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Paid Sprays in DOTA 2 - International 8 Battle Pass

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Support the Patreon : https://www.patreon.com/valvenewsnetwork Watch my Streams : http://www.twitch.tv/valvenewsnetwork Steam Group : http://steamcommunity.com/groups/VNN Today on Valve News Network, we take a look at the the recently released DOTA 2 International 8 Battle Pass Compendium, including Paid Sprays! There is obviously much more to the update, including promises of some interesting gamemodes. But like, Paid Sprays. Paid Sprays My Social Media : Twitter : https://twitter.com/ValveNewsNetwor Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/valvenewsnetwork/ Waffler Weekly : goo.gl/Fm28Ge
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Text Comments (472)
Theo Hallenius (1 month ago)
Was just a matter of time
topher billena (1 month ago)
how to use spray??
Tyrone Jamal (2 months ago)
Dota? 2018? lel
Justin Villareal (2 months ago)
Please help me. How can i use sprays in dota 2? What hotkey?
Simeon Dunev (2 months ago)
Counter Strike 1.6 had sprays that you can even customize all the way back in 2001
Epic Username (3 months ago)
I was never shown this video in my sub box
lolmikes (4 months ago)
wooo they finally brought over L4D's Mutation mode to another game
RaptorJesús (4 months ago)
ffs in every free to play game with things to unlock there is a battle pass, which without you need to GRIND for years. i play Paladins alot and since the beta and a few patches ago i think, they put in a Battle pass,with which you can unlock Rare to Legendary items by just playing and filling the meter of this battle pass exp. and as a free non battle pass user you get maybe one little spray and such. Why does it have to be like this? I mean i love Paladins and might consider buying the Deluxe edition because i enjoy the game without getting skins every second ( its a nice thing to get skins tho)
the other gamemode is not cavern crawl, its mutation mode.
the guy (4 months ago)
'2 new game modes' aren't underhollow and cavern crawl, they are underhollow and mutation
ุุ ุ (4 months ago)
Bring back free porn spray waifus.
Szymonel _ (4 months ago)
In Heroes of the Storm sprays are buyable. There are no custom sprays and It's good.
Szymonel _ (4 months ago)
Maybe its time for Dota
SEX-POSITIVE GAMER (4 months ago)
Can someone confirm that Valve wasn't recently purchased by Activision or EA? Seriously, I don't know how Valve keeps getting a free pass when engaging in the same sliminess as the big, fat cat publishers.
Half_Finis (4 months ago)
Finally a role chooser!!!! Now remove the turn-rate to make the game fast-pace and league players will migrate.
JustSomeTimber1nTheLake (4 months ago)
its because the valve and pubg skins are blocked now its dota lol
Vaughn Camacho (4 months ago)
The battle pass is the most bang for your buck and a way for valve to implement new things and cosmetics P.s i also hope you are having fun with dota give it a couple more hours and soon you will be in a giant hole of salt like the rest of us Xd
Jick the Dog (4 months ago)
Almost all of the complainers here doesn't even play Dota.
JakkeOMG (4 months ago)
Nice meme
Equis Igriegazeta (4 months ago)
You think creep skins is ridiculous? The fucking atmosphere has hats! ATMOSPHERE HATS! WEATHER EFFECTS!
Pseudo Coffee (4 months ago)
Wtf is wrong with paid sprays, everything is ok as long as you pay a small fee for unlimited uses.
Stephen (4 months ago)
Nobody is subbed to this channel for news about this shitty moba or where its bloated dev team want to do to make it more of a cash cow
Thrackerzod (4 months ago)
FYI Underhollow will appear on the arcade at a point just like Siltbreaker, and you can mod the new terrain into your regular game. (For free)
Khaled Mameri (4 months ago)
hmm didnt know u play dota 2
fortris (4 months ago)
4.3k hours in Dota 2, no you never snap recognize the more obnoxious cosmetics after playing so long with the vanilla heroes in beta and early days of cosmetics where the most outlandish thing they did was make Jugg's spin green or black tinted. It's beyond ridiculous, I can't imagine being a new player now.
SPACEMAN (4 months ago)
The issue you have with it being harder to understand the enemy is common within new players of dota 2. Items actually make them more easy to recognize than others.
Nisbah Mumtaz (4 months ago)
I really don't think you should report on things you don't know a lot about. Misinformation contributes to the stigma; you will become part of the problem. The main complaints now are that the stretch goals are more stretched out (they are greedier), there are no direct ways of gaining points just from playing the game. The sprays and chat wheels are just there. So don't get hung up on neat new things that are just a nice thing, and talk about the actual problems the fanbase is complaining about. The new sets are not a problem with experienced players. Other than the Disruptor vs Luna and PA vs DK set that's still in the game, it's a non-issue for most people. Also, what if I told you it's NOT a mainstream game in the first place? Or that you're just a casual player trying to break into this undeniably hard to penetrate game? You might be thinking of LoL, and you should have used mainstream GENRE.
