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Lets try and hit 10 LIKES!! LIKE & SUBSCRIBE | OPEN THE DESCRIPTION ▼▼▼▼▼ Hi Guys today i'm gonna show you how to make any csgo cheat, pastedcheat undetectable! ✅ i recommend you to use EZFRAGS CHEATS. but its your choice! ✅ Make sure to protect the cheat everytime you use it! ❌ DON'T BE OBVIOUS IN COMPETITIVE YOU WILL GET OVERWATCH BAN. JUST PLAY LIKE A NORMAL HEHE :) ✅ YOU WILL NEVER GET VAC BANNED OR ANY BULLSHIT, I'M USING MY MAIN ACCOUNT IN THE VIDEO. CS:GO Public Cheats: ↪ https://ezfrags.co.uk/ ↪ pcheats.pro/ ↪ https://project-7.net/ ↪ https://static-ware.com/public-csgo-hack/ ↪ https://www.unknowncheats.me/forum/tags/csgo.html ↪ https://www.mpgh.net › ... › Steam Games Hacks & Cheats Download Program Here: ↪ https://ouo.io/AG0Sj3 Subscribe for more :) Facebook ↪ https://www.facebook.com/CptKon/ _______________________________________________ Songs Used: WATEVA - Ping Pong Party [NCS Release] Debris & RudeLies - Animal (feat. Jex) [NCS Release] HAPPY HACKING FELLAS!
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Text Comments (144)
i am gwan koning (1 day ago)
what are the hotkeys
any link for hashchanger?
Fo Me (2 days ago)
So can you use this right now? 14 nov 2018? use from usb stick right and clear csgo cache?
CeptiKon (2 days ago)
no need that usb thing, just folow this video lmao!
Marlin Gamer (2 days ago)
Do not work drag and drop. :(
CeptiKon (2 days ago)
PikaMadness (3 days ago)
in 1 day lol
PikaMadness (3 days ago)
i got vac banned lol https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198330436937
GIP (3 days ago)
Liga da Desgraça (3 days ago)
I have a cheat that I think vac.net is taking, should I risk it with this method?
saleBBO (3 days ago)
Do i need to open ezfrags always through themida.crack or can i open it normally
SSS926034 (4 days ago)
bro have 1 problem when i kill enemy it will say the website name and start to non stop spam msg
SSS926034 (4 days ago)
+CeptiKon it will solve itt???
CeptiKon (4 days ago)
lol hahaha, press "shift + F11"
ShadowGamingYT (5 days ago)
Ok I have one question, If I use any Other Hack For Any Other game, And I use this method and Protect that, Will it work ? Or will be that Undetected ?
CeptiKon (5 days ago)
not sure, i only use ez frags
ShadowGamingYT (6 days ago)
Do I Have to Disable My antivirus, It takes too much time to Flush,
Occa (5 days ago)
Wait, i didn't have to.
CeptiKon (6 days ago)
you have to disable.
Zusty (7 days ago)
Is EZFrags undetected anyone?
Zusty (6 days ago)
???? is it still undetectable? CeptiKon???
ShadowGamingYT (7 days ago)
Hey is it still undetected, please let me know now :) I'm waiting to Use this hack, it won't ban my account right ?
CeptiKon (6 days ago)
yep, just protect the hack everytime you use
Code Kenzou (7 days ago)
EZFrags -simple UI -comfortable -not that buggy -you have to alt-tab in and out every round in casual or it won't work -works well in competiive -Insta-VAC (Unless you use this method) Static-Ware -kinda complex UI -not comfortable -very buggy and sometimes it does not work -works in casual -works in competitive -VAC in 3-4 days Which do you prefer?
CeptiKon (6 days ago)
i prefer ez frags
Carlson Philip (8 days ago)
hot keys?
halfblood prince (9 days ago)
I need your help I got VAC now u plz tell me all the steps so that I can play again with a new account on same PC plz reply fast!
Hap Kiki (5 days ago)
CeptiKon did it get updated?
CeptiKon (6 days ago)
make sure the ur also using a latest ez frags
estoruks (8 days ago)
+Goldy West not yet because it got updated 29 oct cs was updated after again so wait for new relase of ez then it should work
Goldy West (8 days ago)
+estoruks wait what? this doesn't work anymore?
estoruks (9 days ago)
Oh you make a new account and buy the game
Shawn Malubay (10 days ago)
no virus here dude? tell me asap pls thx.
