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I don't even know what to put here but if you're reading this make sure to spread the video around :) ❤ Gambling Codes + Social Media : http://www.MattCS.com ❤ outro song: lil peep - benz truck Background music all from : -https://www.youtube.com/SupremeTec -https://twitter.com/SupremeTec Show him some love! :) Support my channel and use my codes on gambling sites! (more codes can be found on http://mattcs.com) ► My site! - http://www.mattcs.com ► Twitter! - http://www.twitter.com/mattseesass ► Discord! - https://discord.gg/Er6e4ap
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Text Comments (318)
derpoS (8 months ago)
anyone else get a boner from the csgohunt.com ad music????
VANN (1 year ago)
I used to get dislikebotted on my videos :(
Hey, sorry for kinda self promoting but I'm currently holding a giveaway on my channel for a Stattrack awp wormgod factory new. If interested I have a video with a link to the gleam.io page. Please do enter!
Synnek Plays Games (1 year ago)
Expose Scamming For Skins? Hes a scammer youtuber that teaches people how to scam and how to do it with success. Thank you.
Frozen - BEST OFS (1 year ago)
You MattCS you gotta think about it. Doesnt the Viewbot and Subbot cost allot of money? or am i completly wrong here?
Aracuan (1 year ago)
Man, if you fuckin bot disliked this man has no fuckin life. Btw your intewiever😂
RiiSki (1 year ago)
He asked to borrow my knife for a video and never gave it back ;(
Rio (1 year ago)
Ahem? You make a very threatening claim that he viewbots, yet you provide 0 proof of it?
Fuggulite (1 year ago)
His intro is bigger than my head 😂😂😂
Freaky (1 year ago)
I actually hate your viewmodel haha
Sneakybeakylike K (1 year ago)
LOl please feature this if u look up mr skin on google it brings up celeb in nude website and pornxx
timothy howard (1 year ago)
Did he actually provide any prove in this video??
Honey (1 year ago)
Matt if you're going to be making videos exposing people you need to provide evidence that these people are scamming instead of just saying they are scammer
黒い夢HITEX (1 year ago)
I don't have any idea why the fuck you talk about other YouTubers it .one of your business
Ticore (1 year ago)
Matt! :D u didnt get dislike botted! :D
CsgoConfirmed (1 year ago)
Thank you so much matt! I was actually going to sponsor him for $3000! till i saw this video ofcourse. you saved me out of 3 grand haha
MattCS (1 year ago)
+CsgoConfirmed amazing to hear ;)
COMPLAININGwithMOLT (1 year ago)
Biggest scammer? MattCS is the biggest scammer/sellout. Every single video is either a sellout video or a clickbait video.. You shouldn't do ,,OMG EXPOSING THE BIGGEST SCAMMER IN CS:GO" videos when you are technically a scammer
COMPLAININGwithMOLT (1 year ago)
How about no? I saw alot of your vids, they're either clickbait or you being a sellout. I'm just telling your brainwashed fans the truth
MattCS (1 year ago)
use your brain and re evaluate
Sav (1 year ago)
hey can you send me a link to your viewmodel?
N.S Rap (1 year ago)
clickbait or nah? lmao
Nils Müntzing (1 year ago)
Dear Matt you seem like a nice guy who can help me. Soo A twitter account called skinhood dmd me and told me that I was one of the days 15 lucky members and that I could upgrade my inventory. I did to what he said and I traded some of my items to a bot. He said that I was going to get a knife but I got nothing can you please help me get my items back?? And all the people that's is seeing this please upvote so Matt can see this. I really need help.
ANTI HJK/JOKERIT (1 year ago)
whats that surf maps name? looks nice
Nami (1 year ago)
Lmao, when i type his name on the search box nothing comes up, only sex scenes from movies.