HHH Jr. (4 months ago)
Im sorry but the sprays here arent paid, i hope u are meme-ing
? ? (4 months ago)
Just don't be blind 4Head. LUL the sprays are limited, they just patched it before it would cause trouble.
ziashock (4 months ago)
As someone who as 1530~ hours in DotA 2, the issue with skins gets better the longer you play.
Guardian (4 months ago)
fuck you i play dota
PulsatingShadow (4 months ago)
PAYING for cosmetics? In a FREE game??? SAY IT ISN'T SO.
TanKer BloodBrothers (4 months ago)
And the other gamemode is not Cavern, is fuckin mutation
TanKer BloodBrothers (4 months ago)
dota is not a fuckin moba, please fuckin learn if you going to try to do dota videos to try to get an artifact beta. You poser.
Pachi (4 months ago)
You have to shell out cash now to do something that was only unique to Source games?
Koishi Komeiji (4 months ago)
Why is everyone bitching about these sprays being paid for when the only price tag is 10$ for the pass? After that you do not have to put in another dime unless you want to.
thefoolishgmodcube (4 months ago)
Just wait for the fanboys to defend this...
Kyosukedono (4 months ago)
"I still have trouble distinguishing characters in TF2" Tyler as pyro: ay guise imma kill that scoot *gets destroyed* Tyler as pyro: oh noes it was a hoovy with fast gloves, man valve sucks at making distinguishable characters. That heavy looked exactly like a scout. ......
TehDubba (4 months ago)
LOL "Those who love the lore will jump ship (when artifact comes out)" AHAHAHAHAHAHA implying people play dota for the lore
GoldenFlags (4 months ago)
Its same cause as apple. they did something great. but they cant overcome it so they dont even bother and just look for ways to make money
Gregory Karastergios (4 months ago)
s3rg11 (4 months ago)
As much as I like your channel Tyler, in this video you just seem like a butthurt fanboy that didn't get what he wanted from his beloved company (although you coulda have it for a while lol, and other things) Dota is a F2P game with best microtransaction model on the market, you don't have to spend a cent to play, get skins and full experience. Skins, audio, custom map skins are just a cherry on top. How about you actually invest some time and effort to get to know the game and then rant about it. The compendium was always about supporting the biggest D2 tournament raising the prize money for the teams and by doing that you get something extra in form of cosmetic items, voiceovers etc... I really don't see any issue...just get over it.
Mr. Rognli (4 months ago)
All my friends and I just got back into Dota. We find it's in a good place right now. Personally none of us ever have an issue identifying other heroes with different skins. But then again we all have at least 2k hours.
Dante - (4 months ago)
5.500.000 USD the 1st Day LUL.
Gachi Gasm (4 months ago)
Nice circlejerk video rofl, so what dota has "paid sprays". CS:GO is different, because the original Counter Strike had free sprays, Dota did not. I enjoy your videos but this is really just clickbait circlejerk.
Joko play (4 months ago)
TrashTierTelevision (4 months ago)
Perfect excuse to never touch the game :)
Czeladnik (4 months ago)
Artifact's paid sprays waiting room
nernjesus (4 months ago)
I get what you mean tyler, the new Terrorblade immortal makes his illusions look wayy too similar to him.
SleepingHollow (4 months ago)
I can't help but roll my eyes whenever someone complains about paid sprays, Literally something you don't need at all to play. If you want it buy it just like most things in life, but again, something that is completely UNNECESSARY. Also what TF2 cosmetics make it hard to identify characters?
Shipowy (4 months ago)
For the most part I can easily tell which hero is witch in dota 2 regardless of what cosmetic they have, except for a very few, like one that made dragon knight look just like phantom assassin. I dont have a problem with these new ones. And as for the Sprays, I really could care less for them, I just see them as some thing they just slapped on real quick.
Jay Dee (4 months ago)
My dude. Valve is a joke. The last good game they made was Portal 2, and they tried to figure out how to monetize it but failed. CS:GO, TF2, DOTA2 and now Artifact. They are barely discernible from Ubisoft, EA, or Activision. As for Steam? Steam has 0 quality control and is flooded with absolute diarrhea. I used to be a fan, I'd happily wave their banner, declaring them the saviors of PC gaming and now... they're just sad. So am I.
scottyCZ (4 months ago)
Dota 2 sucks anyway.
Rob McCallister (4 months ago)
nobody cares about your opinion. dota 2 is still one of the most played games today and everything does right now is for the DOTA COMMUNITY not for your retarded ass
Matt Silverwolf (4 months ago)
git gud skrub
Kristóf Mészáros (4 months ago)
Wheel of fortune with Riley... RILEY?
