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Medal of Honor: Allied Assault Breakthrough - Kasserine Pass Part II (Part 2) [Walkthrough]

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This is a redo of the walkthrough I did ages ago. This one, however, has a much higher frame rate meaning I play better. I also recorded this with a full version of Fraps. This includes the game audio (not some music) and it has no mods. Also, this can be viewed at 720p HD. This is mission 1, level 2 called Tunisia: Battle of the Kasserine Pass Part II. After getting through the bunker, you follow a convoy of tanks and a minesweeper. But artillery forces you to not go any further unless you take it out. You continue through the Kasserine Pass to a bunker system that, from the intelligence you found earlier, has a large supply of ammo that you need to blow up.
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Text Comments (205)
منتظر منتظر (5 days ago)
نزلفيديوهات بيهة كس زب ديوس
منتظر منتظر (5 days ago)
كس ختك
Scrab21 (7 days ago)
i never get tired of this game.. such a masterpiece
Fantomas Fantomas (1 month ago)
сервер 2018 год, . allied assaultbreakthrough
Kai Vlogzz (1 month ago)
Where is pierson?
Zachary Nelson (2 months ago)
I played this when I was a kid, not a worry in the world when times were simpler
Alvaro Mercado (3 months ago)
No. Lobo N
Fuck shit o 3 (3 months ago)
I’m from
Fuck shit o 3 (3 months ago)
What. America
Lord Iheanacho (4 months ago)
Why is the music volume so low?
Claudia Nucifora (6 months ago)
wow lol
DUTT BOI (7 months ago)
This dude sucks
Pavel Vokroj (7 months ago)
Já miluju medal of honor
Samuel Franco (7 months ago)
Lol soldier's tank could hear general call
jeckredash (9 months ago)
The Thompson is a fully automatic gun. Why do you fire one bullet at once? And you don't just go meleeing them. That's boring. Actually be realistic!!!!
Henry Tomasino (2 months ago)
I get the point of just going out to melee everyone is unrealistic but what's the problem with shooting single shots with the Thompson? It helps in dealing with recoil and since the game will give you very little ammo in the next part. It's good to practice controlling your fire. Soldiers nowadays use SMGs and Rifles in the same way. Either in short bursts or single shots as it helps with accuracy. Firing any weapon in full auto even if it was meant to be an automatic firearm is not recommended by any military. Even MGs are best used in short bursts not full auto fire.
Azz aldeen Aldeen (10 months ago)
Very nice
Martin Elosegui (10 months ago)
Hola alguien sabe como puedo conseguir este juego? Un link o algo yo la verdad no tengo mucha idea lo jugaba cuando era pibe gracias
si tienes la plataforma origin lo puedes comprar esta barato yo lo tengo asi lo que ya no esta disponible es el multijugador
Rivaldo Rival (1 year ago)
Karcika goloriya
Jacob Roy (1 year ago)
Are you playing on pc or did this come out for console?
Jabberminor (1 year ago)
I played it on a GT9500.
Jacob Roy (1 year ago)
Jabberminor Ok thanks can I get your pc specs when you played this game?
Jabberminor (1 year ago)
PC only I'm afraid.
itsconnorstime (1 year ago)
Breakthrough was hard because you hardly got any ammo. But I died because of the game crashing more than enemy fire!
Ilmansyah KTD Embalut (1 year ago)
Ajax Fox (1 year ago)
06:44 wtf is he doing?
Jabberminor (1 year ago)
He's raising the roof.
fernando uy (1 year ago)
juega en el nivel mas facil.... se lleva todo por delante....
Foxy (1 year ago)
DOWNLOAD and INSTALL video for this game is on my channel:D MULTIPLAYER works too
Kyle Cooper (1 year ago)
Adriano Moran Mosella (1 year ago)
Please Support this Remastered Petition of MOH: https://www.change.org/p/ea-games-medal-of-honor-allied-assault-remastered-a90ad8d4-1d57-427a-b518-6b1a7ccef358?recruiter=246164216&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink
Adriano Moran Mosella (1 year ago)
Thanks! :)
Jabberminor (1 year ago)
I signed it.
taynara Silva (1 year ago)
esse e o frontline sao os piores jogos da franquia
taynara Silva fumou droga?
حيدر ضيوف
xXDarellXx (2 years ago)
I really wanna play this how to download it?
Benitta Csizmadia (1 year ago)
khanh le phuong nkkql3)a a
khanh le phuong (1 year ago)
Jabberminor (2 years ago)
GOG.com has the bundle.
يوسف الراقي (2 years ago)
Peta Rulik (2 years ago)
Brian Guiducci (2 years ago)
jack S (2 years ago)
allied or german?
