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Win Skins @ https://http://gamdom.com/?ref=syntvcsgo 💰 Shroud Swag plays CS:GO! Twitch Clips, Pro Plays, Stream Highlights Leave a LIKE and SUBSCRIBE if you enjoyed! Business e-mail: syntvcs@hotmail.com cs go streamers featured in the video: https://twitch.tv/brax https://twitch.tv/s0mcs https://twitch.tv/stewie2k https://twitch.tv/shroud https://twitch.tv/fl0m https://twitch.tv/jasonR https://twitch.tv/oskartommy https://twitch.tv/ence https://twitch.tv/eurheilu https://twitch.tv/esl_csgo https://twitch.tv/conkyyy https://twitch.tv/99damage
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Text Comments (157)
SynTV CS:GO & More! (3 months ago)
azk he is the north american player but the titan he is the french stars 01:58
Dafa Syauqi (3 months ago)
classic meme +1
Grigory Yakovlev (2 months ago)
2:30 what he say? Bad know english :(
TheSubieFan (3 months ago)
His 40k inventory isn't worthless it's slightly reduced in value. Still I had like 5k in skins since it was a somewhat of an investment and valve did rip that.
ABBYS 56 (3 months ago)
Karma Shroud!
Issam Hassan (3 months ago)
Brandon Saltzman (3 months ago)
I'm pretty sure shroud"s skins aren't rip.cause people would want them
nicklaus gabuya (3 months ago)
Still can't believe that swag is back
Scorpio KC (3 months ago)
I thought the first dude were using VR lol
crystine cullen (3 months ago)
The last one holy calculated..
Mohammad Adaileh (3 months ago)
Csgo is dead
Little Filmer (3 months ago)
I dont understand about shroud lose his skins. Is his inventory got scammed or something? Can someone please help me to understand?
Little Filmer (3 months ago)
Eddy sry bad English dude. Still learning
Eddy (3 months ago)
Little Filmer english buddy do you speak it
Little Filmer (3 months ago)
Justin Boney And what opskins does in this case?
tNzxX CSGO (3 months ago)
Little Filmer Valve made skins drop in price short story, long story I don't feel like typing it on my phone lol
Mike Lowrey (3 months ago)
Love how s0m acts like stewie
Mark Kevin Gorme (3 months ago)
Gg valve G FUCKING G
Little Lapri (3 months ago)
Should I sell my knife now? On steam market then buy PUBG skins?
Harnel Baslot (3 months ago)
What is Asia GN2 in NA?
Magnum (3 months ago)
I lose 5000$ of my hardwork 3-year trading skins :((
Vivek Gopalakrishnan (3 months ago)
dont play cs go for skins
Radusin Nikola (3 months ago)
dude who cares about swag lul
Vironix (3 months ago)
Hello? Bitskins? There isnt judt ops
Qing Yong (3 months ago)
I having so much fun and this game sucks 😂😂😂
Zyruzico (3 months ago)
So should i just sell my skins or wait n sell after this update?
Zyruzico (3 months ago)
Luka G. So if I wait for a long time, will the price go up again? Since I dont really care about my $30 skins
Luka G. (3 months ago)
Zyruzico keeping skins is high risk high reward so your cal
Grant (3 months ago)
Shroud's friend is so dumb, yeah skins might have brought new players but doesnt mean its dead. I rather have less players that play the game for the fucking game instead of skins
Fr0STYY (3 months ago)
Skins isn’t what makes CS good though the pro scene is
Fr0STYY (3 months ago)
And Justin is wrong it didn’t lose anymore players because of that
Valentin Gabriel (3 months ago)
Name of the music at the start of the video?
Othman fez (3 months ago)
Damn just9n is so salty, he ever was good at cs go and wants to see cs go fail so hard so he doesnt feel bad about himself
Carlos samuel (1 month ago)
he was trash to be fair
Classified Cow (3 months ago)
he was on a pro team/fpl/rank s. idk what you mean man
Code 00103 (3 months ago)
Just9n was never good lol. Whenever you see him on S games/ faceit proleague, he’s 9/10 bottom fragging
Othman fez (3 months ago)
a pro player that never won/achieved anything
Connor D (3 months ago)
He was a pro player...
Lim Sheng Feng (3 months ago)
Nightcore FX (3 months ago)
What happen to csgo?
