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VACNET Anti-cheat

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I went through, and tried to summarise everything said in the recent GDC presentation. You can find the original video here: https://youtu.be/ObhK8lUfIlc Also the part where I predicted all this stuff before it was cool: https://youtu.be/x7D76z4k0Kk?t=4m25s 0:18 - Cheating and the impact it has in CS:GO 1:52 - The Trust Factor 2:31 - Existing anti-cheat methods (VAC) 3:59 - Overwatch 4:59 - Improving Overwatch with deep learning? 6:30 - Has VACNET improved overwatch / itself so far? 8:14 - How is the information collected / analysed? 9:03 - Fun facts, figures and hardware 9:52 - Q&A and other observations 11:59 - Conclusion Check out my channels: ● 3kliksphilip: https://www.youtube.com/3kliksphilip ● 2kliksphilip: https://www.youtube.com/2kliksphilip ● kliksphilip: https://www.youtube.com/kliksphilip Other information you might like: ● Website: http://3kliksphilip.com ● Twitter: https://twitter.com/3kliksphilip ● PC Specs: Ryzen 1800X, 32 GB RAM, Geforce 1080
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Text Comments (2244)
Vulpix (16 hours ago)
vacnet.... did they rip this off hacknet
YellowHerb (1 day ago)
"The mistake is rectified clearly and immediately" I was VAC banned about 3-4 years ago, i was on holiday for a week with friends at the time, came back to find myself banned, checked the play time and recent activity, zero hours played that week and my account had not even been logged into over the week, yet the ban was dated to the second to last day that i was away, i attempted to open a ticket to request at least a reason behind my banning, and i was IP banned from steam support for opening a ticket about being VAC banned, still do not know why i was banned to this day, fun.
Cory Goodman (3 days ago)
Deep learning was not called neural networks 30 years ago.... The Neural Network is the object performing the action, and deep learning is the action being performed.
ReeN (3 days ago)
99.8% in overwatch? what a joke, they still banned me. i mean it was some time ago but still, valve refused to lift it. And don't tell me i cheated.
Fallacy-Myst (3 days ago)
Still getting hackers often and constantly being ranked with ridiculously high ranks... I mustn't have a good trust factor but I've won hundreds of games and played 1000 hours :/
Henry Andreassen (3 days ago)
Earlier i encountered almost none cheaters, not even in overwatch cases. But i took a break and last week i began playing again and I have met at least two cheaters every day. What happened?
MinjaMan (3 days ago)
Can i get a "R.I.P. Shroud"?
Mynameis longer (4 days ago)
But will it be implemented into tf2?
huu (4 days ago)
Meanwhile TF2 is actually crying with continuous server DDOS'es if you kick the most blatant spinbotters you've ever seen. Makes me wish Valve took a stronger stance on cheating in that game as well, as it's becoming an actually huge problem, but considering it's an almost 11 year old game, I doubt it.
Nico Winter (4 days ago)
Valve Anti Cheat is a piece of shit. I've been banned for doing nothing. You were wrong when you said that VAC is when someone is absolutely cheating, i'm most likely gonna switch from Steam to something that has a better ban system.
game whitness (4 days ago)
**half life 3**
Sergio Amorim (5 days ago)
Half-Life 3 confirmed
HyperGaming (5 days ago)
plz fix ur game a blatant cheater with 7000 hrs 1 year ago nd still not banned -_-
HyperGaming (5 days ago)
includes walls nd blatant aim bot through walls nd smokes
Skazzze (5 days ago)
its the subtle cheats that are the worst
Smotan (5 days ago)
Kill humans! That way hackers won't be banned!
Zepter (6 days ago)
Vac is dog shit and they should get something else you can legit get a source code add junk code and make the cheat fully undetected if they used battle eye or something like that most cheaters will stop, Personally i cheat on csgo and I've used 16 accounts that are all banned csgo is a good game but going against cheaters isnt fun so why not cheat yourself.
zbyszanna (6 days ago)
Finally I know why it's called Overwatch.
weedstore (7 days ago)
Valve suck they can ban easy cheaters but they want make it workless becaus they are mad and dont want work they want an automatic system that they dont need work and farm some money for doing nothing and btw mm is corrupt valve dont want normal players in global they hold u down...
