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Top 50 Super Nintendo Games

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Top snes games
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Artur Grabowski (10 days ago)
bot of wars,,loos er.
Daniel Porchas (12 days ago)
From this great list i have in my collection: R type 3, DKC 2, Wild Guns, Super Punch out, Batman Returns, Final Fight 3, Gradius 3, Super Double Dragon, Super Turrican 2, Ninja Warriors, Contra 3, Megaman 7, Super Castelvania 4, Megaman X, Turtles 4, SF 2 Turbo, Megaman X3, Chrono Triger, DKC, Super Mario World.
Slava Gerchicov (28 days ago)
#33 Plok ?! This game just sucks
Ddd Fff (1 month ago)
supermen2004 Denmark.
Ddd Fff (1 month ago)
top 50 old small games
N2144 (1 month ago)
19:20 Sounds like Sunset Riders
Erik DeWitt (1 month ago)
Beast MODE! The few that I don't own here I am putting on my SD2SNES right now and booting up my RGB modded SNS101- so many Japanese gems too that I am so thankful for fans doing translations too so I can experience Star Ocean, Tales of Phantasia, G.O.D., Alcahest, Bahamut Lagoon, Ganpuru, Clock Tower, Majuu Ou, etc etc.
420Ganjamike (2 months ago)
The terminator looks like hank hill in that snes game lmao.
rony abarca (2 months ago)
DKC2 - Nº47?? WTF
Angel Morales (2 months ago)
Pitfall es mi favorito
dillajohn (2 months ago)
EARTH WORM JIM was the shit ! @16:32
Games Digitais (2 months ago)
Meu Chapa que espetacular ficou este vídeo. Dá uma olhada no nosso canal também, temos diversos vídeos sobre o mesmo tópico.
Rogerio Lagreca (3 months ago)
Chrono trigger sucks
Rogerio Lagreca (3 months ago)
Canal Win (3 months ago)
Great list! Could you help me advertise my channel? Thank you!
白濫 (3 months ago)
Flávia Oliveira (3 months ago)
Donkey kong country 2 #47?????? Yeah right
xHoschi87x Stern (4 months ago)
-Yoshis Island -one of the best RPGs ever LUFIA - International Superstar Soccer Deluxe - Wing Commander 😍😍😍😍 -Sim City ❤❤❤❤❤❤
Sensacionalista (4 months ago)
Amigo, bateu uma saudade de um certo jogo. Pode ser jogado de 2 players, o objetivo era salvar uns pequenos bixos vermelhos e na maioria das vezes matar os azuis, o recurso disponível era colocar blocos, lembra o nome? Sucesso ao canal!
TheJoejoez (4 months ago)
zelda at 10 and super metroid at 8? this is straight trolling!
David S (4 months ago)
Handheld for these games
TheMETROID1987 (4 months ago)
Secreat of evermore
Fatih taşdemir (5 months ago)
any single game to level adding makes how yet after? voice & effect change game of before and then?
HonorB 4Glory (5 months ago)
I forgot about Zombies Ate my Neighbors, it was a good game, and you forgot Strike Gunner.
Jungleman savetheforest (5 months ago)
great list i think you like megaman alot great game just the music gets a bit bothersome to my ears !!
антон мишель (5 months ago)
на первых местах осадок какой то я бы метройда на 1 поставил
Jency Prida (5 months ago)
Rix xy (6 months ago)
WWF Royal Rumble was the funniest game of all time.
Zefanya Lt (6 months ago)
Is that even legal? Fighting in a boxing ring using a cane? Lmao
Bad Music & Family (6 months ago)
Game list ?
Thiago Carvalho (6 months ago)
Manfred Knüpfer (6 months ago)
you forgot true lies
Dheymison Ferreira (6 months ago)
Como é o nome desse ai de tiro ai parceiro ?
Dheymison Ferreira (6 months ago)
Opa!!vie aki mt bom
Snake Pliskin (6 months ago)
Mariokart 64 is by far the best of all time.
Snake Pliskin (6 months ago)
Super is my favorite.
Duke Of_Cleveland_East (6 months ago)
Super Metroid should have been more like #2 . And where the hell is the Duel?
newjack900 (6 months ago)
ZAMN top 5 or gtfo
Cj Armour (6 months ago)
Mayor McCheese (6 months ago)
ZAMN at number 31...... FAKE NEWS! If you want anyone to take you seriously, then it needs to be in your top 10. Number 1 in my book, but I understand not everyone has the same taste. Thumbs down!
Mehdi Zed3D (7 months ago)
I think some of them are Sega games
Caio Henrique (7 months ago)
Pqp tava procurando esse jogo de cowboy faz tempo
Xandy (7 months ago)
Nostalgia desses jogos. Jogava no computador da minha vó quando eu era menor. Usava o macete de deixar a velocidade mais baixa pra poder jogar mais facilmente os jogos kkkkkkk
names please!!!
Planeta Games (7 months ago)
mccraejoey82 (7 months ago)
Metroid should have been higher on the list
mccraejoey82 (7 months ago)
f-zero was so dope!!
Flashback (7 months ago)
how the hell did Terminator 2 get on this list?
Franchesko Salinas (7 months ago)
moto ratones
MB (8 months ago)
Roberto Filho (8 months ago)
No Yoshi's island... Congratulations for your shitty list
J Sirwah (8 months ago)
2 great games that never get mentioned: Uni-Racers and Super Puzzle Fighter II
Thiago Zé (8 months ago)
Donkey Kong 2... 48th place???
