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Why is de_dust2 SO GOOD?

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Finally! A video that combines mapping theory with playing CS:GO. I go through all of the reasons that I believe make de_dust2 the best CS:GO map ever, even after all of these years. Check out my channels: ● 3kliksphilip: https://www.youtube.com/3kliksphilip ● 2kliksphilip: https://www.youtube.com/2kliksphilip ● kliksphilip: https://www.youtube.com/kliksphilip Other information you might like: ● Website: http://3kliksphilip.com ● Twitter: https://twitter.com/3kliksphilip ● PC Specs: Intel 3770K, 16 GB RAM, Geforce 670 2 GB.
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Text Comments (3400)
Hanzo Fernandez (2 days ago)
Everybody likes dust 2 because everybody likes AWPs
Nismo (3 days ago)
Dust 2 sucks.
The maps i have played in dust2 dust 2 dust 2 dust 2 dust 2 pls stop voting for dust2
DSVerified (10 days ago)
I love dust2 because it is equal or slightly terrorists sided and the ONLY map that is terrorists sided, also the nostalgic feeling, maybe
kai Darell06 (15 days ago)
another 1
Aurora Lushi (22 days ago)
Whenever i watch your videos I get excited to play CS:GO but then i realize i dont have it.
Spice TF2 (25 days ago)
He just had a stroke at 4:18
George Ágreda (27 days ago)
It was the best map, and they ruined it. :(
Christopher C (28 days ago)
I hate dust 2
Gergő Gulyás (30 days ago)
Sorry i disliked it because it was 666 likes and i didn’t want that otherwise it would be a like
MajKk (1 month ago)
fhuuuk how i miss old d2 :(
Alex Woogie (1 month ago)
My brother hates it.. But I love it
Remade dust 2 doesnt feel the same. Therefore i have stopped playing it.
Homosexicle (1 month ago)
I like dust 2 but I hate how people only fucking vote for it. I don't want to play it 24/7
SLAYR (1 month ago)
i think de_dust 1 is a lot better than de_dust 2 but it's just my opinion.
Merliginary (1 month ago)
I love meself some Agency
The Games Area (1 month ago)
I hate Dust 2 Favorites 1 - Mirage 2 - Cache 3 - Inferno 4 - Cobble 5 - Nuke
Fernando Rodríguez (1 month ago)
I hate dust 2 not because of popularity but because of the layout... I dont play awp and my eyes are bad so its hard to see awpers from these looong yellow corridors
Somehow I made Cs go out of cs1.6 with free mods *genuinely*(^_^♪)
Rodblereck (1 month ago)
I'm the only one who prefers Cs_Assault overall?
T-bone Jr (1 month ago)
I dust 2 is not that good
scorepit (1 month ago)
its the 2fort of cs
Gabriel Ciecielung (1 month ago)
Why did terrorists wear sunglasses? They didn't want de_dust to get in their eyes
Nuno The Dude (1 month ago)
i dont hate dust 2 but i think its a boring map and too many people play on it
Patchster (1 month ago)
I just don’t like dust 2’s design, I guess that’s just me though.
Oliver Chalk (1 month ago)
I don’t play it because I can’t play with other maps in the mix on non-custom servers Can’t they just make it so you can play all the maps at once They had to make a special list just for it
lI_Toasty_Il (1 month ago)
Honestly, I hate Dust II.
MZx 7 (1 month ago)
I dont like dust 2 becaus is laggy
Yanni (1 month ago)
90 dagar eru maks (1 month ago)
My favorite map is cache i love cache
Sentient2x (2 months ago)
I like dust 2 because it’s really familiar for me and there’s always plenty of people playing it
fake user tas (2 months ago)
dust 3 2020 coming soon
RIP BLOB (2 months ago)
Dust is so popular that Shitty knockoffs has HALF of the map
DOWNTOWN (2 months ago)
why ur mouse movement is so skReeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Filip Hron (2 months ago)
Great analysis!
EktoHunter (2 months ago)
I don't like dust 2 because idk I just don't like it xD :P
a meme duck (2 months ago)
i try not to play on dust because i am bad at it. not because i hate it's popularity
MadMax21 (2 months ago)
i prefer rust from cod
Andreas Karaisaridis (2 months ago)
i hate dust2
Andreas Karaisaridis (2 months ago)
FrostFlakejr i just played it way too much and it gets soo boring after a time...and ugly
FrostFlakejr (2 months ago)
Andreas Karaisaridis why?
Colin P. (2 months ago)
Someone answer me this. Do I say "dee-eee dust" or "dee dust"?
Granuel (2 months ago)
Dust 2 is shit
augine (3 months ago)
I hate dust 2 cause i think ctees have a very big advantage
FrostFlakejr (2 months ago)
augine how?
The Great Chimera (3 months ago)
Cache is where it’s at
W3rta (3 months ago)
what crosshair do you use?
Mr. R (3 months ago)
4:20 *What?*
crosskoyamayandayıtugay (3 months ago)
Inze Gras (3 months ago)
Call me a heathen, but i honestly think dust 2 is a bad map
Prashant Pandey (4 months ago)
Just so you know Philip, I only watch these for your neat editing and beautiful voice. I don't play games so very often these days. It's CS mostly, but it'd still not much.
