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The Easiest Way To Get A Knife In CS GO

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This video will tell you the easiest way to get a knife. Keep in mind, this is not a video about how to get a knife for free. Opening cases is not worth it. I highly doubt you will open a knife. Even though people open cases and receive knives, it's a very low chance that YOU will receive one. The prices of my skins: Remember, the skins/items within the Steam market always changes. The prices probably won't be the same if you checked right now. Butterfly knife: Blue steel - $145.50 Awp: Redline - 12.44 AK47: Point dissaray - 12.15 M4A4-S: Cyrex - 11.40 Everything together is 181.49. I just rounded it of in the video.
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Text Comments (2598)
ice_wallow come (2 days ago)
What if i Don't even have money? And I can't even deposite on csgo case opening sites
Smite XD (8 days ago)
x Bubbakush420 (13 days ago)
Ive spent around 100$ on cases and ive open 2 knives 1 gloves and q st fn fuelinjector ak
hero nuggets (13 days ago)
i am still not paying $100 dollers on a knife!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AComPEtitiVE GAMER (13 days ago)
The prices in this game is pathetic
SparkyTheFox (15 days ago)
first case i ever opened made me 20$ profit. iit went downhill from there.
first of all most of us are poor like me icant do shit so your completely misleading because the market costs way too much
warioman91 (17 days ago)
downvoted because you pronounce gaben wrong. It's not Gah-ben. It's like Gay-Bin. It's as Newell says in his developer commentaries. "Email me at gaben@valve......." (Gay-Bin)
sulsty (18 days ago)
The only time I open cases if I got a new case drop. I made 70 fucking Euro with the horizon case
Normal Bir İnsan (19 days ago)
Cheapest knife is more than 300 i never get a knife but I m just watching
J37Gaming (23 days ago)
At the end of video : You said : Bye Bye! I heard : Buy Buy! XDDD
Tristen Jaan Kontson (23 days ago)
If no cases are opened then you can't buy skins or knives
yo daddy (23 days ago)
I opened 2 gamma cases and got a Doppler gut fn and I also got a blue Doppler krambit and after that I got one clutch case and got drivers gloves st fn
xdm24 (24 days ago)
Cases are just nice to open every once in a while
AJMills04 (25 days ago)
This video was in my recommended after i opened 20 cases FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK
ちきょSemih (26 days ago)
*Easiest way to get a Knife [Works 2018]* *Steal Mommies Credit Card*
Golden LJ (26 days ago)
its basically spelled the same but just say "gaben" like this gayben not gaben the way you say it
The Business (26 days ago)
its simple..... just play case opener on ios
BasiT (28 days ago)
It's either that or you're like my friend who opened 2 cases in his life and got gut knife gamma doppler phase 1 (yeah I know it's shit but he still made x20+ the money)
Rio Wibowo (1 month ago)
Im not kidding i got a bayonet lore on my first case ever Btw if you want a bayonet call me
NOOB DUDE (1 month ago)
dont spend 180 dollars go to the change ur region to russia its only 60 dollars try it for russia
Ninju (1 month ago)
you sounded like a robot at the begining
ItzJim_ (1 month ago)
*g a h b e n* is the one who won
anTt0 (1 month ago)
well i got my first knife form my 10th case (130$-150$)
Scarface (1 month ago)
ye.. buy a knife on the market c: its easier
E-zee (1 month ago)
this is what i've been telling people for years lol. buying from the market is way cheaper and easier than gambling
Rasmus (1 month ago)
Want to get a FREE knife ($35~) for downloading only ONE game and completing a couple of tasks in the game? You can get skins, games, paysafecards and more from this awesome site! But here's how to get that knife: 1. Register to Gamekit from this link: https://gamekit.com/?reflink=de01-122858014 2. Download Warthunder (34500 points! 10000 points is approximately 10 euros) 3. Complete 3 tasks (They're like get level 5 etc...) 4. DONE! You can continue earning more points by downloading and playing games if you want!
ELiTeProductions (1 month ago)
HoW fUcK uuuUuUuu
roXor _ (1 month ago)
Why would u spend so much money on a game? I mean i love csgo but i would never spend so much money on smth if i wouldn't get smth in real life
COC MASTER (1 month ago)
How to play knife match
-MOCHII- (1 month ago)
Immun3 (1 month ago)
Is it just me or did he seem mad at the end, lol.
Ender sidian (1 month ago)
Suck my ass
cheeseman (1 month ago)
Also getting a knife from a case will cause the price to go down while buying one makes it go up. With only 1 person the affect will be unnoticeable but if 1/100 people watching this buy the knife instead of finding it in a case, the prices would increase by a few dollars.
Wambo (1 month ago)
Lol i did the same I bought me a Knife a Huntsman Knife Vanilla and some small Skins my m8 gave me a Case and i Opened it now i have 2 Knifes and it was my second Case that i ever Opened If u dont believe me here is my Trade link https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=311584903&token=IhhAOcnE
ColourfulPixels (1 month ago)
Lol my friend opened 3 on his first day of cs and got a karambit autotronic BS and a Ak neon revolution
Caps Games (2 months ago)
How did this video get 2,6k dislikes even tho you were talking about the real deal on how to get a knife...