Shane Boi (8 days ago)
Valve = skeet
Genesis (8 days ago)
And there is still no 128 tick servers...
xRobert (8 days ago)
make a gamemode for cheatrs (HvH gamemode) now everyone is happy
Marko Stojic (8 days ago)
Does vac work?
HowToMakeNoodles (8 days ago)
erm pvpro anticheat better xd git gud valve
Hihi2234 (8 days ago)
Ok, I have a very low Trust Factor cause smurfing.
Skyrux (8 days ago)
More than 80% of people are cheating in matchmaking, I bought cheats a few months ago just to see how it was and it turns out that whenever you are behind a wall people would play accordingly to what you did behind that wall even if you didn't make any noise at all. I could go on and on about this but I'm pretty sure you already understand that everyone in csgo is hacking already. My rank is Supreme btw and rank 8 faceit.
P J (8 days ago)
danklin da rapper (8 days ago)
Can they only use deep learning on high trust server.
VulcaN (8 days ago)
3-5 people in the enemy team hides their hours or have private profiles and the result is me losing 16:3 every game 8 games in a row and the winning 4 games 16:3 in a row and then losing again. Hmmmmm...
Ben Rogers (8 days ago)
I've had enough of cheating in csgo and have quit until any major & worthy changes are made. All I want is a fair game without paying extra for it & regular content.
Rdx Abdul Rahman (8 days ago)
Im thinking to cheat :D
ImBulletm9 (9 days ago)
I don’t play CSGO. It got very boring to me. But what I’d like to say is that CSGO practically running off of HL2/Source 1 being 1 issue cheating is so easy. THEN WHY DON’T THEY JUST PORT THE GAME TO S2 ALREADY?!
A. N. (10 days ago)
The end of cheating is to come. Given enough data the correct conviction rate will infinitely approach 1.
Mr EHEHE (10 days ago)
source 2 will fix everything
TOMERATOR person (10 days ago)
too bad i have 1k hours in csgo, am silver, and can't have access to overwatch
Ben Fisher (10 days ago)
next were gonna get valve employees taken hostage and forced to make cheats
slimehunter (10 days ago)
Overwatch (game) needs to have an overwatch
prograde (10 days ago)
pls start working on tf2 again thx valve
Caspian Wiley (10 days ago)
wow you are a really great YouTuber! you even put the time stamp in! you deserve way more subs. i wish i could sub to you 1 time for all other youtubers i have subed to! i would even sacrifice my subs too them to sub to you again. :D
Człowiek Nuż (10 days ago)
Every money spend on fighting cheats is wasted money
Daniel Taylor (10 days ago)
VAC: Valve allows cheats
Jurassic Glitch (10 days ago)
After they finish all this for csgo, Valve should apply it to tf2
Dysfunctional (10 days ago)
Too little to late.
MiningMikeHD (10 days ago)
I'll stick to ESEA
Baby Goku (11 days ago)
i think Trust factor is very good :D i feel like 6 month or smth i am getting only friendly players, even russians are trying to communicate with the others and they are friendly asf xD valve dont fix pls
patriks bikis (11 days ago)
This is like saying aliens exist 120%
KingMVN Gaming (11 days ago)
P A (11 days ago)
trust factor is trash
Radovan Poša (11 days ago)
BULLSHIT... sorry to be rude but only good solution for sutch game to get rid of the hackers is to make it expensive like 35 euros or even more... AND NOT to sell it for sutch low price on the holliday etc...... if it were expensive no hackers would be wasting money too long or sutch game...
David Packer (11 days ago)
Great video and all the timestamps were edxtremely usefull so i could here the detail of certain hits from the presentations awesome stuff!
Napert360ggTGpl (11 days ago)
why not titan v?
