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de_dust_pcg : A Third Dust Map

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de_dust_pcg is Dave Johnston's third Dust-themed map and the only one he ever made specifically for Source. I have ported it across to CS:GO. Check out his site here: https://www.johnsto.co.uk/ Subscribe to it on the workshop for CS:GO here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=821965396 Download the VMFs here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/4vu30ut6sb2oo19 You can check out his blogs about the project below: His planning: https://www.johnsto.co.uk/blog/de_dust_pcg-planning/ Step-by-step development: https://www.johnsto.co.uk/blog/old-de_dust_pcg-screenshots/ The gameplay he was aiming for: https://www.johnsto.co.uk/blog/de_dust_pcg-conflict-areas/ Explaining the project: https://www.johnsto.co.uk/blog/de_dust_pcg-the-aftermath/ His big mistake: https://www.johnsto.co.uk/blog/this-is-final/ Check out the playtesting servers here: https://3kliksphilip.com/ Thanks also to Pulse Servers for providing the servers for playtesting on: https://www.pulseservers.com/ Use the code 'KLIKS' to get a 20% discount on your order! Check out my channels: ● 3kliksphilip: https://www.youtube.com/3kliksphilip ● 2kliksphilip: https://www.youtube.com/2kliksphilip ● kliksphilip: https://www.youtube.com/kliksphilip Other information you might like: ● Website: http://3kliksphilip.com ● Twitter: https://twitter.com/3kliksphilip ● PC Specs: Intel 6800K, 32 GB RAM, Geforce 1080, from DinoPC who paid for my system and have made capturing my videos in 4K a reality! ● Check them out here: http://www.dinopc.com/shop/pc/home.asp
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Text Comments (861)
Cactus the Cactus (16 days ago)
I remember playing this back when i was 6 !!!
mc bad robot voice (27 days ago)
"Nothing could be better then dust one"
twitertaker (2 months ago)
I always called Mirage Dust3 tho. The cloverleaf/ 4 squares design, the awp trap (dust long vs mirage mid) and the golf war setting always connected both to me.
Samir Pajazetovic (2 months ago)
Y have playd dust pcg in cs1 6
Secret Player (4 months ago)
Actually in cs there's 4 Dust maps :/
Kaneki . EXE (4 months ago)
wait shortdust is not a third dust map?
b888 (4 months ago)
This won't be accepted by the close minded CS competitive community. All they want to do is do the same thing again and again.
Atticus Nari (4 months ago)
Hmm Cliffe 🤔
Maximum Effort (4 months ago)
this has always been my favorite map. I've only played it in 1.6 though. It was called css_dust3 for 1.6
detector fat Lemonton (4 months ago)
This map exists in CS 1.6
DreiHVH (4 months ago)
Jeff Cliff looks like Jake Paul
Kladjanin *_* (5 months ago)
Ken Madafaka (5 months ago)
Cousin Cam (5 months ago)
My fav map when i firsted plat CS:S
OmniV (6 months ago)
There is dust 3 and dust 4 in 1.6
Gabriel Sinca (6 months ago)
U forgot shortdust
MEBANKHRAW Iawim (7 months ago)
I have dust_pcg in my counter strike source
『AH』 【LavaHound】 (7 months ago)
Lol its like de_dust 1+ de_dust 2= de_dust pcg(3)
『AH』 【LavaHound】 (7 months ago)
Looks like a COD Map to me -_- Like if you Agree
FIN Drummer (7 months ago)
i have never played dust 1 in my life :D
Olika120 (8 months ago)
someone make a co-op strike version of the map
King NXT (8 months ago)
Can someone make a retexture overhaul like the new dust2 got ?
Borna Krčar (9 months ago)
HOLY SHIT A DESIGNER FOR CS IS A DEVELOPER AT SD??? Man dirty bomb is my favourite game
Ian Loh (9 months ago)
Valve never makes number 3 remember?
