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How This Lake in Northwest Asia Got Deadlier Than Chernobyl

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Text Comments (3364)
Kento Bento (13 days ago)
Crazy stuff happened in the Southern Ural Mountains. Anyone heard of these deadly lakes or nuclear accidents before? And let us know if you want us to continue with this storytime/illustration style! There is also a documentary on Netflix called 'City 40' that covers the lives of the subsequent generations living in Ozersk after the Mayak disasters - what they had to go through and what their lives are like now (at least the ones that are left). Check it out if you want to know more. Available Subtitles so far: ENGLISH, SPANISH, CROATIAN, MALAY (click 'CC') (Credit: rodrigo puertas, Vanessa Buždon) ★ Help us with subtitles in your language! http://www.youtube.com/timedtext_video?ref=share&v=SQCfOjhguO0
CRAZY TROOPER (9 hours ago)
Can you plz talk about north east indians they look exactly look like east asians but there indians
Hans Vader (22 hours ago)
I thought it is a creep pasta story at the beginning
mishka teddy ted (1 day ago)
BTW, if you said that Soviet stole the technology from the US , I think you should acknowledge that 50 to 80 % of knowledge the US had was stolen from the Third Reich .
Andrey The Giant (2 days ago)
Kento Bento I am Russian and so are all of my relatives, my home town is Chelyabinsk and everytime i visit, we pass lake Techa on our way to Chelyabinsk from Yekaterinburg. My parents and grandparents have told me all about the secret city "Chelyabinsk-40" as we have had many friends' relatives working their. However noone ever told me of the importance of this river and lake that we pass casually, perhaps that is because i am only 13 years old but it really shocks me how much history this lake and river really have, so i thank you for looking into this and spreading awareness.
MaskedMadMan 16 (4 days ago)
Kento Bento dangerous acid storms and cloids
Time Knight (36 minutes ago)
i am more educated on the internet than in school
ти во (1 hour ago)
I think the safety issues weren't considered important more because of a hurry to make more nuclear bombs, not because of the lack of knowledge.
Soplet (1 hour ago)
Oh, I thought it was about Fukusima
li zi (2 hours ago)
GG Russia
Wait is it Ligma I’ll show myself out
Ian Loeb (8 hours ago)
i'm gonna pay off the russian government and build a cabin on top of the lake site
Rodrigue SOMDA (10 hours ago)
I love your story-telling Kento!
Bezda (15 hours ago)
is it ligma?
ZiSt1989 (16 hours ago)
hi kento bento. are you still alive or have you been visited and observed by former KGB agents in recent time?
Michoss9 (17 hours ago)
okay honestly, this brilliant transition was oscarworthy
Cuddlycat (17 hours ago)
Heart in the radioactive symbols??
Andrew Borges (18 hours ago)
Soviets were worried about a US nuclear attack when they were doing it to themselves the whole time LMAO... Idiots
barnmaddo (18 hours ago)
And this is why the cleaning up the Hanford site is behind schedule and ridiculously over budget.
John Russell (19 hours ago)
The transition into your sponsorship at the end was flawless lol. Great video btw.
chxnny31 (19 hours ago)
im fucking pissed dude, all this to be a fucking ad?
Jamie Owns (21 hours ago)
I would be very very surprised. That the Russians didn't know about the risk of radiation. It was well known for decades by the time the bomb dropped. About the genetic effects of radiation. Not only that Hermann Joseph Muller even won a Nobel Prize for his research in the field in 1946.
Grem (21 hours ago)
11:15 so that is where all the sand went to
Spencer S (22 hours ago)
Info that employees of the facility were forced to work there and shot otherwise, and concidered missing is a total bulshit. My grandgrandmorher was connected to the project. And my grandfather worked in another secret city - baikonur. Nobody was forced. They were paid several times above average, even working as a janitor. An it was prestigious for scientists. And the were able to mail relatives (though through censorship) and were not declared missing, they were just obliged to tell different info about the location and their jobs
DotPy (23 hours ago)
You draw this?
NIKo (1 day ago)
Welcome! Welcome to city 40. You have chosen...
Michael Anthony (1 day ago)
A lake so deadly the person in the lake doesn't even have a torso
Anonymous 99 (1 day ago)
If no one discovered nuclear power none of this would of happened. Sure non of the stuff powered by it wouldn't exist but the earth would be much safer.
Peter Zarelli (1 day ago)
Gotta say, that segue to the plug for brilliant at the end kind of ruined the whole video. Really no need for that kind of thing, why do it?
Martin Boháč (1 day ago)
This is the lake. https://www.google.com/maps/place/Russkiye+Programmnyye+Sistemy/@55.6773709,60.7892348,1507m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x43c44923cdaf129d:0x939695445843abdc!8m2!3d55.6711533!4d60.6577438
nikize (1 day ago)
Just so you know, handling pure plutonium with your bare hands is not dangerous in anyway! It must be irradiated to be an issue
Emily Silvernail (1 day ago)
Amazing animation!
Jora (1 day ago)
Russia in a nutshell, I'd say.
