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Clash of Clans - NEW NEVER LOSE ATTACK STRATEGY! Best Attack Strategy in Clash of Clans!

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Text Comments (1335)
Rakib rakib (1 day ago)
kene color
Autogamer2207 (1 month ago)
Ye well I’m th4 so...
greatest games (1 month ago)
And you go fuck your self I won a master 3 stars and I am in town hall 8
Narendra Singh (5 months ago)
rocco rostagno (7 months ago)
What ur life goals men? To be the best at COC
zoomerking zoomer (8 months ago)
Dose it work?
Destroyer Chanel (9 months ago)
Love your Video
HACKER NOT ALLOWED (9 months ago)
#UULRU8PV Is Our Clan Code GRANDFATHERS Is Our Clan Name
XXnubscrubXX (9 months ago)
Does this strat still work or was it nerfed?
The Peoples Camp 8 (10 months ago)
For christ sake mind the language please
Ocho Wito (10 months ago)
I was trying to move the screen on the game
COC MASTERS (11 months ago)
Ethan the gamer (11 months ago)
Lava loons is the best strategy and for war golem attack like if you agree
S. R. (11 months ago)
I still can't find any "STRATEGY" here.
Øyvind Holvik (11 months ago)
how to make a 14min vid: hva a 12 sec intro, talk alot, TALK ABOUT 1 COMMENT IN 4 FUCKING MINNUTS, and have a 20sec outro
name oluu (11 months ago)
H e y G u y s , I G E T F R E E G O L D & G E M S F R O M H E R E ! !➜ ➜ ➜ goo.gl/i3bCSU?7hd7ka
anjery tome (11 months ago)
H e y G u y s , I G E T F R E E G O L D & G E M S F R O M H E R E ! !➜ ➜ ➜ goo.gl/11xgte?hja13f
Private Pickle (11 months ago)
Why does every clash of clans youtuber use the same intro song
name oluu (11 months ago)
H e y G u y s , 1 0 0 % F R E E G E M S H E R E !➜ ➜ ➜ goo.gl/11xgte?3kkc91
popes Tru (11 months ago)
H e y G u y s , I G E T F R E E G O L D & G E M S F R O M H E R E ! !➜ ➜ ➜ goo.gl/11xgte?94ij4a
Oan Ghost (11 months ago)
G E T .,. , I G E T 1 0 0 % F R E E G E M S W O R K I N G F R O M H E R E ! !➜ ➜ ➜ goo.gl/11xgte?keeb96
teory amax (11 months ago)
G u y s , I G E T F R E E G E M S F R O M H E R E ! !➜ ➜ ➜ goo.gl/11xgte?em46jg
sandeep singh (11 months ago)
Did anyone notice her shield for time none
Determined (11 months ago)
That base though
siegeancy celight (1 year ago)
Who else pressed the home button. While watching this video
Zachary Howell (1 year ago)
the only con is this is a really expensive strat
Ma god you speak bad words before
Clashaholic Gaming (1 year ago)
Intro song?
Terry Carr (1 year ago)
Is there a way of knowing if the enemy has air defense balloons when attacking him it's just that every time I attack and it look like easy win using ,giants , archers , barbs these are all I have right now besides my own balloons ,wall breakers and goblins but don't use any besides my own balloons when all archers and air defense r took out. But sometimes b4 archers etc killed out comes there balloons as defenders and my archers have a go but generally they overturn a loss into win 'is there any I can do
Hazin Ahmmed (1 year ago)
I love it
Stop using rough words ...fuck you
PrinceySnipez (1 year ago)
Best strategy is all lightning spells with 9 dragons and 4 healers
Stackner YT (1 year ago)
Your so funny holy crap
Fecal Pop (1 year ago)
What a gay, faggot ass, overly trendy intro.... You're welcome. Don't need my help?..... Ok.
Emil Håheim (1 year ago)
Kale Adcox (1 year ago)
Christian n Pablo (1 year ago)
Finally you can now claim your free gems/gold without waiting any longer: *hacksx. com/coc*
Uv Naidoo (4 months ago)
Christian n Pablo õ
Damian Axton (8 months ago)
Christian n Pablo You can go kill yourself
Roshan Bilal (10 months ago)
Does it really work bro
did anyone noticed the first attack trophies Is only 2
Trey Crawford (1 year ago)
"Uhh look at all a that loot YeAaasssss"😂😂
Stupid Lizard (1 year ago)
Sure I will remember this when I max my base in *2 0 Y E A R S*
Jhonatan M (1 year ago)
does this shit still work
tateranch (1 year ago)
you swear to much
TheNext Goat (1 year ago)
Awesome vid funny as heck
Jeffery Hopper (1 year ago)
ok man you've lost including your f-ing mind. you think your winning just count the cost up it takes to make that attack lol
gamer and craft blog (1 year ago)
if you wabt more information about coc type how to attack in coc ganer and craft blog
C•H•U•Y (1 year ago)
At first I dint like this game Then I gave it a try and it's addicting af
A.S 4.2 (1 year ago)
Stanley Schwinger (1 year ago)
town hall 7 nice tips
Stanley Schwinger (1 year ago)
town hall 7 nice tips
Professor Sky Whale (1 year ago)
Congrats on 1,000,000 views
SiahTri (1 year ago)
Who is you and why are you in my house?!
south side realist (1 year ago)
I'm liking your vids man keep up the good work
Maribel Almeida (1 year ago)
This video is pure garbage. If you need a working version of this cheat just make a search " rivaloguides " on google
123123 123123 (1 year ago)
what did he get banned for?
