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CS 1.6 - console tricks

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In this video were any server plugins used. These commands are available for you in offline game and on online servers if u got admin rights. The crazy music: Rabbids Go Home Music - Bãtutã Din Moldova #### For all commands below you need to activate "sv_cheats 1". - "impulse 101" 16.000$ - "impulse 201" entities + blood - "impulse 202" blood only - "sv_airaccelerate -100" While pressing the movements buttons WASD in mid air it will force you into the opposit direction you've pressed. - "sv_gravity 100" Changes gravitation. - "sv_stepsize 9999" Allows you to walk up every border, player, wall. Note: If you got admin rights on the server you are playing at, then type "rcon" at the start of every command you submit. But be sure you are logged in as admin. If you try to enter three times an rcon command while not beeing logged in as admin will lead to a serverbann. #### Changing "cl_smoothtime" to higher values then the default value "0.5" will change the camera flight path speed while swapping between players in spectator mode. This will allow you to track enemy players trough walls and reveal them to your teammates via voicechat. I recommend using values from 2 to 4. If you are alive you should play with "cl_smoothtime 0.5" again. If u keep those higher values and someone starts hitting you with bullets you will notice weird movement characteristics. So keep this in mind: dead - cl_smoothtime 2 to 4 alive - cl_smoothtime 0.5 #### - the 16.000$ trick doesnt worked for you? then reload the map and type "rcon sv_cheats 1" and "impulse 101" again. #### With these binds you can switch fast between stepsize values and let your teammates know: bind "KP_MINUS" "say_team OFF!; rcon sv_stepsize 18"; bind "KP_PLUS" "say_team ON!; rcon sv_stepsize 999"; Swap with these binds easy between cl_smoothtime values: bind "F8" "cl_smoothtime 3"; bind "F9" "cl_smoothtime 0.5"; ####
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Text Comments (648)
OLIVER T (1 month ago)
OK :]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]
Henrique Gamer (1 month ago)
mod :D
rcon sv_stepsize 9999
Syed Saquib (1 month ago)
100% work
Andjela Mijatovic (2 months ago)
rcon changelevel de_inferno
Dark's Assassin (2 months ago)
Misto nume;))
Mohamad Zacky Aimar (3 months ago)
Plz music name :)?
Player Games (3 months ago)
Thanks tooo muchhhh
Player Games (3 months ago)
https://youtu.be/oyAP6PpAzK8 link of music here
No Name Channel Hungary (3 months ago)
i'm hate the music!!!! this is so ugly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Vivek Jain (3 months ago)
It will work on all map
Shaggy Dishu (4 months ago)
for those who are searching for the lyrics : sajfbsjkbsajv savjsa vbas jl asjl asjsv a jv jas vjlasslfjsksnjla a vjkda ljass vjllas v jjas v jlas vj as vjlass vjlsa ljv ajlv dajv jlad ljv ajlvd dajlv a jlvsa jsaj jvl #thankmelater
Asif Shamsi (4 months ago)
your trick did'nt worked my computer
Heiday Dones (4 months ago)
laughter noon (4 months ago)
Bro it doesn't work
Reyaan Shaikh (4 months ago)
isliBOOM (4 months ago)
fuck you not werk
NAIEM KHAN (4 months ago)
wheil i saw your video 6 times, i try , but its not working
NAIEM KHAN (4 months ago)
tru tru tru . triks
Naiem khan (4 months ago)
What music you have. 😲😲
блин чик (4 months ago)
Еврей оценит музон
bernabe caranto (4 months ago)
please how to activate the cheat when did also do not want
DIZIZE (5 months ago)
Ammar best (5 months ago)
good song
PowerF Gaming (5 months ago)
Not working
Zetex3D SRB (5 months ago)
I fucking Hate with passion This Ugly Gypsie Music . fucking disgusting . 1337 Caine probably Gypsie
Ali Amir (5 months ago)
this is work only lan bots
George George (5 months ago)
Type period 202 to spray blood
anri gamer (5 months ago)
does it work on servers
Branislav Radosavljevic (5 months ago)
rolita taping (5 months ago)
When i forgot the music i watch this video
Vlad Gamer XD (5 months ago)
Vlad Gamer XD (5 months ago)
baaa musical de carnaval
Xander Niles (5 months ago)
That music is probably the worst thing I ever heard, it's fucking atrocious disgusting shitty-ass apeshit trash bullshit.
