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Telltale's Game of Thrones Episode 2 Soundtrack - Ballad of the Forresters (Grab Her)

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Composed by Jared Emerson-Johnson, lyrics by Arthur von Nagel, sung by Molly Stone. Cover art done by Zonorius: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2zUFjPbwagbTPcCrqG9ACg Sung by Talia during the funeral, and plays during the credits. Variant that plays if you chose to grab Talia as Ethan. Lyrics: From ice, from ice, we Forresters born, To ice we all return. Father, brother, I've sworn, I've sworn, To guard this rest you've earned. May kings and queens melt down their crowns. Up high on Aegon's hill. In floods of gold, I pray they drown, For all the blood they spilled. Mance, sound the horn of winters past. Call starving giants forth. Urge cannibals to break their fast, On wardens of the North. Eastern mages empty the veins, Of beasts across the sea. Paint Slaver's Bay in crimson rains, To bring Ethan back to me. Snow grabbed me from my mother's grasp, To claim me as his prize. Ethan freed me from Ramsay's clasp. The rival lords locked eyes. The rival lords locked eyes! Fight on, fight on, Ethan the Brave, Old gods bear steel with you. Our lord, my twin, a hero's grave. So iron grows anew. Still iron grows anew.
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Text Comments (1006)
BrenturoX (1 month ago)
RIP Telltale Games
Justin 21 (2 months ago)
I know some people had water in their eyes when they camera was on Royland for second.
Tony Godz (4 months ago)
Grab her is best version of this song.
Tony Godz (4 months ago)
I cried when listen this song.
Furkan Çelik (10 months ago)
38 Dislike fucking white hill
Honest M'aiq (1 year ago)
why did Stark's fell ? i don't understand why everyone betrayed them...
Critic Corner (1 year ago)
"Man, sound the horns of winters past!" *Orchestra picks up* *Starts tearing up*
borchop 444 (1 year ago)
Iron from ice
That fck final 😢😢😢
TBNR banter (1 year ago)
35 whitehill fucks disliked. IRON FROM ICE!
nses 117 (1 year ago)
I can not understand English. Can someone share English lyrics?
Egoruhin с вами (1 year ago)
Connor Pringle (1 year ago)
Iron From Ice!
Selim Ustundag (1 year ago)
33 disslikes fuckin whitehills
GG- Enes (1 year ago)
33 dislike from whitehills and bolton :D FOR LORD RODRİK
Fernando Juarez (1 year ago)
Lord gregor is dead know we have the big sons
Fernando Juarez (1 year ago)
Iron from ice !! for forresters!!!!!
Tajfunek (1 year ago)
north remember
Jonester Gaming (1 year ago)
Legate Augustus (1 year ago)
I try so hard to not cry during this song.
Deltahunter (1 year ago)
I feel u man...
Pedro Santos (1 year ago)
winter is coming
Shockwawe1 (2 years ago)
justtheblueberry (2 years ago)
oh my god I have no idea what Game of Thrones is But I love this so much
Big Boss (1 year ago)
If you think it has a happy ending.... you haven't been paying attention.
SniperGhost RTDF (1 year ago)
TheWattpadBunny What the fuck
irekkosek1 (1 year ago)
please watch this i can`t even think that you can die without watched game of thrones
justtheblueberry (1 year ago)
Ok :P
findusuli (1 year ago)
how on earth can one not know Game of Thrones these days? lol Lets just say GoT is the best adaption of a fantasy novel series since Lord of the Rings, and definitely on the same level.
MLGpro (2 years ago)
Actually the description is wrong with the lyrics, it says in the description " up high on Aegon's hill" when the song says "a pyre on Aegon's hill"
Floppy Disk (2 years ago)
28 Whitehills didn't like this video.
SniperGhost RTDF (1 year ago)
Floppy Disk 32 now
Ed Drow (2 years ago)
This is a musical vocal masterpiece
Karl Follhoffer (2 years ago)
Well just here to say it, "Suck it Ramsey", who is king in the North now?
J P (2 years ago)
Iron from Ice!!!