Lightning Cow (1 day ago)
Wat dis good animation
Yuriy Ohonin (1 day ago)
3:25 - Bullshit 3:38 - Bullshit 8:32 - Bullshit. In Soviet union if you loose your home - you lose nothing. LITERALLY. Because you don't own place where you live, you land it. Nobody own buildings, except the country itself. So you just move to another city and the country GIVE you new flat/house for FREE. Because EVERYBODY got there houses for free in Soviet Union, There was no other option! Stupid american propaganda... I'm not against propaganda, I'm agains stupidity! Can you make smarter propaganda next time?
DigitalRaypist (1 day ago)
you should do one about the dirty plutonium plants in America next
NoTtOtAcTiCaL BLR (1 day ago)
They got ligma
Cavemantero (1 day ago)
Nuclear weapons are a hoax.
Wrath HD (2 days ago)
PQRavik (2 days ago)
This could have been an excellent video, but your random anti American comments not only diminished it, but cast doubts on your credibility. In particular, the snide comment regarding the majority of people killed in Hiroshima being civilians served no purpose other then to cast the US in a negative light. At least, they were civilians supporting a vicious militaristic state that killed millions of civilians in countries they had already conquered.
Benny2b2 (2 days ago)
did i just watch a 15 min ad bruh
Benny2b2 (2 days ago)
cause that was Brilliant
Art of Swords (2 days ago)
Got a new sub here. that lead in to Brilliant was... well, brilliant lol.
Kriste Isopahkala (2 days ago)
People think we in Finland are at risk of Russia because of their military power. NO. This is why we are at risk.
Magos X (2 days ago)
And in City 17 they keep a Dark Fusion Reactor...
thedirtbroadcast (2 days ago)
City 40... City 17? No one is allowed to leave? Hmm..
Joe Klein (2 days ago)
I love the cartoons you have been putting out❤️❤️❤️
Tomasz Kasperczyk (2 days ago)
13:02 - one of the smoothes transitions to a sponsor ad I've seen xd
Speed Franklin (2 days ago)
Where is the graphic used at 3:46 from? I checked the sources and didn't find it. Thanks for the well-researched and compellingly animated video!
Regularshowman (2 days ago)
Interesting video, but that ad at the end killed the pace and completely took me out of it.
Kento Bento (2 days ago)
the video was already over by then.
肖红云 (2 days ago)
The scary thing to me is that the radiation is invisible. The people in that city from the 1950's had no idea what they were dealing with, especially since they couldn't see it. Even though a giant cloud of radiation poisoned them all, they were led to believe that it was some "special disease", without even knowing for sure. Definitely glad we have more advanced technology today.
Steelgrey 69 (2 days ago)
That plug at the end tho brilliant !!
miknepa (3 days ago)
City 40, a far away place where scientists can live researching an deadly nuclear program. Damn, that would make for a good plot in a game
Deo Favente (3 days ago)
The plot twist at the end was... Brilliant.
Legendarydrago123 (3 days ago)
Gotta make this a movie for sure
SMOG (3 days ago)
Outbreak of a special disease called communism.
Haplo (3 days ago)
Oh, those Soviet lakes are named in Turkish; Kyzyltash (Kızıl Taş - Red/Crimson Stone) -which was first I think named because of abundant in mercury sulfide (Cinnabar) at the place. But my researchs took me where there is also another Kyzyl-tash in Tuva Republic (also belongs to Russia) which is about 2350km away from Kyzyltash and it is also takes place as being one of the largest lead and zinc mines in Russia. It looks like zinc ores can be nice red in colour. I don't know if there was another mine also at Kyzyltash just like in Tuva's Kyzyl-tash, or it was just immigrants moved from Kyzyl-tash to that new place and named their new town as Kyzyltash. There is also third Kyzyltash which is 415km south-west from disaster zone Kyzyltash. Yes, people are lazy and bad at naming things and towns. Karachay (Kara Çay - Black Creek) —"Chay" and "çay"s pronunciation are exactly same. But if pronunciation is differentiated in hundreds of years, there is also little possible of being "Tay (young horse)" instead of "Çay"; which is then translated as "Black Horse" instead of "Black Creek", I can't be sure really.— [p.s: "Çay" has two meaning as in "creek /stream" or "tea" but I think even if Russia is one of minor tea producer of the World, it's not the "tea" they are mentioning there but "creek" as it is].
Abe Coulter (4 days ago)
What a load of bullshit
kkok (4 days ago)
I think I have to disagree with that you said that soviet physicists had limited knowledge in the radiation and chemistry field. They actually had the best scientists in the world. They were the ones that flew first things into space after all. The field of biology was also advanced during those times, and the doctors that were educated during the soviet union are actually way more effective than western ones. They probably just didn't care about the small handful of people who lived there.
Get out. (4 days ago)
8:50 I doubt even the soldiers would have known what was up.
Igor Kozyrev (4 days ago)
Why is everybody on your pictures looking asian? At first I thought you'd speak about something in china lol. The fact that Syberia is located in asia doesn't mean that the majority is asians. Nowhere close to that. Also, north west asia? It's called western siberia.
willmoua1 (4 days ago)
That smooth transition to brilliant, was brilliant.
