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87-0: NiP's untouchable CS:GO map streak

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When they hear the name NiP, CS:GO fans probably think about the eternally underachieving Swedish team. But once upon a time, NiP were the best CS:GO team in the world. Once upon a time, NiP won 87 LAN maps in a row without dropping a single one. Eighty-seven and 0 is a record that has never been replicated by any team since, and remains one of the most impressive esports records of all time. Eighty-seven is a huge number, and on the surface, it just seems impossible. Eighty-seven maps is insane. Here's how it happened. Written and hosted by: Daniel Rosen (@Daniel_Rosen) Edited by: Dennis Gonzales (@Tarmanydyn) Motion GFX by: Christian Pearson (@Chr_Pearson) Music used under license from Associated Production Music LLC (”APM”). Check out theScore esports on Android and iOS: Android: http://thesco.re/esportsAndroidYT iOS: http://thesco.re/esportsiOSYT Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/thescoreesports Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theScoreesports Follow us on Instagram: https://instagram.com/theScoreesports Follow us on Snapchat: theScoreesports Courtesy list: CS:GO Player Profiles - GeT_RiGhT - Ninjas in Pyjamas Courtesy: Valve https://youtu.be/CCkdYUTajhk ELEAGUE events vods Courtesy: ELEAGUE https://www.twitch.tv/eleaguetv IEM event vods Courtesy: IEM https://www.youtube.com/user/IntelExtremeMasters SteelSeries GO: NiP wins final Courtesy: TeamGetfight https://youtu.be/DfEDkqlF7pM StarLadder event vods Courtesy: StarLadder https://www.youtube.com/user/cssltv Counter-Strike: A Brief History Courtesy: Valve https://youtu.be/sdBjDSczgKY NiP won ESC @ Esports Heaven Vienna Courtesy: Natus Vincere https://youtu.be/8C_atTr2ZHY Thorin's Thoughts - How did NiP go 87:0? (CS:GO) Courtesy: Thorin https://youtu.be/xsuZoSJVHwc Counter-Strike: Global Offensive launch trailer Courtesy: Valve https://youtu.be/RzZ2bWZ_8Ho DreamHack event vods Courtesy: DreamHack https://www.youtube.com/user/DreamhackMedia Titan Courtesy: Titan https://youtu.be/4-uIzDCW1gQ Finale ESWC CS:GO 2012 - VeryGames - Ninjas in Pyjamas (2/2 - FR) Courtesy: ESWC https://youtu.be/DbvPhSSkif8 AMD Sapphire - NiP vs VeryGames (Grand final) Courtesy: ESPlanet https://youtu.be/kp_fxen0858 DreamHack Winter 2012: NiP vs VeryGames winning moment (Grand Final) Courtesy: HLTV https://youtu.be/LwbcF6g-Q-I
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Text Comments (358)
Wilson Pruiett (20 hours ago)
Narrator always looks like he's holding a hot dog in each hand... Like you caught him right after he bought them from a street vendor. And you asked him a question about a topic that had been simmering in the back of his mind, bottled up within him. So he unleashed his full passionate discourse, and having no place on the street to set down his 'dawgs, he used them to great effect, gesturing with them wildly while he raved.
Black Tim Howard (8 days ago)
Variance matters.
villen (1 month ago)
Cloud9 was probably the worst example you could have used but ok.
Ya lad Chopsticks (1 month ago)
If you won 87 MMs in a row you would definitely be global right? No matter what I would assume?
pump a (1 month ago)
What is this guy shaking?
Clash with Noobs (1 month ago)
They were the bessst team once
Owen West (2 months ago)
N I P Not nip.
gragas ap MIDLANE (2 months ago)
imagine their had been majors in 2013
Willson Jo (2 months ago)
you need to iron your shirt beforehand dude
Tomáš Cechmeister (2 months ago)
2:48 one point sex? :DDDDD
TheyCallMeFilep (2 months ago)
This and ZeRo's Sm4sh undefeated streak are probably two unthinkable feats.
Rosalina Pua (2 months ago)
Duncan Thorin Shield so fuckin original lol
Quarter Nipp (2 months ago)
once upon a time
Xuan Yu (2 months ago)
lol just realised you look like you're wearing a wig AND a fake moustache
Shifty_clint (2 months ago)
this proves the amount of cheating going on with the pros lmao
Nihilist Drug Fiend (2 months ago)
This just proves that no one stays on top forever.
I Am GROOT (3 months ago)
I lost 87 maps in a row
Brendan Phi (3 months ago)
counther thrike
LordPinochetUTTP (3 months ago)
Old NiP: 87 map winstreak New NiP: 87 map losestreak
Manuel Garcia Diaz (3 months ago)
what is the purpose of the camera from the side of the face?
Apathetic empathizer (3 months ago)
At 1:04 , You see their lost match against virtus.pro
SπdR (3 months ago)
New NiP is like new V.P Dead.