Ryan McLean (3 months ago)
Ernestas HD (3 months ago)
shroud shouldnt be scared he still has time to withdraw.
Mr Whiskey Hotel (3 months ago)
But if he sells them on opskins he has to wait a week for them to be able to trade them away plus wait for them to actually sell and I think action is being taken sooner than that
Zyruzico (3 months ago)
Ernestas HD he shouldnt be scared cos he is already rich from all his works
Gerhard wilson (3 months ago)
how many times has these kids said cs is dead xD
Alexander GG (3 months ago)
Good. I am happy!
PluNja ZzZ (3 months ago)
jdm crosshair pls
Iceman (3 months ago)
i mean ill take some of those $40k skins for free
AwAx (3 months ago)
Like boi the prices of my skins are already recovering lol
Murat canbozyer (3 months ago)
Hawk Gamin (3 months ago)
Having a dragon lore doesn’t make you look good anymore skins were what keeped csgo alive now it’s gonna go dead
Hawk Gamin (3 months ago)
What happened
Ice wallowcome (3 months ago)
I still don’t get it, can’t we just sell our skins on steam?
Dota 3 (3 months ago)
нихуя не понятно где субтитры? Путин разберись
Nickname 2 (3 months ago)
why do everyone prefer ak over m4/m16
Clorox Bleach (3 months ago)
Yes ct rifles are more accurate and usps and p2k can kill with one headshot at longer ranges than glock (against opponents not wearing helmet)
Nickname 2 (3 months ago)
so do ct have an advanteged? elsewhere?
joden malinao (3 months ago)
IF you are good, 1 shot takes lesser time thaN a burst, so yeah ak is better
R E V E R S E T W I N S (3 months ago)
Fair point
Nickname 2 (3 months ago)
then why not burst instead of 1 tap?
Nicholas Ertle (3 months ago)
It's funny watching so many pro players play with no skins, because they understand that the only thing propping up CSGO still, was skin value, so now they sold everything. It's really sad to see valve kill their own game.
AM (3 months ago)
Guys I think valve is doing a high risk high reward thing, So listen, people are saying that csgo is popular just because of the skins but I think what valve is trying to do here is they don't want that, they want cs go to be popular because of the game not of the skins, so valve will did these kinds of updates, if you ask me it's actually a good way of putting actual dedicated players who want to get good at cs not just skin freaks.
AM (2 months ago)
Maskared Ignorant comment here :) watch a vid about ticks.
AM (2 months ago)
devin Well yes cheaters are always a problem in every online games and that's why I play faceit more than matchmaking besides i rarely get cheaters in mm, the only times i think i get a cheater is when im playing with a smfc.
AM (2 months ago)
EnerG Okay? Your point?
Maskared (3 months ago)
if its not about skins then why do we still play on 64 ticks
devin (3 months ago)
yea they want their game to be popular for the gameplay but i’ve never seen counter strike in a worse state in my entire life. the amount of cheaters in cs is killing the game
Lil Scope Weylo (3 months ago)
pikú bh (3 months ago)
Rip mirage
ik00 (3 months ago)
Its not dat bad
Gabriel C.C. (3 months ago)
Viste viste , llegó de la escuela y pum el video recién subido
Jules Willems (3 months ago)
7:33 tg ouch
JustyleR (3 months ago)
u can still sell on bitskins wtf..
MorningstarL AE (3 months ago)
Well I guess I can say csgo is 1hp
Lodin (3 months ago)
sunt pacifist he already said it, so i guess he can 🤷‍♂️
sunt pacifist (3 months ago)
MorningstarL AE no u can.t
Lodin (3 months ago)
FappleLord fortnite is the decoy.
FappleLord (3 months ago)
MorningstarL AE all they need to do is throw a decoy at it
Hyperion (3 months ago)
Why type "LOL" in chat (t chat) when you're literally talking to your teammates, where's that logic?
Nabil (3 months ago)
because its funny?
Lodin (3 months ago)
JackTube the logic is that they are from *NA* .
Du är bög (3 months ago)
R.I.P. SprayQuaza
Lodin (3 months ago)
INVICTUS xenoto2k wtf hi?
