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CS:GO's Shotgun Update Christmas 2017

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weapon_accuracy_shotgun_spread_patterns 1 See Valve's blog about the update here: http://blog.counter-strike.net/index.php/holiday-spread/ See Slothsquadron's in-depth post about it, which also covers changes to jumping accuracy etc: https://www.reddit.com/r/GlobalOffensive/comments/7kzor2/in_depth_analysis_of_december_19_2017_holiday/ See his weapon spreadsheet here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AuOy-5I1VcBMdGZmYndxUjctc1VNUDZHTXJFUE9Dbmc#gid=0 0:42 - How each of the guns behave now 1:58 - Other weapon stats Check out my channels: ● 3kliksphilip: https://www.youtube.com/3kliksphilip ● 2kliksphilip: https://www.youtube.com/2kliksphilip ● kliksphilip: https://www.youtube.com/kliksphilip Other information you might like: ● Website: http://3kliksphilip.com ● Twitter: https://twitter.com/3kliksphilip ● PC Specs: Ryzen 1800X, 32 GB RAM, Geforce 1080
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Text Comments (843)
Lars Dragtstra (3 months ago)
I use shotguns if I push a cqb area when low on money, only use for them I think
xEnderCrafterx (4 months ago)
What's the music called? (No durude)
KingHalbatorix (4 months ago)
update is incredibly trash
celdis floppertron (4 months ago)
May I ask how does the spread increase when you are not standing on a solid surface... WhAT tWisTED LOgiC is THiS
TheWanderingChemist (4 months ago)
Yep, they are far more rubbish than ever before. Congrats, Valve. Fucked up again.
BeMe YT (4 months ago)
*1:03** like half life 3 ; never to be seen again* -3kiliksphilip
Valve STILL doesn't know how shotguns work at all.
Smashin (5 months ago)
but the Negev and m249 are shotguns keepo
mrc (5 months ago)
still doing 10 damage from like 2 feet away with the nova though
ileryon 3000 (5 months ago)
Las escopetas disparan Granulos??? que es un Granulo?
Warp Scanner (5 months ago)
I'm surprised they haven't introduced slug rounds.
szajlenT (6 months ago)
Nova: Using like AWP: Kills with headshot Using like it ment to be: 90 damage in 1 hit
ThriftyDonut (6 months ago)
1:18 7 pellets. Did anyone else notice that those seven pellets look like a 7?
Link ★ CS:GO Channel (6 months ago)
I legit hit 40 bombs with the MAG7 only consistently. Absolute beauty and cheap
Woop2000 (6 months ago)
what's the name of the song?
lomhow1234 (6 months ago)
I don't know about anyone else, but I always thought the shotguns were fine. I'd prefer if they didn't stop existing at a certain range though
Ximboid (6 months ago)
I understand I’m a console peasant but I wish valve got that thousands of people still play csgo on the Xbox one wish they’d update it 😢
Blackass 23 (6 months ago)
Honestly. I dont think these shotguns pattern matters. Everyone will use shotgun like they always used it; going close and shooting at the upper part of the body.
Hippie Vibes713 (6 months ago)
Me:shoots someone 3 feet away = 40 Enemy:shoots me 10 feet away = 100
Ellis Nilsson (6 months ago)
The nova fires pairs of chromosomes
RarestJeff (6 months ago)
>nova shoots a chromosome
Jakkjakk123 ? (6 months ago)
Audience: NEW GAME PLZ VALVE Valve: ... Here's some shotgun garbage
Nichtkelly KELLY (6 months ago)
The reason why I don't play CS:GO is 0:57
Alex Zheng (6 months ago)
I lovvve the XM
Apenas Um Gamer (6 months ago)
we need ak74 m1911(for terrorists) and mp5 for ct
SilverRexy (6 months ago)
The called it "holiday spread" when they could've called it _"spreading_ the holiday cheer".
