Your dad is 44, ma ump is 45
Kaffohrt (10 months ago)
Give the famas a rate of fire of more than a 1000rpm to completely unbalance the game again, please valve do your thing
Mr. Tangerine (11 months ago)
"The Galil beats everything else because it's awesome" I like the Galil to but, Lol wut?
awd awd (11 months ago)
its good that they nerfed it its A FUCKING SMG
LOL IM TRASH (11 months ago)
well i think the prices should be more realistic Ump:900 USD AWP:3000 to 4000 USD AK:1200 USD Famas:10000 USD P90:around anywhere from 1000 to 4000
Harith Azmi (11 months ago)
did... Did you just explained to me how stocks work?
Ronald Browen (11 months ago)
DaAlexYu (1 year ago)
That's Volvo
Twig Touch (1 year ago)
Is enerf a typo or is it some csgo word idk about?
LaBass666 (1 year ago)
Famas should be 2.1k keeping with the theme of CT stuff being more expensive, 2.25 seems a bit much
goldy praba (1 year ago)
dat last whisper
Daniel Fredriksen (1 year ago)
I was drinking some wanter at the end of this video when suddenly Phillip whispered "subscribe to me". I swear I almost coughed myself to death XD
kiermcc (1 year ago)
I love how far you went with that compound interest thing, you're great.
Herr Doodlesmith (1 year ago)
In my opinion the famas is one of the best automatic weapons in cs go. It's something with the spray pattern I like
Bacon Pancakes (1 year ago)
Thumbnail says enerf
Enembra (1 year ago)
i think the FAMAS should cost $2400
madi (1 year ago)
2:35 why this piece of shit talked at lightning speed
divine (1 year ago)
Rip $1200 rifle
Evisk OnAcid (1 year ago)
The guys raging at me when I used to buy the UMP and watch A long did this.
Offbrand_Cheetos (1 year ago)
Imo i some times prefeer the famas over any other gun
Ege Onel (1 year ago)
Well looks like my favorite smg got nerfed. My new favorite smg is Nova.
Lufroloc (1 year ago)
it means valve are the type of people to say "Hey let's just do this and see how it turns out"
Random Guy (1 year ago)
Matt Yaqin (1 year ago)
valve you ruin it...
HearYouMe53412 (1 year ago)
The UMP, my dear UMP, what did Valve did to you? No more 4k's with the UMP I guess...
Aiden B (1 year ago)
who wants a famas buff?
PotatoMC (1 year ago)
The ump is a $1200 smg. buy it. dont buy the mp9. bye.
Goku Africa (1 year ago)
so now if I've like 3K $ what to buy? I always used to go ump with nades 😔 please, any suggestions?
Viren Joshi (1 year ago)
Man UMP-45 was best before nerf ;(
Lone Wolf (1 year ago)
I learn more about real world things from 3kliks in an hour than 13 years of american schooling at 7 hours a day for 9 months a year.
Vivi'Th (1 year ago)
Well damn, looks like i'm not going back to CS:GO after all xD
Potato Master Race (1 year ago)
fuk u volvo
The Cool Gamer Dude (1 year ago)
When Valve kills the UMP and not something like the Five Seven or the Tec-9 that really need a nerf
Mackyy. (1 year ago)
btw waitin for the mp9 nerf now cuz its awesome smg.
Mackyy. (1 year ago)
they fucked up my main forcebuy gun, i was playing it better than m4. i was doing crazy w dat piece of crap.
Cloaks (1 year ago)
i still use the UMP 45 more than the AK and the M4
Miguel Mif (1 year ago)
DarkGharren (1 year ago)
I really don't get the point of this nerf. Increasing the price to 1800$ would be fair, maybe. But increasing the damage dropoff, why? The UMP was never good at a distance, it is used as a close range nuke that can outperform even rifles, and nothing has changed about it. All this patch did was making it terrible where it was bad before. The problem isn't that the UMP is too strong, it's that the FAMAS and Galil are too weak to justify their price. Everything in this game just gets nerfed all the time, at some point CS:GO will be a peashooter simulation.
Hender (9 months ago)
DarkGharren The Galil outshines all smgs and the FAMAS because it has 35 bullets,dmg similar to the m4 and is just amazing.
pepsi max (1 year ago)
its fair coz its so cheap
Ethan Ton (1 year ago)
im just done with valve at this point
Chris Black (1 year ago)
Yes. Very good nerf. Let valve nerf every fucking gun in this fucking game. Can someone tell me why the fuck I'm still playing?🙄
ausland probst (1 year ago)
So in other words: The UMP45 is now behaving more like an SMG I don't mind the UMP45 nerf but I'd much prefer if Valve buffed the FAMAS and kept the 15% drop-off for the UMP45. Then again I'm just an S3 in CS:GO so what do I know?
F.B. I (10 months ago)
ausland probst its 45 acp tho :-:
The Real Meal (1 year ago)
Coming to your £1,000 example, TECHNICALLY it would be worth less due to inflation. TRIGGERED
.lukonic` (1 year ago)
4:22 it's free real estate
Baris Cankaya (1 year ago)
i love famas lol i think it is not that shit i love it

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