MoonShibe64 (1 year ago)
Ive never heard of this youtube channel
Han (1 year ago)
I searched Mrskin and first result is a lady with her tits blurred out
Mojo Rainbow (1 year ago)
The only thing I hate about your vids,is that u beg for likes it's really anoing
xvns (1 year ago)
ayyyy lil peep fan <3
GamingPotato (1 year ago)
Never heard of this dude mr.skin thanks for spreading the word (love from Malaysia)
TypicalGuy (1 year ago)
skin freak is shit renaming his channel into his own name lmao
Rednie (1 year ago)
Leafy wannabe
Snap (1 year ago)
skinfreak? or rich rose ;(((
MattCS (1 year ago)
same shit right
Aleke (1 year ago)
I search MrSkin on google and i find porn sites...
knark (1 year ago)
Only One (1 year ago)
Server ip please! Map name too
markcer2 (1 year ago)
Only One surf_utopia is the map
BadPanda Racing (1 year ago)
can I have this crosshair :D
LucidDRMz (1 year ago)
mastersaints first channel was taken down from subbotting
Jimmy Neutron (1 year ago)
you know you could provide atleast some hard proof other than just you saying the crap
Lagggerr HD (1 year ago)
Who win the giveaway?
kept hydra (1 year ago)
notification squad where ya at
Trexzii (1 year ago)
He just made this video cause he didn't know what to make...
Quentin Ding (1 year ago)
I searched up mr skin and all I got was pornos on YouTube?
Sasuke Uchiha (1 year ago)
if you look at the comments on his channel it's all "nice" and "good luck"
(1 year ago)
nah bro, none of this are scam, this is just how life works ;)
lxgm14 (1 year ago)
yes i want to kitchen life? :D
all this clickbait and u call ppl scammer ?
Teo sHroOms (1 year ago)
MattCS can you check if this site is scam cstrader24 com!? ty
Plankton (1 year ago)
Teo sHroOms totally scam
Moe Lester (1 year ago)
Teo sHroOms it's a scam
Bayorka (1 year ago)
whats the name of the surf map
AliGator (1 year ago)
Seldi utopia
Tristan Donxayasith (1 year ago)
Please say "Views", not "fiews"
Herux (1 year ago)
Molly #ThePlug (1 year ago)
Who's man's is dis
Paul (1 year ago)
isnt tmartn the biggest scammer
Punchsicle (1 year ago)
Matt, I just added you on steam, my name is DjGamePlay. If you read this, please accept! I have more info which could very well be related to this situation. If you cannot find my friend request, just add me http://steamcommunity.com/id/djgameplay/
Santiago Delu (1 year ago)
Matt i love youuu, can youadd me at steam? pleaseee
its lenlen (1 year ago)
Mattcs n Zuri are my favourite cs utubers
Did he mentioned durv that small 13yr old youtube bitch?
Free Money (1 year ago)
I knew he was fishy! There was no way someone like that kid would have 1.4 million viewers.
Ikkeme (1 year ago)
Been watching your videos lately. You have earned my subscription. Keep up the good work
RAPID (1 year ago)
Hey matt, can u share my channel please ? i know its not possible but my dream is to reach 1000 subs :/ . Please, thanks
KrisTDG (1 year ago)
this like fucking bean of csgo? xDDDD
Tino (1 year ago)
Its Gaben
RattyCZ (1 year ago)
omg you are surfing on czech server ! im from czech too...btw ahoj jak je😂
General CS Ganelin (1 year ago)
I searched up mr skin and a porn website came up
Quentin Ding (1 year ago)
MattCS No but for real same happened for me, could you give us the right url?
MattCS (1 year ago)
+General CS Ganelin ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Ricky Takashi (1 year ago)
hey Matt i want a knife lul :3 coz i think i'll never meet u in the game :v i have a luck problem i won $2,5 which i can withdraw something, but instead i have a feeling that i want to win more , so i bet it , and shits happen , i lost my $2,5 i have liked , subsc ,and join ur steam group , use your codes on some webs nice video btw , overall gives me many information
Forgot2Name (1 year ago)
I literally just got scammed 1k$ :D
JAFZYHD (1 year ago)
Make sure to drop a like so he get's well soon
Jonah Mosevoll (1 year ago)
hate scammers
ajamil (1 year ago)
ajamil (1 year ago)
Omg Matt you made my day
BLEEM (1 year ago)
Hey Matt, I got 60 almost 70k subs from making shit videos and still dont know how you made your outro. Please tell me haha
MattCS (1 year ago)
holy moly ur content is shit
Adrian Skjelbred (1 year ago)
BLEEM lmao hahah
RJ Tha Mad Specialist (1 year ago)
you are dutch right?
