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Dota 2 Tricks: FALSE PROMISE!

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Text Comments (139)
Luca Blight (2 months ago)
please what the name of the song please reply
Luca Blight (3 months ago)
please tell me T____T whats the name of the song
* * Giovanni * * (3 months ago)
Who plays Oracle these days ..
Marc Neil Apas (3 months ago)
False promise will work even if you get crit??
Ck Quan (3 months ago)
Go storm first then false promise ?
Luca Blight (3 months ago)
whats the name of the song :(
Помню пора , канал ранее на британском еще именовался )
Random Anonymous (3 months ago)
Will bane's nightmare get transfered if oracle uses false promise?
Gio Sha (2 months ago)
Roga Hati (3 months ago)
anyone knows this music? please enlighten me telling name
Y no liek Ginger (2 months ago)
I think its Empire of angels by two steps from hell. kinda still confused of if its strength of a thousand men too
Luca Blight (3 months ago)
i want to know to but people are scum bags
Eka Yasa (3 months ago)
False false promise
爱蜜莉雅Emilia (3 months ago)
gg noob support report pls
Sir Phil (3 months ago)
Hardcounter detected
Ghani Bagas (3 months ago)
I love this music
Luis C (3 months ago)
I did not understand, false promise is supposed to delay the damage, I don't see any trick, please respond.
10 guess (3 months ago)
Even though you show them dota 2 tricks yet they still mock you for your 1 small spelling mistake FeelsBerryBadMan
William Tjhang (3 months ago)
False primise
Marwan Monajjed (3 months ago)
As if an oracle player like me would let u do that I can disarm u
Descamps Etienne (3 months ago)
Dayum son, that is one hell of a counter
Levan Polka (3 months ago)
Guys did you know that PA was having a contract from Oracle , which is to assassinate someone then PA didn't fulfill that that's why one of the Oracle's skills was called false promise. Or you can just watch the Manifold Paradox Loregasm by sirslacks for more info ( this story is so sad but I cant guarantee you can cry to this) . Sorry for my English though
Puji Adam (3 months ago)
Combine with aon disk
Power Rangers (3 months ago)
But oracle didnt heal that hero...sorry broken english
Ryan Guo (3 months ago)
except oracle can dispell
LeNok (3 months ago)
Gold level tinker monkaGIGA
Victor Paulo Magcaling (3 months ago)
oh shit cus the damage is delayed right?
abdo Helmy (3 months ago)
in false promise you don't "receive" damage if you got attacked so yeah it will continue heal
Victor Paulo Magcaling (3 months ago)
abdo Helmy urn will continue healing even if you got attacked/received 'damage'?
abdo Helmy (3 months ago)
yep, heart will still heal healing salve will continue healing urn will continue healing even if you got attacked so it has it's pros and cons
Bararaq Saika (3 months ago)
False promise after the stomp not before the stomp...zzzz
Bararaq Saika (3 months ago)
It is how its work?? What the different?
Bararaq Saika (3 months ago)
Cant understand the trick?? Nothing new i guess?
Арчер Керон (3 months ago)
будто с очередность ульты оракла и стана титана что-то напутано , сновидение на данный момент итак вроде всеми видами урона не снимается , а ульт оракла обязан снимать сновидение от стана с того кто уже находится в стане
M Lefun (3 months ago)
W8 wtf? This is how it supposed to be right? So what's wrong with this?
Git Gud (3 months ago)
That's just nerfing the sleep for instance you have a very high atk. speed and dmg. and your attack was cancelled by a ministun (Invoker's Coldsnap for example) and the units are to be awakened then ET's stun would be practically useless
validalready (3 months ago)
the title said trick not bug boy wake up
Brian Adrie (3 months ago)
Technically you still take damage, even though it's delayed, but this one is hard to fix I could imagine. They could add incoming damage counter on sleeping debuff to get around it.
Git Gud (3 months ago)
Yes , this is technical as you said since ET sleep has a damage threshold before waking the unit which in this case is disregarded via False Promise which delays or absorbs damage (like abba shield) making it like an actual DK stun
Icy Hail (3 months ago)
M Lefun the damage detection on Elder Titan sleep isn't synced, making the skills more like a bug. Eventhough logically, sleeping units wakeup after taking 200 dmg but false promise make the sleeping units take no damage, so it's a feature, not a bug. Anyway, blink dagger also not disabled and aeon disk still only procs until false promise duration expired, so I suppose, it's not a bug
Mateus Revers Mendes (3 months ago)
does this work with bane's nightmare and no right click damage too?
Я нихуя не сообразил, растолкуйте!
hung Hung (3 months ago)
False Promise is especially well sync with Aeon Disk. If u have Oracle in ur team, u can thinking about aeon disk as 7th item. If enemy focus u, oracle cast ultimate on u, u will have 4s to swap the aeon disk from ur backpack because false promise duration is 10s and backpack swap cd 6s. And after false promise end, u will survive no matter how much dmg u take.
Anton Black (2 months ago)
doesn't work if there is more than a single person hitting the target. Tested it out. If 1 antimage with 6 rapiers is hitting a leshrac with false promise on him and leshrac has aeon disc, then leshrac survives with 70% hp after the end of false promice. If leshrac is hit by even a single second unit (even if it is a creep), then he takes full damage and immediately bursts after the end of false promise.
StrongAF (3 months ago)
10k tips right there
CODoge (3 months ago)
Fareza Aditya just try it in demo :lmao:
I'm Jisoo Motherfucker (3 months ago)
Pinov777 (3 months ago)
А в чем контра? Что я не сообразил?
