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The Net Gun | Overtime Ep. 4 | Dude Perfect

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Text Comments (41467)
Roscoe Stieber (36 seconds ago)
Tye you are the winner of the water Mellon
Jordan Moody (29 minutes ago)
im one
Marshall Gedge (37 minutes ago)
Sound doesn't exist in space because it's a vacume so the sound waves can't travel through it
Lynn Draws (46 minutes ago)
13:38 you could’ve done “Team No ‘Co’” because you guys are the only 2 who’s name doesn’t start with Co
Chase Family (59 minutes ago)
Let's see net gun trick shots I - VII
Lynn Draws (1 hour ago)
Amanda Freeman (1 hour ago)
sorry Cody you are wrong
Inside Arms (1 hour ago)
No sound in space no oxygen to Cary the sound or sound waves
Awkward Bubble Guppy (1 hour ago)
drayage nard (1 hour ago)
Space has no sound bc theres nothing for the sound waves to travel through
Yvonne .T (1 hour ago)
No there no sound because there is no air
Dusty Colombrita (1 hour ago)
there is no snow in space
André Luiz (1 hour ago)
More overtime please
Jonathan Lares (2 hours ago)
No sound needs air
RJ Dubs (2 hours ago)
What happened to Absurd Recurds?
Gayle Vlogs (2 hours ago)
4:45 Cory and Cody??!
Gayle Vlogs (2 hours ago)
No Cory there is no sound in space
Scott Bailey (2 hours ago)
Lil Oreo (2 hours ago)
Net... is da SPIDER MAN
Ushinau (2 hours ago)
13:06 Mine Doens't Look Like That
david la (2 hours ago)
Dude Perfect can you make a net gun trick shot video PLEASE Also, P.S I think that Ty's and Garret's looks better
Sytro YT (3 hours ago)
if tyler gets picked is chris tingle coming?
Mystical Mithra (3 hours ago)
He's flying to Wisconsin for no reason but he is becuse he going for no reason XD
Mystical Mithra (3 hours ago)
Week on fucanet in rigged 😥😢
Mystical Mithra (3 hours ago)
Fun fact snacks don't swarm in a straight line.
Tina Flannagan (3 hours ago)
Team shark
Gacha Austz (3 hours ago)
Benjamin Herrera (3 hours ago)
There is no such thing as sound in space seeing as how it is a vacuum.
GoPro Richard (3 hours ago)
There is no sound in space because there is no particles in space to carry them out to the ear
What is Tyler is chosen for wheel unfortunate ;-;
Michael Paul (4 hours ago)
TFFTHARD 274 (5 hours ago)
tall guy beard twins purple hoser dude perfect in over timeee! tall guy beard twins purple hoser now where heading on to overtime
Dawood Shamsi (8 hours ago)
Can i have the net gun
Cleetus Kalathil (9 hours ago)
Plz do episode 4
Jeremy Ariza (10 hours ago)
I love you guys plz send me merch
Morgan Nuetzmann (10 hours ago)
I shared the video
Damon Eden (10 hours ago)
I subscribed and showed people your video they said it was awesome
Feli S (12 hours ago)
I secribe
Fakcc 515 (12 hours ago)
Aashutosh Prabhu (13 hours ago)
That episode was the GOAT!
Yacoob Randeree (13 hours ago)
I thing ty and gar should have won
Kevin Schönbächler (13 hours ago)
ruining our ecosystem for no reason
smh (14 hours ago)
The medium in space is.. space, therefore cody is right
ilna van Schalkwyk (16 hours ago)
what if ty loses wheel unforchunate who will host it????
Rodney Smith (17 hours ago)
When’s the next overtime coming boys
Adam Ardini Ayuni Abdul (18 hours ago)
Lol cory
Shen Zhang (19 hours ago)
John Weber (20 hours ago)
Wait there was a 1 in 125 chance of Cody doing this a third time Wow
John Weber (20 hours ago)
Some of the wheel unfortunates are really amusing, but why is trading cars with chad a bad thing?
Karate kid 6 Addict (22 hours ago)
There is sound in space even in theplanets
Karate kid 6 Addict (11 hours ago)
Veronica Breuer (23 hours ago)
I live in Wisconsin
There is no sound in space Cody
PowerDude32 (1 day ago)
There is no sound in space
Zane Gonzalez (1 day ago)
No theres no sound in space
Paige Burgos (1 day ago)
There is no sound in space
GamingCactus360 (1 day ago)
I have once made a mini house of chocolate 🆒 or *NOT* 🆒
Panda Man (1 day ago)
It’s a vacuum google it people
i love your chanel.
Ty Culver (1 day ago)
Overtime 5
No affence ?
JaydenHOCKEY11 (1 day ago)
Ian Martinez (1 day ago)
There is no sound in space
Louie Rendon (1 day ago)
The police should start using the net gun
CJ Van Meygaarden (1 day ago)
Gotta love Cody constantly making a fist with his arm and gesturing to... no one?
Noob Cews (1 day ago)
Man these take forever
wolfman1243 (1 day ago)
My nam is Sarah taylor and I really want dude perfect merchandise but I live in batesville Arkansas
Sonny Acosta (1 day ago)
Not really
chow dean (1 day ago)
There is no sound is space due to the lack of mediums to propagate the wave.however moon has an atmosphere sooo sound can be heard
raccoon bandit (1 day ago)
Michael Steele (1 day ago)
Best segment I like is that's unfortunate and best one yet is Cory in a car wash.
pikachu10 (1 day ago)
We're did you get the net cannon
Wayne Mitchell (1 day ago)
No there is no sound in space
Hinepare KEMP (1 day ago)
Derek He (1 day ago)
u r all awesome
Tyler Heath (1 day ago)
Plz do more overtime thx
Jace Mull (1 day ago)
There is no sound in space
Arham Mahmood (1 day ago)
plz make ep 5
KYLAR MCDONALD (1 day ago)
He sounded so mad I thought he was going to turn into the rage monster! Lol
Aman Bafna (1 day ago)
Unfortunately sorry there is no sound in space
Tracie Murphy (1 day ago)
You are the best yutubers
Tracie Murphy (1 day ago)
Alex Prentice (1 day ago)
where did u get the net gun?
Rynsell Zaragosa (2 days ago)
No sound in space
KyleLarson42Fan (2 days ago)
FeMail Goat
James Marshall (2 days ago)
I vote the shark
Jacob bright (2 days ago)
cody is wrong there is no sound in space
Warped Pickle (2 days ago)
You can’t hear anything in space
HOT ::: (2 days ago)
hello random person scrolling in the comments you're cool hope you have a great day
Aarti Shetty (2 days ago)
I subscribe
Maya Sarker (2 days ago)
Very bat
sawmsawmi sawmi (2 days ago)
I have done it but haven't recieved the shirt and hat
Matthew Pitts (2 days ago)
I love overtime
Bloodreaper747 (2 days ago)
guys i like overtime can u have more episodes?
Awsome Craft9 (2 days ago)
I subscribe,turned on the notifications and share the vid
龍風 (2 days ago)
Kimberly Couch (2 days ago)
You should do net gun trick shots
FnD Onn (2 days ago)
Why I dont get it the shirt and the hat
Jendrick Hermano (2 days ago)
Episode 5 please
Leonida Cometa (2 days ago)
I thingk so
future trance (2 days ago)
Hey I'm from Germany and i love you, you are so cool.
gamert-rex (2 days ago)
Do a net gun trick shots it will awesome? !!!!

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