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Top 7 Hidden Secrets In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Maps

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★ Top 7 Hidden Secrets and Easter eggs In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Maps. CS:GO Map makers and Valve themselves have done an amazing job subtly adding Easter Eggs and secrets in maps. Today we’re going to be looking at the top 7 of these secrets items. Welcome to Valve Guides. Twitter: https://twitter.com/ultraguides Producer Twitter: https://twitter.com/BraedonCrowder _________________________________________________________________ ★ In this video we talk about: APEX Firing squad on Dust 2 Egg Olofpass boostgate Easter Egg Olof burning defuse - wow everything is Olof, isn't it?? Easter Egg GOOSEN on Dust_2 Easter Egg De_train birdgate Easter Egg Coldzera awp wings Easter Egg Inferno is real? Easter Egg _________________________________________________________________
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Text Comments (503)
paul Jackson (2 days ago)
gamer sansyy (2 days ago)
Minh Le is part Vietnamese maybe ?
mossy84 (1 month ago)
He missed s1mple’s play on cache
Natsu Dragneel (5 months ago)
s1mple jumping awp graffiti on cache?
Bananalisk (5 months ago)
This could've been <1 min long...
Cameron MacIntyre (5 months ago)
Not one of these was hidden or secret
PoochieStuff (5 months ago)
WhaT AboUt iTAly?
- Beav3S (6 months ago)
2:40 Minh Le not Mihn Le Btw is Minh Le from Vietnam cuz hes name sounds like a Vietnamese and he looks like hes asian
Nolan Jones (6 months ago)
2:27 "...and helped them win the entire tournament." I'm sure this is just a mix-up, but NiP won Cologne 2014, not Fnatic.
Orbit Dude (7 months ago)
Minh also has a bot named after him
Hades Soul (7 months ago)
S1mple graffiti on cache/heaven
Gagan uska teddy bear (7 months ago)
you missed the graffiti on cache in which s1mple jumped to the ground and killed with awp in the air and 2nd kill was noscope why you didn't mentioned
Nikhil Nataraj (8 months ago)
The dust 2 map also exists in real life in China
Crunch 18 (8 months ago)
Goose part 😂😂😂😂
Yang :D (8 months ago)
all if it surprised me and i subed thank u for tellin me these
The Damn Train (9 months ago)
Umm that dust is fake
Ramses Matthew Luñeza (10 months ago)
Wow these sprays maybe makes us remember the memorable moments that the pros hove done!!! :D
Andrew RyanZ (11 months ago)
How about simple ?
Mr. Tangerine (11 months ago)
Imagine if there were (former) SAS members, or CS cosplayers at San Juan
Olle Appelblad (11 months ago)
My name is Olof
thegaming techno (1 year ago)
first 2mins i waste
Phan Đẹp Zai (1 year ago)
It Minh Le. Hes Vietnamese and im too :)) and say like mint-ley
Tekin Hayat (1 year ago)
Hello. Can you share my 4 knife kills in mirage maybe i get a graffiti heh? Can you? İ'm serious pls answer
Dylan (11 months ago)
Tekin Hayat lmao you're acting like that's a special thing.
A1R YT (1 year ago)
There was another video on youtube which had the the real reason the fire one was not the origional
Nuriel Kaunaini (1 year ago)
is this video made before s1mple's jumpshot on cache?:/
Zalkeriuz (1 year ago)
To pronounce mihn Lee is min lee
2bias (1 year ago)
The boost was not pixelwalk
Anh Thái (1 year ago)
Excuse me :) but in 2:41, the guy's name is MINH, not MIHN, sorry no offense but im Vietnamese and it's so weird when i watched you guys typed the name of the first developer of Half-life incorrectly
dyxz (1 year ago)
The boost on overpass was not pixelwalking
*MR.GAMER* (1 year ago)
You write. His name wrong
I rmb the map italy actually has this place?