Uesti Mcloud (8 months ago)
Cath Buck (8 months ago)
16:10 When you do dat-kinda work wit' da' legs, can you hit him?
Scooter Blalock (8 months ago)
No thanks on Animaniacs. Lame. Worst list I've seen yet. Good job.
Theli (9 months ago)
Even I love video games the best memories I remember are the ones playing outside with my brother and friends.
Just AGuy (9 months ago)
I have every SNES game installed on my Xbox as well as every NES and Sega game
Zachary Sales (9 months ago)
Home alone demon crest please check out the games
Zachary Sales (9 months ago)
Same with mega Man x
Zachary Sales (9 months ago)
Legend of Zelda Definitely deserves a better spot
tanner turek (9 months ago)
T2 really
Bar-tek pride Saiyan (9 months ago)
Secret of Mana❤
bongocerocampanero (9 months ago)
DKK2 in 47?.... bye
masoud jackson (9 months ago)
Just Final Fight 2 exclusive for Super Nintendo and of course Sunset Riders
ganesan00001 (9 months ago)
Why is that garbage Megaman X3 in #4 spot and why is Legend of Zelda way behind?
Sam de Riv (9 months ago)
Flashback, another World......
Kevin Ngo (9 months ago)
Whoever pick this list is fucking retarded, at least half is pure garbage
pepperj (9 months ago)
Wouldn't it be crazy if the dude that made this was a retard and it took him like ten years to make the video and figure out how to post to YouTube and he's sooo proud of himself and then you're like: "this guys fucking retarded!!!" Lol, that's the shit that goes on in my mind!
Jeremyam1985 (9 months ago)
Fail AF. Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars isn't on this list.
gaah23 (9 months ago)
Firepower 2000
Marcostedoldi2 (9 months ago)
Top GEAR? manja?
Super Metroid is the best
Skap Kof Gonzeilz (9 months ago)
2:06 DKC best sound effects ever, LOL
andrew dyke (9 months ago)
Super metroid????
andrew dyke (9 months ago)
Kind of shocked by the dk 2 rank in this
andrew dyke (9 months ago)
I kinda of hate sports games on snes except man jam and I like the Sega version more
Joyka OH (10 months ago)
такового бомбермена выпустили бы на свитче, а то выпустили ерунду какую-то невеселую
Lurchipoo (10 months ago)
Yoshi’s Island? Pilotwings?? Street Fighter II Turbo? And you have the balls to put Super Metroid at #8?!!! For fuck sake man, this list is total shit!
Vitor Valentin De Lima (10 months ago)
Mortal kombat 2 o melhor de todos os mortais !
JaxieWorld (10 months ago)
Uhm. Top 3: Final Fantasy VI Zelda - A Link To The Past Donkey Kong Country... ok Chrono Trigger
Jazzy Jez (10 months ago)
No Street Fighter Alpha 2?
Games Digitais (11 months ago)
Meu chapa este vídeo ficou bom, eu curto demais jogos antigos.  Se alguém  se interessar, conheça o nosso canal, pois falamos muito de fliperamas antigos. É saudosismo puro.
jwathas (11 months ago)
Some of the games on this list are very questionable......
mr Tree (11 months ago)
The death and return of superman is definitely a good game
Kuribo Kutsu (11 months ago)
Terminator 2 in this list? Come one, it was one of LJN games, pretty crappy albeit it had some funny moments...
DEATH TUBE (11 months ago)
Lol I just refinished captain comic Dont forget have a look at my Cannabis
flowtrancer (11 months ago)
Видео хорошее . Ммммм
Eddy Nite (11 months ago)
judge dredd ma favorite
Sázhe M. Epifanne (11 months ago)
Edwin Grullon (11 months ago)
Crazy to put Zelda a link to the past at 10 lol. Should easily be #1
Mellyson King Eleonora (11 months ago)
16:13 classic!!
Demyx (11 months ago)
Terranigma? :c
EZ Does It (11 months ago)
Great list... it"s nice to see that Link and Super Metroid didn't get the obligatory top 2 spots.
Mr. Anonymous (1 year ago)
Megaman x2?
dustanglx50 (1 year ago)
4-Donkey Kong Country 3-Mario World 2-Link to the Past 1-SUPER METROID
Anthony Davis (1 year ago)
i think nintendo actually did a great job selecting their games for the snes mini. Just watching this in case i wanna add something to it...
Fukyeah (5 months ago)
A Great Job because u can Add more Games by yourself using hackchi
Life Is Gay (5 months ago)
Night Rider me too
SolidSnakeJP7 (1 year ago)
What about Goofy Troop, International Super Star Soccer Deluxe, Sunset Riders, Top Gear, Indiana Jones Greatest Adventures, Aladdin, Side Poker, NBA Jam. All these games were TOP TOP TOP.
renan rogers (2 months ago)
Best reply
Sublime Thinker (1 year ago)
surprised Super Star wars is on list but no Super Empire Strikes back. The star wars games on SNES were very difficult IIRC...
Razorcat coding (1 year ago)
How did terminator 2 make this list? It is monotonous and has bad controls.
dz_cracker (1 year ago)
ISS delux?
Imi Fürész (1 year ago)
Where is the True lies? :)

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