Marcin Kamiński (2 years ago)
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Alvin Fadhli Alhaya (2 years ago)
Mickapicka (2 years ago)
Breakthrough is fun but it always seemed kind of rough-cut to me, if that makes sense.
Firas Alzubedi (1 year ago)
Mickapicka ههههههه8
Mickapicka (2 years ago)
AI pathing is kind of sketchy here and there, the campaign maps have a few messed up spots. Also the Carcano reload animation looks kind of awkward.
BleedinglHeart (2 years ago)
Rough-cut ?
John Domnic Downey (2 years ago)
just love it
Master Le (2 years ago)
but your good at this game
Master Le (2 years ago)
Thales Oliveira (2 years ago)
whats console?
Jabberminor (2 years ago)
+Thales Carvalho PC.
A Cabral SF (2 years ago)
para que essa correria no jogo? o cara não curte nada do jogo jogando desse jeito !!!
Cheenee Sarreal (2 years ago)
maaz322 (2 years ago)
wow, they knew how to make games back then
Jabberminor (2 years ago)
+EndlessBard00 Currently £6.89 for Allied Assault, Spearhead and Breakthrough on GOG incase you're not able ot play it.
EndlessBard00 (2 years ago)
I played all of these...they were the best I might be able to play them again since I found my old Windows 7 laptop
STIFF KING JR (2 years ago)
teenage memories now , it was all day playing this wonderful game along with other expansion , good times ...
luiz Xetzu (2 years ago)
como faz pra dar a coronhada? eu sou brasileiro
Vojtech Sivak (2 years ago)
to mi zaliz
Gbit 0ne (2 years ago)
Stupid mod
Christian Rodgers (2 years ago)
Ahhh, the memories...
By Gy (2 years ago)
Best game ever made!!! MOHAA and 2 more expansions..
John Doe (2 years ago)
The americans lost at kaserine pass and semi auto tomm on easy doesnt make you a pro
Henry Tomasino (2 months ago)
He never said he was a pro. And even in easy the games gives you very little ammo.
Jabberminor (2 years ago)
+John Doe I never said I was a pro. I'm merely showing the mission.
Darsuki Ghofur (2 years ago)
MajorFoley (2 years ago)
I hated that NPC count, I was able to get rid of it with a little messing about.
Carl johnson (1 year ago)
Carl johnson (1 year ago)
MajorFoley (2 years ago)
+Jabberminor Nope it usually comes up if you try to widescreen fix it. I have written a guide myself on why it happens here.http://www.gog.com/forum/medal_of_honor_allied_assault_war_chest/a_guide_to_widescreen_medal_of_honor_allied_assault_and_its_expansionsI did borrow from the original guide that someone else had done and credited to them. But the expansion pack fix was mine. The last couple of paragraphs explain
Jabberminor (2 years ago)
+MajorFoley1 Did it come up because of using cheats?
abo sakr (2 years ago)
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Ana Borges (2 years ago)
Iam high on life (2 years ago)
you fire the Thompson like a rifle
Henry Tomasino (2 months ago)
It helps in dealing with recoil and it helps to be very accurate as you have very little ammo starting from the Bizerte Fortress mission so practicing controlling your firing and trigger manner helps.
jeckredash (9 months ago)
Ethan Sun (10 months ago)
Iam high on life
Adir Francisco (1 year ago)
Iam high on life hdnvjf
Adir Francisco (1 year ago)
Iam high on life bgvcn
YL Storage (3 years ago)
semi auto a Thompson in easiest game mode possible does not make you "pro", it makes you stupid.
Henry Tomasino (2 months ago)
YL Storage Making a comment claiming it makes him a pro whilst he never said he was a pro makes you stupid.
Paulo Silva (3 years ago)
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patricio amezcua (3 months ago)
Sí? Se le escapó un gei.
Martin Melo (3 years ago)
Recargas muy rapido debes esperarte un poco en el caso de la ametralladora
Lord Christof (3 years ago)
Voll geil
Chalong Phumcharoen (3 years ago)
Rodrigo Nolazco (3 years ago)
Que uses mas la metralleta como se usa.use tne machiene gun good no bad
rocío Rosa (3 years ago)
1/r72/71r31r1e284e82r484rq4r8 dsacdeeeoljfa´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´jeffffffffffffeoooooooo´q+99999999f87q1re1/r
علي شكري (3 years ago)
علاوي شسمه لعبه عليك عباس
В собственных видео говари о игре и этак далие
Makalon102 (3 years ago)
the grahpiks in this game suck seriously they look like a game from 2001, call of duty advanced warfare as better grahpiks
Rasit Behrem (1 year ago)
kappa guy gdmd,gtm
aco (1 year ago)
Graphics is the only thing Aw is better at than this game.
