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Preston's Game of Thrones Season Seven Watch - Season 7 Episode 1 Dragonstone Review

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Sweetrobin, Brandon Nightsking and Chad Summerchild are back for their review and analysis of Game of Thrones episode S07E01. Will Season Seven somehow improve? https://www.patreon.com/prestonjacobs Also, check out Carmine's review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KdWQcgzznjs ▬▬▬▬ Follow Me on Social Media! ▬▬▬▬ https://www.facebook.com/prestonjacobssweetrobin/ https://twitter.com/sweetrobin9000 ▬▬▬▬ Check Out These Videos! ▬▬▬▬ The Purple Wedding: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tkIczwc7Hz8 A Frey in the Snow: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_CaDHo9BsJI& The Deeper Dorne: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=55N8Q6OINHg&t=1s ▬▬▬▬ Information ▬▬▬▬ Game of Thrones is an American fantasy drama television series created for HBO by David Benioff and D. B. Weiss. Based on the fantasy novel series, A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin. Season Seven of the show has arrived and we follow the adventures of Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen and Cersei Lannister. Review. Analysis. Breakdown.
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Text Comments (2651)
Dragonnsv ' (3 days ago)
I needed this.... I reallly reallllly needed this. I cant handle the show or the show fanboys anymore...
Shiva S (22 days ago)
Hey.... I just got here so I wanted to ask why do you call sansa 'sandra' and also tell you that this episode recaps are hilarious!
Kriegerdammerung (26 days ago)
It is very unlikelly that Sam had forgot that crucial conversation with Stannis, because Stannis told Sam "your father was the only man to win a battle against my brother during the rebellion" so Sam should have been like "Earth, swallow me... now!"
Will (3 months ago)
Your Night King sounds like Beavis. I'm sure you get that all the time.
J Lord (4 months ago)
In book The Vale Lords wanted to join Robb.
MrDonnie54 (7 months ago)
@ 14:20, why is Darth Vader standing behind Missandei?
Rust Cohle (7 months ago)
You just have to be a decent cook to bake a human pie, just make the crust as normal n insides be whatever human parts =/ I should know, I bake stuff
MegaDobar (9 months ago)
I love how you make fun of ''details'' in the show, like Cersei standing at Neck and Jamie at Fingers, but even tho I admire your work, you are full of bullshit when it comes down to theories. You just make them up and failed in 90% of them so far.
Tito Jr (10 months ago)
Preston U are an ass, it is a FANTASY show, so why bring up the middle ages?
Tito Jr (10 months ago)
Not all the Freys were there, I read the 5 books and D & D have opted 4 fan service like killing Viserion. That was fanboy service.
Rhaenyra Reigns (11 months ago)
Q&A: Who are Chad Summerchild's other favorite maesters? :O
Adam Hart (1 year ago)
Sandor digging a grave really irritates me the more I think about it. Even if he was successful attempting to dig a grave in frozen dirt, he definitely would have to break a sweat doing it. He would be lucky not to die next to that little mini fire they have inside. This is supposed to be the beginning of winter in westoros, cold that can freeze kings in their halls, and here is Sandor sweating, attempting to dig a grave in frozen dirt...
AidanDalgCais (1 year ago)
"Doood, I looked for you on the Trident" - officially lost my shit hahahaha
Bluemilk92 (1 year ago)
Anyone else super invested in the lore for Preston's reviews? At this point, he's got an entirely custom canon for the show. If you've been following it long enough, you'll see there is a surprisingly complex plot behind these review videos.
Alisa Jett (1 year ago)
Again lmao
Kit Kat (1 year ago)
I'd say the shit montage began season 5 lol. Dinklage, Pascal and Dance carried season 4. Just by a bit. Pretty much everyone in King's Landing.
katiebug080592 (1 year ago)
"Fuck house tallheart." XD
ENVEE ME (1 year ago)
At this point, I'm enjoying these reviews A LOT MORE than the show. You *ROCK* Preston!
Phil Ingrouille (1 year ago)
You know what the Night's Watch should do. Instead of the stupid vow of not fathering children, wouldn't it make more sense to let them father children, so they can better man the wall. Turn Oldtown into a city. Keep the vow of not marrying, that'd be useless.
God what a whiney bitch
AdenaKaiba (1 year ago)
Regarding the tiff between Sandra and Kit: Jon started by saying something like "You're my sister BUT you musn't question me..." RIGHT before saying that anything that comes before the word "but" is horseshit. GOOD JOB Kit Harrington. As usual.
