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Boston Major - What if?... (666,000 Subscriber Special)

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Correction: https://youtu.be/oayaBjOfH7E What if FaZe had won that round? What if SK had been able to plant? What if Oskar stopped moving before he fired? etc. 666K subscribers. Also who you're gonna call in an emergency if you're holding your phone upside down. 0:24 - Felps and the grenade storm 2:36 - Oskar's disappearing bullet 3:32 - SK's bomb run - I'd like to elaborate that although he had time, whether he would have survived the journey is another question. 4:38 - FaZe rush B Disclaimer: all of these players involved are great and I couldn't have done better, unlike those commenting on the livestream on Twitch. Check out my channels: ● 3kliksphilip: https://www.youtube.com/3kliksphilip ● 2kliksphilip: https://www.youtube.com/2kliksphilip ● kliksphilip: https://www.youtube.com/kliksphilip Other information you might like: ● Website: http://3kliksphilip.com ● Twitter: https://twitter.com/3kliksphilip ● PC Specs: Ryzen 1800X, 32 GB RAM, Geforce 1080
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Text Comments (736)
3kliksphilip (3 months ago)
Woops, big correction: Had Stewie missed that shot then he'd have had to reload, so I reckon Rain stood an even better chance of defeating him. Sorry!
Hristian Nikolov (5 days ago)
3kliksphilip i
darlose kim (2 months ago)
3kliksphilip he would have usped him which gives rain a lesser chance of defeating stew.
Conor O'Callaghan (3 months ago)
Robix Vives £200 more. And I’m skint
simple gaming (3 months ago)
Idk why but its feels like the overtime is over always ct wins ihate csgo so many bug gonna play rainbow six siege haha
Robix (3 months ago)
Conor O'Callaghan no, get a fucking vive
dogge tv (2 days ago)
Sooooooo Close to 700000 sub
DaviD 1 (3 days ago)
poor oskar :(
Supernoosh4 (3 days ago)
Almost 700.
andro-sas (5 days ago)
700k Let's gooooooooooooooooo
Krawberry Strush (6 days ago)
Grenades shoot shrapnel to damage enemies, so the little wall thing makes sense
WhyNot (8 days ago)
I was the 666.000 i got a ss
3Core (9 days ago)
opened up the video, correction (666,001 k special) opened up too.
Arcangel (14 days ago)
don't worry ur at 696k subs now!
rob the cube (16 days ago)
im actually so pissed that faze lost
Geofandra TV (17 days ago)
Oh hod 666
Sasidhar Kandarp (25 days ago)
What about skadoodle's almost clutch against faze
SandboxingZombiez z (1 month ago)
I were to purchase fast food and disguise it as my cooking?
Krispy Guy (1 month ago)
What's the song you feature near the end of the video?
Ered Blake (1 month ago)
I wanted a What if on the round where (karrigan?) DC'd when they were running up archway on A and did a B split
SJ GAMING (1 month ago)
Learn365 (1 month ago)
6:34 I think you'll find that they did go to B
tacobelldriver (1 month ago)
700k Get
Ludvig Holst (1 month ago)
4:09 now you see me, *now you dont*
BLOP (1 month ago)
3kliks source physics.
Really O`wow (1 month ago)
oskar bad luck
Your name is nerly like mine
Super Mario Tom Ryan (1 month ago)
Sketrix (1 month ago)
congrats on the devil
What about what if sunny didn’t kill himself.
Timjami Virtanen (1 month ago)
Iron maiden - The number of the beast
Kamikaze Bomber (1 month ago)
I would like to point out that Karrigan would not have had to fall back to site in order to pick up a better rifle, as shown in 3:40 Karrigan picked up an M4A4 off of the dead CTs body. Say Stewie missed the shot and Rain got the kill, I'd say FaZe would have had a relatively high chance of winning that round.
firendable (1 month ago)
Why the hell is rain planting when Stewie is still at the new box?
Nexures (2 months ago)
U said coldzera had time, yet when u recreated it you actually didnt 🤔
Furi0uS 80 (2 months ago)
Dan.kwiel (2 months ago)
sexy voice
why aren't u at 1mil?
JPB - Official (2 months ago)
They won the major and now they play like noobs 16-1 won faze over them what a revenge they are shit now ...
Wannes Wanted (2 months ago)
I dont like you saying the chanches that rain had against stew If stew missed his shot because then you could say What If he missed all his shots ? Then it could be a 4v4? I think you should only react to the mistakes that people make and not If the players makes good plays. Ps: this is not hate :) love ur content :D
Tolis Karap. Plan B (2 months ago)
I was subbed. Saw your love about this specific number. You know where you can put it.. Unsubbed
Some Edgy Piece of Shit (2 months ago)
3kliksphilips is the devel confirmed
Hey Wassup (2 months ago)
4:09 Willem himself
Joshua Marshall (3 months ago)
6:36 but it was to B...
GoldenAlphaLord SkyLord (3 months ago)
Actually 2/3 of a mill isn’t 666,000 and actually is 666,667
nikimaiki92 (3 months ago)
stewie haxs
M6GAMING (3 months ago)
What happened to stewie's spray I'm the finals against faze?