Filip eq (5 months ago)
I love this music❤👅💋💋💕❤💕💕💕💕
Anhtorrents (5 months ago)
Rip dust_2
Fandelly Lie (5 months ago)
U can see that Unknown command hahaha
Radion (5 months ago)
Music pls
ceezy (6 months ago)
the music 😂
-_GR33N-P4ND4_- :D (6 months ago)
Ceezy yes 😂
Sohail Ekram (6 months ago)
Digging the music
Force EV (6 months ago)
i like the song
That music is so nice and u just hit 1 Mil views woow
Maegan SkyZ (6 months ago)
Big steps 9999 really useful againts zombies
Pr0tacter dr. (6 months ago)
Music kills me
Nisha Maske (6 months ago)
when i type rcon sv_cheats 1 it says bad rcon password what should i do i want only impulse 102
GeoGamer (6 months ago)
Music dislike
Jimmy0615 Lee (5 months ago)
evil mortyy (6 months ago)
Åđəłīń (6 months ago)
Bătută din Moldova =))
Dan1lov (6 months ago)
omg rly cool music whats the song name ?
Sasul Roman Yt (7 months ago)
Ești român;-)
Divine (7 months ago)
Bine mă câine
GAMER Picimc - (7 months ago)
Music 😣
uliks krasniqi (7 months ago)
hendrix eka mulyana (7 months ago)
Thx this made my day! c:
Pedro Luvison (7 months ago)
<3 cs 1.6 lol lol lol
Colored Coke (7 months ago)
the blood is good for horror maps!
Petko Vasilev (7 months ago)
Awesome music xD
1.6 1.6 (7 months ago)
İlahə Nacafova (7 months ago)
3:08 hundure cixmaqq
maltkap Azerbaycan (7 months ago)
İlahə Nacafova he
Magma :P (7 months ago)
wtf was thats music
DNG Pablo (8 months ago)
La cansion me dio un canser de oídos
Cool! (8 months ago)
The only in cheat that works
Pro Gamer (8 months ago)
Creepy music duh
Brian Freeman (8 months ago)
Matas Gaming (8 months ago)
how to do you admin for you server :D ?
Leandro Gonzalez (8 months ago)
it doest work, i created a local server but then i enter and put rcon changelevel de_dust2 or something like that, and said incorrect rcon_password? please help
Vali Cocoşu` (8 months ago)
Eşti roman
Zevs YT (8 months ago)
Thanks bro
TOP MUSIC (8 months ago)
it work thank you very much
Marko Pavloski (8 months ago)
Serbian music...
Royal (8 months ago)
Marko Pavloski romanian music
kawaii as fuck のカリ (8 months ago)
cl_gibcount 999?
qEmeRald (8 months ago)
Ce muzia fain inca imi sangereaza
Mohamad Zacky Aimar (8 months ago)
song giveme cancer
Filip Stojanovic (8 months ago)
Sunitha (9 months ago)
Love the music😍😍
Cross* (9 months ago)
this music... omfg
Zoltán Nagy (9 months ago)
What can i do with this? "Bad rcon_password." :D :D
Madalin Sturzu (9 months ago)
XDDD music from Moldova XDDD
By. Das (9 months ago)
Song name xD?
Donald Trump (7 months ago)
Rabbids Go Home Music - Bãtutã Din Moldova
Mr. KnowN (9 months ago)
Muzica astă se chiama Balacenca, este tradițională României
Darkstar Gamers (9 months ago)
Music please
SAMP Tutoriali (9 months ago)
why rcon
kappaJ (9 months ago)
Dat music is so gay
i raped an oreo (9 months ago)
NizaR HackeR (9 months ago)
nice les code :D
Milancha (10 months ago)
Song : Rabbids Go Home Music - Bãtutã Din Moldova Thanks me later ! Or just type "The Vicious cycle of song"
hey bye (10 months ago)
zeki075 (10 months ago)
i love music
Jailbreak Tonighnovich (10 months ago)
That music
gREEK:D (10 months ago)
KapiN (10 months ago)
TOP IN KA (10 months ago)
Kalashikov song ????
Incruises Life (10 months ago)
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Boo Tz Do you maybe have an auto bhop for CS 1.6
Fekv_ (10 months ago)
So good console trick
Pyro Jandra (10 months ago)
NiK BR (10 months ago)
Roberto Pardo (10 months ago)
Cual es la cancion
Nadeem Khan (11 months ago)
I like jump trick
Dino Dzinovic (11 months ago)
how open console ?
uliks krasniqi (7 months ago)
jo know where the Esc wright????? one lower key click that and you got it

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