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Half-Life 2 Episode One - Opening Sequence HD (1080p)

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!! SPOILER ALERT !! Half-Life 2 Episode One - Opening Sequence in HD Video details: * 238.74mb * 1920x1080p * Highest settings available * Audio: 320kbps INFO The opening sequence from Half-Life 2 Episode One. This is the only appereance that the G-man makes in this episode, and reveals somehow that he isn't unstoppable or godlike. However, who Gman is remains still a mystery troughtout the game and I'm not going to tell my theory about him... The only thing I can mention is that I hope he's not evil, at least neutral. Happy watching! My Computer: - Windows 7 Premium - CPU (Processor) - Intel Quad Core i7 860 @ 2.80GHz - GPU (Graphics Card) - ATI Radeon HD 5870 (1Gig) - Memory - 4 Gigabite (2x2gig) - Soundcard: ASUS Xonar D2 - Monitor - SyncMaster B2230 (Full HD / 70000:1 Dynamic Contrast / (1920x1080)
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Text Comments (122)
Aurora Azatot (3 days ago)
Fuck you, Gay-Man! Lol :D
Ali Qassim (5 days ago)
Is it the best game ever or what !!! now it is late 2018 and still amazing to see its cutscenes
janklodvandamisback (28 days ago)
Look like Episods happened in parallel universe not original
MystifiedSolitude (29 days ago)
Anyone else noticed how G-Man had a smirk on his face when the first vortigaunt before the others came?
janklodvandamisback (30 days ago)
So fucking cool
HADOW S (2 months ago)
what is the music? please!
Sigma 27 (2 months ago)
0:57. Vortigaunt to the right of Alyx. I like how the Vort gives a gentle nod to Alyx! :)
EnchGA (5 months ago)
2 dislikes are from Wallace Breen and G-Man
InfiniteDarkMass (5 months ago)
Aww, man, so fucking epic!
StunTheLightning (6 months ago)
Łucas (6 months ago)
Lung... Tongue...
Rider450 (7 months ago)
i love that sound at the start
Waylon (8 months ago)
This made me laugh to be honest. Gman comes in like "Oh hey Freeman I was gonna tell you-" then just gets cut off
CosmicSubliminals (8 months ago)
I've never seen this cut scene even though I've beaten all of the half life games...??
This is from Half-Life 2 Episode 1, the episodes are seperate games
GLaDOSCake122 (1 year ago)
Woah... Epistle 3's ending is like EP1's intro but the roles are reversed, Gordon left to die and saved by Vortigaunts whereas Alyx is taken by Gman, of course she isn't taken from Gman like Gordon was.
TheGuillotinecutter (1 year ago)
This is exact moment when you realized:"Shit just got motherfucking real, and it's only the begining".
Botbulb (1 year ago)
What's the music at the start?
Army (1 year ago)
the gap betweens his words hurts lol
Sanic Hotdog (1 year ago)
It took me a while but I finally figured out what is going on in this scene. The G-Man was going to but Gordon back in stasis but the Vortigaunts stopped him which angered him.
dbgtbrasil5 (1 year ago)
I think that this is the first scene in te entire series that the camera is not gordon's point of view, i think that we see what happened to alyx after gordon leave, and then what happened to gman when he walked away from gordon and steped in that white door. Maybe he was not going to talk to gordon and this scene is just like the scene in the citadel where we are not seeing what gordon sees, I don't know, it's hard to understand cutscenes in half-life since you are all the time seeing throw the protagonist's eyes.
BlueShit199 (1 year ago)
I think he's actually about to put Gordon *OUT* of stasis, but years ahead, and possibly on another world. He already succesfully put Gordon in stasis at the end of Half-Life 2, now he returns because he found a new task for Gordon. That's just my idea though.
Henry Black (1 year ago)
Those 4 words have so much meaning to the story of this game. Holy shit, Valve is so great at this...
SquidySaurus (1 year ago)
Wow your great work really inspired some ideas for my vids
Christian Hillman (1 year ago)
We'll see... about THAT!