Dylan's Braces (4 months ago)
Dont even get me started on nukes mavmesh
The Doctor (4 months ago)
Yeah dust 2 is a GREAT MAP the main hq of smurfs noobs and hackers Oh dust 2 great map
Kiran Kumar Patro (4 months ago)
More like why dust2 was good
Kai Derscheid (4 months ago)
i dont like the map but i play on european servers i mean russian servers :( TOXIC
Jober the creator (4 months ago)
4:18 best bit
(why does nuke suck the big one)
Dany Entertainment (5 months ago)
Who else realizes that th3 gameplay was of 2kil instead of 3kil xd
Woke (5 months ago)
Justin Mueden (5 months ago)
Even CSGO in Roblox de dust is popular xD
Gizjr guh-iz-junior (5 months ago)
I hate dust 2 because its so hard to find servers hosting the other maps. The game should be called dust 2
abreaD (5 months ago)
My favorite maps are #1 Seaside #2 Dust 2 #3 Agency
Human Grunt (5 months ago)
and now, they remade dust 2, yeah it has the dust 2 layout and name, but it doesn't feel like dust 2 anymore
Hisoka Morou (5 months ago)
it's not that I hate Dust II, it's that I hate desertic maps
Jack The Nintendo kid (5 months ago)
4:18 ?
TheDuck YT (5 months ago)
I agree with you’re opinion on nuke. I think it’s too confusing and I always get lost in the corridors and vents without finding a way out. The sites are also too open and have too many entrance points. There is no good spot where I don’t have to worry about being hit from behind.
Rishav Ganguli (5 months ago)
Finally.....someone agrees nuke is bad
Exabyte (5 months ago)
So good and tasty
Tony Wu (5 months ago)
because rush b
Black Mesa (5 months ago)
what were a new dust 2 1:30
NATO GAMING (6 months ago)
I love dust 2
Affectingapple (6 months ago)
I dont like dust 2 because its kinda heavy now that valve updated it. I love the old dust 2.
Tyler Savage (6 months ago)
Dust 2 is best map like If you agree
Radion (6 months ago)
Purity fbi (6 months ago)
I hate dust 2
KevinCS (6 months ago)
And now Jess Cliffe is charged with sexual abuse of a minor. Who would have thought?
The Poor Gamer (6 months ago)
Dust2 is best map because you can get fucking crossmapped.
EX Nium S1Ck (6 months ago)
Idk why, now I do not like a bit D2
Sewd (6 months ago)
Nejad Gaming (6 months ago)
2:07 and the writing on t spawn فریمن اینجا بود Means freeman was here
Nejad Gaming (6 months ago)
1:25 the writing on ct spawn entrance سی اس سورس باحاله Means cs source is cool in persian
LiRR (6 months ago)
i hate it because my fps drops faster than hiroshima
underestimated kid (7 months ago)
4:19 what did you said
Bas Sedda (7 months ago)
i hate dust 2, it's so boring and similar to 3 other (better) maps, no idea why it became so popular.
Hugh Phillips (7 months ago)
dust 2 on t side is literally an easy win. 2 people at T spawn, 1 watching mid and the other watching long doors in an angle that accounts for a cat push. The other 3 go B and I don't see how you can lose unless all 3 get picked from ct spawn while crossing b doors
Timeward (7 months ago)
All my friends absolutely hate this map for competitive and never play on it. Almost every match I see being played on it is T-sided. Maybe its a case of us being of low rank but its still a thing.
Kladjanin *_* (7 months ago)
I hate dust2 because its on every single damn server
Cyphi (7 months ago)
There are exactly 3 entry points to each bombsite. For A - long, short and CT, for B - tunnel, door and window. Fact that some of this entrances are on enemy ground means you need try fight your way and break enemy defense to unlock additional entry point. Thats most likely why is Dust2 so good map overall.
Geometry World (7 months ago)
4:18 When someone kill you with zeus x37
Geometry World (7 months ago)
Dust 2 is not good. Dust 2 is cancer Csoc Counter strike of cancer
1:14 o... theres where the "Bombsite D" came from...
Elgan Bruner (7 months ago)
lol I remember when De_Dust 2 came out.
aim (7 months ago)
de_dust2 is SO GEWWDD
GorbatcshoW (7 months ago)
I really like the map itself , but I hate it for several things 1 Russian kids claiming your mother's virginity over a mic that has a static noise comparable to a fighter jet 2 This is where I saw most smurfs and the occasional "shot you right in the head trough the door with my awp from my base 4 times now but I'm not hacking" kinda guy 3 Fucking AWPs. Inb4 "git gud" , I like the awp , I use the awp , but It really blows dick when everybody has a fucking awp .
MajorMoron (7 months ago)
Mmq (7 months ago)
After all this time is no one going to mention 4:17
Maker HD (8 months ago)
Google translater is very bad!
William Davis (8 months ago)
I prefer my ole Office/Aztec combination. Both of those are amazing
Sqooshy (8 months ago)
he must be so damn proud that his map is the most popular
DelluXeD (8 months ago)
But more camping site is more fun and if you get killed you were surprise and make you rage *raging make the game more addictive* and dust2 is balance map unlike nuke T have more advantages making CT more challenging and make the round like a tires the score will be like 10-4 before team switch and 16-14 after team switch
Leone Leone (8 months ago)
I hate dust 2. I have only 20% winrate on this but on the other hand on my most played map I have 66% winrate. :)
Vijay Bhosale (8 months ago)
inferno is also balanced map
Muccapollo24 (8 months ago)
I like inferno and canals

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