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CS:GO - Zombie Escape Mod - ze_Jurassicpark_c1v4_p2

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive zombie escape mod gameplay on map ze Jurassic Park on the GFL server. Subscribe to axonek3: http://bit.ly/Sub2axonek3 Zombie Escape Playlists: CS:GO http://bit.ly/CSGOZE CS:S http://bit.ly/CSS_ZE ─── MAPPER ─── Creator of the map: Butterknife ─── SERVER ─── Name: GFL (Games For Life) IP: GFL Steamgroup: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/gfl_css ───── axonek3 ────── ➢ Twitter: https://twitter.com/axonek3CS ➢ Google+: https://plus.google.com/+axonek3 ➢ Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/axonek3 ➢ CSGO Crosshair: http://bit.ly/A3crosshair ───────────────── PC Specs: Intel i7-3770K | Geforce GTX 750ti 2GB | 16GB Ram
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Text Comments (63)
ป๋า' โป้ง. (11 months ago)
2:31 คนไทยก็มา 5555
rejectedcyber (1 year ago)
They are so saltu
Alma Hubjer (1 year ago)
In cs 1.6 zombie escape in map jurastic park is gooder
make faster (1 year ago)
How to download cs go escape zombie mod help please how to download please upload a video how to download
Samet Akcay (1 year ago)
turkum ben allahuekberrr fa sizw fak
Adi Laras (1 year ago)
Fallen (1 year ago)
I played this map on cs 1.6...cs 1.6 is so easyer of csgo..in ze mod in cs 1.6 u have parachute and ammo packs...
ღChinonya ღ (1 year ago)
who much play cs go
Gamer Reborn (1 year ago)
what mode it is casual or team death match????
iyamo DSOP (1 year ago)
how to download this mod??
Pond' NG (1 year ago)
Nico Dunlao (1 year ago)
axonc ur the best
『Z』slans 00 (1 year ago)
How to download csgo online.pleasse
1 2 (1 year ago)
map of cs 1.6
BonBa StriKe (1 year ago)
alguem me fala como baixar o CS.GO ??
Elijah Ceniza (1 year ago)
Hamza Noor (1 year ago)
please tell me command to connect zombie escape
Bruno Souza (1 year ago)
e www desfrutou hCG br teve da a de definir da verá beth juju kg AAAS SEG RFFSA A CSCW CETEC CRIL FPAS FT TDRS WWF CÉU RFFSA AAAS SV SEAT GNU VS DE CETEC CBN NCSA AACD 😂😁😀😎
katherine pahayahay (1 year ago)
at the first game, zombies dont know they won because of him
Hans5958 (1 year ago)
basically is an argument about the surf map, while the one hates surf map and goes mad and doing constant swearing while the others like it.
Arda Diş (1 year ago)
server name?
Owesh Khatri (1 year ago)
Bro i joined your server it was empty dude at what time u guys play?? plz reply plz
jesshell Pabillona (1 year ago)
SirjmeN (1 year ago)
Kewl maps are only for NA ZE Pro players amiright?
Rap Van Def (1 year ago)
fuck that tyranosaurus XD
Andre07 Valen (1 year ago)
BOOM CH (1 year ago)
Naoki Mitsuru (1 year ago)
ไช่ๆๆ มีคนไทยเล่นเยอะอยู่ เห็นพูดนะ 555
THISROMEO (1 year ago)
BOOM CH ใช่ๆ555 คนไทยติดยูทูปฝรั่ง โว้ยยยย5555
Aids er en myte xDD (1 year ago)
That kid is pissing me off...
NaCl (1 year ago)
that kakarot guy
Son Goku (1 year ago)
box the bunny (1 year ago)
kakarot fucking douchebag
Maher Doman (1 year ago)
good job dude
axonek3 (1 year ago)
ty dude
Coca (1 year ago)
epic knife
nieuw kanaal: Qwek (1 year ago)
You can get it for free in game not like for every where
Mike tv (1 year ago)
MLG John Cena (1 year ago)
Wtf ?!
MLG John Cena (1 year ago)
Wtf ?!
Panta ch (1 year ago)
-P- Rocker (1 year ago)
Panta ch (1 year ago)
nghiêm vn (1 year ago)
i like this game
Lam Nghiem tui cx v ma k tai dc
Armee Mans (1 year ago)
Why don't you muted kakarot, he's really more annoying than funny
Armee Mans (1 year ago)
Navid Mehrabi I'd like to see him try
Navid (1 year ago)
L3GO MAST3R you need to shut the fuck before he fucks you.up.boy
Armee Mans (1 year ago)
Here come the weebs, with bad insults, trying to threaten me, with a katana blade.
f1r3 hunt3rz (1 year ago)
L3GO MAST3R Sounds exactly like those katana wielding weebs, what's the difference.
Armee Mans (1 year ago)
I have a gun, all loaded up, I'd like to see you try to block the shots.
الشيخ زنكا (1 year ago)
fat yeet (1 year ago)
Excellent vid, gave you a like ^.^
GG XIX. (1 year ago)
pls give me ur tiger tooth ;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-; plssss i dont have a knif i only hv ump riot
Armee Mans (1 year ago)
GG XIX. please learn English please
Nagus TV (1 year ago)
nice odcinek jak ktoś ciekawi się czemu pisze po polsku bo lubie oglądać youtuberow z Angli więc pozdro dla kumatych yoł
Vakoy (1 year ago)
axonek3 dal bys jedna kose
axonek3 (1 year ago)
no to fajnie : >
Anthony Rodriguez (1 year ago)
That was a sweet move you pulled as a zombie. Can we get some more footage of you from the zombie's perspective?
Dolphin Stesenlee (1 year ago)
Anthony Rodriguez h
MASTER 9000 (1 year ago)
juju non
Anthony Rodriguez (1 year ago)
Thanks dude.
axonek3 (1 year ago)
Can do that

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