Rajastega (1 year ago)
EP 2 SPOILERS! The Vorts don't help in the last moments when Eli is killed, they're nowhere to be found (like in the Citadel), and for some reason D0g gets distracted of something. Some vortigaunts are found in White Forest, but it's weird.
Zach (11 months ago)
Alienhobo899 I know that, I still don't trust them.
2060 (11 months ago)
Zach Vortiguants were slaves to the nihilanth in hl1 and gordon freed them
Zach (1 year ago)
I don't trust the Vortigaunts. Gordon killed so many of their kind, they're no doubt still antagonistic towards him.
Ben's Videos (1 year ago)
That 1 dislike is *Wallace* *Breen*.
Nasty Fresh (2 years ago)
The way these games started out were so different alien slaves now on your side lmao.
GamingReviews (2 years ago)
When Gordon killed the Nihilanth, the Vortigaunts were freed by the enslavent the Nihilanth brought upon them. However, when an intelligent creature like the Nihilanth says Gordon should best be wary of someone like GMAN, it always makes me sad to think that yes, the GMAN might not actually be the good guy many think he is :'(
Dmitriy Gridin (2 years ago)
When I saw it a long time ago, it was a wide array of emotions. I felt happy to see Alyx was saved by the Vortigaunts. I felt glee in seeing G-man being pushed back! He wasn't all-powerful! Elation, relief, and then, a pang of fear. G-man, always so calm and "under control", always waiting for the right moment, always "rational" in his own way, was confused, and then, angry. If his business suit are the "restrictions" he's always abiding by, he just loosened his "tie", symbolically enough. "We'll see about THAT." And I felt powerless, for despite everything I did as Mr. Freeman, I could never face G-man alone.
ADUPS (2 years ago)
I like how G-Man acts in the series. So mysterious!
Spaze (2 years ago)
Half life 3 / 2 episode 3 haw to be about gman
Mean Green Slitheen (3 years ago)
Wait, I've never seen this cutscene before, why is the opening to Hl 2(before ep 1) different to HL: EP 1
That Rabbid Nerd (2 years ago)
+A Certain Gamer Keep in mind both Half Life 2 episode one and two take place AFTER the original "Half Life 2", it is not the same game split into two parts as some might lead you believe. That is why they all have a different opening.
megaton199x (3 years ago)
they can react to G-man and we can kill them with gun
UnproductivePupils (3 years ago)
I feel like G-man is Gordon from the future.
Emoshy88 (3 years ago)
So there are entities who are more powerful or just as powerful as G-Man? That's nice to know.
StunTheLightning (6 months ago)
it totally doesn't , Game Theorists failed to theorise hl , that theory has been rejected years ago . MatPat has given no proofs . plus the Gman is the responsible of the cascade in the first place , our theory is that he wanted to drag the combine and finish them once and for all to stop invading worlds .
Fenris0mega94 (6 months ago)
Can the nihilanth stop time?
Tom (7 months ago)
There's a theory saying that G-Man comes from Xen and is like a human form of a Nihilanth. Gman can teleport like Vortigaunts, he speaks in an odd way and seem to be against the Combines. It seems pretty clear the Gman is agaisnt the Combines because he decides when to get you off stasis. This theory is explained in depth in a video by Game Theorists. It totally makes sense.
2060 (11 months ago)
Random Realistic Tone You either skipped it on accident or you werent playing half life 2 episode 1
Random Realistic Tone (1 year ago)
+GamingReviews I dont get it? I never got this intro on my first gameplay?
"We'll see... about that!" Yes, we see it, you're the reason HL3 will never come back because you erased the number "3" from Gaben Newell's head.
EdwardOfTheAwesome (3 years ago)
I like the way how the Vortigaunts push Gman around and he actually gets pissed XD
Toastyplace (3 years ago)
The one thing that I'm not looking forward too in Half-Life 3 /episode 3 is the graphics. The previous-gen graphics of Half Life 2 were in my opinion, quite a unique characteristic of the game. :(
Jet Set Tomato (9 months ago)
I....I have some bad news
GlobleTheater (3 years ago)
+Toastyplace Same!
tenjek (3 years ago)
+She-hulk Mann  half life 2 characters have expressive features, responses and reactions due to great game direction by the creators. You can better connect with them due to this. Despite its age, it outmatches even current and next gen games simply because of the great people behind it. Its "the wielder, not the sword" after all.