I can see why lots of people really love Talia's song, I can't blame them, it's very beautiful and it made the ending to episode 2 feel so lifting and badass
A-MEI-ZING (2 years ago)
Love it...not the game, the game sucks but this song is pretty good.
dakdims (2 years ago)
I don't want to be ass but the song is almost fully about Ethan but there is very little about Gregor Forrester who i personally think is and was more important.
Mayor hancock (2 years ago)
Hail Ramsay bolton!
Ali Eren T. (2 years ago)
Talia,Will you mary me?
Fhtfvd Jyrerf (2 years ago)
Ali Eren T. (2 years ago)
+E vilo I cant count :X
E vilo (2 years ago)
How many men can you muster?
ncr (2 years ago)
fuck you telltale game ed is suck
darkvixenkillu (2 years ago)
if season 2 gives me the opportunity I'll have someone skin Ramsey Snow alive, just finished watching him torture and disembowel poor Arthur/Quiver, not to mention poor Ethan. then again i hear Ramsey is a main character in the show (never seen it just heard about it), so i doubt i'll get the opportunity.
Syl Syl (2 years ago)
Everytime I hear this song it makes me think of the funeral in TTG GoT. I legitimately cry every time.
Natsu Sama (2 years ago)
Zacpack Man (2 years ago)
ZegetaX1 (2 years ago)
Quick Question how would she know who Mance Rayder is
ZegetaX1 (2 years ago)
Quick Question how would she know who Mance Rayder is
ConRon (2 years ago)
Is it bad that I almost cried during the end of Episode 2 of this game? The feels of all of Telltale's games..
linguicaguy (2 years ago)
+Dictator Of Thailand That's because they're good writers who know how to write a proper story and make likeable characters.
ConRon (2 years ago)
+Dictator Of Thailand Iron From Ice.
Netflix & Nyongtory (2 years ago)
I just finished episode 2 and I almost cried at this part. This song is so damn beautiful
Riley Bubblegum (2 years ago)
Hello welcome to GoT where everyone you like FUCKING DIES
Carri Carri Carri (2 years ago)
Iron From Ice brother...
AK V (2 years ago)
great game so far*only on episode 2. is this going to follow cannon of the books or show? because shouldn't ransey be pseudo reek 1 right now at winterfall?
Ethan Williams (2 years ago)
The only option.
Nawaf Jazzar (2 years ago)
25 whitehill's men dislike the song...
Lyssa Tejero (2 years ago)
Why does she never sing "Ethan the Bold" though? The majority of my friends who played this earned the name "Ethan the Bold", but she only sings Ethan the Brave or Wise, which I think is a shame...
Zigon (2 years ago)
Obal Maskey (2 years ago)
Ethan Ricks (2 years ago)
Am I the only person that was expecting a new version of this after episodes five or six, especially (for me) Rodrik's brutal death.
Hands0me_Rhys (2 years ago)
I hate loving Game of Thrones.
PastelGrave (2 years ago)
I was really disappointed with Ethan's death. I mean, I know Telltale can only go so far in terms of giving us our own choices, but I wish I could have found some way to spare him. He truly _was_ just a boy.
PastelGrave (2 years ago)
+San s Not necessarily. If you remember, in the show, Theon easily got Bran to surrender Winterfell to him and title him as the new lord. If it were possible for Ethan to survive, he could have done that will his older brother, Rodrik. Ethan didn't seem too pleased with being the lord anyway.
PastelGrave (2 years ago)
+San s I'm not denying that. What I'm saying is, he could have been a very promising story line and instead they decided to kill him off just to show off Ramsay's insanity.
pikkdogs (2 years ago)
Can we take a minute to appreciate how awesome these songs are. Great lyrics with haunting meanings.
Matthew Brendley (2 years ago)
I get goosebumps every time
Hazem Khaled (3 years ago)
I don't always cry but when i do, i cry like a little bitch
XpertAtGaming (3 years ago)
Am I the only one that always gets chills when listening to this song?
Bigby Wolf (2 years ago)
I bet the 24 dislikes were all Boltons and Whitehills! Those bastards..
