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Basketball with Jack Black & Chris Paul | Kevin Hart: What The Fit Ep 12 | Laugh Out Loud Network

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They got their court and recruits—so let's see who’s got game. Watch Jack Black, Chris Paul and Kevin Hart ball out at the beach with a few unlikely teammates. Kevin Hart: What The Fit is a brand new unscripted comedy starring Kevin Hart and celebrity guests. In each episode, Kevin invites his friends to join him in taking on a different whacky workout from sumo wrestling with Conan O'Brien to goat yoga with Khloé Kardashian and cowboy rodeo-ing with Leslie Jones. New episode every Thursday and bonus footage every Monday! FOLLOW THE FUNNY: Facebook▶ http://bit.ly/LOLNetwork-FB Twitter▶ http://bit.ly/LOLNetwork-TW Instagram▶ http://bit.ly/LOLNetwork-IG YouTube▶ http://bit.ly/LOLNetwork-YT Snapchat▶ LOLNetwork Official Website▶ http://www.laughoutloud.com Kevin Hart’s Laugh Out Loud Network YouTube channel is a specially-curated global platform for the NOW generation of comedians and original comedic content. It’s the ultimate destination for fans of funny. Subscribe for exclusive behind the scenes, live commentary by Kevin Hart, pranks, skits, and everything fun. Laugh Out Loud Network is a joint venture brainchild of Kevin Hart and Lionsgate. © MMXVII LIONS GATE TELEVISION, INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Executive Producers MATT KUNITZ PIP WELLS REBECCA SHUMSKY QUINN DAVID SHUMSKY MARK HARRIS JEFF CLANAGAN KEVIN HART Co-Executive Producers MATT KAYE D. MAX PORIS Hosted By KEVIN HART Guest Starring JACK BLACK CHRIS PAUL Directed By ALEX VAN WAGNER Supervising Producer APRIL JONES Line Producer RACHEL KIELBORN Producers NICK ALARCON KRISTINA GOROLEVICH RYAN O’LEARY JONES CANDICE C. WILSON Story Producer SEAN MCGANN Editor BRYAN CARREON Comedy Producer HARRY RATCHFORD Associate Producers JADA BATES JEREMY CONNORS SCOTT MARTIN Associate Director JASON EDWARDS Stage Manager WOLFGANG DELGADO Director of Photography TIM MURPHY Audio Supervisor CURTIS ROHM Production Designer RYAN FAUGHT Talent Casting By JB TALENT Production Manager MCKENZIE HANSON Post Production Supervisor LINDSAY HEMPEL Camera Operators IVAN DURAN RICHARD “RICKY” MARTINEZ MALCOLM SERRETTE MARQUES SMITH ARMANDO VELEZ Steadicam COLIN DONAHUE Steadicam Assistant TAYLOR GILMARTIN Lead Camera Assistant JEREMIAH THORNE Camera Assistants DEANDRE GREEN DAVE HAWES TERRANCE LOFTON JR. Tech Supervisor ED DANIELIAN Tech Department MIKE DELLAMONICA WALLACE DIXON DAN FERRIS JASON LIQUORI Still Photographer MIKE WEAVER Media Manager ANDREW CURTIS Audio Mixers ANGELO CAVUOTO ROBERT MATTHEWS FRANK MONTES NATE NADELL Gaffer AJ TAYLOR Best Boy DANNY VINCENT Key Grip ROLAND MARTINEZ Electrician ERIK GONZALES Grips ART ORTIZ JAKE SMITH Lead Man KEVIN MINCIN Set Dressers RILEY CRAPPER MARSHALL KING Production Manager STEVEN PONCE Production Accountant SHARON PACK Production Associate MICHAEL A. ROWE Talent Producer ASHLEY RHORER Talent Manager DOMINICK MERONE Talent Associate MARLENA HALLER Wardrobe ASHLEY NORTH DARI SETTEL Makeup FRANCES FERRIS ROSALIND MUSIC Location Manager CARLYN COUCH Key Assistant Location Manager CLAY DODDER Assistant Location Manager SHERRY ROLDAN Drivers JONATHAN ANDERSON KEVIN COBOS Set Medics RICH ARAGON JOHN AUSTIN Craft Services ANTONIO MARCOS Lead Assistant Editor CHRIS HICKS Assistant Editor ALEX GILBERT Music Supervisor RICK KRIMBEL Colorist TAL, C.S.I. Online Editor JOSIAH COHEN Re-Recording Mixer TERRANCE DWYER, C.A.S. Music By KILLER TRACKS SIGNATURE TRACKS Graphics By MIDNIGHT SHERPA Production Assistants AARON BELL CAP CREDLE LAURA CROSS ANDREW DAVIDSON JEFF DODSON EKKO GAHA STEPHEN GARONE JOHNNY GOMEZ DAVE KERN BOBBY MURRAY STEPHANIE SINGER SCOTT WHITEMAN Production Legal RAYMOND LEGAL, P.C. Special Thanks BLUEPRINT POST PRODUCTION BRUCE’S CATERING C-MOUNT INDSUTRIES CITY OF LOS ANGELES DEPARTMENT OF RECREATION AND PARKS ILLUMINAR MIXERS POST SOUND SERVICES THE BOSCHETTI GROUP VER EQUIPMENT RENTALS
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Text Comments (2580)
mock'n load (14 hours ago)
Malik kinda fine tho
Muhammad Imran (21 hours ago)
I feel sad for erik
KevVs VLOGS (1 day ago)
Hey guys just wanna say have a very good day....
