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counter strike special Edition v6.8 download

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download http://download1971.mediafire.com/9pa2b07yeqpg/6mqwlqdrv2je378/CSO-NST+3+Special+Edition+v6.8.exe
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Text Comments (7)
Vincent Ombao (3 months ago)
help the bot only use knife how to change into all weapon?
Vincent Ombao (3 months ago)
thanks! :D
the blizzard ch (3 months ago)
Vincent Ombao or you enter new multi-player game you will see game near sever you enter it and you look at starting money set it to100000 because bots has no money to buy weapon
the blizzard ch (3 months ago)
Vincent Ombao you enter the game you will look new multi-player and enter it you can see CPU player option you will see a bots can use OK good luck friend Thanks for describe
Vincent Ombao (3 months ago)
i did that i go to settings and click all weapons but all the bot uses knife i restarted the game but the bot only use knife
the blizzard ch (3 months ago)
Vincent Ombao It in the setting
Boat MusicMan (1 year ago)

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