Bolf (9 days ago)
no virus i installed no virus but i am not sure for ban i playing with it like 2 days i didnt get ban for now i am not sure... but it work
FrateX (10 days ago)
if I use older version of this cheat will I get vac ?
CeptiKon (10 days ago)
u should use the latest version lol.
FrateX (10 days ago)
I got banned cuz I didn't know I had to protect it everytime :D
CeptiKon (10 days ago)
halfblood prince (11 days ago)
CSGO just updated any updates on the hack? plz reply fast!
CeptiKon (10 days ago)
If csgo have a new update, check ezfrags cheats if they updated the hack too.
Sanjay Kumar (11 days ago)
Mate tell me anyone is this working still?
Sanjay Kumar (10 days ago)
CeptiKon let me get hack from Ez frags or what?
CeptiKon (10 days ago)
yep, still working look at comments.
sam liew (11 days ago)
I stucked at themida crack , pls help
sam liew (10 days ago)
Gtx 1050
CeptiKon (10 days ago)
What is your pc specs
sam liew (11 days ago)
The application never starts
Sanjay Kumar (12 days ago)
This method is still working?
Tom Shade (12 days ago)
Still undected? share your experience please
愛/苦痛/憎しみ (7 hours ago)
guys use this method with singularity free version, it's undetected by default, but with this method it's like 100% undetected
Tom Shade (8 days ago)
+Ragna HD have u got vac yet uding the same method cause they saying csgo got updated and all?
CoZone (10 days ago)
+CeptiKon can i use any exe? like this https://www.unknowncheats.me/forum/cs-go-releases/303239-euphoric-misery-v1.html
CeptiKon (10 days ago)
Been using this method for 4 months
JustKingo (11 days ago)
+Ragna HD ya me too
SplinterHDCombat (12 days ago)
nothing more sad than pricks who cheat
Tarny Taryna (12 days ago)
loading vlient.dll please help me (:
halfblood prince (13 days ago)
still no ban??
Piyush Bharadwaj (13 days ago)
when i open themida it says that themida liscense is corrupted .. pls contact info@oreans.com. while the mida crack is working but now defender is popping up saying that its a threat and removes that exe fiile it also says that loading error plz rstart the app
Piyush Bharadwaj (12 days ago)
+CeptiKon when I'm using it it sends the msg.. like when I kill a person it sends msg that don't be a noob use ezfrags. Com ... How to disable this ?
CeptiKon (12 days ago)
it works very well for me, you just need to turn off your anti virus and restart pc, that file might have false positive virus.
#Sil3nt De4th (13 days ago)
Why is silver 4 ?
CeptiKon (12 days ago)
thats a smurf haha
Joshua Licopa (14 days ago)
CeptiKon (12 days ago)
link in description
catke 74 (14 days ago)
When i protect exe with themida application broken its says when i try open it file not wotkking on your pc can u help me
catke 74 (12 days ago)
+CeptiKon Paste
CeptiKon (12 days ago)
what cheat are you using?
Neeexxxi (14 days ago)
instead hack.exe type word.exe its a pro tipp and if you would get banned just delete the Files
Neeexxxi (2 days ago)
+mikegilkim ask foresaken lmao
mikegilkim (2 days ago)
what if admin sees us while deleting the file?
Erjon Merovci (15 days ago)
i lost the exe file and i only added it back and it opens it upp does this mean that it is working
- K A G A W A - (17 days ago)
Just name it word.exe
CeptiKon (15 days ago)
don't hack on lan ples
- K A G A W A - (16 days ago)
CeptiKon did you get the forsaken joke? Heheheh
CeptiKon (17 days ago)
or anything you want
Kelim Selmanovic (17 days ago)
When i protect file always when i started cs go i must again to protect file or ?
CeptiKon (17 days ago)
u must protect the cheat everytime you use it
Smoke (18 days ago)
So has anyone been banned yet?
