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KennyS Launched Word.exe - FaZe Clan vs G2 - ECS - BEST MOMENTS | CSGO

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KennyS Launched Word.exe - FaZe Clan vs G2 - ECS - BEST MOMENTS | CSGO https://www.youtube.com/user/FACEITcom Check out my other channels: https://www.youtube.com/vladopard https://www.youtube.com/c/vLADOPARD3 TWITCH: http://goo.gl/qz33Rp TWITTER: https://goo.gl/zBt1CQ FACEBOOK: https://goo.gl/HppR47 STEAM GROUP: http://goo.gl/uG7aPr
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Text Comments (42)
Chhay-Leng Ing (25 days ago)
10:25 "The flash ! ... La flash as they say" 😂
THE SHADOWMATIC (26 days ago)
LoloTheMLGPro (26 days ago)
nice title just to get views
clutch streamer (26 days ago)
Faze clan cheater.
Floris Van zalingen (26 days ago)
just because he killed your trash player doesnt mean he is cheating dumb fuck
clutch streamer (26 days ago)
Bitch fuck u he is not a hacker.
Lou1se (26 days ago)
That word.exe meme is getting out of hand 😂😂😂😂
- luluo- (23 days ago)
Ahaha i know 😂😂😂😂 forsaken the legend ahah word.exe😂
VideoGames Genius (24 days ago)
yep need to change to excel
welps ;D (26 days ago)
jorda (26 days ago)
Wtf is wrong with niko..
Floris Van zalingen (26 days ago)
he changed roles with karrigan, niko is the igl now which means that he has to lead the team which results in hin making less kills
Sp1x (26 days ago)
What's This? (26 days ago)
G2 showing how it's done! Finally, some teamplays and coordination :)
Danny (26 days ago)
kennyS ic coming back or not we hate to seeeeeeeee
Manikiran Reddy (26 days ago)
Omg word.exe meme is real
Gabite (26 days ago)
What a last T round for G2 on overpass :o
blast _ (27 days ago)
Nice Meme
RED SKULL (27 days ago)
dthjgd vddju (27 days ago)
Kick smithzz pls he is fcking noob
Shreejit Ghosh (27 days ago)
I am happy to see u catching speed again kenny
LIGMA BALLS (27 days ago)
4th bois
keven collens (27 days ago)
And that's how new meme born guys !
suchakree laokom (26 days ago)
keven collens lol
MewmaxM Team (27 days ago)
For my theory kennyS only super skill is resting because he the one who was carrying the team ages ago and now Kenny teammate has to carry and now Kennys is coming back or not we have to seeeeeeeeeeee
Dylan Stelzer (25 days ago)
Жозе Моуриньо ok, what about the fact that kenny has a better hltv rating the past three months. Just look at the past ten games from G2. Kenny has dropped many 30bombs, while shox has dropped many games below 20 kills. I think you are just a typical fucker who doesnt even watch the game and just thinks kenny is washed up.
Smart Guy (26 days ago)
Pamir Nosferatu typical crazy kennys fanboy) Just " REEEEEEE" without any argument) Kennys is not even top-5 right now. Stop sucking his dick.
Pamir Nosferatu (26 days ago)
+Smart Guy Kenny'S fucks all awpers and you suck my dick
NicoRiqo (26 days ago)
Жозе Моуриньо You JUST said that he’s not so good right now. Ffs make up ur mind
Smart Guy (26 days ago)
NicoRiqo kennys is good but shox better. He is still amazing clutcher
Filip Mišnić (27 days ago)
Guardian needs to step up
JoeysWorldTour (27 days ago)
-Guardian +KennyS??? 🤔🤔🤔

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