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Scream VAC!! (INSANE WALLBANG)!! Shroud COMES BACK To CS:GO!! - Twitch Recap #343

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My second channel: https://www.youtube.com/vlado_ff My twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/vlado_ff Shroud COMES BACK To CS:GO!! Scream VAC!! (INSANE WALLBANG) - Twitch Recap #343 Credits: https://www.twitch.tv/tenzedzombie https://www.twitch.tv/scream https://www.twitch.tv/esea https://www.twitch.tv/fortuna https://www.twitch.tv/efragtv https://www.twitch.tv/epicenter_en1 https://www.twitch.tv/bida https://www.twitch.tv/insomniuhh Wanna be in a video? Submit your clips here: vladopardsubmit@gmail.com (only sick footage pls) Thanks for watching. Drop a like👍 and leave a comment 💬 if you enjoyed ❤️ Check out my other channels: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmg_H03t2CDtQabOYjGJy5Q https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCErAc1Z8r0zcRHdI3j0GYnw FOLLOW MY OTHER SOCIAL NETWORKS: TWITCH: http://goo.gl/qz33Rp TWITTER: https://goo.gl/zBt1CQ FACEBOOK: https://goo.gl/HppR47 STEAM GROUP: http://goo.gl/uG7aPr Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound: http://www.epidemicsound.com
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Text Comments (72)
vLADOPARD (9 days ago)
Hey guys, I also have second youtube channel with my gameplay and twitch where you can play with me. I will appreciate if you check them out <3 My second channel: https://www.youtube.com/vlado_ff My twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/vlado_ff
Kartal Gaming TR (1 day ago)
1:34 inhuman reaction xD
_Apo4x (7 days ago)
3:05 Cheats. Tab Cursor moving to Target lmao
Horizonbiker (7 days ago)
3:03 wtf is his mouse doing ? Wh?
Jack Greig (8 days ago)
cs is dead
Marko Ahven (8 days ago)
what’s screams subscribe song?
Munkhjin Moojoo (8 days ago)
Scream Hello?
Teisius GamingLTU (8 days ago)
Scream just to good , i'm loving his play
J (8 days ago)
Tenz what a loser what the fuck is he doing holding his pillow. weird
MonkeDonkey (8 days ago)
I want skins my steam is monkedonkey please trade me
Krishna Gannamaneni (8 days ago)
3:09 fucking baiter no use
oğuzhan türküzel (8 days ago)
ım doing this sometimes its normal
Pintér Bálint (8 days ago)
ScreaM say he going to G2 in his stream
Maever Salermen (8 days ago)
Guys can anyone tell me what crosshair scream is using 4:49
LiaR (8 days ago)
7:30 gold vs silver?????
Frost CF (8 days ago)
Rallen is aladeen from the dictator. Change my mind.
Alyph (9 days ago)
Shroud will leave us again in no time
Jasz (9 days ago)
6:50 wtf aces aiming?
Face (9 days ago)
Nihuja dima ebashit 1:56
Ja (9 days ago)
9.57 crosshair ???
Atharv Shankardas (9 days ago)
looking at scream i think he became fat
krioco Dough (9 days ago)
Shroud and nothing playing together again?? Please? Heuheeueheuuh
Commenter 24 (9 days ago)
why do you extend clips in unnecessary places just to hit 10 mins like find some more clips instead
Justin Boney (9 days ago)
Ehh he's probably trolling don't get your hopes up
Diwantara Anugerah (9 days ago)
Olof back?
Joerge Uggay (9 days ago)
Nooo go back to c9 shroud!
What's This? (9 days ago)
You know that the other team is throwing when Scream has an AWP
Ebrahim Z (9 days ago)
So when is shroud match? I wanna watch it
Theus ! (9 days ago)
(INSANE WALLBANG!!!) spray on door
alin_ps (8 days ago)
Ezz Maali chill out fanboy
Ezz Maali (9 days ago)
alin_ps i think u still fucking silver s o u can't talk
alin_ps (9 days ago)
Theus ! On matchmaking xd
trugle7 (9 days ago)
3:05 nice bait
trugle7 (8 days ago)
Lavender D so what he should push with them, he Just stayed on palace waiting for teammates to die but nice clutch tho
Lavender D (8 days ago)
trugle7 it wasn't a bait tbh Most of them rush and dies like Noobs and rage on teammates :)
SiixSeasons (9 days ago)
Thought I was watching a ScreaM montage for a second.
Suckamos (9 days ago)
Why so many clips of Scream practicing on Aimbotz? 😂
Andy van Laar (9 days ago)
Wait a second... 05:17 ... is he back?
Mu5icSavesMe (9 days ago)
7:40 Throwing?
STARFEW (9 days ago)
I'm predicting that tenzera has an anime pillow
Dimas Lopes (8 days ago)
and i predict a lumbar disc injury if he keeps playing like that
Lord Gabrendik (9 days ago)
The CLICKBAIT MASTER has uploaded again
TIMBO (9 days ago)
What happened to smooya on big
Ningthoujam Jason (9 days ago)
he got benched for being toxic
Fronke (9 days ago)
roster lock
Fortnite Rewind (9 days ago)
olof playing again?
Fred Dixon (9 days ago)
Fortnite Rewind that's what I was thinking, hopefully he is
soldatheero (9 days ago)
Sweet Shroud needs to play cs
shark (9 days ago)
poizon new tier 1 awper confirmed?
Brynar (9 days ago)
shroud,nothing,freak,summit and who more
Akari (9 days ago)
Why freak, he has a team already
Brynar (9 days ago)
ah okay maybe moe xd
Foxxi_CS (9 days ago)
He's gonna be playing on the Old Guys club with guys like Fifflaren, Lurpis and nothing be fun to watch
Žilke (9 days ago)
Zandreho (9 days ago)
Olof is back? :O
william oshea (9 days ago)
"SCREAM VAC" When they are just eco frags :/
Shobhit sharma (9 days ago)
william oshea Title said vac wallbang if you read that clearly.
Akari (9 days ago)
Vac was referred to the spray through the d2 doors
Daniel Taylor (9 days ago)
william oshea eco frags cross map through a door
Марк Марк (9 days ago)
Parazy (9 days ago)
Wow, Shroud has ”come back” to CSGO a lot of times...
Jam - CSGO and GD (7 days ago)
All_Joking_Eyes or it means that shroud said he's gonna play esea open and is coming to csgo. But only for fun.
All_Joking_Eyes (9 days ago)
Parazy ye now "shroud comes back to CSGO" literally means " Vlad's clickbaiting for views".
ivan sandoval (9 days ago)
Hes gunnnna play 1 tourney for fun
Dawson Lipman (9 days ago)
He actually is this time lol
TheNamesJai (9 days ago)
Michiel ikr lmao
Mehmet Kemal (9 days ago)
Kalp at mk
FirawuN (9 days ago)
<3 Oldu mu ?
Lodin (9 days ago)
Pls like my comment vlado or you don’t like ur fans :C Jk u prob still do but if u read this heart the comment pl0x.
RJ - (9 days ago)
Easy 1

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