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how to download free games on pc 2018 [ANY GAME]

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Http://www.newgamesbox.net the best site to download games
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Oye Arvin (2 months ago)
wrong password using 7zip and winrar also same..or prank site?
Halit Kadiri (3 months ago)
Halit Kadiri (3 months ago)
Kip 92 (5 months ago)
what the different between extract file and extract here???
14022I (4 months ago)
Kip 92 Extract files button to extract files to location you want Extract here button to extract in the .zip/.rar location
Rizky Fakhri (5 months ago)
I like this
Computer Practice Kh (5 months ago)
Good Bro
VEASNA (5 months ago)
what aboat gta 5
DINESH MISHRA (6 months ago)
I got the game but their is no file option
DINESH MISHRA (6 months ago)
There is no file
Klaus Heli (5 months ago)
Doubleclick on the single Link by the choosed game to download the files...
Klaus Heli (5 months ago)
..there is...
Klaus Heli (5 months ago)
If you use correct here is...
PC Gamers (6 months ago)
=23 Download Games http://bit.ly/2Ib0DoK
Franky Wrecker (6 months ago)
There isn't any 'file'! It just says to download Mega links. Your one's not updated.
Klaus Heli (5 months ago)
You have to download the packed all files for the game on the named site. If they are complete downloaded can unpack/extract in a new folder on your PC and install. For some games you must use DAEMON TOOLS to install the game.
Gamesforyoubuddy (6 months ago)
For Free PC Games Visit This Website www.gamesforyoubuddy.blogspot.com Download All types Of PC Games As Well As Biggest Titles Also :)
seira villar (7 months ago)
Installation wasn't completed succesfully. How to install it ?
Slama Mustapha (8 months ago)
why when click "download" socialhub show
MRKI (9 months ago)
Raso Jovanovic (9 months ago)
Whay am I getting errors, password incorrect? But I used it just like u.
Klaus Heli (5 months ago)
If you have probs by unpack the packed (downloaded) file correctly so use www.newgmesbox.com as passwort! So it works...
gamingtv channel (9 months ago)
is all games have the same step?
Klaus Heli (5 months ago)
More or less. By download yes. By install the game not. Some game you have to install a virtual DVD-Drive (with DAEMON TOOLS for example)
manouche blaban (9 months ago)
gamingtv channel ya but there are more files for that bigger games.
Cozyringmaster (10 months ago)
I succesfuly downloaded and played one game but when I try to extract the other game its extracting and on every part at least once it says error.If someone knows the solution please help!
Klaus Heli (5 months ago)
If you get ''error'' message by unzip make sure that you has the right password (use copy-paste). Sometimes it will help to use ''com'' on the end. And not ''net''
Amaan Ullah (10 months ago)
i love games gta 5 4mb ??? > ? ?
Nkosi Nyathi (10 months ago)
Hey boss.. Um preety failing to download games from newgamesbox.. Is it possible for you to email it to me nkosinyathi1994@gmail.com
Sony Ramawijaya (10 months ago)
works online??
manouche blaban (10 months ago)
Sony Ramawijaya yes but you have to link it to steam
Chen Yu Wei (11 months ago)
After downloading, it just a white paper app, and I can't extract it, and it just ask me choose an app to open it... but how to open?
14022I (4 months ago)
Klaus Heli (5 months ago)
You try to open on PC?
The V8 (10 months ago)
what was the extension ? .zip ? .7zip ?
Cosmin Ionuț (11 months ago)
are you going to play online?
The V8 (10 months ago)
manouche blaban (11 months ago)
Cosmin Franklin hmm 🤔
swagy haytam (11 months ago)
i dont have a fuckin fle fuckin liaer
manouche blaban (11 months ago)
swagy haytam follow the steps you will see it🙃🤨
My favorite Game download Part 1:https://mega.nz/#!0RwxnbLS!DvGsvm5puphh9uURNnZNwRK2Tcr8W7aE2aqNdH5yyXk Part 2:https://mega.nz/#!Ec5HBDzR!nZgOHHpOxZdVxKA0-D60PNuzSypdtiOniuX7OodgNxA Part 3:https://mega.nz/#!odBHXS5B!6HBsHZRRvOv80E7x808vj_an4AoNjnaGK2at0ILE1jM Part 4:https://mega.nz/#!MR5gkA4S!Ei8_iuXjue5p8dLxZ1ptA6vt_Tw_lAdurnkMxWMi6yM
king.mm.black pvp (11 months ago)
omg thank you sow motch !"#!
thanks bro
Marco Rodigues (11 months ago)
CLASHER Aaditya an indian boy Delete the game fast they have viruses
vinimouSNAKE (1 year ago)
plsss tell me how to dwnload pvz garden warfare 2
Mr.McBadass (1 year ago)
SONG NAMEE ?????!!!!!
Samira Berkachy (1 year ago)
bravo you lost a subscriber
Hamza Riaz (1 year ago)
This website sucks now it used to be good but not anymore It doesn't shows the file thingy! it shows download and it takes me to download some crap music shit
Freek Jake (1 year ago)
yes you r right try it fpgtorrents or fullypcgames net
Farhan shaikh (1 year ago)
When I click on download now it's take to me on another site everytime. So what I do to download game
Yamila Serrano (11 months ago)
It usually takes a couple of tries to actually get to the site to download it from the site - once it shows up, it would ask you for a password. The password will be the sites name: www.newgamesbox.net Ultimately. this depends on what games you are trying to download overall....
manouche blaban (1 year ago)
Farhan shaikh wait 5 seconds then press skip add ,and start downloading the files
Turan Mapper/Gamer (1 year ago)
must i have to pay to download the game from the website mega.nz? #manouche blaban
manouche blaban (1 year ago)
adnan uzunöz it's not necessary to pay but you can if you want to download it faster :)
GusnaldjePlayz YT (1 year ago)
why there is volume required? please make a video how to fix
ismail ramli (6 months ago)
GusnaldjePlayz YT make sure u download all rar1 until rar last.aftr tht u cant extr u file
Callista Anindhita (1 year ago)
how to install the separated files?
Klaus Heli (5 months ago)
After extration of the downloaded files you can open install exe. For some games you have to build a imagine DVD-drive to install the game. Use DAEMON TOOL or simular programs...
manouche blaban (1 year ago)
Callista Anindhita download all the files then extract them all together :)
Pryda-Z (1 year ago)
I don't have file you should update the video to match the update
Chloe Eisha Fajanilag (6 months ago)
Select download via (direct install) goodluck
Chloe Eisha Fajanilag (6 months ago)
Pryda-Z select the link
Pierre Ashraf (1 year ago)
why don't I have a file to press on it and start downloading the word "file" isn't an choice it is not even appeared on screen
manouche blaban (1 year ago)
They made a new update for the big games you can now press on 'download'

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