Yujing Yue (1 year ago)
It literally took me the entire season to get the massive army landing on a tiny island joke....
slothwhisperer (1 year ago)
To be fair, Sam says that Stannis told him about the dragon glass, "but..." and then his voice trails off :P Still stupid.
Bep Kororoti (1 year ago)
I don't get the "CHiPs" joke...
Angela Jansons (1 year ago)
Brilliant! This show just keeps getting more disconnected and nonsensical. Looks fucking cool, makes no fucking sense.
Sjimmijim (1 year ago)
This the real Game of Thrones Season 7
LostNinjaNoBull (1 year ago)
Preston predicted wolverine would poison the Freys a year ago.
GrumPyramidGuy (1 year ago)
oh thank god, Youtube stopped suggesting your videos to me and I thought you stopped, I always liked your content, really happy to see you're still going! :)
jiji Ha (1 year ago)
well, about the 'ruling for two weeks' problem, don't the memories of the person she's wearing the face of 'float' into her? That's kind of why the faceless men can impersonate others without getting caught. So Arya would know what his duties were and where to find his children.
julianne089 (1 year ago)
Q: how is it good strategy to bring your entire Navy up to dragon stone, drop off a few peeps and THEN send them back the way they came to go to Dorne (as well the Casterly rock brigade could've divided off early too) exposing your Navy for extra trips for no good reason except they needed to see the westeros map table? It's not like they were getting provisions on dragon stone...
matomitev (1 year ago)
Does Preston really think Walder Frey gives shit about raising the bridge..?
Brian Michael Altman (1 year ago)
"Haven't we been treated to a shit montage since season 4?" Omg I'm fucking dead! Bro please roast television forever this shit is gold.
Nathan H (1 year ago)
Lena Gotti (1 year ago)
dude youre corny and nitpicky as fuck, just like the comments
Saint Marvin (1 year ago)
One thing I'd like to say is, Ned isn't necessarily a hypocrite for saying nothing before the word _"but"_ counts. He just shared an adage that applies to himself as well.
TheMMObro (1 year ago)
Since, but excluding, season 4? 5 and 6 sucked. This one is good but too many oversights like having to sail by dragonstone twice lol
Vberg56 (1 year ago)
Poor Preston
I loved game of thrones...then i read the books and wont waste 1 second on GoT aftdr season 4
OneOnOne1162 (1 year ago)
Hey, it's the bard from Oblivion.
Felix Stratman (1 year ago)
I just feel mocked watching these.
Val Cronin (1 year ago)
LOL I totally thought the same thing about Jamie's nod.
Heather Riede (1 year ago)
14:40, haha i was thinking the same thing too! Did anyone sweep Dragonstone first before letting Dany just walk on in? lmao "first one to talk loses!"
St Daga (1 year ago)
40 seconds in, with D&D and Patchface facing off against a sort of magnificent 7, and BOOM ... I had to pause the video to give a like!! Bahaha!
Clonekid (1 year ago)
I don't remember them mentioning that 2 week time jump with Arya at The Twins. Care to explain I don't remember that being mentioned.
David Bodor (1 year ago)
I find it scary that so many people think the Arya/Walder speech was great and all. She gave a speech that glorified genocide and presented mercy as a mistake. Leave one wolf alive and the sheep are never safe? That's not how we treated wolves, we kept them at bay, we didn't hunt them to extinction, hell we integrated them into our society, we domesticated them, they became loyal friends to us. What the fuck is this genocidal extermination speech from Arya and why do people like it? To me it seems like something a fucking Nazi would say in a speech "that was your mistake, you should have killed them all, root and stem." What the fuck is wrong with people?
Denis Safiev (1 year ago)
There is a reason that the Nazis could sway millions of people to follow them. Violence and cruelty are not anathema to humans.
Ani0227 (1 year ago)
"who the hell does she think she is? the true monarch of the north. the person with the army." nailed it!
Ed Gepixel (1 year ago)
Why doesn't Stanis start to mine dragon glass and make weapons ASAP? "Yeah, I totally know there's this army of ice zombies that's totally gonna kill us all, but I can't be bothered with that right now, I'll be busy losing a war. You do it instead, Samwell Tarly... go... study some more or something."
Haman Karn (1 year ago)
Anastasios Haritou (1 year ago)
Thank you! Who on their right minds would leave dragonstone unoccupied..
Gilbert King...!! LMAO!
Goodywloss2010 (1 year ago)
When's the funny review
TrueStory (1 year ago)
I love you, I love you so much.
