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Rio 2016 Olympics Tribute - Rise

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Tribute video to the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. Music: Katy Perry - Rise I own nothing.
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Paola RG (2 months ago)
neymar no merece estar ahi >:v
Lili1127 (2 months ago)
Sí lo merece porque es medallista de oro de los Juegos Olimpícos. Y en este video hay medallistas de oro de Los Juegos Olímpicos de Río 2016.
Eric Klein (7 months ago)
Amazing video
Lili1127 (7 months ago)
Batuhan Ay (8 months ago)
Türkiye yok mu ?
Veysel Kaan BOZ (3 months ago)
3.05 de Rıza Kayaalp var
ivesroch (6 months ago)
Batuhan Ay ne diyon amk turkiyenin futboldan baska bildigi mi var amk salagi gercekler boyle millet dunya rekorlari kirar 50 kere, biz hala daha spordan bihaberiz ne alaka dedigin
Batuhan Ay (6 months ago)
ivesroch onlardan hic bir eksigimiz yok
Batuhan Ay (6 months ago)
ivesroch o hic dediginin atalari dünyaya hakimdi bi zamanlar
ivesroch (6 months ago)
Batuhan Ay turkiye yarislarda bir hic.
Temari Uchia (10 months ago)
Fencing 🤺
Kookie Monster (10 months ago)
Love Mamun and Group Russia 😍😍😍😍😍
Sylla Atlas (8 months ago)
Rommel Surriga Rhythmic gymnastics for life
Sylla Atlas (10 months ago)
Great video! I did one about the Olympics with that music as well, it would mean the world to me if you’d check it out! Thanks for those 3:17 you’re spending watching it!
Sylla Atlas (10 months ago)
Lili1127 ☺️❤️
Lili1127 (10 months ago)
Thank you!:) I watched your video, and although I don't know much about Rhytmic Gymnastics, I found it very nice.
Emperor Catfish (1 year ago)
Nice video but the race-walking clip gets me laughing every time. I know its supposed to be physically demanding but it looks hilarious; can't take it seriously with the epicness of this song.
Nice video dude way better than the KatyPerry Official one!! ;)
Lili1127 (1 year ago)

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