Michael Acraman (15 days ago)
Add me on steam - Cynicallt
CeptiKon (17 days ago)
Cheatrs (19 days ago)
Does this still work??
halfblood prince (13 days ago)
thanks bro I was searching to switch off that chat shit thx😎😍
Cheatrs (17 days ago)
Kelim Selmanovic (17 days ago)
+Cheatrs shift+f11
Cheatrs (18 days ago)
How to I switch off the cheat feature after I kill some one It types Ezfrags in game chat
CeptiKon (18 days ago)
yep, ezfreags just updatd thier hack (oct 29) so it should work
MrBread1488 (19 days ago)
Hey! My glow in ezfrags working bad. It show me same people, not all. How to fix?
SplinterHDCombat (12 days ago)
kill yourself that ll do it
MrBread1488 (18 days ago)
+CeptiKon and glow in new version work badly too
MrBread1488 (18 days ago)
+CeptiKon what is 420 cheats?
CeptiKon (18 days ago)
because it is outdated, download their new update (oct 29). or u can use 420 cheats if u want
Ryan Rodriguez (20 days ago)
can we use the private version of ezfrags, is it still undetected?
Ryan Rodriguez (10 days ago)
+Ragna HD xd
Ragna HD (11 days ago)
+Ryan Rodriguez i have like 10 accounts and ezfrags free cheat never banned.over 900 hours xD
Ryan Rodriguez (13 days ago)
One more question did you ever get banned using this method?
CeptiKon (18 days ago)
i dont use private hacks, because i have this. but you can try it on yours
Code Kenzou (20 days ago)
help themida crack wont open
CeptiKon (18 days ago)
disable your anti virus. redownload it again
syahir elmi (20 days ago)
CeptiKon (18 days ago)
redownload it
iUlkroArtz SW L (21 days ago)
why you use only in casual?
CeptiKon (20 days ago)
cuz i like raging on kids
TmC (20 days ago)
Cuz it is faster to enter an record
Poppa Jeff (23 days ago)
Mega *oof*
Denny’z Garage (23 days ago)
I wouldn’t use this for a while because the the foresaken incident
CeptiKon (22 days ago)
Rian Brito Ribeiro (23 days ago)
The ezfrags was uptaded 4th Oct can i use yet
Smoke (22 days ago)
so not safe to use??
CeptiKon (22 days ago)
i only use ezfrags, but you can try 420 cheats and precision
Rian Brito Ribeiro (22 days ago)
+CeptiKon Do you have any secure cheat for now?
Rian Brito Ribeiro (22 days ago)
+CeptiKon I waiting :)
CeptiKon (22 days ago)
dont use ezfrags for now, im also waiting for the new update cuz if you use ezfrags cheat it will not work. just wait l0l
MR.Blater (23 days ago)
And if im tiggered.... im banned?:)))) but for everyone. Play normal and not like a kid. Xd))
CeptiKon (22 days ago)
SimonM (24 days ago)
-Purify iOS (22 days ago)
Forsaken hack was named word.exe. Man tried to delete hacks in front of the admins LOL
CeptiKon (23 days ago)
Are u forsaken?
CSÖVES BÁNAT (25 days ago)
my love <3
CeptiKon (24 days ago)
Wandermaus (26 days ago)
Its sad, but it rlly works.
ccfBTW (26 days ago)
link wont work
CeptiKon (25 days ago)
just follow the instructions :) btw this method still working
Santi ARG (26 days ago)
whaaaaat i lose the exe
Santi ARG (26 days ago)
+CeptiKon do you know how the metod works?
CeptiKon (26 days ago)
just dont be obvious when u play comp. ehhe
ccfBTW (26 days ago)
Santi ARG (26 days ago)
i can only get vac for overwatch? or what
Santi ARG (26 days ago)
haha sorry antivirus xd
GamersWorld Yas# (27 days ago)
What if I use private cheat with this method ?
CeptiKon (22 days ago)
try it, i never used private cheats cuz i have this method HAha
Dar-io33_ (1 month ago)
Does it really work ? :)
CeptiKon (1 month ago)
been using this method since last month lmao
Random Video (1 month ago)
Does this work with Dll ?
CeptiKon (1 month ago)
no, only in application.😊
Knight Sepehr (1 month ago)
put ur profile link in desc
Blaber X (1 month ago)
rex 321 (1 month ago)
cf naman

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