Retro (1 year ago)
I'm actually tilt you like lil peep. I kinda like Switchblades and White Whine but fucking benz truck? god... xD
ethydeskates (1 year ago)
matt 1v1 me nerd!
Maz - Fortnite (1 year ago)
fuck u matt
MattCS (1 year ago)
+Maz Edits & Agario ;(
Oscar Bertling (1 year ago)
Love you Mattcs
Mahir Tajwar (1 year ago)
Ye, Im kinda early. Please reply, I love your vids.
PRIR (1 year ago)
these clickbates :I
MattCS (1 year ago)
+one best what is clickbait about this?!
Jesse Veldhuis (1 year ago)
Thanks :) nice vid!
Ruben van.L (1 year ago)
at least it hasn't been dislike botted
Ruben van.L (1 year ago)
the video I mean
StuffedShapes (1 year ago)
RapaOW (1 year ago)
What is the surf map called?
Lennox McFly (1 year ago)
I were going to talk about that after his giveaway (Bayonet - marble fade) ends. But one of his videos starts with an intro like "another csgo video" and thats a shitty lie and it sounds like a Mcskillet intro. His previous video were only COD or GTA content but none of csgo.
SML SMEAGOL (1 year ago)
Somebody of helcase did added me but he only scammed me :(
Jonas Skoglund (1 year ago)
Mr. Legend idiot, never accept people from gambling sites, they are all fake!
BMOᵛᶠˣ (1 year ago)
tbh. Good. These sites scam 100's of kids that dont know better. Half the sites are rigged for the house. like insane amounts.
IbiconGamingYT (1 year ago)
Thank you matt for giving us information about it :)
Hamza Selimovic (1 year ago)
Skinfreak? You mean Rich Rose
Klemicha (1 year ago)
hey can you also do an exposure video about mastersaint and skinfreak?
Razmon (1 year ago)
the thing is that most of the csgo community are being scammed. and valve just sits there and just bans the scammer. but that wouldnt matter because you lost 200 dollars on a virtual item that doesnt matter to a multi-billionaire company. so valve doesnt feel the need to get your items back, as your items doesnt matter to them. but yeah of course valve doesnt care because theyre rich and they dont feel like helping the community who has been scammed. they can decide to help you but they dont. and i heard something about duplication items? that it affects the market place and such and i dont quite understand how it does.
BiOxMilch (1 year ago)
wanna join my free gift card giveway?
Khatrix (1 year ago)
some coments are rly botted here lol (sry bad eng)
Matharu (1 year ago)
62 dislikes botted
Night Shadow (1 year ago)
can you do trolling scammers
Itz SupremeDestroy (1 year ago)
Your mad he has more subs then you and he is making more money
i fuck with lil peep :^)
MattCS I like his new stuff but I enjoy the "old" ones more like "absolut in doubt" that song is lit asf fam 🕊
MattCS (1 year ago)
+CSGO theMafjano | YODA ayyy
SuperRobloxKid (1 year ago)
I like all of the botted Commends saying MattCS is a scammer while he is not.
yoshisdream (1 year ago)
Probably none remember MattCS back in the day he was PixelHero and doing bhop videos. It's same time nice and disgusting to see the way channel went.
VevozoneTV (1 year ago)
Matt will pin this.
Precedentbug (1 year ago)
So... Where's the proof?
mOtu Productions (1 year ago)
can anyone please tell the name of the instrumental played on the beginning of the video ??
Tequilla O'neil (1 year ago)
I bet he is a scammer but you uploaded a 4 minute video with 0 facts just calling some guy out. Just some he said she said bs
Games_TV (1 year ago)
matt you are scammer too when you take thaosent of dollars from sites you and juicy and fatnoob and ...
JeweledJames (1 year ago)
Lol all of the botted comments saying mattcs is a scammer and people got scammed by him LOL
Purplex (1 year ago)
Benz Truck <3

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