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CS:GO's Horizon Update Explained

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Patreon : https://www.patreon.com/valvenewsnetwork Watch my Streams : http://www.twitch.tv/valvenewsnetwork Steam Group : http://steamcommunity.com/groups/VNN Today on Valve News Network, we take a look at the latest major update to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the CS:GO Horizon update. Even though this brings Panorama to everyone, it also brings a case. Yea! Zool's Video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UPiBPviekjQ&t=58s Music - This Will Pass - HOME Pxysis - HOME My Social Media : Twitter : https://twitter.com/ValveNewsNetwor Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/valvenewsnetwork/ Waffler Weekly : goo.gl/Fm28Ge
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Text Comments (424)
Alexei zah GOD (23 hours ago)
Check if you have multicore enabled
E H (2 days ago)
Why do you remove all the vids you make with interesting titles?
Why do u remove so many videos?
A Random Commenter (2 days ago)
What happened to your Half-Life Impressions video.
Viva Max Channel (3 days ago)
My panorama doesn't freeze. It could be a bug or PC fault.
TheNewEpic (5 days ago)
Still too many hackers on CS:GO for my liking :E
Kaz (7 days ago)
for some people panorama disabled multi core rendering. check your settings and see if that's the problem
BluMarl1n (7 days ago)
Well explained! Glad I could be a part of the gameplay 😂
It freezes for me as well
sjain (8 days ago)
verify game cache. when you reinstall delete the whole Counter Strike Global Offensive folder in steamapps\common.
Nigel Vlot (8 days ago)
Wait what you said around 2:05, technically an operation already is a battlepass holy shit
chunky donkey (8 days ago)
Time to spend money on virtual skins
Furious321 (8 days ago)
3:29 Okay Philip.
adventurous cat 27 (9 days ago)
Nimo Beeren (10 days ago)
Community server browser and demo UI are still ancient remnants of the Half-Life 2 era. I would say the Panorama update isn't complete until those are also brought up to modern standards.
lukonic (10 days ago)
>Forces the steam friends UI update >It's buggy as fuck >Forces the cs:go panorama UI update >It's buggy as fuck
george petmezas (10 days ago)
I had the same problem if you have diffrent drivers for your pc .for example you have windows 8.1 but there are drivers only for windows 7 and 10 .That worked for me just update your windows
Fire Lord Obama (10 days ago)
deagle inspect is honestly the best feature imo. the deagle is so cool and to have a rare inspect makes it more so.
Zach Culp (10 days ago)
So can you change what gun your character is holding? And can you change if it's a terrorist or counter terrost?
RoiD Collective (10 days ago)
imk pretty sure they didn do an operation due to the upcoming major. Im prety sure they would interfere eatchother
Ilya Smolyakov (10 days ago)
The Deagle inspect might be a homage to the Metal Gear series that Konami has been slaughtering lately.
Aeiou (10 days ago)
3:27 "This is an interesting update." Don't you fucking lie to me Tyler.
Anirudh Aurange (11 days ago)
use -scaleform in launch option to get into the old ui if you are having crash issue.
frogonlilypad (11 days ago)
You consistently refer to Valve as a single entity. To better understand why this isn't completely accurate and have some insight on why Valve seems "not focused" you must understand how Valve works. They don't have a heirearchial structure of "X works for Y works for Z", rather each member decides what they think would be most helpful or what they think the community wants, and they are free to work on it. Each member's pay is decided by how valuable other members view their contributions to be. (I use "members" as I feel it is more accurate than "employees") There isn't someone telling anyone else what to work on. This is why I don't feel that it is appropriate to refer to Valve as a single entity, and rather as a group or a team.
Jiří Velek (11 days ago)
Panorama sucks so much honestly, fps lower and even though I get like 200 fps it still feels sluggish and laggy compared to the scaleform.
Ruben Soetens (11 days ago)
Valve News Network i honestly can't believe you still have hope in that Valve will once get out of their throne of greed and make actual games again. Especially after the Mark Laidlaw and Artifact incidents. They just care about skins and hats. To be honest the only thing i still have hope in, is that Tripmine Studios will actually finish both Operation: Black Mesa and Guard Duty (If those are the correct names, they keep changing). Also quite interested in what will happen with Boreal Alyph (I keep forgetting names), since Project Borealis makes a big mistake trying to make it in "Unreal", ugh. Still, this channel is great for the community. I lost all hope in the number three ever being in a Valve game, but all the community related stuff on this channel is great too. Liked and subbed (Why didn't i sub earlier).
