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CS:GO's Source 2 Port - A Speculative Theory

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Sponsored By NordVPN : https://nordvpn.org/valve Use my promo code "valve" for %77 off their three year plan! This video is my own personal speculation. Today on Valve News Network, I just talk about all the ideas and theories I've through to myself for the last few months regarding the recent lack of CS:GO updates, gameplay concepts or leaks of anytime, and how it could possibly hint towards the upcoming Source 2 port for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (or panorama ui). Sources : https://i.redd.it/k9c2be5csju01.png http://steamcharts.com/app/730#All http://counterstrike.wikia.com/wiki/Counter-Strike:_Global_Offensive_patches/December_1,_2017 https://steamdb.info/depot/731/history/?changeid=3894262 Music : Steamworld Dig 2 OST : https://imageform.bandcamp.com/album/steamworld-dig-2-ost-feat-el-huervo Mindthings - Shine : http://music.mindthings.net/album/resonance My Social Media : Twitter : https://twitter.com/ValveNewsNetwor Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/valvenewsnetwork/ Waffler Weekly : goo.gl/Fm28Ge
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Text Comments (547)
Felix (4 months ago)
Hey its me a guy from the future updated csgo with panorama and also source parts are coming at the end of the year <3
z4zaCS (4 months ago)
Mateusz Kwiatkowski (5 months ago)
They making single player games. So, they can't working at CS:GO S2 port. But, good news is, that with a single player games, they could give us S2 tools. And, maybe after some years, a new CS game. It's possible to port CS:GO for S2, but all custom maps with a custom content will look ugly - S2 have a PBR system, all materials must be port to a new system. S2 can display S1 materials and models like in S1.
no1Sy (5 months ago)
How much will it cost approximately CSS2 in Steam? How much power do you need for a computer for CSS2? because I have in CS: GO 40-60 fps at low settings. Will CSS2 go to my weak PC?
Evan Whitelaw (5 months ago)
Friendze (5 months ago)
Valve is simple. If they don't give information or there's no a big leak that it 90% sure to be true then there's nothing coming out. We have seen and felt it thousands of time. That's sad but that's how Valve works
co3mo (5 months ago)
Operation Chicken Dinner... Soon™...
ToriaTo (5 months ago)
Hansy (5 months ago)
I hope they focus on a new game with a new engine.
Economan3000 (5 months ago)
Total bullshit
Tiago (5 months ago)
I think CS:GO will die cause it's not getting any love from Valve.
Onyx (5 months ago)
I think sourch2 is soon to be here i also think they work on a better anticheat to help for Fair play. This coud resoult in less uppdate sence all workerd are busy on those things
X (5 months ago)
Valve fucks everything up. They went to shit after shipping portal 2
Steven Tubonjic (5 months ago)
I think it'll be ported and it'll happen soon. I think we'll be hearing about a lot of Valve related stuff soon since the rebranding has occurred.
Jake G (5 months ago)
I expect a new operation in the fall and we will see source 2 sometime between august and november of next year. Mark my words.
JnaeFront (5 months ago)
inb4 lootboxes get outlawed in a couple years ; cs:go and tf2 stop making money ; valve officially confirms their game development to be over and lets both games rest in peace.
JnaeFront (5 months ago)
A huge company spending many years developing a sequel to one of the most influential pc game engines; and all they have to show for it is a slightly improved dota 2 and a shitty vr tech demo that reuses assets. "Valve time" is often meant as a joke, but I am now considering the possibility that Valve studios are located on actual time rifts. Isn't the purpose of Source 2 to be so similar and compatible with Source 1 that porting would be the main goal? If they won't port over their second most popular and profitable game, are they planning on making any substantial new games that utilize the engine? The only thing confirmed for the future is fucking Artifact. What happened to that exciting left 4 dead screenshot of a gorgeous rework of a map? Was that just a tech demo too? It's so confusing to me why Valve even made Source 2 to begin with if this was their plan. Even worse, I am primarily a TF2 fan, so I got the least chance of anything interesting happening. They should at least announce that they don't plan to do shit with the engine, that way we aren't stuck in this awful game limbo.
An average person (5 months ago)
If valve releases another useless game (artifact) I will kill my self (jk dont take it srsly)
TheDawsonater (6 months ago)
this game play is unbearable
Raimonds Samsanovičs (6 months ago)
Sorcre2 would kill csgo in pro scene if it is to realistic
Rehman Soomro (6 months ago)
Idk what is going to happen but tf2 is dead thanks to valve and they need to learn from their mistakes , like save csgo and DotA from dying please
ConflictNauf (6 months ago)
VPN and protect? LMAO.