Unseen Visitor (1 year ago)
i come to the comments and everyones just saying random shit,
Harshita Goyal (1 year ago)
Dessai Vids (1 year ago)
guyzz watch my video
LuKevin1 (1 year ago)
who's watching 2017
JUMA FORAZI (1 year ago)
Best strategy to always get 3 stars is all wall breakers
Biggy Smalls (1 year ago)
How fucking boring has This game gone
Ritu Singh (1 year ago)
do you know how to hack the game??
Trickshot Legend (1 year ago)
I want to put and "I" NO I WANT TO PUT AN "L"...settle this with a dual
Kevin Gallardo (1 year ago)
lol i hate trash intros lol
Toni Zubović (1 year ago)
Seriously, this vid is filled with lies. If you need a working version of this hack tool simply search " rivaloguides " on google.
SnowyTheWolf (1 year ago)
My strategy. Max barbarians
dragon nation (1 year ago)
im not really a pro on this game and my town hall is 7 at the moment played this game since it came out kinda but have uninstalled it time to time so yeah​ but what i use now for my attack strategy is 10 giants 3 healers 10 of the new freezing guys forgot there names 😂 and 8 goblins idk if there called like that don't judge and 1 santas thing and 1 lighting spell but basically i just take out the air defences and throw the giants and healers to heal the giants making them invincible basically and then throw the new freezing guys and what they would doo is take out all the defences and then throw in goblins for the loot...this strategy of the dragons is waaaaay better tho but for ppl that don't have them like me ig it works idk if ppl knew this already i just did it outta no where and yeah​ just sharing what's my strategy
# (1 year ago)
Does anyone know the song that starts at 1:40 and ends at 4:21? I'd appreciate an answer, thanks!
# (1 year ago)
+Melicka Ghafouri no. :p
StealthyCrack (1 year ago)
Luis isnt it the outro
# (1 year ago)
It's not.. :(
StealthyCrack (1 year ago)
Luis its in the description
Yes Gavin (1 year ago)
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Idc (1 year ago)
Lobsang Gelek (2 years ago)
no you need to buy stuff to get it
BANG! (2 years ago)
Guys join my clan it is called The Gorgons
Flash Banger (2 years ago)
I suck at attacking in Clash of Clans
SUBCRIBE Me (2 years ago)
What was your best/worst moment in coc
Prince M (2 years ago)
why am I watching this I Dont even have dragons yet😂😂
AMCENTZ GAMING (2 years ago)
AMCENTZ GAMING (2 years ago)
i need to know how to hack with no human verifications and app downloads and surveys that work. so can u please help me out man in Alex compton
JCtherocks (1 year ago)
Alex Compton reported for hack
john marra-willis (2 years ago)
ps i am a town hall 7
john marra-willis (2 years ago)
i did use this attack a lot but its very expensive so i use 10 wizards 20 archers 10 minions 2 rage spells 1 heal spell and 12 giants and i only got a 2 star and 3 star never a 1 oh and a king
Christopher Powell (2 years ago)
nice raids
qualz axb (2 years ago)
plzz view my video for th 8 attack strategy
JustinRenteria (2 years ago)
I subscribed as soon as I heard the song when it started
# (1 year ago)
What's the name of the song? that starts at 1:40
themonsteringoo (1 year ago)
JustinRenteria You mean un- from how it's overused
Anuj Saroch Gamer (2 years ago)
join my clan MASTER OF PERKS PLZ
Yassin, Abouelmir (2 years ago)
Hi ladies call me 😂
Clash Of Andy (2 years ago)
how you get that much gems that's impossible
Clash Of Andy You save up... or buy them how is that imposible....
Louis Tomlinson (2 years ago)
I'm new in coc. Help me out with more tips ye guys??
Drizz (1 year ago)
Wah Doodle nope when you have max troops like us mortars don't do much the troops usually get them quick
Wah Doodle (1 year ago)
Beastly Gamer It's for all...
Beastly Gamer (1 year ago)
Wah Doodle not for us th11 pris bitch!
dragon nation (1 year ago)
DO NOT SPEND YOUR GEMS SAVE THEM FOR A NEW BUILDER.... its very important more builders faster stuff gets done
Wah Doodle (1 year ago)
hh gaming (2 years ago)
how to get gems free
GamePlayerDude ThE1 (2 years ago)
when he said that wizard tower is going to continue to be a dick😂😂😂
Sugam Thapa (2 years ago)
1 helr
Sugam Thapa (2 years ago)
i hve th 7 attck strat 2 wallbreker 8 giants 5hog 10 wiz and all barbs and arch 2 lightnimgs 1rage
CoC with DS Chandi bai (2 years ago)
yeh it's good
CoC with DS Chandi bai (2 years ago)
yeh it's good
Isaac Pierre (2 years ago)
Thank you for this video I thanked it really helped me
Tasty Potato (2 years ago)
CQOTD: Will you ever try and push to the top 200 global in COC?
Matěj Hladík (2 years ago)
operate those gems for free?
The bowler strategy is automatic 3 star
Andy Espinal (2 years ago)
Arush Singh (2 years ago)
Fxmes (2 years ago)
Omg 2 trophies !!! :P
GRENEGAMER (2 years ago)
Pls sub to my channel
HERO GAMING (2 years ago)
guys if u need good clan join (KTK)clan

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