Pinov777 (2 months ago)
аааа, благодарю)
Gio Sha (2 months ago)
Челик не выходит из слипа титана, т.к. урона не получает.
Fandelly Lie (3 months ago)
1:11 or tinker turn look at his item wtf man?
Welcome2Hell (3 months ago)
Tinker's item ???
John Ivan Puayap (3 months ago)
Boots of travel. Its when you have the item Mecha Boots of Travel Mk III
Fandelly Lie (3 months ago)
thepeoplevoice i noticed too
Evan Owen Andres (3 months ago)
122th like
King David Ü (3 months ago)
dont worry guys in sea no1 picks oracle 😂😂
Arr Lxiax (3 months ago)
i picked it . That a good hero For heal ur carry
Muhammad Angga (3 months ago)
AA bsk jjjjj, if they do that will be carry XD
Joshua Manasye (3 months ago)
AA bsk that's why my supporting stats ever got to 10.0 XD no one "else" wants to
AA bsk (3 months ago)
In sea no one picks support
GREEN GLASS (3 months ago)
Это же российский канал. Че здесь британцы делают?
¿? No entendi
Jose Garamendy (3 months ago)
si, pero igual no deshabilita el ultimate de oracle por lo cual te puedes salvar
Elmo (3 months ago)
Entonces seria malo . _.
Jose Garamendy (3 months ago)
generalmente cuando el elder titan te "duerme" si recibes cualquier tipo de daño "despiertas" por lo que es como bane solo apovechas el tiempo en posicionarte, pero con el "ultimate" de oracle aun si te pegan no despiertas por lo que se vuelve un stun de 6 segundos :D
Ken Mendoza (3 months ago)
What if he false promises while his team mate is stunned like a normal person would do.
Bararaq Saika (3 months ago)
False promise is strong debuff, it can debuff and remove the stun...
Trydodis (3 months ago)
Ken Mendoza then they can add damage to the false promise with the opponent being stunned for the duration. This is especially good with elder titans sleep because it is significantly longer than any stun.
panjang kimpalan (3 months ago)
New meta for Ti
NO NAME (3 months ago)
Is false promise supposed to be amplified damage and heal?
Bu Zan (3 months ago)
heal is amplified [X2], damage is normal [X1]
Brian Adrie (3 months ago)
It used to amplified heal, don't know if it was changed or not.
Rusyaidi R (3 months ago)
Nab Zero lol i use oracle a lot but never ever remember to see that indicator,ty for that m8
NO NAME (3 months ago)
thank you for the clarification
Nab Zero (3 months ago)
NO NAME neither, you see when i cast false promise on you, the damage you take is delayed so as the healing. It identifies whether you took more damage or more healing within the duration. If the indicator of false promise above your hero is burning, youre about to die unless you heal, if tje indicator is green then youre about to get some double healing
Jendl Ballesteros (3 months ago)
who else misses witcher 3?
Hoang Long plus her bitchy attitude is perfect for geralts funny personality
Hoang Long read the books, shes the one who get with geralt at the end. And shes like ciri's mother, triss is like her sister. Its wierd if you think in ciri's perspective
petaludas88 (3 months ago)
im at skellige right now
Hoang Long hope you pick yen
sarang kulkarni (3 months ago)
Jendl Ballesteros me
Louisz UK (3 months ago)
I dont really get it. Can anyone explain whats this mean? Sorry that Im godly dumbass.
OMNIKNIGTH (3 months ago)
anime not for humans (3 months ago)
Оооо золотой тинкер
Skill Bomba (3 months ago)
Это российский канал либо дудки?А то я что-то не ебу.
cold cold (3 months ago)
Skill Bomba испанский
rvnkrappa (3 months ago)
Is that hard to type false prumise?
Samtsa (3 months ago)
No It’s false promotion
anh nhật Nguyễn (3 months ago)
rvnkrappa ArtVinylX bruh it's fail promust learn before speak.
Everybody's fryori (3 months ago)
It's changed now :v
ZhenTM (3 months ago)
rvnkrappa ArtVinylX hh
Mikko Gumapac (3 months ago)
Valve getting ready to lift the patch hammer and strike this video
Aeon disk?
Quantum (3 months ago)
Shan Tuvshonoo idi nahui пендос ебаный
Shan Tuvshonoo (3 months ago)
russki bylat
dionel balbuena (3 months ago)
Tashi 497 (3 months ago)
I and O is near tho so stop judging him
RexPasaje (3 months ago)
False Primise? Lol!! learn to speal
Dominic SanJuan (3 months ago)
+muhamad nazmil true dat
muhamad nazmil (3 months ago)
Dominic SanJuan haha..he cancer in herald medal..
muhamad nazmil (3 months ago)
RexPasaje i dont give a shit what are u talking herald...stay 1k with that brain.
Dominic SanJuan (3 months ago)
+RexPasaje lol herald trashtalks
Dominic SanJuan (3 months ago)
+muhamad nazmil hahahaha wp
Vongola Decimø (3 months ago)
Arief Ramadhan (3 months ago)
*Lmao u wrote false word. Can u primise me to revise that ? :)*
Minecrafter (3 months ago)
hahaha *nice one* dude
Rivera Leon (3 months ago)
8 :v
Ho Lee Phuc (3 months ago)
RAZ OR (3 months ago)
4th Like this if you got here too ;) 4th liker too
Nikko Terasawa (3 months ago)
Bagaskara Aji Rifai (3 months ago)
promise not primise lol
AzerothKings YT / GT (3 months ago)
False Primise?
Jeffrey Optina (3 months ago)
Clau D (3 months ago)
wrong Title (PRIMISE)

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