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Irregular Verbs in English – Group 3

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Irregular verbs can be difficult to learn, but I'll teach you the easy way to remember them! Irregular verbs are very common parts of the English language, so it's important that you learn how to use them correctly. I'll teach you the base form, simple past, and past participle. To make things even easier, read, download, and print our list of irregular verbs in the EngVid Resources section at: http://www.engvid.com/english-resource/common-irregular-verbs-grouped/ Memorizing irregular verbs can be hard to do by yourself, so watch this video so you can finally understand and remember group 3 of the irregular verbs. If you haven't already seen it, check out my video on irregular verbs groups 1 & 2 at: http://www.engvid.com/irregular-verbs-in-english-groups-1-2/ Test your understanding of this lesson with my quiz, at http://www.engvid.com/irregular-verbs-in-english-group-3/ TRANSCRIPT Hi. I'm Ronnie. Do you have a problem? I do. [Laughs] I got loads of problems, but maybe a problem that you have, I can help you with. So, one of the most difficult things about learning English is how to conjugate the verbs. In English, we have millions... Not millions. We have a lot of verbs-42-and we need to know, you need to know the present tense, the simple past tense, and something that's called the past participle. So, the simple present tense we use for things that we do every day. For example: I eat breakfast, I go to the bathroom; I am a human. The simple past we use for things that we talk about in the past: I ate breakfast, I went to the bathroom. Yes. I was a human. The most difficult one, and the one that frustrates everyone so much is the past participle. Now, instead of me saying past participle all the time, I'm going to tell you p.p. Woo. It's kind of like having to go to the bathroom; p.p. So, what I'm going to do is I'm going to teach you the past simple and the past participles. But the problem is there are so many of them, and they have very different structures or styles. If your life was easy, we would just have one or two different ways to conjugate the verbs, but no. Learning English is going to be difficult for you, but not when I'm here. I can help you out with this. So, if you are frustrated or you just don't know how you are going to learn the past participle of irregular verbs: Sit back, relax, and do some mind mapping. If your verb is a regular verb, so it ends in "ed", you have no worries because it's going to be simple past, it's going to be "ed", and the past participle is going to be "ed". So we're not doing that. These are all going to be irregular verbs. So, what I've done is I've tried very diligently to put these into groups for you to help you remember them when it comes time for a test. So if you're learning grammar, if you're learning passive voice, or if you have to do present perfect or past perfect, you have to know the past participles of the verbs. So, what I've done is I've tried to split the verbs, the irregular verbs into three different groupings, because there are so many of them. So, this video is the most difficult-bear with-and also, the last one in our group. So, if you go to the resources section on www.engvid.com, we have all of these groups in a list for you to make your learning easier. What we're going to go over today is group three. You probably have seen the videos I've done on group one and two. This is the follow-up for group three; brace yourself, the most difficult. So, let's dive right in. The first group has one verb change. Sorry, one vowel change. So, if you guys look at all of these words, we've got an "i" running through them. So, we have: "begin", "drink", "sing", and "swim". When we change this group to the past tense, the only thing that we have to change here is we're changing the vowel "i" to an "a". So, "begin" becomes "began". And then when we make the p.p.-I have to go pee-pee, never ends-we're going to make it a "u". So, it's going to be: "begin", "began", and "begun". All of this... All of these verbs in this group follow the exact same pattern. The present tense has an "i", the past tense has an "a", and the past participle has a "u". You. So, let's look at the next example: "drink", "drank", "drunk". "i", "a", "u". "Drink, drank, drunk", it's also a song. The next one we have is-la, la, la, la-"sing". So, if you follow my pattern, what vowel would I put here? "a". Oh, good answer, it is an "a". So we're going to say: "sing", "sang", "sung". Now, "sang", "sung" is very similar to Samsung, so you can remember the electronics' company Samsung. Please give money, Samsung, for mentioning you. In this... It'll help you remember it. "Sing", "sang", "sung", "sing", "Samsung". Good. But be careful. It's not "Samsung", it's "sang", "sung". Don't mess that up. Remember the rule: "i", "a", "u".
