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Counter-Strike: Source - Surf_Ski_2_Nova ]HeLL Surf Server 2015

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A gameplay of Counter Strike Source ]HeLL[ Surf Server One of the best servers I ever played Subscribe For More Videos
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Text Comments (50)
ederson sperandio (19 days ago)
console command pls :(
Steve Fox (19 days ago)
ederson sperandio if you are on the right side press A and if u r on the left side press d
ederson sperandio (19 days ago)
What are the commands for me to surf?
Steve Fox (19 days ago)
what do you mean console command?
d3sbb (3 months ago)
Keeping surf alive i see :) (SBBomB)
Mohamed King (3 months ago)
steam version right ? comming just downloading it
Royal Skylines (4 months ago)
Is that server still alive in 2018 ????
Steve Fox (4 months ago)
Royal Skylines yes
GamerPro _ (4 months ago)
Wwwowwwww your good
giorgos Maurokefalos (5 months ago)
Sv air accelerate 9999999999999999999999
Steve Fox (5 months ago)
giorgos Maurokefalos sv_air accelerate 100
дэг (5 months ago)
Gaming Life (5 months ago)
CSS= Cunter Stroke Surf
SuchSalty (6 months ago)
css = counter strke surf
Mohamed King (3 months ago)
that's right
flash nigga (4 months ago)
SuchSalty 😁
Nagybomn Pophead (10 months ago)
I'm SuperBlockyBlast4728
Joe Speen (10 months ago)
он искривленный
ruslan safiulin (11 months ago)
будто банихопить
White Rabbit (1 year ago)
600fps 144Hz display and CSS surf maps is the real masterrace!
Danté Caliber (1 year ago)
omg thank you I didn't know how to surf on this one map just this one it was so hard for me but when I watched this you showed me all the boosters on the map thank youu
SlesHHer (1 year ago)
Tmp Tmp (1 year ago)
Reez ку
SlesHHer (1 year ago)
ГДЕ IP??????????
bradley blair (1 year ago)
bro ur trash
bradley blair (1 year ago)
Nah your good ae just chill out
Steve Fox (1 year ago)
did I say I'm good or did anyone say I'm good?
Bojidar Martinov (1 year ago)
BraveBG was here.
Toxic Rox (1 year ago)
on what site you download cs source?
D3rKeiZ (1 year ago)
sv_gravity ???
Team GG (1 year ago)
Hogy repülsz?
Joe (1 year ago)
how much that air accelerate ??
Steve Fox (1 year ago)
Do you Guys want me to make more surf videos? I Only play on ]HeLL surf server
Mr Gear (1 year ago)
Walker Family (2 years ago)
What a fly?
BroStaT (2 years ago)
Why do I always lose speed while surfing lol
Gaming Life (5 months ago)
because you are going on the ramps in some fucking ridicolus way like you are on drugs on something
Jason Master Music (2 years ago)
enseñame a surf pq nose nada
MerandYT (2 years ago)
you are very good in surf .. pro .. :)
Lightning Strike (1 year ago)
No where near.
MerandYT (2 years ago)
whats is your version of your css ?
Steve Fox (2 years ago)
+Merand Merko IDK I keep auto updating it
MerandYT (2 years ago)
i have css v_34
MerandYT (2 years ago)
counter strike source version ?
MahmoudX (2 years ago)
Is it still active
Hunter (2 years ago)
Yeah, ]Hell[ servers are active every day with tons of players, you should try ]Hell[ jailbreak also.
TheLochlann (2 years ago)
+GororordSSJ Yup :P com along an get rekt by random he's super pro
Whomps (2 years ago)
Good Video! :D
ExoAddict (2 years ago)
l play this server too, l am Illuminati ZeroForce

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