Kebab Remover (11 days ago)
Panorama destroys my performance, last week it was all fine and dandy with my constant 60's, now I have to turn everything down because I barely get 20's
Paradoxical Outcome (11 days ago)
Probably one of the animators got bored after they finished the animations they had to make and made the gun spin animation, and then they were like "Y'know what? Let's put it in, why not?" Looking at the way Valve operates it doesn't seem implausible.
Lawgx (11 days ago)
Is the new scam method not a worthy news to this channel?
Manmonster (11 days ago)
i would love to see, what they do with the nightvision sound, maybe something like cs:cz (condition zero)
FrostedFlamesx (11 days ago)
My game starts up and shows a gray screen like my drivers crash, then i can play normally
FlyingAce1016 (11 days ago)
The bomb different beeps is hopefully only in casual play. That seems like a huge change to competitive.
Erimad (11 days ago)
hopefully if there is a fortnite style battle pass we could actually be assured to get decent skins instead of rolling a die, idk I'd get it if it were good.
-KracN- (11 days ago)
2:14 lazy bastards just used a snip from the bomb explosion sound!
Hazzmati (11 days ago)
This is a copy of 3kliksphilips video
miss misanthropist (12 days ago)
the healthshot sound has been in the game since the coop mission thing
mellow1238 (12 days ago)
Delete system 32 to fix cs:go (im kidding just thought someone had too"
Hydra's Archive (12 days ago)
First time vnn mentions fortnite
Smonnum (12 days ago)
There's a 'VNN' in the link to this video.. :P
Rokas Bite (12 days ago)
As a long time CS:GO player, I'm quite sure that operation won't be realised until London major finishes
Esspresso (12 days ago)
these updates may makes me reinstalling csgo wow jk, too complex with recoil and all
Dblxross (12 days ago)
Psst....Valve did battle passes before Fortnite was a thing, in DotA.
Mr. Poot (12 days ago)
This makes the TF2 update droughts look worse because we'll be having to wait just as long or even longer to get a new update and then it'll be okay with no ref skin no removing random crits no updated community server browser honestly I give up most of the time .
Nielz (12 days ago)
Adiós :3
BirdsEyeView (12 days ago)
Fuck valve, fuck CSGO. Play Quake Champions instead.
DreamBean (12 days ago)
Active Directory (12 days ago)
-scaleform option to go back
Nikorasu Kon (12 days ago)
Damn, the Team Fortress 2 update changed a lot.
Pedro Ochoa (12 days ago)
'thanks watching guys, love ya, Adios'
Sowan So (12 days ago)
CS:GO is the secret TF3, they're also shipping updates late
Ashley Lawton (12 days ago)
I really hate this channel.
Illegal Aliens (12 days ago)
Dont let this distract you from the paid that a free vive tylered a spray.
Terence (12 days ago)
"Player did 240 damage with night vision goggles on."
Valve News Network Try doing -scaleform in the launch settings, problem is thats the old ui. It's a fallback for the issue you're having.
Becke963 (12 days ago)
The healthshot is already ingame?!? Also we still have the old server browser, so it's not the full release of panorama.
prod1gy (12 days ago)
operation probably wont happen until after the major
Draggehz (12 days ago)
2:05 mark my woRDs
Spikem59 (12 days ago)
No new operation, instead we give you new cases and skins! Of fucking course.
Ethan Porter (12 days ago)
Use -scaleform to turn off panorama
DistantExplorer (12 days ago)
I'm disappointed at these knive animations. They we're definitely thrown together last minute.
mantazzo (12 days ago)
Well, in Twitter CSGO account said they released the update on... July 33rd. The obvious joke. :D (maybe that explains how Valve Time works?)
Videogamer96 (12 days ago)
"Fortnite style Battle Pass" *shows Dota 2 Battle Pass"
Lasky Labs (12 days ago)
It's sad when this game's community is less toxic than TF2's community.
Headless Hunter (12 days ago)
Hey! He started saying adios at the end of the video again! Tyler is back to being slightly less depressed and only prayin for death occasionally
Koosh (12 days ago)
Make Dust2 playable on 32bit systems, not everybody is up to date.
DJ L3G3ND (12 days ago)
Jan (12 days ago)
new operation probably after the next major
DrHotelMario (12 days ago)
What do you call Tyler reporting on Gabe Newell's naked pictures? Valve Nudes Network
Chris Mccuskey (12 days ago)
This update made my overclock on the gpu freak out and the whole pc restarted.