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Galina Logunova (9 days ago)
Thank you very much for your job! It's so easy to watch, easy to listen to you and easy to remember the information, that you're telling to us! All your lessons are constructed in so funny manner!! :D Warm wishes from Moscow!!
creper plays (9 days ago)
I love u teacher
bijay pottnayock (11 days ago)
thank you miss
Mujtaba Shah (13 days ago)
wow amazing
Tayde Perez (15 days ago)
Maria Velasquez (18 days ago)
You are funny and weird, but you explain things in the way that people understand, And that makes you a great teacher! Your uniqueness Stands out and helps people to remember what You teach. Thank you for your lessons! 🤗
Jacob Devlin (21 days ago)
This bitch is a fruit
Aoba San (1 month ago)
I'm a Turkish student and I have amazed with your teaching style.
Cisse Soumare (1 month ago)
oh realy good .i've never seen such explanation .thx
_Lovely_Purpely_Berry_ (1 month ago)
im just seeing this cuz its a homework for me -_-
jose castrillo (1 month ago)
long time no watch your videos, you are the best Ronnie also you make us laugh with your charismatic funny mood, best wishes for you and your team :)
Candra Adi Putra (1 month ago)
Best explanation about Irregular verb... the greatest teacher I ever seen in this topic ..
Escarletti (1 month ago)
I love you 😘😘
zidan west (2 months ago)
Rani Ilove you
NABCHA (2 months ago)
Victoria Bartak (2 months ago)
You are the best💚
Náder Luis (2 months ago)
Thanks so much teacher Ronnie, you are the best. It's a pleasure to watch your classes.
dess Lomuntad (2 months ago)
You are a legend Roni! Thank you!!
Raouf Tig (2 months ago)
thank you so much
Alice B (3 months ago)
Impressive! Thank you!
Diana A (3 months ago)
Suscribed. You saved my life!! Thank u ;)
MisStr flirtter (4 months ago)
You stole my heart ❤
Keshav Dogra (5 months ago)
Tnxxxxxx..... Alot.... Such a amazing teacher ur.....seriously
Ngoc Le Duong (5 months ago)
Thanks Ronnie. You're a lovely teacher 😘
Ethan Linton (5 months ago)
the best vlog .thank you. you see sexy in spite your age.
Monalisa Ghosh (5 months ago)
I love you so much mam 😚😚😚. you're such a best teacher in my life. I want to meet you someday. Gd ni8 teacher & thank you so much❤️. You are such a amazing person.
Cíntia Machado (5 months ago)
Wonderful explanation! Thanks so much.
Bfourt (5 months ago)
Bed joke
Vania Soares (5 months ago)
I had to stop this video in the middle just to thank you for being the best teacher ever!!!!❤️ Now, back to finish it haha
Camilo González Garzón (6 months ago)
It's amazing teacher Ronnie. I say hello from Colombia
Farhad Khan (6 months ago)
Over acting
Farhad Khan (6 months ago)
Bad style teaching
Emily Spina (6 months ago)
you are amazing ! thank you.
gamer omg (6 months ago)
I can believe she said a bad word
Ivi rizo (7 months ago)
Its realy easy learn with you, i realy love the video you hace a new teeneger
Its Life (7 months ago)
Im grade 5
Tomas Isaias (7 months ago)
wawww rani u are the best you know your lesson is very funny and too eazy tanx for help us and for all follwer to rani i wish your day happy and happy tuesday
Andrea Ferreira (7 months ago)
You are Amazing!!
