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Top 10 Hardest Multiplayer Games To Learn

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Text Comments (3731)
WatchMojo.com (5 months ago)
Check out our newest channel: MojoPlays! www.youtube.com/mojoplays
dealy doge (1 month ago)
WatchMojo.com there are 666k views ummmmmmmmmmmmm
dennis vvv (1 month ago)
WatchMojo.com ik global elite in csgo
elite soldier Rian (1 month ago)
how the hell is Rainbow Six Siege not on this?
Nathan Jackson (3 months ago)
Should change the name of hardest games to learn to hardest games to master, SC2 has a tutorial its not hard to learn at all there's a campaign where you learn the INS and outs of all the races, pubg shouldn't be on this list its easy to learn, eve and dota are placed decently but dota should be a little lower or rather than saying dota you should say MOBAs period, smash bros shouldn't be on this list.... Period.... I can hand a controller to a five year old and with no knowledge of the game and they'll figure out how to play it rather quickly.... Streetfighter should be replaced with competitive fighting games all of them tekken, MK series, etc. TF2 should be an honorable mention but you missed out on Quake, R6:siege. CSGO should be lower as someone who picked the game up at one point I was decent as if you've played any tactical FPS multiplayer it was very similar. But hey that's just my opinion.
Vanowen Opolentisima (3 months ago)
WatchMojo.com I
Fayad Remix (22 hours ago)
Minecraft ?
Ahmdmrzaaa (1 day ago)
No planetside 2? I'm going to riot
Jacob Oehler (1 day ago)
For honor, rainbow six siege?
Alyx (1 day ago)
For Honor definetly
Bozub (1 day ago)
No gears of war? Wuts even is this list
Louie Carlos (2 days ago)
I agree with pubg but the other I'm not sure
Ivo Best (2 days ago)
I guessed league overwatch fortnite and halo and none of them are here just some lame games that are super boring
Big Smoke (3 days ago)
Where is R6S ? I remember when I bought that shit and I was always like "WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?"
William Paganini (3 days ago)
No rainbow six siege
John Jbarah (3 days ago)
CSGO is way easier than Starcraft II
Jonathan Kinch (3 days ago)
Rainbow six siege
Yustin J (3 days ago)
Peacok (4 days ago)
Peacok (4 days ago)
Pubg hard to learn funny its just a battle royale fps
Justin McNuggets (4 days ago)
They should clip one of maru or inno's streams for SC footage lmao
Pubg is mostly based on luck not skill. Also the gameplay isnt intense
Wedman Gaming (4 days ago)
What about Fortnite
Percy Castle (4 days ago)
League is ez shit game not harder than the Masterpiece dat is dota 2 dogs
Ricky Federici (5 days ago)
The reason for honor died was because of the skill cap
Anze Kozole (5 days ago)
world of warships...really?? where is then world of tanks
Jr Santos (5 days ago)
You can have a Ph D and Master's degree in a chosen field but you still won't understand EVE ONLINE
WhiteAngel (6 days ago)
Rainbow six siege?
martijnuij (6 days ago)
1 game: gunz
FOXY'S FURY (6 days ago)
Well, I came here for Rainbow six, but I guess the comments section did your job once again.
obama binladen (6 days ago)
lmao you had dota over quake thats funny
PS86 Draws Stuff (7 days ago)
Where tf is roblox??
KnifeLife (7 days ago)
Where is Minecraft sky block?
Sarthak Jain (7 days ago)
Where is fortnite
jan kiec (7 days ago)
How somebody can think world of warships is harder to learn than war thunder?
IF (8 days ago)
Crispy Wafflez (8 days ago)
Honestly PUBG is actually pretty easy
Ayush Prasad (8 days ago)
Where the fuck is Team Fortress 2?
AVG entertainment (8 days ago)
Fortnite is more difficult than PUBG with all those building stuff which I still can't understand
awesome guy (8 days ago)
What about teamfortress 2? Bet its harder than any on the list.
ChillyCloth (8 days ago)
gears of war
Tiago Almeida (9 days ago)
Dude seriously?? You put counter strike and dont put rainbow six siege??? Its wayyyyy more hard!!!!
Chaotic Neutral (9 days ago)
Where is Overwatch?
Plus Gaming (9 days ago)
Easily Ark
Arafat Anay (9 days ago)
Pubg is easy
MACHO CHICO (9 days ago)
What about overwatch
Corbin Pyles (10 days ago)
I thought you were going to put rainbow six siege on the list.
Sidarth Chaudhary (10 days ago)
Uhhh .......... Rainbow Six siege ??
