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Minecraft Pixelmon - Episode 1 - A New Experience

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Click here to Subscribe ► http://bit.ly/1aDh830 Happy New Year! Sorry that I'm uploading this so late, but I was very busy with New Year and all.. Anyway, this is a long episode as a new year special to you peeps! So a lot of friends of mine have been asking me to play pixelmon for a long time, so I was like.. Why the hell not? The only problem is: I'm very inexperienced. I watched Dragonball Z or Yu Gi Oh instead of Pokemon. BEWARE: All the insults I made in the video were jokes, NONE of them were personally against ANYONE. Gilles is my awesome nephew and Leandro is a very good friend. ----------------------------------------­­­­­­----------------------------------- Extra Tags [Just Ignore Them] Minecraft pixelmon 2.5.7 minecraft pixelmon mod 2.5.7 2.5.7 pixelmon server how to install pixelmon 2.5.7 pixelmon 2.5.7 mod pixelmon 2.5.7 bug fix
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Text Comments (42)
suhaib ahmed (3 years ago)
EvoldoZockt (4 years ago)
nice video, little bit long but realy awesome :-D
TheBelgianBro (4 years ago)
Thanks for the advice! I'll surely upload smaller parts in the future ^^
Raging Undead (4 years ago)
i am not jelly my pokemon is a higher lvl but that doesn't matter because he have a fire pokemon (so i can never beat him because i have plant pokemon ) U get it XD (not mad ) 
Glenn Sommacal (4 years ago)
3 retards 1 vid Lel
Patrick Star (4 years ago)
spartan watch pokemon u'll like it
TheBelgianBro (4 years ago)
I'll give it a try :P
Osama Bin Laden (4 years ago)
you 3 are very funny, but zom me curses A LOT
atila senoe (4 years ago)
John GTA V (4 years ago)
zom you jelly?
Jonnie Fresh (4 years ago)
you deserve way more subscribers than that
TheBelgianBro (4 years ago)
Nice of you to say, but my goal is to make fun!
Hector Rodriguez (4 years ago)
Play outlast with face cam!!!!!!!!!!!!
TheBelgianBro (4 years ago)
I'm considering to do that when I reach 5K subs!
alexander quintero (4 years ago)
I don't like pokemon but I watched because the commentary is funny
tristo rolikov (4 years ago)
Did you quit the walking dead season 2? :o
TheBelgianBro (4 years ago)
NOOO! It's just that we have to wait till episode 2 gets released.
splashman360 (4 years ago)
EPISODE 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ethan silver (4 years ago)
you've earned a new subscriber, good job!
TheBelgianBro (4 years ago)
Really awesome dude! Glad you like my videos!
Sergio Pereira (4 years ago)
"I'm still looking for a better pokecenter" ROFL
PółwysepHH Muzyka (4 years ago)
zom me is funny but he's very jealous :/
Horangqui Tuvatme (4 years ago)
you too spartan, happy new year!!
hajoko jak (4 years ago)
Jon (4 years ago)
Dude you're so chill you earned a like and a sub!
TheBelgianBro (4 years ago)
Thank you very much! I really appreciate that! Make sure to check out zom_me's channel as well :)
CoD E (4 years ago)
TheBelgianBro (4 years ago)
I will! :'-)
Davor Glavna (4 years ago)
You are awesome & your videos are so cool!
charlotte hanson (4 years ago)
episode 2?
Bart Ziemowsky (4 years ago)
Happy new year too!
Juan José (4 years ago)
zom_me is jealous like hell lol
bandacoronasp (4 years ago)
this shit is good
TheBelgianBro (4 years ago)
Thank you!
Serv Max (4 years ago)
Dragonballz <33
TheBelgianBro (4 years ago)
Hellz fucking yeah!
Genji Kowanishi (4 years ago)
Lol spartan ur bad xd
Gilles HD (4 years ago)
OMFG,@38:13 you missed a shiny Seadra 
TheBelgianBro (4 years ago)
Well so did zom_me then
Gilles HD (4 years ago)
Can't wait for the next episodes!
TheBelgianBro (4 years ago)
Me neither ;-D
Raging Undead (4 years ago)

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