デミラッグベリ (12 days ago)
Alchemistake (12 days ago)
I am sad to point out that you are wrong at 7:49. It is not called supervised learning it is called offline learning. Supervised learning is that you give “label”s while training the net. For example: this demo is cheating learn from this! This demo is clean learn from this!. Offline:online learning is simply if there is continous feed of new info it is online otherwise offline. As I understood they are using overwatch data as label and running offline supervised learning. But their aim is to do online supervised learning. Tldr: at 7:49 whatcha called is not supervised learning eventhough they are doing supervised learning
cheeseman (12 days ago)
Why not just have the players own computer to begin the processing during the end of game screen and when waiting for the next game? I know some laptops won't do much but if they do anything it means you spend way less on server power and we all know how much valve likes their money.
SOZ I KILL YOUZ (12 days ago)
the day after the last vac van wave for cs:go, i had by best game ever. idk if t was a coincidence or not but damn
S. L. (12 days ago)
but can it run Crysis?
Tucker (12 days ago)
I swear, Valve has approached this issue entirely the wrong way. I have been cheating in csgo for around 3 years now, and I feel that I can speak for a large amount of the cheating community. Most people that cheat in CSGO nowadays are purely interested in hvhing, or "hack versus hack". This is when players utilize external software and duke it out (spinbot vs spinbot, you may have seen it in matchmaking). It isn't fun or interesting to cheat against legits - it is a pointless win that isn't gratifying whatsoever. It is fun to play against other cheaters and to attempt to beat them. I propose that Valve implements a way for cheaters to play against eachother in a matchmaking environment. This was the case with high ranked wingman, given that there was no overwatch system in place. Cheaters would go to wingman to play against eachother to avoid being banned in matchmaking. I like the idea of this system, however it goes after the wrong group of people. In my opinion, the issue in CSGO is not "ragers" or "spinbots", but the virgin idiots that are using walls and and low fov aimbot to present the facade that they are some csgo prodigy or something. VACNET should be going after these people - they are the ones that are ruining the competitive scene.
Tucker (12 days ago)
Also for those of you that aren't aware, VAC is a complete joke of a system. It is purely signature based, meaning that it detects known signatures of cheating software that is public. There is a large amount of public source to software online that can be used by cheaters. While that public source may be in the VAC system, the source can be slightly modified (literally adding a small series of junk code to several of the cpp files) and the signature will be changed, rendering the cheat undetected. This individual can then simply not share their cheat and it will essentially be undetected forever. I can confirm this, as my own cheat (with little to no coding knowledge) has been undetected for almost a year at this point. An influx in public resources has made this a huge issue in the community - anybody can get free cheats now, as opposed to people having to "pay to play" in the past.
FPSAnarchy (12 days ago)
hacks like bigpackets will b able to not get detected cuz its like fairfight but completely different
ZX1 (12 days ago)
*7 Years too late*
AzKat (12 days ago)
gotta love how the video ended on 13:03 right after you said "half life 3" ... boi, that's not a coincidence
MΣΛПIПG (12 days ago)
I feel like I'm stuck in that hacking untrusted part without even hacking, most of the matches there are some obvious hacks.... And I think it's because once my STUPID friend was using hacks without telling me and we were playing together, later he got VAC Banned (That's 1/20 chance btw)... Oh and my other friend who I know isn't hacking and has played the game for years got VAC banned from Overwatch for "wallhacking". I was really annoyed.
aldo s (12 days ago)
The reason *ahem* source *ahem* two doesn't roll out
Samuel Scerri (12 days ago)
heh, maybe they should update cs:go to source 2 :)
GREEN GLASS (12 days ago)
Great idea by valve
Shyam N Panigrahi (12 days ago)
Prime vs trust factor, which one should I go with?
Shyam N Panigrahi (12 days ago)
Aryan Kumar Yeah too late mate, I always go with prime, but decided to play trust factor today. Let's just say it wasn't the most pleasant experience.