Couch Potato (3 months ago)
the fancy suicides at the end of the video always remind me of liking the video
weppeeh (3 months ago)
fucking cloud9
Radivoj Jelenić (3 months ago)
Im in a 666 number realy
Aslak Røkke (3 months ago)
It was to B though
Valve just watch your videos and fix the glitches to make CSGO a better game to play
netherfail04 (3 months ago)
I forgot I havn't subscribed XD
Chetan (3 months ago)
OSKAR >> Fallen >> Guardian >> ColdZera >> Niko
Peacok (3 months ago)
How would stewie one of the best pro csgo players miss a sitting duck. Stop makin these bs what ifs
Ice ProblemGun (3 months ago)
Araz Csgo (3 months ago)
When a nerd plays csgo? Hahahah jokes im stating a fact 😂
medium sized meme (3 months ago)
Artur 228 (3 months ago)
Вам не будто удивительно что это видео в тренде?
Oskatilla (3 months ago)
6:33 "Wasn't to b(e)" (͡◔ ͜ʖ ͡◔)
MainBaze (3 months ago)
Love the thumbnail from reddit :D
Global Offensive (3 months ago)
4:08 gods sake thats what you should look into
Dennis Spengler (3 months ago)
0:24 also works with flashbangs I discovered it on mirage when pushing out of palace and the flashbang exploded right behind a small piece of wood.
Andrew Beck (3 months ago)
What is 999?
Löwenkopf (3 months ago)
The hell happened to tariks body at 4:08???
JazzRadioFfm (3 months ago)
"would have, should have, could have" series
pro163 (3 months ago)
Aron Khomkomphut (3 months ago)
669 :)
Bob Ross (3 months ago)
Youve gained 3k subs in 22 hours
Lieutenant (3 months ago)
No lens flare in thumbnail = disliked
Ajinkya Parker (3 months ago)
hey what is the command you used on 2.06 to show the neds line and can I use to for bullets
LegendaryVegeta (3 months ago)
what if i had a 666000£ salary
Dazzling Duck (3 months ago)
Wtf 😂 4:08
Kiro (3 months ago)
4:08, how did he not mention that???
I'm a giraffe (3 months ago)
No, you have now 669.000 Eat me daddy
gersiu2 (3 months ago)
am i the only one thinking that they shouldn't "fix" the corner grenade ? it just looks more realistic to me and i hated 1.6 nade damage system
Dimitar Stoyanov (3 months ago)
1:42 whats to UsAirForce ?!
sam (3 months ago)
19 hours later +3k subs
KrypticKid (3 months ago)
I made it yessss
lightkiller (3 months ago)
lol already has almost 670k subs
LuckyLlama (3 months ago)
Completely useless video.... So many rounds could be changed if someone doesn’t get a kill... isn’t this obvious already?
PowerBread (3 months ago)
Anyone know when they changed Nuke?
The_ Hell_Lord (3 months ago)
Adrian (3 months ago)
Hitboxes on Stewies spray in that 1v1 against Karrigan which could have lost them the Major
InvisFrames (3 months ago)
Wish Valve would hire you to work in source on various levels across Valve games. You clearly know what you're doing not to mention youre a bit of a perfectionist. (Which can be very useful when mapping i suppose)
_ _ (3 months ago)
Yo are you part of the Illuminati or summ
DatOneCat (3 months ago)
669k now
RIZZO (3 months ago)
can u make more of these videos
MrGabetastic (3 months ago)
Don’t know how you didn’t catch this but the biggest question was how high did this guys body go 4:08
Bronzewarrior (3 months ago)
6:33 eyyy good pun... except it was to B.
slimehunter (3 months ago)
What if he Boston major won world war 1
Bronzewarrior (3 months ago)
The biggest what if of the tournament is: What if Philip had played? The other players wouldn't have stood a chance against his knowledge of things like if you can get an ace with a smoke grenade's 1 damage.
NachitoVsGaming (3 months ago)
668k haha you got PRANKED!!!
FelixFTW (3 months ago)
Can you PLEASE do a compilation of all the sniper's hut smokes C9 threw on Mirage? They did it with a bunch of style and the audience loved it, and there's no doubt us players could benefit from learning them.
Jack The Lad (3 months ago)
congratz phlips <3
Clorox Bleach (3 months ago)
Clout Nein
ِ ِ (3 months ago)
1:53 how do you view the map like that?
Nyron (3 months ago)
What if.... Sunny didn't kill himself
EnhancedPixels (3 months ago)
correction: 668k
Xander Niles (3 months ago)
So close to reach 1M Awesome!
Michael Hendrickson (3 months ago)
Why is a cs go major sponsored by the U.S. Air Force
KING J (3 months ago)
Why is he celebrating about the Devils number?
Soulless (3 months ago)
Last minute rotate was a good idea. Yes. What wasn't a good idea: actually waiting for the last few seconds to do something relevant when it's the 30th round. Also, the economy of FaZe during the last four rounds needs some inspection I believe, because it was horribly thought out and actually cost them the tournament.
Tropical Fruit (3 months ago)
Bomb takes 3.25s to plant. If you plant a bomb when there's 00:03 on timer you're doomed. You need to see 00:04 on timer(and even then not 100% sure. It says 00:04 when it's 4 seconds up to the point when its 3.01 seconds so it's really hard to say wether you have time or not as a player.
RizzutoHD (3 months ago)
Look what you smart ass's did, now he had to upload a correction video.

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