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►Primary Alt List: http://bit.ly/5minecraftaccounts-a ►Secondary Alt List: https://rebrand.ly/ExtraMinecraftAccounts * PDF: http://bit.ly/HowToCrackMinecraftAccountsGuide =============================== New Minecraft Alts Updated Everyday! Subscribe and like for more alt lists and giveaway! =============================== Note: A lot of alts has stopped working. The reason behind this, is because in the latest 1.8.7 update, Mojang has made it so accounts that are logged in from different ips outside of the normal ip range, are automatically locked until the original owner changes all his account details, thus causing a lot of alts to stop working. =============================== There are a lot of hater under the comment section saying "fake" even though its not fake. The reason their doing this is because they don't want other people to use the alts, doing so new comers will see his comment and just leave without even trying to log the alts. Haters gonna hate. I will try to block them from my channel so this channel will be hater-free. =============================== These are not full access accounts. You CAN change the skins but not the name, password and email. You can't migrate it due to Mojang's new security system. Unmigrated alts used to be migratable even when you don't have access to your old email. These are better than migrated alts due to the access to change the skins. =============================== How to Change the Skin: Go to Minecraft.net and login your unmigrated Minecraft account, go to profile and upload your new skin. minecraft minecraft accounts free minecraft accounts minecraft account generator free premium minecraft accounts minecraft gameplay minecraft games minecraft server minecraft account list free minecraft premium accounts minecraft music minecraft free minecraft cracked free minecraft acc minecraft giveaway minecraft account giveaway 2016 account
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