James Maron (6 months ago)
they should do what TF2 does, and just put all the shots in a 3x3 box
Scrublord (6 months ago)
nova new sniper meta filthy awp crutch
Un Aweonao Mas (6 months ago)
Thanks for sending me the notification seven days later, YouTube! Appreciate it
Arthur lee (6 months ago)
Actually its a nerf. Because they used the rifle spread algorithms, jumping and moving increases the spread by a lot.
"Because they were rubish before and nobody liked them" That's not true, we want something less random =)
Scott Telting (6 months ago)
I would have liked it in the 3x3 pattern
Wetrogreen (6 months ago)
Useless and nobody liked them?? chu say?! cmonBruh
Irrelevant (6 months ago)
Good that I bought that StatTrak Nova.
Karol Wójcik (6 months ago)
1:10 I'd say Chromosome pattern
Perry (6 months ago)
Ik it seems weird but I play the best with shotguns
Satchury (6 months ago)
waiting for those 1 shot aces lmao
ExInferni77 (6 months ago)
Will this fix the 99 in 1 issue with the nova?
Rotua Frans Manalu (6 months ago)
yes finally, i love shotgun, cause its cheap so you can safe your money to buy expensive weapons in following round, its very usefull at interior building
Ben Dover (6 months ago)
Go deep on Bunnyhopping. How does it work? What makes you go faster?
Furuzon Azizi (6 months ago)
Or just spam the gun who cares at this point.
Chronosphere Steen (6 months ago)
i dont have an update for csgo about this.. huh
Al-Fa (6 months ago)
Really? Because here, their patterns are still random and Nova's now shitty.
cs epic (6 months ago)
lol I just finished hl2 today
Skilltkms (6 months ago)
Music? :|
infamousplrr (7 months ago)
I think that they should have stayed random tbh ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
João Reis Jr (7 months ago)
PLEASE make a video showing wich weapons are better to wait the ammo reloading animation than make the switch-weapon animation, wich ones are faster and the very right moment to make the switch-weapon animation to gain reloading time ! could be a very helpful thing to the cs go community ! thank you ! @3kliksphilip
Caleb Oackes (7 months ago)
i always pronounced it XM ten fourteen because thats my birthday :D
STUV101 (7 months ago)
They didn't have to give shotguns "the same" pattern every time, just a better spread. they treat shotguns before like scatter guns and they do suck, just give them a tighter grouping
ThePursuit OfSymmetry (7 months ago)
bu-but I like ma shotguns before ;-;
leafster (7 months ago)
isnt that less R eaL i S T I C? ?
Alvin Chan (7 months ago)
I sniped some1 by spamming the xm from window to ct mid. XD
Vlad (7 months ago)
Drakesden (7 months ago)
Remember, your shotgun knows when you're jumping, and it doesn't like that!
Tickk (7 months ago)
holy fuck they actually did it
Michael Wharton (7 months ago)
Spam 0
Mira (7 months ago)
But still not playable :D
smokeyber (7 months ago)
that hl3 joke actually killed me
Mr Personality (7 months ago)
This guy is fenomenal
Sonny Delight (7 months ago)
I can't wait for HL3 (or any new valve fps game) to come out using the new graphics engine! Just imagine playing half-life with these improved graphics from CSGO. I am hopeful for a new project coming out soon!!!!!!!!!
Erik Andersson (7 months ago)
Please help! I want to bind mouse1 with cl_righthand 0 1 and +attack (basically when i shoot I swtich hands). Anyone know how to do it? Thanks :D
ziraelGustavo (7 months ago)
I hate it how your thumbnails looks exactly like the GDC ones. They just released a fifty min long video and I was like "HOLY CRAP THAT'S A LONG KLIKS VIDEO" but alas, I was deceived. Then there was this one that was released just a few minutes back and I was happy once again. Nice video, Philip.
Scoutie (7 months ago)
Rip office players
BrownBabyJesus (7 months ago)
They are already op people just overlook them.