Moon Craver (7 months ago)
Hello! This is probably gonna drown in the sea of comments, but I am gonna write it anyways. I want to thank you for creating these videos. These have helped me create my english class plans. You see, english is not my first language, but I have spoken it for eleven years. HOWEVER, that doesn't mean I have the abilities/ mindset to actually teach complicated subjects; such as the types of verb conjugations, forms and tenses. I have been surfing the web for such a long time, trying to find a good website or video for me to understand and teach my students. Compared to other hundreds of websites/videos, I feel like this is the easiest and the most simple to understand for irregular verbs (this includes the first irregular verbs video). It's been a long time, and I have forgotten certain verb rules :P (since now it feels "natural" and "correct" to say and write them). So I want to thank you for not only teaching students how to understand and learn english, but also teachers. P.S: Btw, I am still a student who teaches english for community service hours (meaning the classes are free). As you can see, I am really not a qualified to be a teacher, but I really am trying the best I can!
Vijay Tiwari (7 months ago)
Thank you Ma'am, you r great & incredible. I love d way u teach us, so simple, innovative & interesting!
Navina Jeevan (7 months ago)
you did a great job!!!!!!!!
WWE Immortals Gamer (7 months ago)
bhargava yasaswi (7 months ago)
Hi Ronnie, I'm a bit confused with this concept of participle. Watched the video on participles by Adam but it was way advanced for me. Here, I see that you've left out the present participle form of the verb. Why is it so?
Grief Despair (8 months ago)
I'm an upper-intermediate speaker and I have no idea how I wound up watching this video. But I love the way you make it easier and more fun. Best regards from Kosovo, Southeastern Europe.
Moon Nisa (8 months ago)
Phrases vedio
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thanks a lot teacher.....am ismali I from Tanzania....we understand you very well
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hi ronnie your the best teacher i've ever knew superrrrrrrr joker entertaining,and amazing teacher. i always look at you.
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Not for kids foul language included
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Thanks this video is very nice
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Hi Rooney your video are beautiful
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great job thanks
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Superbly classified mam.Your videos will always be enjoyable.
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The best explanation, BTW
Silver Balintong (1 year ago)
You are the funniest and best YouTube teacher ever! Thx! And are you Christian?
CattyXO (1 year ago)
When you have the word mistake.. there is a i in it and a a in it, so how do you know?
Stefan Vujicic (1 year ago)
Have a test in 40 min thanks for helpig ❤️
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You rock girl!! wohoo thank you so much for this!! :)
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Hi Ronney, you are an amazing teacher, I going to listen your lessons again and again. I'm from Poland,currently in Toronto few years and I'm in my 50 best regards, Ann
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You are always amazing teacher , I always be excited with your video ,thanks a lot Ronnie
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T Plez (1 year ago)
42 verbs?
Ahmed Najeeb (1 year ago)
Dear friends anyone interested to English speaking can call me or whats aap it this same number. 08801244452 this my whats app And phone number also everyone can call, anytime... thanks
Ahmed Najeeb (1 year ago)
And everytime...
H D (1 year ago)
The your lessons so great!!!Thanks for your help,teacher :)))
Jason Bolster (1 year ago)
I think it's good that you're a human because it's so much better to be taught by a human than by, say, a leopard.
Jason Bolster (1 year ago)
Unfortunately, lots of verbs aren't in the groups. A few verbs you could say are nearly in group one, such as sit / sat / sat or sting / stung / stung. And of course there are verbs which just don't go fit into the groups at all, like "think." Still, this is a good method and I think that it can be very helpful.  Oh, and the past tense and past participle of "wink" are both "winked."
Sara Elbitar (1 year ago)
best teacher, many thx, God bless u
Christian Jansen (1 year ago)
very helpful
Aacees 001 (1 year ago)
You changed my inglish XD .. Thanks alot
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Thank you so much,
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it is easyer to explain physics principles lol
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Thanks very interesting but their is an exception i think. example (write) doesn't work for the first Set.
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fantastic ,thanks
JDamián (1 year ago)
Then, the verb "wake - woke - woken", which group does it belong to?
lemonadeloverz (1 year ago)
This one is just more irregular, but it follows a similar pattern to the 2nd pattern
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