Eoan Folland (1 year ago)
I was actually quite impressed with this episode, some of the scenes were decent imo.
ContessaDark (1 year ago)
Ok, you guys, albeit lovingly, question the presence of the murderous Freys still being available for slaughter by a vengeful Arya Stark. Since I'm a total newbie here, I was watching your video on House Frey Civil War. You actually answer that question by stating that only certain Frey are considered full-blooded and, therefore, trusted, and those Frey bunk at the Twins. They didn't have to travel, because they never left. As such, the only Frey to be trusted with something as dastardly as the Red Wedding murders are residential. Arya DID actually kill all the full Frey. She left the rest of the House to eat its own guts sorting out the inheritance (see Frey Civil War video by a certain genius fan). Sort of ties things up, neatly, Mr. Nightsking, wouldn't you agree?
Kamikaze Chinaman (1 year ago)
Chad Summerchild, Lord of Normie Island, Warden of the Bros.
b1bbs g0t h4nds (1 year ago)
+Preston Jacobs - you don't think Jon moving the Wildings south of the wall was a smart decision? of course it had consequences because of the ignorance of others (Thorne, etc) but ultimately it is the best decision to make in that situation or else they will all be killed by the Others and add 100,000+ to their army. that wasn't a good decision made by Jon?
Lightning Farron (1 year ago)
Daan De Keyser (1 year ago)
Will Sweetrobin do Brienne Watch this week since Davos had actual lines this episode?
KingOfMadCows (1 year ago)
I guess it's no longer appropriate to call Arya "Wolverine" after Logan came out.
Azathothian Dude (1 year ago)
It's funny how you're trying to defend the source material by bashing the adaptation with a voice so god damn IRRITATING that you discourage people from actually taking you seriously. If you hate the show, fine. I don't give a shit. But for R'hilor's sake, just gather thought and info from the episode for more than a day so that you're criticism isn't so flawed and illogical. More than likely, Arya was mainly targeting the members of House Frey that were involved with the red wedding. While acting as Walden Frey she probably said that she had sent the sons on a mission or something. Another thing. The army of the dead is probably moving slow because the Night King is waiting for an opportunity to strike. One that hasn't yet arrived.
El Scruffo McScruffy (1 year ago)
Where the hell is Jon's direwolf, Ghost? I understand budget costs but seriously, he's a big part of Jon Snow and I thought he never left his side? Also, why doesnt Euron 'Crows Eye" Greyjon have a goddamnit eyepatch? agh! it's annoying. No budget needed to wear a freaking eyepatch
Erik Dijkstra (1 year ago)
Q&A: Will the Lord of Light bring the father and daughter to life again? Will lady stoneheart ever come out of the river? How do Davos his child whispering abilities explain the actions of the children in his vicinity? Will Ed Sheeran sing "I see fire"? And will Tyrion be insulted by the song cause of the clear reference to dwarfs in that song?
NoLord (1 year ago)
I hate to say this, but a good complement to Preston's critical reviews are the New Rockstars reviews, which do an excellent job of putting the show's best foot forward, and making it seem very thought out. The best of many examples is pointing out that John's mercy for the Karstarks & Umbers (not punishing the children for the sins of the father) could very well be motivated by Katlynn's punishment of him for being a bastard (the sins of Ned). Watching both of these gives one a nuanced view about the best AND the worst that this show has to offer.
Alex Carson (1 year ago)
Q&A: Why hasn't Randal Tarly mounted Sam's head on a spike yet??
Aratas Man (1 year ago)
This episode was painful to watch, really dumb. Just wanted to point out that when Sam and the maester are dissecting the dead guy, the maester asks Sam to tell him how much the dead guys heart weighted. But they have a conversation and he just leaves. Here's the question, do you think this is an allegory put in there by D&D to show how pointless everything in the series has become? And to show as long as the plot is pushed forward no one cares how paper thin and one dimension characters have become? That would be genius!
Elliott Williams (1 year ago)
I love this fucking show!! Preston's humor makes of for the hack writing by the world's most extensive writers, directors and producers, this makes it all worthwhile.
Elliott Williams (1 year ago)
makes up
Petr Maly (1 year ago)
Well, the song makes no sense in the show, even if it was written during the time of Tyrion as an acting Hand. The song is about him riding through the city to his lover and about "chain" and "hands of gold", none of these three exist in the show, the whore lives in the Keep and the item is not a chain of golden hands, but pin, that looks like just one hand.
Graphix by Kathy (1 year ago)
Where's your spirit of romance? Nine minutes of silence is ... different.