Jonas Tisell (12 days ago)
Damn I was thinking about Operation Horizon
When you freeze do you hear other players in the game through voice chat because i used to have that problem and i fixed it by turning off fullscreen optimization
To turn it off you go to the exe for csgo > properties > compatibility > Disable full screen optimization > check it on > press ok > restart steam - Hope this helps
Wolfcouture Meowsirlot (12 days ago)
Of course the csgo dev teams main focus is new deg animations
Rui Castro (12 days ago)
Do you have hybrid hard-drive, than it's that perhaps. When ever these a update it goes into the slow drive. You have boot the game some number of times. Or if it's a normal hard drive place csgo on the ssd drive and see if lag disappears
mrtannzr (12 days ago)
Have you tried turning it off and back on again?
PEKSYK (12 days ago)
That deagle animation looks cool tho
Cesar R (12 days ago)
Oh my days WHAT A NOOB!
Nitrospam (12 days ago)
Operation Horizon. It’s right there. RIGHT THERE
Svet the Saiyan (12 days ago)
Does HOME really make copyright-free music?!
AtoZee (12 days ago)
I had the same problem with panorama ui. Just enable borderless windowed mode to fix it.
Cymen (11 days ago)
What is this guy's beef with Dota 2? Whenever he talks about features he DOESN'T want, he shows outdated Dota 2 screenshots from years ago lol
Cymen (11 days ago)
Because it is a great game. Many would say the best Valve has made. It is definitely the most popular Valve game worldwide. And yes, it has eclipsed Half Life half a decade ago. People need to get over it.
Illegal Aliens (12 days ago)
DotA is kind of attention whoring for Valve, nobody knows why but its just a pain in the ass for others even though its not their fault.
남안현태 (12 days ago)
What is a healthshot?
Illegal Aliens (12 days ago)
probably morphine
Linkz (12 days ago)
You can tell someones skill by their cursor position. Electra, THERES NO HEADCRABS IN THIS GAME!!!
Wolvenworks (12 days ago)
Wasp (12 days ago)
A year and a half to add in a knife? Wow.
Emre Öztürk (12 days ago)
where is mp5sd :( ?
Ziomeq11 (12 days ago)
2:33 - Had the same thing but the frequency of it has been decreasing over time for me
Sambobadger (12 days ago)
Just wait till they start making weapon animation cases.
Chinni (12 days ago)
I don’t think valve will release an operation before the major
그냥사람 (12 days ago)
1:28 use vpn and get chinese version of csgo? That's tho only way i can think..
Gornemant (12 days ago)
Instead of updating the game to the source 2 engine, port a source 2 feature in an old ass buggy engine. Geeeeeniuuuuuuus
Dubleclick44 (12 days ago)
Revolver ocelot !!!!
Robotainment (12 days ago)
Don't know if you have time for this or already did it, but maybe it's time for a Windows reinstall if you have CS:GO and Vive problems.
Steller (12 days ago)
You're really pushing yourself with these uploads, Tyler?
Phillip Unbekannt (12 days ago)
It makes me happy seeing csgo die
Aeiou (4 days ago)
If devs continue to move away from steam consumers will have no choice to follow, change their tastes, or largely abandon their hobby.
Will B. (4 days ago)
Aeiou yeah, developers don't like that, and they're right, but the customers themselves have gotten so used to steam that I can't see any platform available right now getting the same userbase. Most players don't reslly care that Valve takes 30%. They won't switch platforms for that
Aeiou (4 days ago)
Will B. These things take time. There's a reason major devs and publishers are opening their own distribution platforms, Bethesda is going to release their own platform. Did you know Valve takes like a fucking 30% cut out of most games sold on steam? Major studios don't like Valve taking that much while contributing effectively nothing but a platform.
Will B. (4 days ago)
Aeiou steam will never get dethroned, they've already established themselves as the "best platform" look at GOG and humble store. Both great platforms but they don't come near steam in levels of popularity
FatuousHawk (6 days ago)
except they will have so much money they won't give a fuck
DarKCroX (13 days ago)
Yeaa... me too... mine crash everytime use panorama
Theo Hallenius (13 days ago)
I thought it's about time to port cs:go to source 2, but noooo!
Blank Blank (13 days ago)
Operation Horizon? man I’m starved for operations
Fourth World (13 days ago)
good time to uninstall
Zee Kusa (13 days ago)
no MP5? thats disappointing, I really wanna see that readded into GO
Valve ffs leave the dead money suck finally, no one wants to play this shit anyway

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