LordPinochetUTTP (3 months ago)
NiP > VP still anytime. VP is absolutely the worst team right now. They can set a 87-0 map losing record
Ankha G (3 months ago)
stop using these nerds to lead esport documentaries !
shagazor (4 months ago)
fuck this guy's lisp
Gastogh (4 months ago)
What's the second longest win streak on record?
Dreamguy Gt (4 months ago)
Fake news DansGame
Love Alexandersson (4 months ago)
2:54 Karrigan at FNATIC wtf :D
Fr0sT (4 months ago)
No emotion in the speaking. interesting and very boring at the same time.
DeeSNutts (4 months ago)
1.6 forever! Let’s be honest.
Aggelos Karakousis (4 months ago)
Guyth who can't talk thouldn't really prethent youtube videoth...
Foot Long (4 months ago)
i think of bananas in pyjamas
GERMALEAN88 G (4 months ago)
U depressed nerds need get a real life
OoDeucexoO (4 months ago)
Yeahhhhhhhhh, no. All this proved was that a team can go on an easy win streak if none of the other better players decide to move over to the new title, and then get shit on once people do.
iamthepkmmaster (4 months ago)
87-0 is impressive, not just as an Esports streak, but a sports streak in general.
Lena Suwo (4 months ago)
only X God can stop NiP
AngrY CS-GO (4 months ago)
so many cheats in 1.6
Hunterr (5 months ago)
no matter what, NiP will always be my most fav team
MrauKat (5 months ago)
Fucking friberg
22Reddman (5 months ago)
Constantly changing camera angles doesn't look cool the 30th time you do it dude. I'm 3 and a half minutes in and these unnecessary angle changes are really annoying.
inflateion (5 months ago)
holy shit old mirage looks goofy
Manni- (5 months ago)
Being the best at something during the beginning is a pointless accomplishment. Anyone can be the best at something if they put enough time into it while others aren't. S1mple > Get_Right Tarik > Stewie Right Twix > Left Twix LeBron > MJ Megatron > Jerry Rice RuneScape > WoW My Dick > Yours
That One Goose (5 months ago)
even though they lost, they lost 16-14. thats fucking close
Get_Burned #v43.6 (5 months ago)
waow they were good when the game was shit and no1 cared about csgo...
Veeti Sainio (5 months ago)
You didnt mention one man army..... (Allu)
Carole Lafolle (5 months ago)
why did they chose the one guy with a lisp to narrate this whole video
Emin Aktaş (5 months ago)
It is not ur business kid :) And having lisp doesn't change anything :)
Adam Falk (5 months ago)
Hey Host, Ever heard of ironing your shirt?
ngoc Nguyen (5 months ago)
Rpk could have done 2000 better things to force OT in the clip like baiting his shots, Jiggle picking , jumping, bhop, 1-2 shots would be enough or even a lucky burst with FAMAS ( Still I believe NiP would still win if VG had taken it to OT )
I'm Scrufalicious (5 months ago)
All I see is Happy
Philipp Westphal (5 months ago)
Too many cheating fgts nowadays. There is no chance to beat this record
Cosmonauteable (5 months ago)
tl;dr they only played vs trash
Dean Gallagher (5 months ago)
I like this guy :D
Goosfraba (5 months ago)
skills dominated the early era of csgo and then VAC happened im talking about Valve Allow Cheater LUL
TRollskarlen (5 months ago)
I miss the good old days :(
Chris Rockwell (5 months ago)
They were the first team to switch to csgo that's the only reason why they were good
Igor Antonovich (5 months ago)
Everyone copy NIP
jrsolset (5 months ago)
Ther Arsenal of csgo.
Lewis Birkett (5 months ago)
They were only so dominant because the game was knew and there wasn't any good competition
mindo61600 (5 months ago)
NiP were the best early on because they were the earliest adopters of CS:GO,when you have 2 of the best players from 1.6 going into the brand new version of the game when everyone else is still hanging onto 1.6's tournament scene and others were stuck playing source who was dying.Which is why we seen VeryGames challenge them more and more as the game progressed AND which is why we saw NiP only win the THIRD major of CS:GO beaten by Fnatic and VP to the 1st and 2nd respectively.Teams figured out that GtR was a lurker and just rendered him almost useless,Xizt was a terrible IGL with no strats and couldnt Veto worth shit,Fifflaren got berated after almost every game they under performed at even though he had the AWP/throw smokes and flashes role that gave him little to no freedom and when everyone played bad Friberg the entry was just going in dry and getting his head shot off making him a burden with F0rest being by far the only consistent player but a shadow of his former self.The 87-0 is a very overblown and romanticized thing when in reality they benefited from leaving a sinking ship early.You should make a video about why NiP has been in such a shit place for years and someone like Fnatic went on to win the 1st Major and then 2 more after that AND a 6 LAN wins in a row during what could be considered one of the most competitive era of CS:GO
MrSt33ley (5 months ago)
Iron your damn shirt!
F.B.I (5 months ago)
Those good ol' days
Nicolae Gheorghe (5 months ago)
As always nice content. Please iron your shirt :) Thanks for the vid.