William Roberts (1 year ago)
the good thing is that the normal got viewer dont notice so much as we nerds do
William Roberts (1 year ago)
mate the thing with area: she killed all of the frees on the same day only hours apart
CGagnon5 (1 year ago)
wow, just went I thought this video couldn't get worse he gives a bullshit example of Ned being a "hypocrite". at this point I cannot tell if Preston has gone full retard since S6, or someone else is making the videos and doing an impersonation of his voice.
CGagnon5 (1 year ago)
this is one of his worst videos. the criticism of the first scene was pants-on-head retarded.
Phil Hibbs (1 year ago)
If there had been people in Dragonstone, the dragons would have seen them and burninated them. And the Drogon comes in the NIIIGHT!
Paul Boateng (1 year ago)
Enjoy the fucking show and stfu. Fucking hell.
Clarence Tuurngait (1 year ago)
"Just ignore shitty writing and complete lack of logic, shut off your brain like me and enjoy the show" Fuck off ! Braindead fanboy ...
kettlemagic (1 year ago)
Rebecca V (1 year ago)
So, the first Arya scene is nowhere near as complicated as you make it sound. For a start, to make Frey pies all she had to do was kill and butcher two men. A feat, yes, but she didn't have to cook the pies personally. Just swap out the human meat with the meat meant for the pies and the cooks will do the work for you. Second, Arya knows a lot about governing. Her entire childhood in Winterfell was spent learning to rule her husband's castle. She likely just replied on the massive support structures House Frey had in place for centuries and made minor decisions to look like it was normal. All 'Walder' had to do was say that he sent two members of the house on business. It isn't going to be that hard to do, really, especially for a couple weeks in a world where little communication can be done quickly. The bed thing isn't an issue either, because noble lords and ladies in Westeros do one have a single bedchamber. The lord has one and the lady has one. All 'Walder' has to do is stay in his own. A weird thing, sure, but what's more likely, that Walder was murdered by a Faceless Man or that he feels a little ill and doesn't visit his wife for a bit? And no, not ALL of the Freys. Arya specifically said only the ones involved in the Red Wedding. I doubt she has a roster, but it's likely safe to leave people like septons out of that. And the children and babies and women. I also doubt people 'blew it off' when the lord of their house WHO THEY CONSTANTLY SEEK FAVOR WITH invited them to a rare feast. Lastly, isn't Edmure in Casterly Rock? On the army of the dead, I assume they're still walking because 1) detour for those giants and 2) dead people look like they walk pretty slowly. I know the battle scenes disagree (which is a shame) but I kinda assumed that using that much magic takes a lot of the White Walker's energies and they would rather save that for actual battle. LMAO, 'waiting for better weather' though. I completely agree on the elections bit though. My only idea is that maybe Ed's just in charge until they have an election or that Ed was elected? I did enjoy your breakdown of the Northern politics. I would argue that maybe Sansa's entire point is that Jon is refusing to use men to reinforce Moat Cailin because he's too focused on the White Walkers? Thank you for those Dragonstone points. Been yelling those into the void for a while now. Wouldn't Dragonstone be a great consolation prize for Euron? What the hell, Cersei? Also, how the fuck did Euron manage to build all those ships with that one tree on Dragonstone? When the light comes really close you can see all that tiny, pretty MODERN metal detailing on Euron. For the Dany-Dragonstone issues, I have decided that the Unsullied checked it out, had a scuffle, and then dutifully cleaned all the blood from the floor. Otherwise I'm going to go insane. I quite liked the review, good job :)
newp gaston (1 year ago)
I hope we get more of "random person who's never seen Game of thrones"!
MakerInMotion (1 year ago)
What a fucking retard.
Kamel Bens (1 year ago)
Preston what the fuck is this !! just do a normal review without the annoying voices and cos-fucking-play man
William McBryar (1 year ago)
"We have Gilly's 5 year old toddler". Oh my god I lost it and busted out laughing. Man you're a damn genius. Thank you so much for your work!!
Daniella Muñoz (1 year ago)
HAHAHAHAHAHA I can't upvote more than once tho. Genius and hilarious as always
Gurdev Singh (1 year ago)
S Club 7.
You always ruin the GOT episodes in a funny way hahahah keep up the good work.
Gloria Brown (1 year ago)
When she takes a face she also takes that person's memoeris. That's why!!!! Only those who mattered where killed. Duh!