Extremogato 123 (3 months ago)
idk why people think csgo's dead cuz of the skin's drama lol
Pau Asensi (3 months ago)
Extremogato 123 yeah, it's one of the most e-sports ready game
Extremogato 123 (3 months ago)
^ as zee said, trading isn't a part of the game, im not against the trading stuff, im against the people who think that trading is what made csgo a successful game or that trading is fundamental to keep the game alive, valve is now caring more in the gameplay and they showed that in the last updates (even in today's update, some changes in the gameplay that's what actually makes csgo a nice FPS game)
zozo (3 months ago)
trading isn't a part of the game...
pepijn lem (3 months ago)
Dear Retarded person, if you actually think people should stay away from a game because they like a different part of the game (in this case trading) then please go search some help, as I feel like you are a person who thinks his opinion is the only one that counts.
Mr. polite (3 months ago)
Dooku no i was just lazy to write
ツJuan24 (3 months ago)
The shroud's dog is very cute 😘😘
Ioannis Oxino (3 months ago)
baited me ffs
yiyooter (3 months ago)
Not as cute as the papi shrood himself
BOOM BOOM (3 months ago)
Hahaha I lost my £100 inventory, Now i feel kinda better lul
Hi Youtube (3 months ago)
I got fucking dlore 2 years ago and now trash
Wop Chomm (3 months ago)
I have a deagle blaze :(( pls donate some :(((
Vironix (3 months ago)
There is bitskins...
jaap ten dijk (3 months ago)
ZaDa mine a bit more :(
samurai ii (3 months ago)
BOOM BOOM my inventory is like 4 -6 $
What's the point of brax facecame? It's more like a cap or room cam or it's too dark
Marcel Gimenez (3 months ago)
Where is the shroud's dog?!?!?
Eksweden Gaming (3 months ago)
People are so lazey cant wait cant do something which take One second
O1K (3 months ago)
xTezuka (3 months ago)
Hubert Trębicki (3 months ago)
Skins buy on opskins are worthless?
Takete Lokete (3 months ago)
S00BLE S yea they did stop accepting skins into they're bots so u can't deposit any skin anymore you can only withdraw and sell at this point
S00BLE (3 months ago)
No, they just have to stop offering trading services now, they have to stop by June 16 I think
d1rekt (3 months ago)
Rip shroods inv+ csgo Trading. Press F to pay respect
Don Grande Alfonso (3 months ago)
Pau Asensi (3 months ago)
Fader Gaming (3 months ago)
Are people retarded? why would skins drop in value because of theese things, seven day trade ban whats the problem? you still have PM and Facebook etc to keep trading alive, just because it isn't instant doesn't mean tradfing is dead? People are so afraid of everything..... damn....
Purple ezaH (2 months ago)
get scammed and then you know why I used OPskins
Genos (3 months ago)
Fader Gaming they lose skins tho they suck at the game theyre just skin freaks
Hexacrypt (3 months ago)
Laurence Whiting they say they would use alternative method, which mean that they will create their own virtual skin to trade, sell, gamble. Those skin will not be able to use in game nor any part of the skin they created is related to valve
Pak Juan (3 months ago)
Fader Gaming prices could change anytime on that 7 days trade hold of the item
Laurence Whiting (3 months ago)
No, they don't shut down. Their official statement says they aren't shutting down, and that Valve isnt shutting them down. They just can't use their express system their express automated bots.
Rudy Marmelo (3 months ago)
i love your vids
Sanok (3 months ago)
Sanok Peenoise👍
Mauro iron (3 months ago)
Sanok shrode
Sanok (3 months ago)
Shrimp I'm talking about shrood
Nooblord (3 months ago)
Sanok yes😂
Filip Fran (3 months ago)
are skins dead or what? should i sell my skins(600 euro)?
悲 Kai (3 months ago)
Exactly what dr0wsy is saying.
conx (3 months ago)
Put it this way. you wont be able to get actual cash. You will have to sell them through steam.
Mr. polite (3 months ago)
dr0wsy opskins are selling knives for 28$ so...
Gundar 44 (3 months ago)
Steam just wants people to use the marketplace they put in place instead of third party sites that are actively breaking steam TOS.
Bryce Bryce (3 months ago)
Filip Fran no, it’s going to go back up if it even drops, people are over reacting
Henning Heib (3 months ago)
first lul nice video
ivo max 12 (3 months ago)
DerickYT (3 months ago)

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