Jennifer Walters (3 years ago)
+tenjenk What do you mean?
Toastyplace (3 years ago)
+tenjenk Yeah I've played it for 159 hours.
cheatsykoopa98 (3 years ago)
I know this video is old and nobody's gonna see this, but i think gman is like a bounty hunter, I mean, YOU (gordon freeman) are the bounty hunter, the gman himself only offers your "services", probably the vortigaunts "hired" gordon to free the world from the combine, and when the job was "done" (destroying that tower in city 17), the gman came to take his "marvelous world changing tool" away, but gordon was not done, at least is what the vortigaunts think, so they took gordon by force to finish the job, if HF2 EP 3 existed, probably the combie will hire another tool from the gman, Adrian Shepard, to counter Gordon's effort to free the world
Stukie Papi (1 year ago)
cheatsykoopa98 im still riding gman being a nihilanth
Dr.Medic (1 year ago)
Well, actually he is.
Stukie Papi (1 year ago)
(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) look i have been lost since hl1
Butter A (1 year ago)
King Kade don't go with that fucking shit theory man. It's awful
Stukie Papi (1 year ago)
cheatsykoopa98 gman might be a nihilanth
Poop Cultist (3 years ago)
*Vortigaunt Cock-block happens* *Fixes tie all angry-like* "We'll see... About THAT..."
FanFanatik (4 years ago)
G Man is basically Walter White if he had superpowers
Christopher Kong (4 years ago)
What do they say to him?  (He responds, "We'll see... about that."
Toastyplace (3 years ago)
They don't say anything to him sir, he says that as a response to the vortigaunts blocking him from Gordon. Good day sir.
Not Wolf (3 years ago)
the first time he sees a vortaguant he looks slightly amused. then its quickly turned into a scowl
Toastyplace (3 years ago)
Thank you for your politeness, sir. A very good day to you.
Not Wolf (3 years ago)
+Toastyplace Oh now i see what you mean, I thought you meant i should have said assumed...I didn't even notice i spelled amuse wrong. I shall fix it now
Toastyplace (3 years ago)
I know, that's what I was correcting you on. My apologies, good day sir.
Not Wolf (3 years ago)
+Toastyplace no amused look at his face.
Toastyplace (3 years ago)
Was it it your intention to say "assumed" rather than "amused", good sir?
Federico Diaz (4 years ago)
wow..you need like 8 vortigaunts..? just to contain him ?.. he surely is something..
Coee123 (3 years ago)
Before this, his speech was very indifferent and business-like. this is the first time we see him genuinely angry, which makes it even more sinister.  
Devon Lucier (8 months ago)
This is the first time where he doesn't appear omnipotent and untouchable. It's the first time we see him with any vulnerability.
Paladin Boyd (1 year ago)
Coee123, Yeah we are not sure what he is and to me he's a alien trying to appear human but can't get it right so he comes off as monotoned with only a slight hint of emotion and when that small hint of feelings becomes full anger it's very unsettling.
Famtomerc (3 years ago)
I really love this intro because it makes him look like what he is made to represent (At least how i see it, haha): A strict business man, making sure the work of his employers is carried out. To see his plan suffer any hindrance (i.e. the Vortigaunts preventing him from seeing Freeman for the whole game), makes the Gman genuinely angry and is just so amusing to see character development like this, no matter how small!
He showed something different in this speech: emotion. And for something like him, that's unatural.
Them (4 years ago)
Could you say that, the GMan is similar to the outsider?..