Mc rice Krispiez (10 days ago)
Quake And unreal tournament U need to get used to the speed and good players They have been out for decades
chaotic sheepo (10 days ago)
How is overwatch or rainbow six siege not on this list wtf
chaotic sheepo (10 days ago)
When anybody does anything related to a list of games *NuMBeR 1- FoRNiTe*
Jim Stewart (11 days ago)
On the #1 spot I had no f#%ing clue what was happening, so it probably deserves the spot
zargug phantom (11 days ago)
Csgo is ez to play
Berk Priniotakis (11 days ago)
Where’s rainbow
RatedSlayer (11 days ago)
How is there no team fortress 2 in here? It might be easy to just mess around in casual but that aint the true multiplayer of it. The real multiplayer of tf2 is competitive and not the one made by valve im talking about the european, north american, etc leagues where it takes years to master a single class
Bird (12 days ago)
Quake. Doesn't help that most of the people who still play are veterans
Bruh WOWS Is Easy When You Get Higher Tierd Ships
iChaseGaming (13 days ago)
Lol @ World of Warships being at #9...seriously what? Just off the top of my head Rainbow Six Siege should be on this list. Same with Escape from Tarkov. But nope...warships *facepalm*
ThePlayer (14 days ago)
I've never played anything after cs,but I can assure that urban rivals is significantly more hostyle than counter strike to new comers
muhammad don (15 days ago)
What is your racing game name
muhammad don (15 days ago)
What is your game name
CGT GAMING YT (16 days ago)
Csgo is easy
Son Of Wok (16 days ago)
Where is red orchestra? Where is arma 2? Where is WW2 online?
Premium Fruits (17 days ago)
Just when you think watchmojo can't release a more objectively wrong and less researched gaming video, they raise the bar even higher.
KakkeBukkake 122 (18 days ago)
Where is escape from tarkov
Shit Owl (18 days ago)
Arma 3 should be higher
CHIraqMVP1 (20 days ago)
Rainbow six siege ?!?!
Ne-yo Aguirre (20 days ago)
Dota 2 should be replace as the original dota 1
No Comp. BF4?
Alex Majkrzak (20 days ago)
in my opinion r6s isn't that hard to learn use the drones for map knowledge.
rasmus antola (20 days ago)
I'm sorry but pubg is full of noobs and no skill needed for good loot..
Adrian Wise (20 days ago)
Rust is the hardest...
Latest Toxic (20 days ago)
FabrizioMatador (18 days ago)
Latest Toxic Not really. It can't be as hard as any of this games. But yeah, it's kinda hard. It took me like 500 hours to actually learn how to play properly.
Piktimu (21 days ago)
R6 Series??
Ecto (21 days ago)
Shut up about R6S
ERIC SUN (21 days ago)
swap pubg out for siege or tf2
ZDUBZ MUSIC (21 days ago)
R6 should be at least an honorable mention
I hate Life (22 days ago)
Pablo Blo (22 days ago)
In this comment section: people mistaking "learn" and "master".
Robin 360 (22 days ago)
wheres tf2
TheCat1sOut I (23 days ago)
Bf1 should be on this list :-(
bigbowenator (23 days ago)
Theres a difference between learning and mastering
Damian Rieck (24 days ago)
Counter strike is on this but not siege???? And counter strike is a trash game
Liono liony (25 days ago)
Freakin knew EvE would be number 1.
Dan. D (25 days ago)
To ppl in the comment: it said hardest not top 10 multiplayer games and that's why club penguin isn't on this but rainbow six siege should be on this as welk
Sajidul Karim (25 days ago)
Where is r6 and arma 3?
Andrew Francis (25 days ago)
Try playing online poker on Pokerstars- super hard to learn
Josh Brolin (25 days ago)
How is PUBG harder than Fortnite
nareS (20 days ago)
Josh Brolin because in Fortnite you can just build yourself cover and easier to find enemies, unlike pubg you have to find the enemy and can't get to cover quickly
Verstraeten andré (25 days ago)
Chess? ^^
Vision_AlleFF (26 days ago)
How can pubg be on here?
Bigby (26 days ago)
Where the hell is Rainbow Six: Siege ?
Luke Johnstone (26 days ago)
Rainbow six siege???
Vũ Đỗ (26 days ago)
What about fornite ?
Ayie Shazri (26 days ago)
War Thunder? Lots of players quit playing this game because it is hard to learn especially in RB and SB
Irgend so ein Typ (27 days ago)
Rainbow six siege ? The original destiny ? Tf is this list
kha3led (28 days ago)
Rainbow Six Siege?
TheRustExpertBuildBase (28 days ago)
most hard game its arma 3
Johnny Cage (28 days ago)
wait what? u guys conisder csgo to be a harder fps than r6?
Nathan Loo (30 days ago)
There’s only people complaining about Rainbow 6
Amaan Feeroze (1 month ago)
Fortnite ??
Sleekmarrow 1 (1 month ago)
PUBG isn't very hard at all I just started playing and I got my first chicken dinner today And I downloaded it 1 day ago
wylsen (1 month ago)
Hand simulator
Joel Virki (1 month ago)
I think fortnite on Ps4 is soooo hard
SuperNoah05 (1 month ago)
Escape From Tarkov should be on here.
Reptilligator (1 month ago)
QWOP co-op is harder than all of these Y'all need to learn how to play the real video hames

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