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CS:GO - Awp BEASTS! #44

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Text Comments (285)
Mixmaster (7 days ago)
Dope Debonaire best
Jonas Žemaitis (13 days ago)
0:52 that PC screen thing is sick :O
D3T0K _ (14 days ago)
0:34 #BR
predatortaipan (14 days ago)
Nice edit, but I expected nothing else. Make a movie of me pls. I will send you demos :-)
Fares Dmc (15 days ago)
shivankit ss (16 days ago)
Loved what you did at 0:51 😄😍
жесткий ты
SB clone (17 days ago)
Very nice editing at 0:52 👌
Mr_ OGGI (17 days ago)
an evrage global can do this there is nothing impresive really dispointed
matthew qin (18 days ago)
anomoly has more subs than u lmao u sux
Mayank Ukani (19 days ago)
Can you please please give away any skin to me. Doesn’t matter if its covert or restricted. Anything would be good. (https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=875399954&token=-dM9Ashx)
OK ! (19 days ago)
Is it just me or an Asiimov really makes you better
Purpolpudol (20 days ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jFIuFrLtdLs&feature=youtu.be pls check this clip
Lil Peep (20 days ago)
Viewmodel Cfg ?
translate your videos on russian pls dislike
snaut (20 days ago)
another russian day in csgo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2HcB_QJ7Un4&t=27s
Dragos Florin (20 days ago)
CS GO is dead.
Karim Elcomert (20 days ago)
Unfortunately cs is kinda dead :/
Darkople (21 days ago)
Man yr channel dead
Danny Games (21 days ago)
Well made video! :D
martybob 25 (22 days ago)
How to find downloaded match on steamfiles
Skuyd channel (22 days ago)
the effects OMG NICEEE
Spargit - CS:GO & More (23 days ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zhS7iXYMqAk take a look at the biggest play through cologne 2018
akash kukati (23 days ago)
Mister sparkles. ..please give the world a ninja video 😙
Sam CS (23 days ago)
what are the viewmodel settings? great video
Vakaris (24 days ago)
fuck u mister "number 1"
tullowitsch (24 days ago)
Oberarschloch ^^
Tophat Pigeon (24 days ago)
Editing on point man, job well done.
Dc S (24 days ago)
This Channel is dying
TNHS (24 days ago)
Happy Birthday sparkles!🎉🎉
Marko Gango (24 days ago)
Oh i see you started to use depth of field and record with a higher bitrate👌❤ Cc is dope though
Znew K1ll3rZ (24 days ago)
Áudio português eba vlw❤
kylläpä kyllä (24 days ago)
your hype is down. U have to do fortnite clips!
schachgoldfisch (24 days ago)
Adore Word (25 days ago)
This videos is mostly skinist, fuckin asiimovs
ibrahimovichs (25 days ago)
00:52 what a scene !?
chopsalat (25 days ago)
"AWP Beasts" or "AWP players with the worst opponents ever".
Fahreza Emerald A (25 days ago)
MaxM. (25 days ago)
Who listen first the Fast&Furious music ?
Panutan lu (25 days ago)
0:51 cool transition broo
EvacuateRsPs (25 days ago)
Damn 9 rws quad awpers...
Elyor Sherkulov (25 days ago)
Music remind me old cs 1.5 movie called CS: 3D | Morgan hahaha
King Suraj (25 days ago)
That transition at 0:52 💚
Tyler Byrns (25 days ago)
Fuck yes F&F that’s dope
XD (25 days ago)
Pubg edits ???!!!
Revelin (25 days ago)
0:51 That transition made me nut
You are the best Youtuber , + sub from me
No skins no skills
WAL3dude (25 days ago)
mr Sparkles I want to share my competitive game to you.. can I be in your video "Fastest Ace" heres the link : steam://rungame/730/76561202255233023/+csgo_download_match%20CSGO-mEQC6-LJr6Q-MTE2i-PHyOP-ZR9jE .... my ace at 140000 tick... wish u like it, and wish my ace is in your video!!! see you really soon!
Mechanical Mechanic (26 days ago)
Rip Paul
Eremika (26 days ago)
0:51 holy crap that editing is sick man
Spark99 Gaming (26 days ago)
Last inferno clip is 100% luck 0% skill...
Arda ALTUN (26 days ago)
0:53 nicee
Erik Viik (26 days ago)
nice computer in train
Omega Trion (26 days ago)
Damn son
Great job man, keep it up
XCEL SERVEX (26 days ago)
More ninja more more more ninja
Inspired (26 days ago)
Demos montages :(
Мя диФиумөцs (26 days ago)
Tem br nessa poha caralhoooo
rene pusepatten (26 days ago)
Fucking sick video my dude!
Gabriel Bertoncellos (26 days ago)
0:51 Sé loco ein tio! From Brazil to Sparkles!
Evandro Santos (26 days ago)
adam beldjilali (26 days ago)
sick video i cant say how much i love ur videos
Cubiks (26 days ago)
Those are smurfs, most of shouldve been dead, they are playing againts noobs
Kontrol (26 days ago)
Is this awp asiimov edition?
Crunchy :3 (26 days ago)
when you put your vidéo on 32 ticks with some effect wow you are so fast... or not
Demonas l (26 days ago)
Edit 11/10
Arly. z (26 days ago)
BaratãO (26 days ago)
happy noob (26 days ago)
Beast edit :o
Young Wolf (26 days ago)
the last one!!
Ph0z (26 days ago)
XecVid (26 days ago)
Epic edit!
Kiril Petrov (26 days ago)
Rly the best montages! :)
MOBI zi (26 days ago)
0:53 this transition 😍👌🏼
Nazar Recovery (26 days ago)
Asiimov beasts*
Pepas FC (26 days ago)
Make lives pls
Brian Park (26 days ago)
Anyone else noticed that missing texture
Eros Elisio (26 days ago)
0:51 wow, no words for that edit
Just Giraffe (26 days ago)
Player Model settings?
Jello (26 days ago)
make fortnite montages for more fews
ツiDubbYi (26 days ago)
Road to 2m sub
MR merS (26 days ago)
My last vid that i sent you was way better than at least 2 clips from here , watch and tell me if im wrong from my channel people ...
Hype (26 days ago)
"Sé louco hein tio"
Candor (26 days ago)
when you transitoned on the computer it was amazing lol
Noah (26 days ago)
give your editor a raise damn
JOXi (25 days ago)
Noah He is the editor...
George Chronakis (26 days ago)
Viewmodel commands? Anybody knows?
radio .aktiv (26 days ago)
nice effect going through the pc monitor!
Sen pai (26 days ago)
"Sê loko ein tio !"
Lil Creeper (26 days ago)
Kiseijuu (26 days ago)
good vid as always but find new titles xD
Steven Iwanto (26 days ago)
sick edittt
2pacpac Pac (26 days ago)
Dylan Morrissey (26 days ago)
That slick PC monitor transition
Sparkles (26 days ago)
In b4 thumbnail
FuzedOut (25 days ago)
Sparkles ☆ #1 Gaming - CSGO & more ☆ Choice of Music not that great :/
Denis Bc (26 days ago)
Add: Turku' on steam --> http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198369609562/
Darshan Yande (26 days ago)
0:52 transition was dope
Shinigami AF (26 days ago)
0:40 Partida de Brasileiro kkkkkkkk
KANIXIKA RJ (25 days ago)
primeira vez q ele botando voz de BR
Randooom (26 days ago)
not 60fps? Why?!

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