Lord Snoozls (2 months ago)
It’s not pronounced Gaben. It’s pronounced Gayben but is written Gaben. Although the is gay. Never mind call him Gayben and write him Gayben
Locosiap 41 (2 months ago)
gay-ben not ga-ben
Essential (2 months ago)
i had 5 cases opened them up for 12.50 and i got a butterfly knife marble fade factory new ez peezy don't mess with the lemon squizy
Ethan Bradford (2 months ago)
Ya but... it’s so much fun
Patchster (1 month ago)
Ethan Bradford but gambling addictions aren’t fun
Ammon Brown (2 months ago)
Ethan Bradford true
Jack Carlson (2 months ago)
I opened 6 cases and on the last one i got a huntsman
COOKIES (2 months ago)
can anyone give me an ak skin thats not a safari mesh?
Hook (2 months ago)
Parz1val (2 months ago)
1.) get a job 2.) Profit
2:57 m4a4 huh?
Just trade up... i have a medusa and i haven't spent a cent. Iv'e been playing for 3 years and its fustrating me to see people spending real money, in the thousands... fuck...
Talking Gorilla (2 months ago)
Who else thought his voice THROUGHOUT THE WHOLE FUCKING VIDEO was a text to speech engine XD
GrinkyPie (2 months ago)
I totally agree with your point
Vivek T. (2 months ago)
Where to get knife, can anyone say that again ?
kondzio. witam (2 months ago)
Even if i would buy it I'm still trash at this game
Sargent S-578B (2 months ago)
I love how the one that made up most of it was the knife
XFactorDroid (2 months ago)
DeadlyGamer57 // DG57 (2 months ago)
The fastest and cheapest way to get a knife is to join a surf server with !knife command
hamedemolisher 12 (2 months ago)
Cheapest way to do it, is to not buy anything, like woah mind blown holy fuck.
Abdulrahman Alshaikh (2 months ago)
Verga Sombolinggi (2 months ago)
the easiest way to get *A* *KNIFE*
Nick Valentine (2 months ago)
*G A B B E N*
Chipwood (2 months ago)
PixlPlayer (2 months ago)
Either way that’s way too much money for cosmetics
Ramen Lord (2 months ago)
So I just got cs. What is a nice knife from 30-50$?
kacper adventure (2 months ago)
im poor
Xdark King (2 months ago)
I have opend my first ever case and got flip knife doppler factory new phase 2 :/
Knox (2 months ago)
If opened cases for over 1500e and 0 knifes 2reds... so yeah... not even salty
Yotaku (2 months ago)
opened 6 cases and got knife and gloves 250$
Void Player (2 months ago)
i have only opened 5 cases and i got a knife
Agito Zero (2 months ago)
my first unboxing was a pink sticker for 80 dollars. best unboxing that I won't unbox ever again.
M M Nation (3 months ago)
1:30 its fun to watch look what phantom does
M M Nation (3 months ago)
Elliott Bruhn (3 months ago)
The best way to get a knife is... Nevermind, you should be thinking about improving your life instead of wasting 12 h a day on this game. FUCK YOU
Selby Malone (3 months ago)
so 0.16%, that means you should get one knife every 625 cases, $2.49 for a key (assuming you're opening cases you won) that's $1556.25 per knife go play on the fucking pokies or something, wouldn't normally recommend it but better odds then these cases, and buy skins if you win
EzraLM (3 months ago)
Ive spent 10 dollars on keys and i got an ultraviolet butterfly knife lol.
Prosperity (3 months ago)
His voice sonds like a text to speech lmao
Darkis (3 months ago)
why dont u just buy the knife u want instead of buying cases, do they make more money off the unboxings in twitch
Matthew Star (3 months ago)
Do you spend real life money on cases? Or in game?
Norman Bates (3 months ago)
I bought 2 keys. and I won Falchion Knife factory new hahaha
AdmiralGrim (3 months ago)
You remind me of a Leafy with a deeper voice
HDGames (3 months ago)
"GAHBEN" 1:34
ScottishBawbag (3 months ago)
is it ai talking or is that his voice
dave frie (3 months ago)
buy it
Adam Alkire (3 months ago)
I've only opened 5 cases ever and got a knife lol
Green (3 months ago)
why dont you just use that money and buy a knife..?
Falle (3 months ago)
Good video :D
[Nova] Paws (3 months ago)
That’s what I always say. Just buy it off the community market!
Neptune Fish (3 months ago)
Csgo = real casino gambling
Eyla Derani (3 months ago)
2:56 did u just say M4A4?
Nixzidoo (3 months ago)
or you could join a server with !ws...
autiste squad (3 months ago)
open csgo weapon case 3 ez knife
xd (3 months ago)
you sound like a robot
Bratko (3 months ago)
or just fuck me
Jada montega908 (3 months ago)
good video man
rama (3 months ago)
its never about the worth it , its about the fun opening knife from a case
TrXo YT (3 months ago)
1:41 creepy
Donald (3 months ago)
How to get free knife Step 1. Launch csgo Step 2. Join a game Step 3. Press 3 I love u too
Zotero Disuke (3 months ago)
Clickbait lol jk
owen kumala (3 months ago)
the free one is use skin changer
_HaxDestroyer_ (3 months ago)
2:24 thats my steam profile picture XD

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