TheNickCartman (1 day ago)
Do cycling next!
Joe Coronado (2 days ago)
8:43 girl in black bra, yo she dtf!!!!!!
Eternal_ X (2 days ago)
Malik’s hot
KiDo (2 days ago)
Sammy J (2 days ago)
Who dislikes these vids. Hilarious.
Deadpig (2 days ago)
can anyone tell me the name of his nike tee
Breanna (2 days ago)
Don’t do the little boy like that smh
Jon Quist (2 days ago)
I could watch 2 hours of this
Jon Quist (2 days ago)
Those street ballers are pretty cold to flat out ignore two major celebrities who wanted to hoop with them
SUPPR3SIV3 (2 days ago)
Did jack black play bethany in jumanji welcome to the jungle aswell as kevin hart?
Mr Chigga (2 days ago)
Erik had fake yezzys
Harri TacoSalad (2 days ago)
When he slapped the kids butt I laughed so hard
zacH from Houston (2 days ago)
So we just gonna let the kid slide for rockin fale yeezys????
Brukafig (2 days ago)
Why are they leaving the kid hanging every time? lmao
Lokesh Kant Kalmey (2 days ago)
Believe me He choose Eric just to feel taller.
Abdul Fattah (2 days ago)
Game on I am Jack Black xD
breyan kelly (3 days ago)
Malik can finish better than clint capela. Chris paul wants a trade😂😂
Nat Brown (3 days ago)
"You're shorter than average"
Avaylah Kin (3 days ago)
11:06 cute 🥰
EB- TUBE (3 days ago)
Wolfpack is my legit basketball team name
Julie Nair (3 days ago)
They had two people who are extremely experienced in basketball and a substitute that's soooo fair
warren Morrison (4 days ago)
Wolf pack is the name of our school
Brute forcegt (4 days ago)
kid lowkey has handles
Jack Bachman (4 days ago)
Rz ReZion (4 days ago)
CP3 out there looking like a big man!
Karen T (5 days ago)
I love that Jack just has a suitcase because he can. LOVE IT. haha.
Mekhi Boone (6 days ago)
I swear jack black was in jumanji 2
Byron Ramirez (6 days ago)
They left the little kid hanging so many times
Simply CiCi (6 days ago)
All Malik was trynna do was eat his food 2:16
Ebbs Unscripted (6 days ago)
7:44 that’s it
iSam MC (6 days ago)
it actually makes cp3 look tall and good lol
Jason Lind (6 days ago)
yoooo Malik ain't bad lol
melodie aylwin (6 days ago)
you should try hockey!!! it would be hilarious to see Kevin hart on hockey skates!
Roy Navarro (6 days ago)
I love how jack laughed at 7:47 lol
-Happy- (7 days ago)
3:12 😭
LaMar Beatty (7 days ago)
The little kid had on some Yeezys that Ive never seen before lol 13:08
seth rogers (7 days ago)
My man
tej recks (7 days ago)
thats child abuse
Person 202 (7 days ago)
Eric deserves an Amy for the determination rlly love that kid
Slicer1475 (7 days ago)
Good on ya for picking that kid Kev. You made his day, and possibly his year by having him play a pick up game with CP3, Jack Black and himself. This is why people like you man. You're doing great things.
Ali Masud (7 days ago)
7:43 lmao he did not just do the kid dirty 🤣🤣🤣
Jonathan Riconda (7 days ago)
bohdilama (7 days ago)
Should of had The Professor in this episode.
