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Final Fantasy: Unlimited (Episode 21)

45 ratings | 9227 views
(Found on www.dubbedepisodes.org)
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Text Comments (11)
Sabrina (11 months ago)
Baby cactuar 17:19 ❤️
yigexiaolao (1 year ago)
3:07 to skip theme song and recap
Adam Hayes (2 years ago)
ok i'm 21 episodes in and i still have no idea what kaze is saying, the magun has spawned or thawed?
Zane Oneiros (5 months ago)
Adam Hayes That’s funny! I was wondering the same
Yare Yare (8 months ago)
THAWED like its ready
Prairie Té (2 years ago)
+Adam Hayes In the sub it is said "thawed"
Adam Hayes (2 years ago)
it's weird and i can't find what he says anywhere
Zephyrblaze (2 years ago)
5:37 why is he eating a bar of soap?
Yare Yare (8 months ago)
It's a guy. Yeah he wears that flower but it's a he. AND yeah he fries and cooks it and eats yum FUNGO 4 LIFE
Prairie Té (2 years ago)
Cuz he (she, no?) eats everything. (like plates, for example)
Masato Indou (3 years ago)
Cactuar •0•

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