Noe97663 (4 months ago)
does anyone else who's actually played dota for some time think he doesn't know what he's talking about?? Paid sprays arent the same thing here. There's more content that wasn't there before. Like announcer voice lines before.We're getting more content than last year for the same price.And when he thought cavern crawl was another game mode it was just......really? do you even know what youre talking about here? tldr:Paid sprays are ok and basically extra content and VNN shouldn't report dota news and small controversial side note: I think glance value isn't that big of a deal in dota like it is in tf2. Tf2 is more chaotic and in 6s I dont think anyone has a problem with glance value,its only in when the server is full does it get a bit crazy. The only seriouc galnce value problem in dota is jug arcana and PA arcana and even then if youve played the game for like 10 hours im sure you can understand in game tldr: glance value not a big deal in dota
NatsumeHack (4 months ago)
Reeeeee you said Paid Sprays.
Jefski14 (4 months ago)
Name of that nice background music? :)
lampenpam (4 months ago)
Tyler, why the fuck are you hostile to cosmetic items? You are puting paid sprays and even creep skins into a bad light, but they are god damn cosmetics and they keep the game f2p and not pay2win. What the issue??? The only reason I saw in cs:go is that 1: limited sprays and 2: cs:s had free sprays, but in dota they work differently, and nobody expects Valve to add freely customizeable sprays. So what the fuck is the problem with paid sprays in dota 2?
RMJ1984 (4 months ago)
Mate! please link music used in the video in description! :Ty!
Ased Games (4 months ago)
You have to check out the video uploaded by The Know "Half Life 3 IS HAPPENING... via the Fans!" !!!
SonnyGFX (4 months ago)
i am a 4,2k ancient 1 dota player nd also a subscriber of the first hours of ur channel basically, since then i quite CS entirely mostly because of their shitty Anti-Cheat. What i wanna tell u by this is, I DO CARE ABOUT DOTA RELATED CONTENT MADE BY YOU!<3
NOTHE (4 months ago)
New update for Team Fortress 2: coming soon is the new " Graffiti Case " which includes 25 new Sprays to be used in game! Including unusual and stat track sprays! *Wow!* *sprays have a limited use
Matúš Uhlár (4 months ago)
I am also new to dota but I can recognize the heroes no matter what skins they have it shows you who youre playing against in the beggining and you can set your options to display heads of heroes instead of the colors and playing the game is not that hard I usually use some of the pro guides and buy the items that are in there sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt
Kunfuxu (4 months ago)
Mutation mode is the new game mode, they aren't advertising Cavern Crawl as a new game mode.
Rodney McFarland (4 months ago)
OMG, shut up about paid sprays. It's a shitty meme, it's not funny! Stop whining! It's a freature in a f2p game! Quit crusading and grow up!!
Mordewolt (4 months ago)
Your subscribers don't watch any of your dota content, because you don't have any, you silly. Looking at the footage, it probably best kept that way. And stop calling it "moba". You don't call CS moba, be consistent.
coolguy47 (4 months ago)
Tyler, no one ever really has a problem identifying heroes even when they have a shit ton of cosmetics, I know it's a problem for new players, I also had an issue with that but you'll quickly identify them. It's not nearly as a problem as it is in TF2.
NatsumeHack (4 months ago)
TO be fair In tf2 you most likely identifying classes base on location. Asshole dancing next to a valve endorsed aimbot. That Be a Engineer. Man who is four miles away and missing every shot as you walk in a straight line? Must be our friendly neighborhood sniper.
cralo (4 months ago)
And some other reasons.
cralo (4 months ago)
It's not a problem in TF2. TF2 is easy to identify every class because of their body physic.
Rob McCallister (4 months ago)
Rob McCallister (4 months ago)
still wouldn't change the fact about your game lmao
Raph c-j (4 months ago)
Kitsune (4 months ago)
VNN, I can tell you exactly why people don't play Dota 2.... R U S S I A N S
Adriel Christian (4 months ago)
paid spray? this is the first time that i hate your video, you bought a battle pass. a system that give you reward for playing, most of the people enjoy some progression to reach something, and spray are among the reward. its not "paid spray" but more like "special reward spray" and don't you dare said anything about cosmetic in this game, its way better than other MOBA just look at those damn particles, make me feel fancy AF *this line is just a joke* somehow, i feel you make this video with salt because you're still learning the game, my advice: just don't bash the the BP like "ahh its different and freaking cashgrab bla bla" Battle Pass always being like that, and people still enjoy it. you got something to play or, not just random casual matchmaking. there is a "quest" and the reward that make it "fun" and if you struggle with acknowledging hero, maybe MOBA isn't for you.