Green Leader (10 months ago)
I played this map on 1.6 in a capture the flag server
NonsensicalVids (11 months ago)
he worked on brink, sorry to hear that
Zalkeriuz (1 year ago)
Oh ik why valve didn't release the dust 3 because there is no half life 3
Somedude1343 15 (1 year ago)
This map sucks
KuteKet (1 year ago)
I remember playing that map on css
FireAngelCZ (1 year ago)
Counter strike Source #bestofall #illneverstopplayingit
Lex Rubin (1 year ago)
*Valve cant count to 3*
siratthebox (1 year ago)
Brink? What an upset that game was...
Korean Steam (1 year ago)
3kliksphilip plz i watn korean
Korean Steam (1 year ago)
Cave Johnson.... Dave Johnson? Are they Twin Brothers or something?
Jay (1 year ago)
this looks like a map off cod 2
this map looks like actually great
FiveXan (1 year ago)
does 3klik work for valve?
HenSt1985 (1 year ago)
me and my friend used to make a project of creating a CS Map based on a local mall in our neighborhood... we made it and released it on a net-cafe that we frequently play at... and everyone was hyped. XD That was back on CS 1.5 thou...
Dylan Cureg (1 year ago)
Valve really can't count to 3 this proves that after 2 to them is "pcg" so expect left 4 Dead pcg in the future
Luftwaffles _ (1 year ago)
Mirage = de_dust3
Apple The Crampol (1 year ago)
I would never play a map that is that t sided because the game itself is t sided (idk about the others)
I sell kids for memes (1 year ago)
There's no dust 3 It's dust 2 episode 1
YH Lin (1 year ago)
best csgo channel!
TyTy Master (1 year ago)
do I get de_dust_pcg or de_dust_pcg3k
Angelo Gaming (1 year ago)
That looks like a perfect map for the AWP.
sodium mok (1 year ago)
this real??
Secretcodrin (1 year ago)
we are all knowing dust 3 won't happen because valve doesn't count to 3
Jack The Lad (1 year ago)
SlimPeek (1 year ago)
lol i already played on that map on css
Rageey (1 year ago)
MonkySayshi (1 year ago)
Quem veio pelo Jabuti?
Otavio Astor (1 year ago)
rike889 (1 year ago)
is there an update on the development of this map?
J K (1 year ago)
Isnt this like the 4th dust since theres the short dust?
Speyds (1 year ago)
Jesus,what microphone does he use,it sounds so clear and loud and doesnt pick up background noise?
MoWie (1 year ago)
make a history of vertigo. you showed it released on the same update of dd2. 0:36
Chrno (1 year ago)
Used to play this all the time on THEARMZ CSS, funny server.
Спасибо за российские субтитры
Roland: (1 year ago)
Why you dont use your viewmodel ?
Jack The Lad (1 year ago)
john knew ruski's and silver and nova scrubs would love d2
JDaniel Martinez (1 year ago)
guys i might be installing this games i'm just gonna ask if a McAfee antivirus will mess with the game
Copii (1 year ago)
this map is so cool
ItsArctic (1 year ago)
Really does just look like Dust1 and Dust2 combined..
zopper (1 year ago)
ummm am i the only that thinks this de_dust_pcg will be in the new update???? #dustisback?
dust 2 sucks ass. kill yourself.
CEAlencar (1 year ago)
vim pelo jabuti
Charas dos Games (1 year ago)
sem legenda brasileira ;-;
G ค B r 1 є L _ ! (1 year ago)
Alguem ae veio pelo jabuti?
JKTwice (1 year ago)
Have you covered the 3 bombsite map before? It's called de_foption if you don't remember. Quite unbalanced however..
Dan (1 year ago)
Map layout looks like Log.