Tohschiba (4 days ago)
DJ Cookie (4 days ago)
Did anyone else notice the heart in the middle of the toxic symbol when it was getting bigger?
Sleepy (4 days ago)
City 40, hmmmmm (Half life vibes)
Doctor Jones (4 days ago)
Fuckin commies
Sauce ur-patty (4 days ago)
Damn. I never expected that ad.
Iyh C. Wieners (4 days ago)
Ah, communism
The Greek HIJACKER (4 days ago)
Another example of innocent people getting killed, infected and tortured for others' thirst for power.
Specoups (5 days ago)
13:13 You're really fucked up. Take a step back. Seriously.
Syn (5 days ago)
welp.. guess I'm glad the soviet union is a thing of the past, jesus
edjoecdn (5 days ago)
There was actually no documented evidence presented, so I remain some what skeptical. But if true, HOLY FUCK ! .. and here my biggest "worry" are pot holed roads.... ( perspective ). ... And an excellent lead in to the Brilliance web site marketing component.
I HATE CABBAGE (5 days ago)
The urgency to develop nuclear weapons...... I wish this fucking plutonium never existed, then again we might never be here if nuclear weapons doesn't exist......
Snapper Snap (5 days ago)
Jesus Christ Russia WHAT THE FUCK!
rockstarimotski (5 days ago)
F*ck, I just heard about this catastrophe for the first time 😲
to the gulag with you........................
Cruitheach (5 days ago)
Your accent keeps slipping
John Basher (5 days ago)
Cheyenobyl has been safe for years. The government has just been using the land for Nazi science experiments.
Tudor Radutu (5 days ago)
Why do these things always make me wonder 'where did we go wrong as humanity', or 'why the f**k would we even consider pursuing nuclear warfare' and finally, 'how long will we stay idle'? Also, tears forming up always.
obi_dank_kenobi (5 days ago)
I can’t believe that a lot of Americans think that those Japanese civilians deserved to be bombed two times. They did not want anything with the war. Everyone seems to ignore how evil America could be in wars to other peaceful people.
Lord Fazzle (5 days ago)
Well yes they would know because they would have the detection for nuclear weapons which caused roswell because they would be able to here the force of 100 tones of TNT blowing up
EpzCleated (5 days ago)
I never see an Asian man with a white woman but i allways see a white man with an Asian woman. Maybe penis size or idk.
Sauron the Maia (5 days ago)
How many rads is thaf
Tarantula guy (5 days ago)
Stupid soviets, trying to be cool with nuclear power like the US
Alex (5 days ago)
That transition was just brilliant.
No one talks about kishtym, even though it’s the worst behind Chernobyl and Fukushima of course
willz HatesU (6 days ago)
So Russia fell BEHIND the US with nukes and ended up nuking them self's.. Nice.
nezir çağlar (6 days ago)
kyzyıltash means in turkish red stone...and written in latin alphabet : kızıltaş... kızıl-red , taş- stone
mailen driz (6 days ago)
'''43x Chernobyl''
Kindmondo Ardundo (6 days ago)
Godamnit russia
TheHotcrumbs (6 days ago)
Karl the Pagan (6 days ago)
13:43 Spoiler: not every chain-reaction results in an explosion. Nuclear power plants use neutron moderating materials in order to control the reaction rate. Few modern reactors are even capable of experiencing an energetic release of energy (usually hydrogen which comes from the meltdown). Do check out the course material, but this factoid is too important to leave up to people's imaginations.
Opmehoofd (6 days ago)
nice video till 13:30.... you got the -1 there
King Rakan (6 days ago)
When youtube educational videos teaches better than our teachers
Jonrei Dujale (6 days ago)
I can just imagine the guy in the thumbnai saying: *I STEPPED ON SOMETHING SOFT*
Dude On Youtube (7 days ago)
Gotta stock up on dem stimpacks
NemoM22 Locust (7 days ago)
My god, you had a great video till you started your ad, people have died and are still suffering because of this and you have the gaul to make a brilliant (the app) joke about it!
MrKuriIIko (7 days ago)
It's in my oblast', I live 185km from this place
SniperPIKACHU (7 days ago)
The way they handle nuclear materials and waste sounds like the power plant Homers works at in The Simpsons lol.
D.G. Blades (7 days ago)
7:42 if Russia had taco bell
Livious Gameplay (7 days ago)
That thumbnail was... oddly satisfying... *help me*
yoshi90901 (7 days ago)
Damm that's awesome that your vids get like 1.2 mil on avredge lol. I dont know if you remebr me but I watch you a lot and you commented on my channel. Im the japanese boy that likes dragon ball lol. Very descriptive. Keep it up!
Salted (7 days ago)
Can't really say I'm surprised this mess was created by Russians..
Haktan Kaçmaz (7 days ago)
They were thinking like: The US can't use radioactive weapons on our people if we do it to our people first! *IQ:1.000.000*
Wth I live in a town called Hanford

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