+Makalon102 Cala a porra da boca gringo filho da puta
bob bobo (3 years ago)
+Makalon102 Duh...it is from 2001...
Kazeshini Hasagi (3 years ago)
thank god :D
Götz v. Überlingen (3 years ago)
only a game. the amerikans were beaten hard by the Germans.
Scrab21 (7 days ago)
sure about what? look at your sherman tanks easily destroyed by a mere panzerfaust if it wasn't for the URSS all of you would be speaking german
only up to market garden
yerr! (3 years ago)
sure 'bout that one fam?
Jacob Roy (3 years ago)
My great Grandfather was an Infantry soldier during Kasserine Pass. He had a M1-Garand and killed around 10 German's before he was wounded and killed with shrapnel from a German grenade. I wish I could have met him, however my Grandpa use to tell me cool stories about great Grandpa and how he was a hero.
Combine #16987 (2 years ago)
no, he just died.
Götz v. Überlingen (3 years ago)
he killed around 10? you was beside him? stupid com.
zrah1092 (3 years ago)
I played this the first day it came out
Jaska Jokunen (2 years ago)
+zrah1092 Same.
Rylee Songer (4 years ago)
Next time jump on the jeep or tanks
SoViEtUnIoN (4 years ago)
how do you but a guy with SMGs and rifles
Titan Jaeger HD (4 years ago)
+pewdiepavel gun There you go. 
SoViEtUnIoN (4 years ago)
oh i have allied assault
Titan Jaeger HD (4 years ago)
+pewdiepavel gun Well Spearhead it's right mouse click to melee. In Allied Assault you can only hit with a pistol. I don't know about Breakthrough yet.
SoViEtUnIoN (4 years ago)
wat allied assault is it
Titan Jaeger HD (4 years ago)
+pewdiepavel gun did it work?
tomy Ve (4 years ago)
this game is full censored, and the german IA is full stupid...
GeneralNonsenze (4 years ago)
One of my favorite games, shame it's hard to find nowadays.
GeneralNonsenze (3 years ago)
Oh I did, been playing it for a couple of weeks now :D
Dread Steel (3 years ago)
+GeneralNonsenze go get it for $1 or more (charity) https://www.humblebundle.com/
zrah1092 (3 years ago)
Just go to steam
Flippytop (4 years ago)
dude its in origin for 10 bucks it comes with allied assault spearhead and breakthrough. I just bought it
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AnubisWraith13 (4 years ago)
oh the memories :') 
Noel Zapanta (4 years ago)
those guy are creepy and scary
King Pootis (5 years ago)
oooh nostalgia
sopapanois doidao (5 years ago)
very cool ne. what do not I understond you guys talking stalation
Jabberminor (5 years ago)
They are quite realistic in terms of what you had to do.
Advanced (5 years ago)
de letter r
LittleFox (5 years ago)
Graphic whore!
Jordan Lewis (5 years ago)
No I don't want to pay I want to download it for free.
Jordan Lewis (5 years ago)
kk :(
AeroFix94 (5 years ago)
i prefer Allied Assault and Spearhead
ye i hate one man army games but like the ones with ai helping me
Jabberminor (5 years ago)
I'm glad you think that way! I feel that MW3 is too 'Hollywood' for my liking and that the missions don't feel real. Breakthrough however, does. I know that some people said that it's very unrealistic to be on your own most of the time, but it did happen, especially when all your teammates die (like they do in Allied Assault).
King Albert I (6 years ago)
I remember playing the crap out of this game.
franz soriano (6 years ago)
i hate m1 garand
Jabberminor (6 years ago)
Was it due to the ammo limitations by chance?
Carl Johnson (6 years ago)
I have not got that level and I can only hit with gun and all that
Matt Q (6 years ago)
People say bf1942 AI were bad there both 2002
Jabberminor (6 years ago)
I don't know where to get it legally from.
Jordan Lewis (6 years ago)
I cant find the download link for this game, help me out please?
Jabberminor (6 years ago)
Nope, released September 22, 2003.
BlackBirdGamer (6 years ago)
omg this kids i cant understand them this game was made 2003 i was 7 years old then and i played this game and it was the best game of that time so stfu pls
Jatyo (6 years ago)
Graphic whore below me... VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV
Stephanie Jackson (6 years ago)
i cryed iv never seen suck shit grafics ever
Ciasteczko54 (6 years ago)
omg Level : Very easy... Play on hard one shot = 30 dmg
DerpzTM (6 years ago)
I miss playing this game :( This game I loved to play besides Call of Duty. It just sucks now that I can't play it :(
Jabberminor (6 years ago)
Carla Morales (5 months ago)
Jabberminor mí aj
TeamMastaPr2 (6 years ago)
It's not the graphic that makes the game incredible, it's the gameplay!

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