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Want your CS:S bhop/climb demo on YouTube?

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Submission form link: http://goo.gl/AVXcfp Song: Ratatat - Eight
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PeeKay (2 months ago)
I just recorded with OBS, can i submit an mp4 instead of a demo?
trippin (9 months ago)
Sepreme (1 year ago)
Sourcejump Can u maybe upload a advanced bhop tutorial ;D
Team Verse[BHOPPER] (1 year ago)
how to play bho like that ?
Valtixo (1 year ago)
i thought this was CSGO
unbiased george. (1 year ago)
If anything I would consider gmod runs over CS:GO runs but they shouldn't be compared to CS:S runs, theres slight differences in the nuances of strafing cause of the way gmod bhop gamemodes are and gmod bhop gamemodes arent as standardised leading to wierd differences between gamemodes. So you should obviously only accept demos from servers confirmed running a good gamemode, which would be hard. But either way, I would say gmod runs could be a new thing you could try tony. dunno why I left this here, saw some ppl asking about it. I don't like the game any more personally but it could expand the channel a little.
RiqqiBHOP (1 year ago)
Beatifully made video. Nice one SourceJump.
Viktor6665 (1 year ago)
Do you accept bhop runs from non-CS:S games?
Bahpu# (1 year ago)
only css
iceflare (1 year ago)
I wanna know too I use gmod to bhop until I get CS:S
Beikenost (2 years ago)
only maps already played? i have a great time on bhop_fastest but i dont find it in your list. Is it possible to send demos of other maps?
NaywynJ (2 years ago)
+TinyPixel OCD Attack Submit it and see what happens
Jordan Lunsford (3 years ago)
I consider this channel and would like some of my runs uploaded. I simply think this could be away to be knowned
Jordan Lunsford (3 years ago)
Hey I'm personally a gmod bhop per I just don't like the feel of css bhop and I hAve many Wrs on gmod do you think my runs will beexcepted on source jumps channel?
Seytan (3 years ago)
No only css
kopler456 (3 years ago)
Am I aloud to record someone else's not if I give credit?
Nope (3 years ago)
Not liking the new profile pic
monttumopo (3 years ago)
Can i submit 35min video of nofail 100hp hardcore legit xc_j1nx ?:))))
SourceJump (3 years ago)
Aki Tenhunen (3 years ago)
$1337 :D nice 1
Tony, pls make a video of kz_bhop_essence. Theres none yet. Thanks :D
Sugoi (3 years ago)
mandmi (3 years ago)
SourceJump (3 years ago)
An updated video on how to submit your runs.
Scriptastic Coding (6 months ago)
SourceJump Are CS:GO runs or GMod runs aloud? Or only source runs.

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