VeqesPlayGames (7 months ago)
this HF3 joke was so fucking good XDDD
Dominik Magnus (7 months ago)
goddamn, valve, remove the maximum range! Projectiles don't dissapear like that anywhere! Just make A DAMAGE DROPOFF and be done with it! Jesus Christ!
HeX (7 months ago)
that half-life 3 pun tho :DDDDD
1.123 4 (7 months ago)
i hope valve remembers the bullet when developing hl3. oh wait..
Jace Purdy (7 months ago)
Xm and mag7 the best
Knubiks (7 months ago)
Isn't csgo trying to be realistic? Shotguns are suppose to be random... But since it's a game, this looks nice.
butter_ mikey (7 months ago)
no i used the nova because i5 was a broken sniper:(
Delicate (7 months ago)
Can you do a video on how the new survival mode will more than likely be on source 2 because of the map size limit. I think they will implement it like how call of duty Black ops does the zombie mode on PC, by closing csgo running on source 1 and opening up csgo survival mode running on source 2
OverDewced (7 months ago)
Some mighty click bait
Aurel Ballin (7 months ago)
Maybe one of the most helpful Updates
Been waiting for it my entire life. or atleast my entire cs:go life.
doomxed (7 months ago)
i was able to smash and shoot and kill people with these shotguns , with an ease. they always had been a great choice for short to medium range. so in other words, they made them more accurate. well, thanks i guess. ?
VALY (7 months ago)
0:43 Half Life 3 Confirmed
FPSGaminginHD (7 months ago)
wow! the noobstick is a good as ever!
Charlie (7 months ago)
why can't they cluster around your crosshair? cba learning to deliberately miss people in different ways with each shotgun -_-
Nub (7 months ago)
Xm = god
Flifi (7 months ago)
the nova looks like a sad face
Emilio Sánchez Rdz (7 months ago)
Why would fucking jumping change the pattern and not where the pattern lands????
Declan Cashin (7 months ago)
This is great because I love using the nova now it's only better
Kuapo (7 months ago)
Hahaha makes just no fucking sense that the patterns just explode when you shoot from the air
John Doe (7 months ago)
It makes no sense. How the fuck do you make pellets go in the same pattern?
greenie (7 months ago)
ppl still play this shit game?
Pagan Avatar (7 months ago)
HL3 confirmed!
fuckin siris? (7 months ago)
are you serious i got 2 ace's in a row with the nova on ct bu rushing
sai teja (7 months ago)
Man that half life 3 joke was awesome
Sidharth Krishnan (7 months ago)
"beyond the realm and into half life 3...... Never to be seen again" <3 and happy new year
Koray Ballı (7 months ago)
Yeah you had to put the HL3 pun somewhere xD
Crillet (7 months ago)
I thought this was a troll vid when he said they got patterns. like wtf
avaq (7 months ago)
I mean for sawed off its really pointless, as its range is so shitty that u have to be so close to target that it doesnt even matter what the pattern is
WilliamAncich (7 months ago)
Can someone explain to me why moving causes higher bullet spread? How does that make any damn sense?
Leong .C (7 months ago)
no it sucks
crazzy Tom (7 months ago)
its called a meat shot :D oh and the nova has most of the rounds land dead center good for long range head shots.
CrunchyGaming (7 months ago)
I'm not really sure how this changes anything..
Some Tall Lad (7 months ago)
Vavafaodated the shotguns
Eragon Silvr (7 months ago)
They should do what Call of Duty did; As long as one pellet hits you deal a base amount of dmg, each pellet that hits is bonus dmg. For example if you only hit one pellet you deal 80 at close range and for each other pellet that hits you get 5 more dmg so you have to hit 1+4 pellets to get a kill at say medium range. That way you don't hit someone and they only take like 8 points of dmg.
kitghost1 (7 months ago)
i mean, half life 3 is coming tho

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