Magical Cunt (4 months ago)
Lmao fellas chill it's a meme
cralo (4 months ago)
Not you exactly, but children who spend more than 3 grands on a video game because of cosmetics.
cralo (4 months ago)
Sprays are a basic game mechanic, now turned into a fucking micro-transaction so Greedy Valve can make more and more money on your stupidity.
Nostov (4 months ago)
TF2 Changelog -Removed sprays -Added special purchase only sprays available on the Store and cases! -Reused DOTA 2 and CSGO sprays as an extra and you pay double for them!
Magnus Danger Magnus (4 months ago)
Your exciting "new people may find something" intro had me almost ready to try playing this game again. However, everything after that reminded me why I cut and ran after the first 2 hours. Dota 2 players, I salute you.
Andreas (4 months ago)
Pay & spray everybody
MrHugotrd (4 months ago)
The other game mode they were talking about was Mutators. Carvern Crawl is just their way of keeping people engaged in the game for longer, so when they go into UnderHollow they can explore more of the caves. I don't feel like identifying heroes is hard honestly, for me atleast. I wish role based queue would come for TF2 competitive too, you would just queue for your class and then it would match games for Highlander.. For now TI8 is about 5x faster than last years in prizepool growth, and nobody played Dota for lore, there are a few lore freaks, but nothing else.
Dr. Gordon House (4 months ago)
*P a i d S p r a y s*
BlazingVictini (4 months ago)
"My audience doesn't care much about DOTA" I think that it's more that people are here because of Valve's lack of communication, and DOTA is a game Valve actually works on
Bon (4 months ago)
just click on player and you will see hero name -.- thats not a problem
chalK (4 months ago)
Is this an operation
Minesonic (4 months ago)
Just end this dead meme once and for all, it never was good to begin with
Random doggie (4 months ago)
You know man.. It's horrible .. but atleast it's not boring right ? xD
bryceowen (4 months ago)
Paid. Sprays.
Nobody #567 (4 months ago)
What's this? Another microtransaction piece of shit you say? I NEED TO BUY THIS COMPLETELY COSMETIC SPRAY! really Valve people dont like cosmetic shit
Meeting The Community (4 months ago)
Dat gameplay tho :P
omkar shinde (4 months ago)
did you ever played lich before?
PcXboxPS (4 months ago)
Paid sprays? [worried laughter]
Timothy McKane (4 months ago)
Is this the reason why HL3 is forever canceled?
Carlo Emanuele (4 months ago)
Robert Woodall (4 months ago)
I love your videos, even though they're often about games I don't play (Excluding Tf2) and you do a great job. But I do love hearing you get heated about paid sprays xD me and a friend of mine say "Paid sprays" whenever we think something is bullshit. I am against them too though!
Pavle Vrabac (4 months ago)
Yeah HL3 is coming out... with paid sprays.
Charmle H (4 months ago)
Few things: League of Legends recently released (like 2-4 months ago ish) emotes (kinda like sprays I imagine) that do the same as these sprays... And yes you can pay for them, but there is a chance they drop from the chests you earn (loot boxes amiright) Personally, if other mobas let you buy/earn skins for the minions/creeps that'd be so GOOD, no idea how DOTA 2's doing it, but it looks interesting in terms of execution
BigBoi (4 months ago)
Dota2 is not just one hard MOBA. It is the hardest MOBA in existence.
Eli Sanchez (4 months ago)
Brandon Culver (4 months ago)
I respect you are trying to cover Dota 2 to expand your viewer base, but please actually learn the intrinsics on the Dota 2 ecosystem before you make these kind of videos. Thank you.
CS PRO (4 months ago)
Next up.. CS 1.6 default sprays will be paid and no more custom sprays xd
Lucaaas (4 months ago)
If you want to like this game, try a hero like Lina or Zeus and you will like. And for the right item builds there are guides
Lucaaas (4 months ago)
Oh my, Tyler you need to learn Lich
pasta (4 months ago)
My dumbass would have bought it if it wasnt for the fact that I decided cold turkey to drop the game for this year
Jacob (4 months ago)
You don't have to hammer home that you like/tolerate Dota when it's obvious from your gameplay that you mainly boot it up to collect footage. I don't think anyone is going to have hurt feelings over the fact that a shooter fan isn't a regular customer for a strategy game. For big obnoxious immortals, they don't really cause confusion identifying heroes since you should know who they are just from looking around the map and keeping track of the game. A small number of cosmetics cause confusion because some heroes can look like others at a glance. Ideally you should know your enemies' locations and have a rough idea of their battle plan before even getting near them, so it's less of an issue.
Darian (4 months ago)
Sajjad Ali (4 months ago)
2 fking thousand levels for only 1 spray that looks good ? NO !
Kron Krian (4 months ago)
Can stop being so stuck up on paid sprays. Just stop oversaturating the videos with it.

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