Medivhmen (3 years ago)
outsider was just a boy who was used in a ritual to bind him to the void. So he is not a god but an entity who was forced to be one with void. he will get destroyed and another outsider will replace him
Toastyplace (3 years ago)
Not in my opinion because the outsider is neither a bad guy nor a good guy, and that is definite. But the gman is unknown. But the fact that they both observe and guide Gordon and Corvo is actually pretty similar.
killer21334 (4 years ago)
(I assume you mean the Outsider from Dishonored) I doubt it, the outsider is a god who is neutral, he has never expressed anything remotely resembling an agenda and will generally remain apathetic to human actions, intervening only for the sake of his own curiosity. Gman on the other hand, clearly has an agenda (although he never reveals it to Gordon), he has employers and has a plan laid out for Gordon which he does not want to be sabotaged (hence his anger at the vortigaunts who took Gordon)
yoshidude01 (4 years ago)
This one is my favourite scene in the HL series. Its because it tells us what happened after Half Life 2, and it shows that Someone, Something... Is stronger than the G-man.
The G-Man (4 years ago)
We'll see about that.
Jonas Simkus (24 days ago)
I have the liberty of choosing for you
Emil русский (2 months ago)
Это мы и ещё поглядим.
Soundwave Decepticon (3 months ago)
The G-Man well the gman Got his revenge on episode 2 by killing alyx dad eli by telling alyx prepare for unforseen consequences.
Virgo Maquiavelico (8 months ago)
i chage it
space_artist_4real (8 months ago)
You got the Johnson handed to you didn't you?
Liara Ashlynn Jennings (4 years ago)
You should be more afraid of the fact that the Vorts could hold him back at all.
Combine Guard (1 year ago)
I think I should be afraid at the vorts then
Jaron Rodriguez (4 years ago)
Is gman gonna do his Martial Art skills on vortigaunts?
TheChicken1337 (4 years ago)
He typed.
GamingReviews (4 years ago)
If you think HL2 had a bad plot development, then you seriously need to reconsider gaming development and storywriting. Half-Life in its entirity is one masterpiece of story development, and things will get revealed in time. I have patience to wait until the very end. jacobthelioneater is entirely right, I don't think HL is for you if you think it's that bad :-/
Ironsnake345ify (5 months ago)
So, how's that half-life 3 treating you? Sorry, too soon? Either way, I do love the intrigue involved with G-man here. At this point, I just really want to see what he wants with Freeman. And with Xen and the Combine.
jacobthelioneater (4 years ago)
Ha. The subtle plot development was the best part of Half Life 2. If you like getting everything spoonfed to you, perhaps Half Life isn't the series for you.
Wehr (5 years ago)
Long and bad aren't the same thing.
minecraft maniac (5 years ago)
Not too keen on speaking no. But I am quite educated on pressing buttons, as you have seen. More specifically typing.
Charles Schleich (5 years ago)
you shouldn't be able to talk,
RadioOperator01 (5 years ago)
Ah, man you cut the pony tail, sellout.
falloutghoul1 (5 years ago)
Breen's right. What DID Gordon Freeman create?
Dumb Melzan (4 months ago)
A very successful franchise.
Devon Lucier (8 months ago)
Vortigaunt freedom from the Nihilanth, Earth's freedom from the Combine. He is the saviour and hero of two races.
Zach (1 year ago)
Hope for the Resistance.
StrongAdel (1 year ago)
the black mesa incident lol
Are Valve ever gonna explain who G-man is or who his "employers" are?
Patito (5 years ago)
he can type buttons, you know
Videogamer96 (5 years ago)
He might be able to type!
Grish (5 years ago)
You're a spy. Dr. Freeman can't talk.
MetalKingBoo (5 years ago)
G Man (5 years ago)
minecraft maniac (5 years ago)
My god. Eight Vorts just to hold him back. I'm even more afraid of GMan now.
AnvilPro100 (5 years ago)
I love how when the G-man notices the first he smiles, but then as more appears he becomes visibly worried
Juan (5 years ago)
Vortigaunts are masturbating to Alyx e.e
( ´_ゝ`) (5 years ago)
Lawful evil
SunBreaker Films (6 years ago)
i agree with you, i don't think he is 'evil' but he is undoubtedly not a good guy. He seems to be completely indifferent to any morals, and just does anything to achieve personal goals to seemingly satisfy his 'employers'. His actual motives are unclear but i would be fairly certain to say that he is not driven by evilness, or some sort of nefarious plan.
Amazing :D Thanks

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