Lionel Messigician (1 year ago)
You forgot S1mple on Cache
Hhaha (1 year ago)
wait, Fnatic didn't win cologne 2014, NiP did....
E M B R I O (1 year ago)
Tage Gustavsson (1 year ago)
E M B R I O o
TJ (1 year ago)
simple falling noscope? on cache
Decay Clara (1 year ago)
I hit the like button because the first three is about fnatic
hari srinivas (1 year ago)
the bird one
HoopieXXX (1 year ago)
You type Minh's name wrong, its M I N H not MIHN
Atlas Blitz (1 year ago)
nope verboten means forgotten it saids climbing this rail is forgotten
SOTAJunyi (1 year ago)
omg theyre doing better than valvefollower :000000000000000
RemodledBeatZz (1 year ago)
Have you thought about how all the Graffitis are associated with Fnatic?
HamsterBoom (1 year ago)
why did you say fanatic in the start when it was tsm and navi? XD
BomBie Tony (1 year ago)
Csgo guides
The WTK (1 year ago)
you didn't put the s1mple one '3')/
Jualisco (1 year ago)
Antwolph :D (1 year ago)
Whats the origin of the graph at heaven in cache
Blast Blue (1 year ago)
Is the AWP with wings graffiti? I've never seen that before
Tressa Pereira (1 year ago)
u forgot the S1MPLE'S double no scope headshot....☺
Bread (1 year ago)
What about s1mple on cache?
SGloyal (1 year ago)
I have been to San Juan Capistrano
Forkster Gaming (1 year ago)
the inferno one was shoking i really like the video thanks for this video
Hyper_pie (1 year ago)
The 3rd one is wrong I is pronax form fanatic on overpass against cloud9
Nils Olofsson (1 year ago)
Hyper_pie no pronax play came after olofs so they couldn't add another from fnatic on overpass b site so that one doesn't have a grafiti.
Jello (1 year ago)
Hyper_pie what???
B3S Production (1 year ago)
it's Minh Le, not Mihn Le...
Minh Cao (1 year ago)
you spelt Minh Le wrong
HΔRMΔNΔ (1 year ago)
it prefersh min le
Pixel_ NightVoid (1 year ago)
Inferno has been added to the Competitive Pool and Dust II has been removed as of January 4th 2017
Cooldestroyer (1 year ago)
Pixel_ NightVoid yes but the video was before that update, Im pretty sure that they know
WolFyM (1 year ago)
I was surprised about the olofmeister defuse I thought it was an angel coming down to defuse the bomb when we were gona lose
Leo XD (1 year ago)
Where is the simple one on cache
Vitor Eloi (1 year ago)
Simple in cache
GrevernePlayzMC (1 year ago)
Top 7 secrets that Are not hidden anymore
dani con (1 year ago)
Why Happy dosen't have a graffity for his AMAZING Deagle play on Banana?
ST3RKA (1 year ago)
How about KQLY's Jumpshot? Jk it's not legit
TooTurntTommy (1 year ago)
Manuel Relgeiz (1 year ago)
goose exist since cs 1.0...
Cooldestroyer (1 year ago)
Hoà Huỳnh Thị both I think
Hoà Huỳnh Thị (1 year ago)
Manuel Ziegler the callout or the graf ?
lauritzz (1 year ago)
Fnatic didn't win ESL Cologne 2014, NiP did, just a bit wrong on that fact, it's the 3rd one, burning olofmeister. :)
marcus juhl jensen (1 year ago)
number 3 is not true. cause nip won the tournament 2014
Big Red Ball (1 year ago)
It's pronounced "Min Lee"
mark 98 (1 year ago)
on old nuke u could defuse through the ceiling from b to a. that was amazing stuff
Br1koo (1 year ago)
Actually coldzera made a tattoo about his 4k awp moment, and that tattoo is what you see on mirage. I think basically that was the inspiration for valve to make these paintings on the walls. However i dont know the story of the spotted man with wings on cache.