GokuEvil13 (1 year ago)
MasterVBrek (1 year ago)
quem veio pelo jabuti
clapthony claptano (1 year ago)
rip brink
grapezzzz19 (1 year ago)
I thought PCG was Probably Coming to Game ;-;
Palieux (1 year ago)
i think this map is not good because its too big
Heather (1 year ago)
I would frikn love to play that map
Lightning (1 year ago)
Wasn't Mirage Dust lll?
Kristiano Bertucci (1 year ago)
How is brink doing? Oh...
dcsportsdc (1 year ago)
on the brink of death
Luigi Presto (1 year ago)
Where are the community servers for this map?
Visual Danny (1 year ago)
can you make a video about counter strike classic offensive?
PandabaerPandabaer (1 year ago)
i played the map now about 1.5h and it makes fun to play but i see one big problem: it is nearly impossible to conroll the b-conector as a ct because allways the t´s are faster in it so they can watch you crossing to the b spot. there you can allways make an easy kill because you can also shoot through the box in b connector
C00lgamer02 (1 year ago)
This is just dust 2 on counter strike zombies...
Zachary Zigan (1 year ago)
just got done playing the map on his servers pretty awesome good memories
Varg kulstadvik (1 year ago)
i hate your description, cant find any form of link or something to the map, like the servers hosting it¨'
Dave johnston we know your here. YOU CANT HIDE FROM US lmao
Taylan meriç (1 year ago)
you know why they can't just say dust 3, it contains an unreal word
Render (1 year ago)
ya we totoally need another dust... its not like 90% of matches are already played on dust 2 or anything... lmfao
EvilassProductions (1 year ago)
I think I played pcg on source. It was pretty fun, but that was before I played the game seriously.
thiefrules (1 year ago)
stupid question, but I can't seem to pick a team when I join the server. it always boots me back to spectator mode and the pick a team screen.
Michael Yanni (1 year ago)
Poor Brink. :-(
Flex Gopnik (1 year ago)
You should Go-ify it...like De_Dust,De_Dust 2 if you can...
Architector #4 (1 year ago)
He works on it, check out the latest video on this channel.
EDGYMACHINE (1 year ago)
Where can I find your server?
Colin (1 year ago)
"Other information you might like: ● Website: http://3kliksphilip.com [...]" ~Video Description
Swhize (1 year ago)
Agar-Miners (1 year ago)
Shaymin (1 year ago)
Valve should hire you.
Semmiből Kés (1 year ago)
very creative VALVE very
RaccoonEggs (1 year ago)
Grats on 500k mate
Dimitar Tomov (1 year ago)
Dust & Dust 2, along side Mirage and Cache, have similar layout and the problem that camping is promoted, instead of dynamic gameplay styles. So in a game with over 20 official maps in rotation, the most played maps take >90% of all maps played - Dust2/Dust, Mirage/Office, Cache/Assault - all camp maps in modern csgo. Top 2 take >75% dust2-mrg on Active. Back in the day Assault was played in such dynamic way. For pete's sake - Ts pushed more than CTs !!! And today - just check an Assault Casual game - there's not a single person playing that map, who pushes - CT or T ! It's allays the choice of a player - what his gameplay style to be. But modern CSGO is not in-fact a CS game. Because CS was a Team game, CSGO is a game played by frag lamers in teams. Period. Dust 3 ? No thanks. We don't need more camper lamers. What's needed is teamplaying a bit. Also Valve(CSGO) do not encourage Workshop maps, which was one of the CS charms! You join a community server, it's a custom map you've never played before, and it's fun ! There is bit of teamspirit, bit of jokes and pros fooling around, and ofc lots of fragging. But it was fun and interesting TEAM game. Now CSGO is just a brain-damaged dust2/mirage 24/7 about frags. Way to go. Dust 3 .. blah. What happened to Agency, Zoo, Season maps from CSGO Missions even? Got burried away. Find a community server that plays them - hardly. CSGO = LOL/DOTA variant of a FPS game - 3 maps only.
PenguinsAreCool (1 year ago)
Taysway (1 year ago)
fucking nerd

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