Man the kid wearing fake yeezys😂😂
Stecks (8 days ago)
7:47 Hahahaha
Sheryl Almonte (9 days ago)
Nice game
Popyiy (9 days ago)
8:43 thank me later
The PooH (9 days ago)
That was...just great looking at these two play basketball together! :D
LChris5254 (9 days ago)
Lory B (10 days ago)
Sammy J (2 days ago)
There should be no dislikes. Kev is hilarious and even funnier when he teams with other celebs.
Numbrevenge Xxx (11 days ago)
7:46 it’s ok Erik Rajon hit him already
iAustsuAi (12 days ago)
Legend has it,Eric is now 10 and taller than kevin hart.
Eitan Hadari (12 days ago)
oh Eric whyd he have to pull up with the fake yeezys..13:08
I Q (13 days ago)
Wolf Pack! Wolf Pack! Wolf Pack!
Flaming Charcoal (14 days ago)
The funny thing is Cp3 is one of the shorter players and he had Kevin smelling his pits
t.tv/ryanfortnite05 (14 days ago)
ofc he picked malik because he’s black
Doug Doug (14 days ago)
“Jack Black over here from Nacho libre “ Lmao that is one of my favorite movies 😂 3:28 the guy on the background and the bird though
eugene8910 (14 days ago)
I wish jack black was my grandpa.
Zeus He (14 days ago)
Chris Paul comes in, everyone surprised Viewers see Kevin Hart shoot hoops All attention on Kevin
Queen Caitlyn (15 days ago)
Kevin straight up molested Erik lol 😂😂😂
Evelyn Glanz (15 days ago)
El Hollow (16 days ago)
Kev's reaction to jack's team was hilarious!!
crystal brown (16 days ago)
I bet he brought the kid so many shoes
Dionne Douglas (16 days ago)
hahahaahah this was good i enjoyed it .
Wait was jack black the guy who played nacho libre
Eistee (16 days ago)
4:58 hahaha
advance 2k (16 days ago)
Erick fucking sucks
Faze Kniwn (17 days ago)
lol that block from yhe kid
I felt bad for that ginger who wore Jack's sweaty shirt
Omar Cruz (17 days ago)
He already looks like he play basketball and then he said his name was Malik I was like damn
Dom Munro (17 days ago)
rumour has it that kid is still waiting for that photo
Memes and funny videos (18 days ago)
No comment 😶
zing zang (18 days ago)
kevin let eric hanging at 3.16
Just- -in time (18 days ago)
Kev missed the first bump from Eric after the high five
Hussain Gokdemir (18 days ago)
What jordans is chris paul wearing they look sick
Sona Avakian (19 days ago)
Jack Black honestly is just the best
Romain (19 days ago)
Chris Paul a bad teammate.
Unown Woofless gamer (20 days ago)
Did he just smack erik butt
Steve Carnevale (20 days ago)
7:46 I’m dying
BriansTwots (21 days ago)
Ones Short Ones fat they must be the best at basketball
Victor Bermudez (21 days ago)
JAJAJA minute 7:46
Omar Cruz (22 days ago)
When he said his name was Malik that sealed the deal that he’s a baller
Jonathan Asdell (22 days ago)
3:11 left that poor kid hanging on the fist bump
Enzo McClelland (22 days ago)
dont forget he smashed erik
Dylan Crew (22 days ago)
"Spank a Surfer"
Saniya Moid (24 days ago)
This is why rockets lost...
Josselyne Castillo (24 days ago)
When he knocked out of the fricking kids hand I died 😂😂😂😂
Michael Ly (24 days ago)
nice yeezys😂😂
Zack Bethune (24 days ago)
Man if that was my child me and Kevin Hart would be fighting, what Kev did ruined the whole fucking video
H.E. Pennypacker (25 days ago)
Jack should have said, "What I lack in talent I make up for with passion. And what I lack in passion I make up for with talent."
Explodingtraps (26 days ago)
tryin to steal just for laughs now kevin? bish
Ashley S Hall (26 days ago)
Ouuu Malik 10:06-10:10 That little shoulder shake and look lmao 😂
DoYouEatEggplant? (27 days ago)
Blitz (28 days ago)
Does anyone else see the kids fake yeezys
Cookie Gee (28 days ago)
Super Fun 🤩🤙🏽🏆🏆🏀
Fake Charity (28 days ago)
my favourite video
nbadaii (29 days ago)
Anybody know Malik @ on insta? It would help alot😂

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