Farhan Febrianda (2 years ago)
May ice dragon be with yoy
Verm1ll1on (3 years ago)
This didn't get me to cry, but I shiver every time. "Paint Slaver's Bay in crimson rains, to bring Ethan back to me"
Lucas Gusman (3 years ago)
aaahh que linda cancion
PokemonTom09 (3 years ago)
Ethan was one of the few people from episode 1 I actually liked, and Ramsey just comes and fuckin stabs him in the neck.
MLGpro (2 years ago)
At least his face was eaten off by his own hound
Niklas Politowski (2 years ago)
+PokemonTom09 Which isn't prooved till the book is out ;) GRRM stopped being in the writing team after Season 4. Anyway Iron from Ice. Winter is coming.
djvr (2 years ago)
+PokemonTom09 iron from ice
PokemonTom09 (2 years ago)
+Niklas Politowski Okay, I don't know if you realize this, but GRRM helps with the show. All the people who died in season 6 are going to die in TWOW
Andrew The Fanboy (3 years ago)
Iron from Ice! And tears from goosebumps! Beautiful song!
Emre şahin (3 years ago)
rip ethan :(
walless (3 years ago)
I can't wait to use Rodrik in the last episode and slaughter every Whitehill's member
Jerus PI (3 years ago)
+walles-99 I chose Asher. Gwynn's former lover. I look forward to the look on her face when he stabs a knife into her.
ArianneNymeros (3 years ago)
I really liked Ethan. Then THAT happened and I remembered "ok this is GOT, never have a favourite character". Then Arthur came and I was like "hey, he has cool hair". Couldn't enjoy his hairstyle for long. I must be cursed or something. I shall never have a fav character.
ArianneNymeros (2 years ago)
And hunting down and flaying girls for fun. Also letting Jeyne Poole getting raped by his feral dogs bc why not?
TheSkipRow Gaming (2 years ago)
+PokemonTom09 Well , I really don't see why people hate Ramsay THAT much , I hatee him but not as much as you guys , the only bad things he's done were torturing Theon and you know what Sansa . But Theon deserved it for betraying Robb.
PokemonTom09 (2 years ago)
+TheSkipRow Gaming Eh, different opinions I guess, not a huge deal. I understand why a lot of people hated him, I just didn't hate him as much. But you do you!
TheSkipRow Gaming (2 years ago)
+PokemonTom09 Cersei tried to stop him when he executed Eddard Stark . Joffrey wasn't like that because of his parents , Cersei was afraid of him herself , she was so ashamed when Tywin spoke so rough to Joffrey about being a king .
PokemonTom09 (2 years ago)
+TheSkipRow Gaming See, I didn't hate Joffery as much as other people did. It was very clear to me that while he's demented, it's almost completely because of his parents, so I hated Cercie way more.
Shawn Tan Wai Kit (3 years ago)
Iron from Ice.
quarantine458 (3 years ago)
Iron from ice
Nikolai Wa (3 years ago)
Rolliger Ritter (3 years ago)
I think it is "a pyre on Aegon's Hill"
armsdragon05 (3 years ago)
The Whitehills want our iron trees? fine, then can have it when i break down their gates with rams made of ironwood. they can have it when i break every last one of lord Whitehill's teeth with my ironwood shield. they can have it when i gift lord whitehill with a crown of iron, just like the Freys gave Robb Stark.  And after i'm done with them...I'm coming for you Bolton.
Vernon Swain-Nisbet (2 years ago)
+armsdragon05 Oh you get two options, I chose the one which could not fail ;).
Nasir Germain (2 years ago)
Iron from Ice
Yannos Sørensen (2 years ago)
Have fun
Tell me why I'm crying?
Poopoo798 (3 years ago)
Where do u get this song on ITunes I really like song and I want to be able to buy it. Also I want it because I do t want to go on Internet to listen
Max Dunham (3 years ago)
The stanza regarding Ethan and Ramsay is different depending on how you proceed with that scene.  The one we hear in the video is the one you get if you pull Talia out of Snow's grip.
arda xz99 (3 years ago)
The Fallen Crow (3 years ago)
Iron from ice!