Aryan Kumar (12 days ago)
Shyam N Panigrahi Prime. ALWAYS. Trust factor is cancer. People rage report you if you're good and lower your trust, giving you cancerous teammates. I don't remember ever having a good experience with it.
Chris (12 days ago)
I find it funny how ever since this thing and trust factor was made, cheater numbers on prime have been skyrocketing... It feels as thought every single game has 1-3 cheaters in it. Fuck trust factor, no one even needs that bullshit, fix prime.
tnc4700 (12 days ago)
Yeea.. About that trust factor :S i get way too many reports to have any chance in trust factor MM... Its useless for anything other than new players.
BeagleTV (12 days ago)
Thanks for uploading this video in 3840p60 it really boosts quality.
ROCAS (12 days ago)
i still bypass all this shit. valve pls its easier to remove the ac cuz its useless :)
Yougotnomilk (12 days ago)
well why hasnt my vac ban from cod iw been rectified because i never cheated on that game when the vac banned appeared i was using cheat engine for gta v campaign to try and give my self money then when i quit gta v i got the vac ban
AlexPlaysGames (13 days ago)
I cannot count how many cheaters i've played against that have not gotten a VAC BAN. And there are my friends, inoccently getting VAC BANNED. Like for real, Valve? Can't ban the cheaters but the people who have done absolutely nothing wrong get banned? I'm considering leaving this game forever...
AlexPlaysGames (12 days ago)
Aryan Kumar Sorry, i meant Overwatch ban. And they did not cheat, trust me.
Aryan Kumar (12 days ago)
AlexPlaysGames It's 100% impossible to get a VAC ban without cheating. Your friends are lying.
Calvin K (13 days ago)
They can buy processing power for a neural network but cant get servers to 64 tick? pathetic..
ChakaN (13 days ago)
People that never cheated don't know how rotten CS is. At all ranks, even lower ones, newbies are right when them complain. If you ever get the balls to install a wallhack, do it, try to play normaly, play a few games. And then tell me how many games you don't have enemie players staring at you trough the walls. It's all about who is willing to be more blatant. It is really hard to explain this, you just get the feelling, you see it with your own eyes, like Neo in the matrix. I believe this is worste at mg to mge level, not that the problem doesn't exist in higher ranks, but because at this ranks people are delusional in their use of cheats. Most of this players have no idea how the game are supposed to be played, and their aim is bad, yet they win games for their team. By staying alive till the end, and go around the map killing enemies with the greatest timmings. Silvers with wallhack, most of them. I can say for sure, that I've been in 10 cheaters games. This changes the way the game is supposed to be played, people play with fear, and scratch their ass on the walls for entire games. I believe this is due to dying to cheaters constantly, even if they don't think so. Alot can be said about this, I'll stop here, and invite you to do the same experience.
Aryan Kumar (12 days ago)
ChakaN You're probably the most toxic player ever.
TheLegendOfJoey (13 days ago)
I'm just concerned cheaters will now make hundreds of accounts just to use them to exploit Overwatch.
Haneix (13 days ago)
Any step away from methods such as banning people who haven't had hacks detected because they assume they do as they use the same device, is good in my book.
Fabian Reich (13 days ago)
But where is HL3?
asd man (13 days ago)
hey, i found bug on inferno a while playing wingman with bots , i threw a smoke and in front of it a molotov, i could see trough the smoke and saw clearly the fire , it could possibly be used as a wallhack ? it needs further testing.
Jakob Gerstner (13 days ago)
legit hacking and rage hacking and there actually trying too end the cheatin not even kidding they foud out how wallhacks work and stopped it but there is a new wallhack now xD
rnbpl (13 days ago)
how long before cheats become AI's that study tournament grade players and try to reproduce their playstyle?