Reyan Gee (6 months ago)
Am i tripping or did he really said "Pamorama"?
DisIsMarcoBoi (6 months ago)
I love how cs:go has a different error model
rackles (6 months ago)
you're shit at cs
Jumping Jack (6 months ago)
*csgo doesn't have major update in 4 whole minutes* "SOURCE 2 CONFIRMED!!!!!" this is far fetched.
Dr. Agogo (6 months ago)
it will remain a theory, the game is dead
ath (6 months ago)
Eric Ta (6 months ago)
Knowing valve if they port it they’ll probably make you pay for CS:S2
KillerJellyFish (6 months ago)
say it with me "pan-a-rama" not pamnorama.
Joshua Lisciarelli (6 months ago)
Just gotta say, it's because of videos like these that I love your channel. So invested in this community, and it's thanks to you we can make sense of anything Valve does nowadays. Thanks for what you do sir, we love you too.
Jeffrey Wong (6 months ago)
Hahahahahahah no way in hell
þøħ€ (6 months ago)
lol no
Jim Romines (6 months ago)
i think CSGO is DEAD -Shroud
terranking1 (6 months ago)
Battle royale on source2?
robert (6 months ago)
Love u 2
Pidar Putin (6 months ago)
who tf need csgo port to source 2. New cases? hell yes
tomaston (6 months ago)
it isnt that easy to move a game from engine to engine.
KurokuZEN (6 months ago)
I hope they bring out a new CS:GO basically a CS:GO 2 that has a tons better engine that can actually support higher tickrate and updaterate so that the engine updates fast enough to prevent those hitbox glitches etc. You know how you shoot right on someone and sometimes it just goes right through em? even on 128 tick? welp thats the engine showing you the players model where it isn't because they might have tapped their key just barely and the game wants to register the model in the wrong spot that it which determines the players location. (just a hunch)
pzreazy (6 months ago)
fuck you and your speculations
escalador (6 months ago)
Maybe they will release another CS
Peppis (6 months ago)
If you're going to upload counterstrike gameplay please upload some real gameplay and not this silver shit. You may aswell just put on offline with bots 5v5 and spectate a random bot and upload that and it will be better
X00MER (6 months ago)
I stopped believing in valve, they are just full of money because of steam and they have lost interest, just so sad, they had so much potential and they have made amazing franchises, but they don't want to make sequals. Feels bad man
Mr Nep (6 months ago)
The csgo dev team are probably helping with that new p2w card game
MiKaeL (6 months ago)
I like your AWP's nametag ;D
Subarashii (6 months ago)
"Pamorama" "Pamorama" Shut the fuck up
Jesper Laj (6 months ago)
Need to update ANTI-CHEAT !
Dr White (6 months ago)
Calling it; 'Operation DuctTape' is valve trying to learn how to plug any leaks so they can start work on HL3 in total secrecy.
Individu λambda (6 months ago)
I think the new uperation will be up for christmas if it exist, but hydra might be the last operation ever.
Dark GT (6 months ago)
Valve is money machine that don't like investing money.
Sw00p (6 months ago)
honestly all i want is better fps. it sucks that 640x480 all low and i can't scrape 60 fps.
JoCyanide (6 months ago)
Justin Gomez (6 months ago)
Bruh I appreciate the update info/speculation... But the gameplay... Is. So. Cringe. Like... Maybe overlay a pro match instead of.... Whatever that was
Reeze The Vampire (6 months ago)
My school's wifi blocks me from installing a VPN on my computer in my dorm room, isn't that alarming? Definately getting one ASAP.
Paris Isaac Redfern (6 months ago)
why do you say pamorama??? hahahaha its panorama
Terence (6 months ago)
I don't think we'll see Source 2 in any big form until Half-Life 3 which Valve would want to use as the platform for S2. Valve is super proud of their technology, you can tell from their developer commentaries, so that's why I think S2 would showcase on HL3 first. That said, I do think Panorama UI will come this year and maybe Hammer Editor Source 2.
krewio (6 months ago)
just go fortnite >:-(((((
Carlos 655 (6 months ago)
Probability of csgo being ported to source 2: Nope, operation?: Maybe, Panorama ui: 50% 50%
Tantan (6 months ago)
only me getting annoyed that he says PAMORAMA insted of PANORAMA?
