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CS:GO - Zombie Escape Mod gameplay on Lost map - GUC Server

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Zombie Escape mod online multiplayer gameplay on the custom ze lost map level 1 on GUC server. ► CS:GO Zombie Escape Playlist: http://bit.ly/CSGOZE ► Previous Video ( CSGO ) https://youtu.be/W7hh_CyhZUc ─── MAPPER ─── Creator of the map: WangSiTu Full Name: ze_lost_v1_1 ─── SERVER ─── Name: GUC (Gamers United Clan) IP: ─── SKINS USED ─── Negev | Power Loader Bowie Knife | Crimson Web (BS) ─── MORE ZOMBIE MODE ─── CS GO Survival (ZM) videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwKF962A9VUjzv3JOKCRHi2y9GBn9CVcC CS Source videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwKF962A9VUg43EQC-pVxxLmgmH9yh5BM Popular videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwKF962A9VUhpzRRZ1EXwZOU1ixz7ouIF ──────── INFO ───────── How to play / join zombies servers you can find in axonek3 steam group: ► http://steamcommunity.com/groups/axonek3 Video 1080p 60fps // PC Specs: Intel i7-3770K | Geforce GTX 750ti 2GB | 16GB Ram
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Text Comments (46)
jimboy de juan (25 days ago)
Jesus christ This is Teammates is wrong way teleport around here bait zombies wow!
Mike Miller (27 days ago)
Can I play in this server if I use cs:go nosteam version??
Sacha de jeans de geimn
LonssoPlays (1 month ago)
nice man i cant play this anymore but I see almost every day because I fell like I was playing this like old time ;) Keep this !
KarmaT我要 (1 month ago)
GeT TaZeD??
KarmaT我要 (1 month ago)
Formidable Occultist (1 month ago)
In the video's description: is that all you need to be able to play that "Zombie mod"? I'm not a fan of mods but I wanna try playing it since I have CS:GO.
Duc Phan (1 month ago)
Map was confusing af though
Adiyaksa Elpa Saputra (1 month ago)
The best Vidio😍😍 Next😘😉
senpai kun (1 month ago)
Sou brasileiro e me viciei no seu canal por favor continue trazendo maaaaaais like *❤
SB clone (1 month ago)
A like your crosshair
GhOsTGames (1 month ago)
good pro
Saif Mumtaz (1 month ago)
Best head admin is Viktorski ❤
ابغى العب معك يوما ما في كونتر سترايك 1.6
تحية لك اخي مصري اخوك محمد من مغرب مغرب و جزائر و تونس و ليبيا و مصر اخوة
_ stefanopower97 _ (1 month ago)
Your aim suck
FOGG MASTER (1 month ago)
nice video like :)
KarmaT我要 (1 month ago)
I Play this server
Duc Phan (1 month ago)
nice what is ur name for it?
Flitz Smith (1 month ago)
I've never been This Early
Roman Sheva (1 month ago)
Good duo man)
Roman Sheva (1 month ago)
We gonna beat it this Sunday)))
Roman Sheva (1 month ago)
Duc Phan its me Wild xD
Duc Phan (1 month ago)
roman it was no solo or duo but next round was easier
Hamme1 (1 month ago)
siema axonek3! pozdrawiam Cię :) dasz serce?
EJ Pioquinto (1 month ago)
css?? :(
Alejandro Afonso (1 month ago)
Me justo mucho el vídeo me encanto
YT_Thunder Gaming (1 month ago)
*Nice Video :)*
jiganes034 (1 month ago)
how can i join server like that? tell me please
SB clone (22 days ago)
A know but in gametracker ther are all of the servers from all of the mods
Roman Sheva (22 days ago)
SB clone check description or visit our forum
SB clone (1 month ago)
Can you tell me the ip
Roman Sheva (1 month ago)
SB clone yes its zombie escape and we have also props hunt
SB clone (1 month ago)
Is it a zm escape
Techno Darkness (1 month ago)
3:10 very confuse part
jimboy de juan (24 days ago)
lol got teammates is confused that they wrong teleport here GG
Geração Nutela (1 month ago)
The crisis gamer (1 month ago)
Nice one
Pedro (1 month ago)
Rec Cs 1.6 zombie!!.
Lisesharte (1 month ago)
3:10 nice troll
Dendra Feroz (1 month ago)
Cool and good 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
NOOB XD (1 month ago)
madara uchiha (1 month ago)
jp tecson (1 month ago)
Play ze oilrig part 4

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