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CS GO - The Funniest & Worst Trades Part 3 - Feat. Leafy!

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Another tour of an elite csgo traders world. Leafy: https://www.youtube.com/LeafyIsHere **KNIFE GIVEAWAY** http://csgorage.com/raffle/karambit-crimson-web-mw-mcskillet Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/og_mcskillet My Twitter: https://twitter.com/OG_McSkillet Trade With Me! https://goo.gl/g7WkUQ Home Skillets Steam Group: http://goo.gl/8AVC8b Music: Monkeys spinning monkeys http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free Death metal instrumental https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EIfAQa7Y5YM Lou Rawls: You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine Brodyquest
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Text Comments (957)
Sier Ignited (2 months ago)
1:11 awp name?
AnimateOut (11 days ago)
Waited 2 months for the name *RIP* I personally dont like the awp :p i like the asiimov
Sier Ignited (11 days ago)
ah looks good ty
AnimateOut (11 days ago)
Awp Snake Camo
Fung Ryan (4 months ago)
How can I do this?i want knife pls
Dogmer 2 (4 months ago)
Why are u working with the no chin gremlin???
Sayantan Mitra (7 months ago)
Win in each fucking trade xd
Pythor Gaming (7 months ago)
That Negev... I came
Pedro Piva (7 months ago)
Don't be cancer leafy
Høne Pøne Den Kule (8 months ago)
Hesulina (8 months ago)
chek the most expensive on this link: http://steamcommunity.com/market/listings/730/StatTrak%E2%84%A2%20AWP%20%7C%20Electric%20Hive%20%28Factory%20New%29
King Gaming (9 months ago)
Dageoz (1 year ago)
Why te fuck is leafy in this video
Dead Father (1 year ago)
when i heard the leafy voice i cringed ewww
adrian heunis (1 year ago)
for all those who are blind now [👈👎🖕☝️👇🖕✋👌👎🤞🖖👌👊👆☝️👈👉👇👊👌✋]
- L33 - (1 year ago)
I am now legally blind
HeadshotHero (1 year ago)
leafy ruins all the jokes
MrDolph 14 (1 year ago)
kiksta (1 year ago)
was that leafy speaking?
Retire (1 year ago)
Crazy women E A T S S A N D
Alex Radu (1 year ago)
Leafy voice
Zharki (1 year ago)
lol I played mc with itz entity
DaVeZeD (1 year ago)
You sounds like leafy
LamisLP (1 year ago)
Mateusz Mielczarek (1 year ago)
This guy declined my offer 999€ for this sexy negev... It must be hard to get :c
Tal Peretz (1 year ago)
aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh my eyes!!!!
WiNNA Dova (1 year ago)
Execute Leafy please
Bela Schinke (1 year ago)
1:55 fuck you! now im blind
MattXanis (1 year ago)
Good amount of blue Good amount of blueGood amount of blue Good amount of .........blue
Homie Doge (1 year ago)
COMPLAININGwithMOLT (1 year ago)
,,It's so new the factory didn't even release it" That part fucking killed me lmao
Precedentbug (1 year ago)
that negev offer was the best XD
jaymz (1 year ago)
good amount of blue
Yung Green Coconut (1 year ago)
Anybody have cheap boyonets for keys hit me up
Kacper W (1 year ago)
That negev made my day, and it's 20:20. (Iluminoti?) Edit: It's 20:21 now.
Alijars Leitis (1 year ago)
FlyingTacos (1 year ago)
leafys stupid
statikk shiv (1 year ago)
omg i laughed my ass off in the negev one loooool
GavinDel (1 year ago)
Leafy Kys
Connor RK800 (1 year ago)
alZiiHardstylez (1 year ago)
Did you seriously not accept that Negev trade? Idiot.
Adamki Plays (1 year ago)
Tetran (1 year ago)
That negev really hurt my eyes, somebody report this guy.
omg i have that negev i got it on drop!!!!!!!!! im rich
Rosalie Kats (1 year ago)
i am blind now help me pls
Ryan Morgan (1 year ago)
does this not sound like leafy.....
Jake Ω (1 year ago)
You didn't even give a warning and now my brother is fucking blind from that Negev!
Nutunalle (1 year ago)
Leafy is a bitch
arroz420 (1 year ago)
0:39 describes perfectly leafy's channel
Flinch (1 year ago)
Color LMAO
Avrage Gamers (1 year ago)
Color Hahahahahhahahahahahahahahaha. Also, nice profile pic.
Tigger (1 year ago)
for a troll one time i drop 100$ on csgo what do i got 1000 nova candy Apple skills
Kimset (1 year ago)
Downvote because you put leafys stupid ass in this video.