Avery Tatavitto (6 months ago)
I would think they wait on source 2 for another iteration of CS, just because the physics would change everything 5+ years into development
Alex M (6 months ago)
I really hope that counter-strike doesn't die... it has been my favourite game for about 10 years...
awdlee. (6 months ago)
thanks to my P sense, i 🅿️redict the next operation will be released in the summer.
Devon Ortiz (6 months ago)
PaNorama PAN
_YTPed_ (6 months ago)
Excuse Moi? (6 months ago)
Or maybe csgo is just dying and valve wants it to happen.
Shallex (6 months ago)
why can't tyler pronounce panorama correctly
Micah Vess (6 months ago)
Vablo 1 (6 months ago)
So source 2 2020?
Maelstorm (6 months ago)
I love CSGO but all the maps my PC could run have been removed or updated. The only comp map I can run is cobblestone. This saddens me.
Yume (6 months ago)
Robo Cat (6 months ago)
VPN is useful for Russia
fraxyl (6 months ago)
PANO-RAMA. Not pamo. XD
sky9604 (6 months ago)
Maybe this means that now a full source 2 port will benefit the game better in their eyes. What if in the end they realized that in order to implement the battle royale mode, they will have to move the game to a new engine. As far as i remember, the original Source is not very capable of implementing large maps and doesnt have a very efficient way of loading LoDs.
T2000 (6 months ago)
they are putting efforts on artifact.. not this thing.
Shriadid (6 months ago)
I hope you are right about this one
Shadow-Warrior (6 months ago)
Just let that game die valve, was condemned since the launch. We need more games and not shitty games like artifact, more fps!
Johnata Silva (6 months ago)
sokrey (6 months ago)
We just want Panorama UI :(
Mic Hal (6 months ago)
I feel like they just have to port this game to newer engines forever now with all those people investing zillions to buy stupid skins. If they do just a whole new game fucking revolution is coming:-))
Bogisa (6 months ago)
Yugomar (6 months ago)
Valve had previously said that Panorama was set to release in 2017 yet it still isn’t here yet. But due to that release schedule they probably were already far into development and just had to do finishing touches or deal with further problems they ran into. If I were to say, the Panorama update is almost guaranteed to drop in the next 3 months or maybe around the time of the Faceit London Major.
Enes Civan (6 months ago)
CS:GO is a special game because of its being completely competitive. All the mechanics are depending on the skill. What a shame there are a lot of bugs and cheats in CS:GO. When we consider that we are waiting for a Source2 update while we are suffering of cheaters and bugs, why Valve wouldn't bring it as a solution to these all. They can be changing some mechanics or some stuff but it won't f*** up CS:GO. People should stop repeating some Youtubers who just cares about getting money by gambling stuff by pulling people to it(and showing those sites like people can really profit on them.). Someone must let people see that. Maybe why not you? I like your stuff in YouTube btw, keep it up :)
Kiselkoff (6 months ago)
shouldballtouch? No homo
PhoenixPalmer (6 months ago)
HAHAHAHAHA sorry the idea of Valve providing meaningful support to their titles just gets a laugh outta me every time
staberas (6 months ago)
In b4 Tunnelbear sponsorship
Spooky Ghost (6 months ago)
TheMet306 (6 months ago)
Unsubbed because of the pre-video sponsorship, fuck off
Macanick Mecha (6 months ago)
people complaining about volvo working on dota card game, other people complaining about volvo not updating their games, and other people says people complaning is bitching. maybe artifact was right?
Still fan of the good old times when you didn't had a inbuilt map to see everyone approaching... Kids...
Alex Warren (6 months ago)
What happened to all the coop strike force stuff?
MrA16 Music (6 months ago)
Things I want in 2018: CS:GO on Source 2 Wolverine and Deadpool in the MCU That's it.
lampenpam (6 months ago)
What's with the crosshair and HuD color?
Yourgrandma • (6 months ago)
I'm hyped for valve's yearly announcement of having nothing to show for e3 again.
Nikio (6 months ago)
Use code "valve"....."valve"..... Seriously?
Matthew Wilson (6 months ago)
Are you saying "pamorama"? XD
〈Coding/〉 (6 months ago)
operation half life 3
BINIR (6 months ago)
why cant we get the leaked mp5-SD ;/
coolkid (6 months ago)
But hey, that's just a theory. A Valve theory.
Konsti G. (6 months ago)
그냥사람 (6 months ago)
*only ui engine getting ported* That's it. Rename source 2 into doto2 engine

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