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Text Comments (108)
alexbroyou balls (8 days ago)
Nice gz winners
Gabriel Boii (8 days ago)
yeeet bro (8 days ago)
GG to the winners I hope I win next
Pepsicry Gaming (8 days ago)
GL in giveaways
Domka cs go (13 days ago)
Nguyễn Tấn Dũng (16 days ago)
Carl Johnson (16 days ago)
Dominos Killer (16 days ago)
I never won any of your csgo giveaways :(
Sam Field (17 days ago)
Let's goooo
NW2Online DCmester (17 days ago)
George 2004 (18 days ago)
I love your videos men cheep the good work plzzz pick me
ChEeScAkE XxL (18 days ago)
nice video
Chang De Zheng (18 days ago)
Rip csgo
DragonDmg (18 days ago)
always loosing
My Z (19 days ago)
what the hell,amazing
l'eXpert (19 days ago)
very nice :)
ALEX (19 days ago)
No luck f***
Sohail Islam (19 days ago)
Bro I didn't receive your giveaway 😫😫 ???????
Gl with the giveaway
Freetime Madness (20 days ago)
After 3 giveaways still no win... Awesome video !
The Fiorous Dog (20 days ago)
Nice video
wasim1995live (20 days ago)
I one lol
S2p3nd0us (20 days ago)
Lucky winners
MrEaglePT (20 days ago)
xD Love Ur vídeos
Tomáš Miller (20 days ago)
ho ling (20 days ago)
Lecortex HD (20 days ago)
nice video
A Unlucky 2win (20 days ago)
didnt saw my names on the winners list. rip
Reverse Flash (20 days ago)
Nice video dawg
Master Vn (20 days ago)
Csgo skins pls
Alex Knight (20 days ago)
Dear youtubers , im sure that someone told you about binance in 2017 and you didnt listen , im telling you about bbx now .. please dont make the same mistake twice . if you are reading this after the intro , im sure you are intrested to read more about .. so what is Bbx ? Yes it's an exchange .. you are right , Following the footsteps of Binance, BBX Exchange is planning to operate in Malta ahead of planned airdrop. The event is simple and straightforward: basically, BB will send 100BBX if you register an account, and you will receive another 10BBX for each friend you invited. BBX airdrop address: BBX.COM The BBX Exchange will focus on trading in index and provide ETF-like fund with multiple cryptocurrencies. The platform will issue its own token, Token BBX. The value of BBX token will include but not limited to the following: participation in BBX community, new currency voting rights on the BBX, new currency airdrop on BBX, the reduction and deduction of transaction commission, platform repurchase, platform investor protection funds, etc. BBX Exchange will soon launch the iOS version of the APP with transaction function, and then Android version. The current trading APP, being tested, will soon open the login, transaction, top up, and withdraw businesses Social media : Telegram: https://t.me/bbx_en Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bbxcom Twitter: https://twitter.com/bbxcom Medium: https://medium.com/@bbxcom Update 1 : The airdrop is over they reached the cak of 10K registrations . Update 2 : they are runing a giveway of 3000 bbx on twitter . PS: im not representing Bbx and not related to it its just a great post about a great project that ive spotted lately .. Good luck .
NC PLAYZ (20 days ago)
Noice da ting lookin good😎
john lloyd llanto (20 days ago)
Damien Tack Shin (20 days ago)
maaannnn! btc so fun !
Zivkovic Mihailo (20 days ago)
Love the new content Enveeh
CHEEZY (20 days ago)
im not gay btw
Magical Wang Anan (20 days ago)
hunter ferguson (20 days ago)
Ay pubg stuff is nice also
v1rzt TV (20 days ago)
pubg items??? wow XD
NaCk1 (20 days ago)
mmm i want one :D
PanStyx Jr (20 days ago)
Nice vid pal
Darkzzz Brzakov (20 days ago)
Another one(great video
Artem Turchenko (20 days ago)
i know i dont win
Chad (20 days ago)
Sorry guys this is not the new csgo skin gambling. this is straight up 100% gambling, you are spending real world money on stupid ass rigged games. if thats what you wanna do go somewhere thats regulated like an online casino or a land casino.
Enveeh (19 days ago)
good point I guess
Mythical Alex (20 days ago)
Hey! Nice!
Eray Güler (20 days ago)
Hey! Nice
Danish Ayaz (20 days ago)
The Fat Cunt (20 days ago)
Kazuto Kun (20 days ago)
Still haven’t won yet, I’m not giving up, even though it’s been a year
kalakar kalakar (20 days ago)
i want to win
papa smurf (20 days ago)
i think this method is gona go big since normal trading is shit bitcoin and pubg gambling are gona be the main thing now
p a n c h i (20 days ago)
Hakeleleh (20 days ago)
CSGO skins are diying :(
Mocsikaa. (20 days ago)
gl to all
Adam Kučera (20 days ago)
hope i win too
Kestrel (20 days ago)
Aaaaaah nays
Nishit Koli (20 days ago)
BOOM BOOM (20 days ago)
So boring
Alexander Tavera (20 days ago)
how come i never win jesus christ
zChqnce (20 days ago)
i hope im in the video :P
zChqnce (20 days ago)
i hope im in the video :P
zChqnce (20 days ago)
i hope im in the video :P
Illuminati Cat (20 days ago)
Kakshil Chandodwala (20 days ago)
Nice video....<3
Eragon (20 days ago)
Never win ...
Brain Hackers (20 days ago)
dorian tot (20 days ago)
nic eeee
ZagZ7 (20 days ago)
Haha hit the bell icon
No more csgo gamble ???
P4tz3 (20 days ago)
Maybe next time
Sohail Islam (20 days ago)
Bro ,, I won the giveaway so tell my how to get it? Here is the trade url link https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=479015455&token=V0W0M2i4
FH5 FoX (20 days ago)
Rest in piece
Sohail Islam (20 days ago)
Brother I'm really gonna watch your video, everytime when you upload it 😘
Sohail Islam (20 days ago)
I won ,, hurray ,, brother here is my link https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=479015455&token=V0W0M2i4
Rocky_MountainHD 05 (20 days ago)
Sarthak Tripathi (20 days ago)
how are you so good at betting. I guess experience. Hope I win the giveaway.
Spiegelman (20 days ago)
move on to pubg giveaways lul
AsiatikaZockt (20 days ago)
yeah boiii
Vatsal k Boricha (20 days ago)
op omena (20 days ago)
Nice vid my girl
Tamás B. (20 days ago)
Sai Abhinav (20 days ago)
Gg bro niceeeeee;
d3xt3r (20 days ago)
some random comment
autiste squad (20 days ago)
Vaule is cancer
Ashwoof (20 days ago)
;;e;; why do I never win these
Slinoky (20 days ago)
i never win fuck
Cosmin Valentin (20 days ago)
None Of Your Business (20 days ago)
hrustA (20 days ago)
Nice video !
Isaak j (20 days ago)
hope i win :D
jimmy jimmy (20 days ago)
Niiiicee videoo :)
André Oliveira (20 days ago)
Like those ones 😉
andre6987 (20 days ago)
So close for csgo😭
MR_Fatty2 (20 days ago)
Nice vid
İzle Ve Eğlen (20 days ago)
Nice video
Neci (20 days ago)

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