Rauni RR (5 months ago)
Are we just gonna ignore the fact that NiP would mainly attend low tier events ? CSGO has evolved quite a lot, one cannot simply compare a descent team that used to face a bunch of low tier teams to the current major winners. It's way more stacked up, there are lots of descent teams, btw, They faced G2, SK and FAZE CLAN.
mustafa hy (5 months ago)
yes 87 wins against all trash teams in 2012-2013 when all good teams where playing source and nip where the only ones who made the transition
Mobjunk Nighel (5 months ago)
Because back then all teams were SHIT
Nocturnal Pyro (5 months ago)
That must have been boring to watch, the same team winning over and over again.
sepzai (5 months ago)
nip always in our hearts
chbrules (5 months ago)
So basically they're not really that great and just won because no one really good was playing yet. Okay. Lame.
Henry W (3 months ago)
chbrules Dont say that about NiP, they were legends at CS:Go and no, they were new like everyone else and the competition they faced were not trash players, NiP had some amazing players on their roster and had adapted quicker to the new game than other pro teams, also just because the video said some of the best in the world CS 1.6 and CSS didnt move over to CsGo doest mean that none of them did. NiP were a legendary team and its sad to see their fall from grace.
Algezir (3 months ago)
This has got to be the dumbest debate ever, Nip was good and still is good but what set them apart was that they were able to change to go and be able to adapt quicker than the rest. A lot of teams switched over yet we’re still having difficulty because some things that seem minor now, changed their basic muscle memory that and because they had the early adaptivity they were able to change and follow the rest from a more comfortable stage
brenden (3 months ago)
its not lame... they won because they practiced and had teamwork. If some "random guys" showed up at the olympics and Michael Phelps won then I'd praise Michael Phelps. He put in the actual time and effort to win, so why not? i dont even like nip this comment is just retarded lmao
Viktor Ceder (3 months ago)
thetrialshot Then I guess they inspired you a lot.
thetrialshot (3 months ago)
NIP sucks :^)
Rowan V (5 months ago)
please no more of that fucking awkward camera angle
silence averted (5 months ago)
So nip is the cs version of the Montreal Canadiens NHL team
RichY (5 months ago)
Back when There was Nip vs Verygames ,fifflaren and Edward and the good old time :(.
Sean Settgast (5 months ago)
I think it's gonna be a long time until NiP gets back to the top. My son is predicting that if any team is going to be able to break NiP's record, it's Astralis, but even he agrees it won't be easy even for them.
Orella Minx (5 months ago)
No one seems to mention CS:Source anymore.
Matúš Bubla (5 months ago)
Communist Kanna , (5 months ago)
I actually just saw Astralis drop 0 maps at marseille
Suviet Onion (5 months ago)
*"one point sex"*
Suviet Onion (5 months ago)
Dead Meme (5 months ago)
the fifflaren days were the good days
Lukas Knäpper (5 months ago)
i´m telling u.. they´re actually fucked since they kicked fifflarren :) it doesnt matter if he wasnt that madfragging dude.. he made this team complete :)
M4D AL3X (5 months ago)
so it was pretty much just the fact that there was little competition.
Zulhilmi (5 months ago)
one point sex
drDryden1 (5 months ago)
Nicky P (5 months ago)
This guys voice are u serious
None Ofyours (5 months ago)
I think about 87-0 and NIP magic, I was there man, if you werent there you dont know.
Simon (5 months ago)
Dude I remember when NIP was fucking killer. They were crazy back in 2014/2015
morin (5 months ago)
You say NIP sucks. I show you this video. You stfu.
IMBA (5 months ago)
nip is the most overhyped team
linkshand (5 months ago)
CSGO's Invincibles.
brrr (5 months ago)
Nip still won a couple tournaments and majors after the 87-0 run.
Leumel Postrero (5 months ago)
Miss those days😢
Liselotte Pumeluff (5 months ago)
Dv1sion (5 months ago)
i will never forget nip!!!
Barneyfo (5 months ago)
Make one about Shroud : The king of Reddit <3
Maz Adriano (5 months ago)
Getright, forest, friberg, xizt, fifflaren
RonnyWho (5 months ago)
I just got 88-0 1v5 against bots offline wheres my video bitch
Hansy (5 months ago)
I hope they release "CS 2" soon. No need to keep holding on to CS:GO with it's shitty engine. A new game is definitely needed.
ALMO (5 months ago)
NIP <3
Vegard Knutsen (5 months ago)
stop filming your fucking face man, great video in therms of info.. But why the fuck you you think the ppl watching this vid wants to see your face talking?
Petar Juric (5 months ago)
So basicly when people moved on from 1.6 to csgo they started losing? Isee
RandomnessOver9000 (5 months ago)
I hope they come back once again, great video btw
mdhcccc (5 months ago)
I can’t believe NIP is now known as the “underachieving team” was it really that long ago when they were the best?

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