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Counter Strike fatal error 100% fix

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Thank u gys fr ur love !! plz watch this video, its made by me. was working on this since 8 months http://youtu.be/xkxONwZOMng
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Text Comments (51)
Gracias Buen Video
Me sigue saliendo el mismo error la re calcada concha de tu vecina
Ghulam Farooq (28 days ago)
TECH GAMERS (1 month ago)
Shabana Hafeez (5 months ago)
Thx Bro
Arm1xLT (5 months ago)
my windows 10 :(
Basudha Shrestha (1 year ago)
it didn`t bro mine is fatal error help me plz
Edgars Albiņš (1 year ago)
omg how to fix this is so fucking easy and you dont have that error what was me so fuck off if someone dont know how to fix this then this people is so dumb
Syahn (2 years ago)
could not find filesystem blah blah....😭
Reich I (2 years ago)
you can see idi naxuy
SSS Sergiu (2 years ago)
thx bro love you <333
pein williams (2 years ago)
brother not working i have window 7 professional
pein williams (2 years ago)
Done still same pb
Harish john (2 years ago)
u r very awesome thank u very much
ShakoGamer (2 years ago)
Mod_LoadBrushModel: sprites/ef_bat.spr has wrond version number ???????????
TigerHeart (3 years ago)
Thanks man now I join servers :)
worldismine (3 years ago)
not helped
worldismine (3 years ago)
what about cs go nosteam
D-Producer (3 years ago)
Please give me the link to download this game
Ashish Walve (3 years ago)
Thanx its working......................
Alex Dimitrov (3 years ago)
Now you are my best friend !!! Thank you very very ve... much ! :D am gonna subscibe  thank you again
Kaustubh Olpadkar (3 years ago)
BombGT (3 years ago)
It's not working bitch fuck you
rezi minashvili (4 years ago)
thank you!!!
志偉黃 (4 years ago)
did it work at CSO Launcher??
Rajesh Ray (4 years ago)
thank u frnd.. well done.. beautiful work.
mariospb (2 years ago)
+Kumar Acharya thx man work !! thx
Asyraf Thaqib (4 years ago)
Thanks works
Ūla Blabalala (4 years ago)
thanks :)
zeid seridi (4 years ago)
  mod_NumForName:models/w_security.mdl cs 1.6 error pliz info
Kappa (4 years ago)
irulEsong (4 years ago)
Obtaining patch information (Progress 3 ) Fatal error during the process; Unable to login to servers. Connection attempt failed because a connection party didn't respond. Please help!!
pewds way (4 years ago)
LoadTGA:Only type 2 and 10 targa RGB images supported. What to do?PLease help me.
Wajeeh Huweih (4 years ago)
go to CS properties then click Compatibility then put tick beside the sentence which say Run this program  in compatibility mode for: then click at the down arrow and choose Windows XP (Service Pack 2)
MIRZA pewdiepie (4 years ago)
mod_NumForName:models/w_security.mdl not found what with this
Syahid (3 years ago)
+Kumar Acharya I had the same problem like him but it happens on every cs 1.6 i install but i download the model file and pasted it still got a error
ImYourDoctor John (4 years ago)
it work ... very nice job ... thank u very much
Ameer Rishmawi (4 years ago)
work in counter strike online ???
Ameer Rishmawi (4 years ago)
work thank you
Vet_Kilo-Cooper (4 years ago)
Can you show how to fix counter strike 1.6 in windows 8?
Fredy Rumansk (5 years ago)
thanks 100% works :D
art palma (5 years ago)
Danny Isaev (5 years ago)
not working !!!!!!!!!!!! ><
Natheer Taha (5 years ago)
Flash GT (5 years ago)
im like or subcribe
Flash GT (5 years ago)
this helped thank you so much i love you man :)
Flash GT (5 years ago)
i have a problem i hope this helped
MinecraftSurvivalAO (6 years ago)
That was very helpful! But I don't use the windows xp(service pack 2), I use Vista. That work too!
M Diz (6 years ago)
thanks men :D

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