The Diplomic (3 years ago)
SPOILER After Rodrik's death this song hits my right in the feels. #IronFromIce
PokemonTom09 (3 years ago)
+The Diplomic Choosing between whether Asher would die or Rodrik was so hard, other than Ethan and Talia, these two were my favorite characters in the game.
DarkFairy (3 years ago)
+The Diplomic Or Asher'S*
Stornlolilol (3 years ago)
Iron from ice brother !
Phuck Yoo (3 years ago)
R.I.P Asher
L.J. Kommer (3 years ago)
When they said "Ethan the brave" in my play through, I'm not too proud to admit that I cried.
L.J. Kommer (3 years ago)
"Urge cannibals to break their fast, On Wardens of the North." I like how Talia is like, eleven, asking the Thenns to eat the Boltons.
Mario (3 years ago)
17 dislikes? Let me see... Cersei Lannister, Gryff Whitehill, Ludd Whitehill, Ramsay Snow , Roose Bolton, Walder Frey, Joffrey Baratheon, Damien, Andros, Frostfinger and 7 Whitehill soldiers. I can't guess anyone else. XD
Kevin McLaughlin (3 years ago)
Seven fucking hells I want Lord Whitehill dead
A-MEI-ZING (3 years ago)
I tried to play all the chapters at once but i can't because it's just too intense on the feelings.
Al Potenciano (3 years ago)
This part of the game gave me the feels.
André Cruz (3 years ago)
I've just finished the 2nd episode and absolutely love the song, wonder if anyone could upload an extended version of 1 hour or 10 hours so I could just hear it non-stop!!!!
Unpopular Opinion Guy (3 years ago)
00:52 Goosbumps
Zaryion (3 years ago)
when Ethan died i was so sad
Damned Brother (3 years ago)
I will fucking destroy Whitehills to the last child
Andrew The Fanboy (3 years ago)
+Damned Brother And Ramsay! Make him suffer!
Gustavo Lavandier (3 years ago)
Iron from Ice!!!
ShuffleTheMoose (3 years ago)
Excuse me but the games interdused me to game of thrones so i have not read the books or watched the show but is Talia a videogame only character? Cause i have searched for her on the internet and only videogame pictures have showed up.
mrmiffmiff (3 years ago)
+Olof Nilsson The entirety of House Forrester was only mentioned briefly in the most recent book and was never mentioned in the show. So yes.
Gruber Szabolcs (3 years ago)
Just simply beautiful! Best song in the Telltale series so far.  Thanks for uploading!
LOGOH (3 years ago)
The most emotional and beautiful song in Game of thrones series
Herman Hedning (3 years ago)
Almost cried first time i heard it, first time i really feel for the characters besides from Telltales walking dead. Iron from ice!
Havic1137 (3 years ago)
But can't we be friends with the Whitehills? Surely they'll listen to reason, we can put it all behind us and we'll live in peace! We need to negotiate and appease them! *Slips dagger from back pocket all sneaky-like.* Heh..yeah right. Screw the Whitehills. Iron from Ice. The white hills will run red. Also, I want Ethan to Brave to be made like the Rains of Castamere.. and I would love to have one of my underlings sing it when I get my revenge.
Nasir Germain (2 years ago)
Iron from Ice!
Cseh Benjamin (3 years ago)
So beautiful!
AntLion95 (3 years ago)
Mance, sound the horn of winters past. Call starving giants forth. Urge cannibals to break their fast, On wardens of the North. What does that mean?
PokemonTom09 (3 years ago)
+GeneticKH She's basically asking Mance Raider, the king beyond the wall, to command his army of Thenns to kill and then eat the Boltons
Michael Ampe (3 years ago)
It's complicated
Stephen (3 years ago)
lol played all four episodes in one day, man does it swing between good and bad quickly, definitely worth the price.
Andrew The Fanboy (3 years ago)
+an1m8r That's telltale for ya mate
Osaka (3 years ago)
i wish with the game you could buy the soundtrack
Insomniac (3 years ago)
Game of Thrones in general makes me proud to be a Northerner! "The North Remembers..."
PrototypeTheGamingHell (3 years ago)
When is episode 4 out?!??! Just did episode 3...
Michael Ampe (3 years ago)
Came out may 26, next June 24-28 or around there

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