LswaN 1 (1 year ago)
Well, I'm gonna nitpick the nitpicking. Regarding the Gravedigger bit, it appears winter has only just arrived there, and they probably had the first snow only a few days before. I don't know whether you've ever lived in an area that gets real winters, but the ground doesn't freeze instantly. It actually takes time for the frost to get deep into the ground. Once Mr. Gravedigger broke through the bit of frost at the top, the digging wouldn't be any harder than normal. Regarding the Lannisters, I thought it was clear they did nothing about Dragonstone because there was nothing they *could* do. The point of the scene with Arya and the Lannisters was to show that after years of war, the Lannisters are down to young kids manning their army. Hence the need for allies. I got the impression their options were: 1) Send all our troops and pray they can somehow fend off an oncoming super-army of Dothraki, Unsullied, and dragons, and further pray none of our enemies attack us in the meantime. 2) Give up Dragonstone and try to pull together some allies in the meantime, then hope to face the enemies on our own terms. I don't think they made such a bad choice. The frustrating thing about these "Watch" videos is that you devote so much time to criticizing the writers for not putting any thought into their writing, while seemingly putting little thought into some of the things you say. Either be reactionary, or be nit picky. Trying to do both doesn't make you look good.
Blazekingz (1 year ago)
Only thing i disagree with is you thinking Sansa was right and Jon was wrong. They are about to fight a war where they need everyone, which is why he tells them to train the girls and the women. So why would he now remove two houses from his army to temperary appease someone who might be "loyal" to him. Almost none of those lords were even at his side during the battle. And those who have were small houses who wouldnt even have the manpower to hold two castles.
Tyrone (1 year ago)
Man I just got fucking crucified in fb group when I said the show's overrated and pretty bad at times specially after season 3 and you shouldve seen the shit thrown my way lol. Feels good not being a blind sheep
Azzurra Nightnight (1 year ago)
Valentin Mladenov (1 year ago)
Hi Preston! This was your best review so far! I always enjoy your sarcasm and how you point out everything that is plain stupid with the TV show. Keep up the good work. I am a huge fan!
Red Freeman (1 year ago)
Walder could, and frequently did, tell everyone to fuck off. It's not THAT much of a stretch for Arya-Walder to just tell everyone else to take over her/his responsibilities for a couple of weeks.
Katie Matre (1 year ago)
You should do this with earlier seasons lol
Christopher Jazzcat (1 year ago)
The Night's Watch did the election where Jon was elected because it was assumed Maester Aemon would insist on it. Considering he is dead, it seems reasonable that they are no longer bound to democratically electing their leader, or it just happened off screen.
John Amabile (1 year ago)
I disagree that Arya's escapades are impossible. When she killed Walder Frey's sons she could have simply put the finger(s) into an existing pie. Also, most of the freys would live near the twins (except the ones at the Riverrun). In the show there is no frey expedition to the north. A simple 'hey we're having a banquet tonight' would be sufficient. Also a bunch of them were probably missing, but killing the top 15 freys in succession would certainly muck everything up.
G Combs (1 year ago)
Q&A: Why didn't the iron fleet just sail south to the Summer Kingdoms, and steal the holy grail for a gift?
Brendan Fechter (1 year ago)
Preston I love how all Chads companions r these characters that disappeared from GOT with no explanation but Dagmers fate was revealed when Ramsay flayed the 20 Iron born scum he found at Winterfell. He should be replaced by Anguy from the Brotherhood without Banners.
Murdafree Gaming (1 year ago)
Shannon Carter (1 year ago)
Please, please, please, start taking your reviews seriously! I f**kin' face palmed five times in two minutes. You used to be so good and now you are just so so bad. Enough!
George Montoya (1 year ago)
Preston and all And all the people that follow the series song of ice and fire. George RR Martin has created a wonderful universe unfortunately the television show is very very sad. Please note that everything that were seen here is brainwashing everything is a feminist point of view even Jon looks like a girl with a beard there is an active mentality to wash away anything that is masculine. Unfortunately since the TV show started I have been sucked in to the world that George RR mountain Martin has created. Last season I decided not to watch any of the shows and to wait for the book. But since Martin is rather old I might never get to read any of then. Fortunately the books are so good that I have kept reading them and reading them. Also for big show fans try listening to the audio books they are great
Chas X (1 year ago)
Valar Morghulis, ALL Men must Die :P
LabTech (1 year ago)
Nah, you couldn't leave 20 men on Dragonstone to guard it... thousands of Unsullied, hundreds of Ironborn, a Dothraki Horde, and 3 dragons wouldn't have stood a chance.
Ben Turner (1 year ago)
Check out the wall in the intro, the water is frozen next to the wall.

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