JanKaszanka (1 year ago)
How to get your shitty csgo roulette website popular? give it to a popular youtuber for free, but with name of your website
jo-mornin' (1 year ago)
Fuck leafy
jo-mornin' (1 year ago)
i hated him b4 anyways XD
jo-mornin' (1 year ago)
Reality (1 year ago)
Robo warrior this was before leafster got flamed
KairosXIII (1 year ago)
holi shit its leafy
BEERUS SAMA (1 year ago)
I offered a guy a p250 sand dune for his karambit vanilla he accepted it by accident(even with the mobile authenticator) so he begged me to give it back coz he really wanted it and so I told him after a week I'll give it to him and I did sadly
Leeqit (1 year ago)
is this leafyishere? i hate him
Cakicans (1 year ago)
Leeqit check the video date
so4p (1 year ago)
I fapped to Leafy's voice
Joshuafree321 (1 year ago)
I'll trade someone my FN P250 Sand dune for their FN P250 Sand Dune
TasteTR (1 year ago)
TheMushyChannel (1 year ago)
hey guys its me again juste here to make promotion for my videos! dont forget to send me skins and subscribe also they will be no giveaway soon so dont join in :) give what is mine https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=202915137&token=o9wK-D-t
TheMushyChannel (1 year ago)
bonjermon (1 year ago)
TheMushyChannel um no
By Puzzllie (1 year ago)
Song st 2:10
UserAksu (1 year ago)
Cakicans (1 year ago)
UserAksu this is a year ago
ComplexPalygaem (1 year ago)
UserAksu kill ur self.
The martini108 (1 year ago)
idk why but youre voice reminds me of leafy
Clorox Bleach Clorox, you fukin scam, I used you today on my clothes and guess what? IT STILL SMELLED LIKED MUDDY PIGS U LITTLE PISS HEAD!!
Lottomangonut (1 year ago)
TigerTeen (1 year ago)
leafy ?! seriously xDDDD
TomoMelon (1 year ago)
Zach Frodit (1 year ago)
Anyone trying to give skins away please send to Brisngr22 To poor for an inventory 😭
Game Ranger (1 year ago)
selling my p250 BS asiimov has a Factory new look, Just want an awp asiimov, cheers no scam
Game Ranger (1 year ago)
+CreymacHD no, my name is cLARENce
Ken (1 year ago)
u kidding right?
AAA AAA (1 year ago)
am i watching leafy?
(1 year ago)
asdfghh dfdgh (1 year ago)
Oh shit i m blindddasdf fuckkkkkkadfssffs am i even typinggg right?
Zachary Morris (1 year ago)
One of the 2 funny videos that has leafy in it, other one is part 6.
✧Shmuk✧ (1 year ago)
you're another hero who can insult someone over the internet ? I'm not surprised little shits like you have such much balls over a screen , I'd love you to say that to my face you coward troll
✧Shmuk✧ who are you referring to?
Anakin Skywalker (2 years ago)
Jack Houck (2 years ago)
I have a feeling half of the people in the video are just joking like the Negev guy
Zeinox (2 years ago)
these are really relatable, so many stupid trades
CS GO (2 years ago)
Justin Car21 (2 years ago)
don't play with leafy he's fuck
Nicolaus Chlanda (2 years ago)
is that leafy???????
NiicoplayZ (2 years ago)
just saw a guy who sold his Huntsman knife Fade for 3 Cent 😆
Alex Cormier (2 years ago)
Zack Shortjohn (2 years ago)
Is the giveaway over?
Alex Crawford (2 years ago)
Took me half the video to realise that was leafy xD
Pepe The Frog (1 year ago)
What about reading the fucking title
CrazyGaming (2 years ago)
1 for 1 must'nt be shit because maybe his float valiue is better (noone will ever read this)
Spooker (2 years ago)
I saw those pictures of the negev, and was lmfao. it is 12:45 am xD
Nevada 4K (2 years ago)
1:1 but u need to add xDDDD WTF
U went from mg1 to dmg fast. Get Boosted boii. Kappa
Anthony Suazo (2 years ago)
still the best video ever
William Pretzer (2 years ago)
Fuyl u dm bkibf bow ftpm yhe megeb
Quinn (2 years ago)
The Negev guy is fucking awesome XD
Jettrail (2 years ago)
me cum at negev :)
Drake Toran (2 years ago)
Rip csgorage
Trollzy (2 years ago)
Best fap of my life 2:00
Rioxy (2 years ago)
{Goku Black} (2 years ago)
leafy senpaiiiiiiiii
Luigi Lgaming (2 years ago)
you sound like leafy
Darren Falmer (2 years ago)
2:00 not my proudest fap.
ThunderMCR (2 years ago)
Vlada Ilić (2 years ago)
was that leafys voice?
Vlada Ilić (2 years ago)
+alistair lol im blind xD
Alistair Malana (2 years ago)
read the title
Just Fruit (2 years ago)
give me.knife https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=111498084&token=VrFVq7Tb i cant afford 1
Ali Dalal (2 years ago)
Really leafy dont sink that low
wavy (2 years ago)
That negev one was actually pretty funny haha

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