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Agar.io - 88k Score on an empty Experimental Server

266079 ratings | 46720004 views
No new players joined this server and eventually all the others left so I could make some big spawner cells. Because the pellets grow in size over time (up to 5 mass) you get more mass back than you put into one, only problem was the max cell size of 22.5k. Songs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XGyrclIGB9E https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3H3-ubMEUDM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EzapFcK5_Pk agario gameplay
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Text Comments (26403)
Raylo Gamer (5 hours ago)
He is my friend
Dragonka (9 hours ago)
Do you can be biggest than map?
Willowfur (12 hours ago)
Thought it was clickbait but then was proven wrong
Ghost- Yt (14 hours ago)
The old jumbo...
Miriam Ecalle (15 hours ago)
Phú Dương Văn (1 day ago)
DRAGONS (1 day ago)
#R.I.P Wun Wun You will be missed :(
Jodeline Sayoc (1 day ago)
Wait24 hours eat the mass
Jodeline Sayoc (1 day ago)
Do one for 24 hours
Jodeline Sayoc (1 day ago)
Who is watching in 2018
Chillin Knight (1 day ago)
Hey dude
Super Ninja (1 day ago)
wσw thαt'ѕ crαzч!!!
Erryn. Sixx (1 day ago)
That crashed my computer
Erryn. Sixx (1 day ago)
Now I am watching YouTube videos on my phone
maria's channel (2 days ago)
-wun wun do u think u are noob?- YOU ARENT NOOB !!!!!!!!YOU ARE THE BEST PRO EVERR!!!!👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👌👌👌😘😘😘
Sewing Tasarım (2 days ago)
jacob gready (2 days ago)
I miss this so much <3 Please do more vids!
Dolphin Gaming (2 days ago)
So many views
Poo Man (2 days ago)
How the f*** did this video get 44million views
DrGagkou (2 days ago)
im late wanna hear a joke?? read more
Soso Soso (3 days ago)
What name the page you can give me link the game
Zoes Dada (3 days ago)
What the hell is this?
Darky Gamer (3 days ago)
hknxzhack@gmail.com hknxzhack23 Kardeşim Save.Dat Işlerine Bulaşma Epostan Gözüküyor! Bulaşıcaksan Benim Için Sıkıntı Yok Epostanı Alırım!
Elizabeth Edwards (3 days ago)
Lightning Boy (3 days ago)
Exelent video!
Lightning Boy (3 days ago)
WindowsXP XP hi
WindowsXP XP (3 days ago)
Lightning Boy here chat link
WindowsXP XP (3 days ago)
Lightning Boy hi
Elizabeth Edwards (3 days ago)
I do not say blah blah blah 🖕🖕😐
Mist agar (3 days ago)
You got more views then the most popular fortnite video
do yo know De wei (4 days ago)
I want vegan meatballs
Raging Fire (4 days ago)
Check mvp agario
Herman Michael. (4 days ago)
Ivan Enciso (4 days ago)
I’ll scam him
GEORGE VS THAIS (4 days ago)
Oi se inscreve no meu canal ja me inscrevi no seu canal retribui lá no meu canal
Quickk TO (5 days ago)
AgarTR (5 days ago)
Only you dont log in your acc on agar.io...u was very pro .#WEMİSSUWUNWUN
Kimberly Thimpson (5 days ago)
88k score thats amizing :) and cool and nice
In Monday I do it i get 189.321 mass LOL 😂 WTF
UnderScore is here YT (6 days ago)
I am a new youtuber
UnderScore is here YT (6 days ago)
brian b (7 days ago)
THE ONE (7 days ago)
Why is this exiting you’re just getting super big and exponentially decreasing in size it would be better if you didn’t split and let yourself get super big WITHOUT THE DECREASE
Liz Laman (7 days ago)
Amazing won
aus agar (7 days ago)
that was wun good video
G FuRi (7 days ago)
How did you do this!?!?