Aryan Kumar (12 days ago)
rnbpl 10:50
leoblaster101 (14 days ago)
Rss triggered (Indians will get it)
Rain E (14 days ago)
So no Counter Strike 2.0 ???
grg (14 days ago)
Aimbot detection matches machine learning perfectly, aim angles over time are an incredibly obvious feature. They'll have a big challenge with info cheats tho. Like how do you even learn wallhacks. Hits with opponent proximity to wall changing? Well you'd detect a lot of pre-fire! There doesn't seem to be a good value correlated to "this position wouldn't be possible to predict without xray vision"…
Olex Prost (14 days ago)
Neither vac nor ow stopped me from getting global with walls and trigger. This game is a joke, dont play it.
Joaquin U (14 days ago)
Hey, the other day I did "2 in 1" with an awp through what seems to be a flash and a wall, pls explain?
Aryan Kumar (12 days ago)
Joaquin U lucky shot
DownFall (14 days ago)
If vac bans someone by accident, they do not fix immediately or even at all. Anyone who has dealt with a fake or real vac ban knows that reaching customer support is met with an automated message saying that Valve will not unban you. Only in rare and mass ban waves where its publicly known that multiple people were banned form a glitch in the system do they actually get unbanned. Other than that, if you truly cheated or not, Valve couldn't care less and your ban will stick. They are more worried about making money from TF2 Hats and CSGO Skins then actually hearing out the innocent players they have banned and would rather they just buy there games all over again.
Aryan Kumar (12 days ago)
DownFall Bullshit.
LX Music (14 days ago)
good video phillip but whats your opinion on cheating in singleplayer games?
We might get a problem now : Cheaters using bots to do overwatch cases and make the result FALSE, that would be a way to make wrong conviction and cause VACNet to not indentify correctly anymore. That's an Issue I wanted to point out, you did it for me, thanks.
Wolf K (14 days ago)
Sure, VAC is all well and good, until you get banned and have proof you never cheated, but you can't appeal it.
Aryan Kumar (12 days ago)
Wolf K You were cheating. VAC never accidentally bans ppl.
Warden Games (14 days ago)
well trust, screwed me... i got matched with 78% cheaters..
Philip Hanhurst (14 days ago)
What if they used deep learning to create a bot that could compare to even eSports players. I watched your video on bots and so I would think that valve would only use them on bot practice matches.
Courthorse (14 days ago)
antic heat
The Gaming God (14 days ago)
Humans don't falsely convict people Good Joke
Aiman Hafeez (14 days ago)
well this should explain why i almost never meet any cheaters in every matches i play in both prime and trustfactor...
Robogineer (14 days ago)
Overwatch good game
Cyrus Secreto Ballon (14 days ago)
have you even see how their bot play dota 2?
2Bascos (14 days ago)
VACation 2.0
Sheesh (14 days ago)
Not long before vacnet will decide that cheating programs are the only possible future and ban all humans
Victor Gavrilovici (14 days ago)
Cool, so vacnet is a perfect example for "thank you for helping us help you help us all"
UnstableAdrianHD (14 days ago)
my mge account got vac by ow, i rewatched the the only game that was played on it in that week and didnt even seem to come close to cheating
yrtomin (14 days ago)
So, how long until VACNET realizes that the best way to keep cheaters out is by killing all the humans?
ciallstm (14 days ago)
Although this is a step towards the right direction, I still dont believe Valve understand how bad things are in the game. For example I play with a team of 4-5 normally and 1 of them is ridiculously good at the (btw none of us have ever cheated or been vacced) and it is regularly reported, because of this we've noticed a spike in cheaters in our "trustfactor" games which pretty much means we're being punished for playing with a good player. Furthermore the Overwatch system is so under developed and lacking in drive, Im not sure how many players even know if the 'demoui' console to control the replay but this should open by default in an overwatch to allow for a better breakdown. Plus why bother doing overwatch, sure you are helping out and thats nice but who really gives a shit (and dont even mention the pathetically small exp bonus for doing them) valve need to reward players with at least some kind of achievement because to someone at my rank (LEM) at 1700 hours we couldnt care less about overwatch. TLDR: Valve need to reward players for playing well and taking part in their community rather than treating them like criminals and rewarding overwatchers with nothing

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