Br1koo (1 year ago)
Mmm.. No. Just search after coldzera's tattoo and you will see, google is your friend. What you probably meant with the comment is the cache painting, that belongs to s1mple.
DSV-BANSHEE (1 year ago)
Br1koo it's simple's double no-scope vs fnatic
JJ FifaDK (1 year ago)
All was suprising to me lol
blue_hills_43r (1 year ago)
Minh not Mihn, Le (Lê) is not pronounced Lee.
Wolff (1 year ago)
Omg everything is Olof,Boostmeister,Fire Defuse,and handshaking the black dildo FFS
Trending EDM (1 year ago)
How about simple jumping shot?
akaTyler (1 year ago)
Brayden Jake Bladz you're an idiot. It happened after the video
GerdosVidosLikeaBAWS (1 year ago)
de_cache sniper with wings under heaven. B-plant
GerdosVidosLikeaBAWS (1 year ago)
y u mad? salty piece of shit.
akaTyler (1 year ago)
GerdosVidosLikeaBAWS that happened after the video was made dumbass
UltraDaveZ (1 year ago)
You spelled "Minh" wrong,
UltraDaveZ (1 year ago)
It's actually pronounced |Mii-h| I guess.
vRAJv (1 year ago)
really interesting video.....
Love2Bprince (1 year ago)
last one was surprising.. rest all was know
VorpalWarrior (1 year ago)
Wut about the s1mple 2v1 falling double no scope....that got its own graffiti on cache right below heaven, or as I call it hell
akaTyler (1 year ago)
VorpalWarrior that happened after this video was made
lazkycs (1 year ago)
Goose was called goose since 1.5 days I believe. So I hope you aren't saying it was started calling goose in csgo
Jusvader 8263 (1 year ago)
Where is the payday 2 masks in go bank
yearnshue (1 year ago)
inferno is actually real! 😱😱😱
zIRusH (1 year ago)
I m german it means like overclimb not aollowed
Adam Zatorski (1 year ago)
You forgot S1mlpe's falling AWP graffiti
S1mlpe? Dafuq?
akaTyler (1 year ago)
Adam Zatorski that happened after the video
Adrind Azril (1 year ago)
Adam Zators yeah
Omair Al-Falasi (1 year ago)
What about the one in Cache?, under the heaven in B? I forgot who played that match, but the T awper killed one while dropping and the other....
Mungunshagai Enkhbat (1 year ago)
Omair Al-Falasi that one is for s1mple
Bow hello (2 years ago)
Inferno is in competetive pool...
Kok-learn Lin (1 year ago)
Mark Andzejevski it is now. not when the video came out.
Pepper Roni (2 years ago)
your right about San Juan Capistrano, man i remember my school field trips to there (-_-) i miss those good times
Serkan HACIOĞLU (2 years ago)
crosshair ?
Anthony Hilyard (2 years ago)
Great video. I loved the explanation of the graffiti on some levels, and the signs in German and Russian. Why are they written in German and Russian?
Jeff3DJoe (2 years ago)
Mihng...? It's pronounced "ming"
FR7 (2 years ago)
well i just know that valve is adding something to the map if someone do something that will not be forgetted
Gunzdown (2 years ago)
rng luck
Pabzin (2 years ago)
"Hidden" secrets.
AmFastAfBoy (2 years ago)
you miss one that in cache simple 2 no scope
akaTyler (1 year ago)
Abdallah KISWANY wasn't there dipshit
PheRow .? (2 years ago)
its Minh not Mihn
FCavie (2 years ago)
My favourite one is the burning CT defusing the bomb, it's so cool.
duvetsoran :D (2 years ago)
Hey man, nice vid, you however forgot to mention the one with 1v2 noscope from Simple vs Fnatic :)
Kellie Kolokithias (2 years ago)
where is simple's double kill
NPGaming (2 years ago)
you say fnatic but it's TSM?
Yndigen (2 years ago)
CS GO Guides
Ace Of Spades (2 years ago)
I saw that graffiti  and I wondered how it got there

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