sedat demir (7 days ago)
man pro :D
Youreus (8 days ago)
Most Viewed agar.io Video
Cesar Mobarak (8 days ago)
46 million views 😱
qains (8 days ago)
Miss these days.... Wun Wun why did you leave so suddenly.... :(
WattPlays (8 days ago)
my bro has done 350k
Leandro1311 (8 days ago)
Sebastien Poole (9 days ago)
How do you even get a private server
Sebastien Poole (8 days ago)
Norwyn ok on the computer? Can we play on the IOS cos I’m not good on the computer
Norwyn (8 days ago)
Sebastien Poole play with me plz
Dhani Pramana (9 days ago)
wow fuckin 46 million for agario cool dude
Krisz Kozmix (9 days ago)
How to party server?
upside (9 days ago)
2how are you so bad you keep dying to the red thing
Diana Molino (9 days ago)
Minecraft the ‏king (10 days ago)
Karl PH (10 days ago)
46 million😱
Will Hunter (10 days ago)
Austin's Game Reviews (10 days ago)
This was one of my favorite videos of your channel
Nicole Myszka (11 days ago)
Wow at 7:15 there is an HUGE WOOSOIWSS
Norwyn (7 days ago)
Nicole Myszka yes
Nicole Myszka (8 days ago)
+Norwyn Yes... Bc of my name??
Norwyn (8 days ago)
Nicole Myszka polska?
Nicole Myszka (11 days ago)
Wow... 7:15
liam williams (11 days ago)
I was just playing in the same game as you on the mobile version!!!
bour jmaa (11 days ago)
46m views what?
Maciej Kisielewski (11 days ago)
loba plateada :3 (12 days ago)
xXZYRUSXx xXBLACKSUNXx (12 days ago)
This was very satisfying
Auzurite (12 days ago)
Hisham Bajwa (13 days ago)
46 Million views 😢 #WeMissWunWunAgain
hacker guy (13 days ago)
please subscribe me
neki levi (13 days ago)
Oh My God
sfp search for pro (13 days ago)
i wish that wun wun is here to tell him that hes my hero
sfp search for pro (13 days ago)
wun wun is alive now
The FunnyAce (13 days ago)
Worst editing
اللي سعودي لايك
Ghist Hadrad (14 days ago)
This lag slur tho lol
KonnoHabba闭嘴 (14 days ago)
Jesus Ruiz Garcia (14 days ago)
50 M views! A M A Z I N G
SAIM ALI (12 days ago)
Jesus Ruiz Garcia what
Jesus Ruiz Garcia (12 days ago)
SAIM ALI ma cago en to to pota madre
SAIM ALI (13 days ago)
Jesus Ruiz Garcia no
Bailey G (14 days ago)
You had about 2fps on agario that embarrassing
how do we make the virus small like that?
Cassie_ Gacha (15 days ago)
Agar- Curse (15 days ago)
Spongebob Is Back (15 days ago)
ноу ноу (14 days ago)
Вымри, убожество.
Luis Ticona (16 days ago)
M encanto este video
Fritz Gessler (16 days ago)
Wun Wun just got Win Win
xxSAWAMUxx (16 days ago)
fatty lesbian (16 days ago)
Hey where is wun wun?
fatty lesbian I think he passed away Edit: Okay I checked he in not dead, sorry for making you worried
ROBLOXgamingchannle (16 days ago)
I'm here like *stop EXPLODING*
Cody Lance (16 days ago)
NewEra (17 days ago)
"Nuw Nuw" x')
gilvan campos (17 days ago)
It is very fine my sun !!!
The Ksi Merito Lover (17 days ago)
YTDávid :D (18 days ago)
Roxana Lizarraga (18 days ago)
Te engancha pero no queráis es es te videº
Alexmetic The Demon (18 days ago)
Alexmetic The Demon (18 days ago)
why ur last one?
Alexmetic The Demon (18 days ago)
HOW MANY!?!?!?!? AT 5:13
bee dee (19 days ago)
Where have you been Wun? I'm woried about you!! :'(
Dislikeness (19 days ago)

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